Honchkrow (Analyses) [QC 0/3]


Banned deucer.
  • Honchkrow's base 125 Attack stat is the best thing about it, and when used in combination with powerful STAB moves such as Brave Bird and Sucker Punch, it makes life very difficult for those who play against it.
  • Dropping down from BL last generation, Honchkrow has only gotten better in this generation because of its Dream World ability: Moxie
  • Honchkrow can also use moves such as Superpower and Heat Wave with Moxie, making it even more threatening. This is nothing but good news for Honchkrow, but bad news for the rest of the metagame, as the Rock- and Steel-types that were once strong checks to Honchkrow, such as Registeel and Rhyperior, now fare much worse against it. Sacrificing Pokemon to Honchkrow is now much more dangerous, because it can completely sweep teams after it gets an Attack boost or two.
  • While it boasts one of the most powerful priority attacks in the game in STAB Sucker Punch, it is extremely reliant on the move to hit faster opponents, of which there are many in the OU metagame. faster than Honchkrow, and have enough bulk to take a Sucker Punch and hit Honchkrow back hard.
  • Also, Honchkrow's only noteworthy defensive stat is its high HP; while it helps to mitigate Brave Bird recoil, Honchkrow's poor defenses leave it unable to take a hit, and it will fall to most decently-powered STAB attacks
  • This means that Honchkrow has to KO everything in its path in order to sweep, which is a tough task before any Attack boosts are attained. While Honchkrow has a very threatening movepool, it suffers heavily from four-moveslot syndrome, making it unable to use all the right moves in all the right places. Nevertheless, Honchkrow is a major threat in today's metagame that every team should have a solid answer to.
name:Life Orb
move 1:Sucker Punch
move 2: Brave Bird
move 3: Superpower/Substitute
move 4:Roost/Heat Wave/Pursuit
item:Life Orb

  • This is Honchkrow's flagship set, striking fear into the hearts of every player and threatening offense and stall alike.
  • While Brave Bird and Sucker Punch form the core threat of Moxie Honchkrow, Superpower is a fancy toy that is very beneficial as well.
  • What would seem to be solid counters to Honchkrow, are all hit hard by Superpower, leaving them unable to stop Honchkrow's sweep
  • Instead of Heat Wave, Roost is the preferred option in the last slot. While it will rarely be of use, it is wonderful for healing off the damage taken from Life Orb and Brave Bird, and no other move is generally needed anyway.
  • Maximum investment in Attack and Speed is the optimal EV distribution if you're not using Heat Wave; Honchkrow is most effective when it's as fast as possible while hitting as hard as possible
  • Note that only 196 Speed EVs are needed to outspeed uninvested base 95 Speed Pokemon such as Xatu and Arcanine, but maximum Speed is better as the remaining EVs wouldn't add much bulk, and that way you can avoid the Speed creep with Xatu and Arcanine as well as opposing Honchkrow.
  • Needless to say, Honchkrow has some other moves that it can use on the set from its wide movepool. Taunt is the first thing that can be of some use, and like Substitute, protects Honchkrow from status. It works especially well in combination with Sucker Punch, as it forces the opponent to attack, making the move unavoidable except by switching.
move 1:Brave Bird
move 2:Sucker Punch/Night Slash
move 3 : Superpower
move 4: Pursuit/Drill Peck
item:Choice Band/Choice Scarf

  • fixes the "71 base speed" if holding choice scarf
  • immense power with CB
  • night slash if better most of the time due to being locked into a move
  • Sucker Punch with CB can be used to become one of the best late game sweepers
  • Pursuit Traps Things like gengar and starmie
  • Drill Peck to avoid recoil from Brave bird due to no roost

nothing really lol.

[Other Options]
  • SubRoost
  • Mixed attacker
  • Nasty Plot
  • Pursuit Trapper
[Checks And Counters]
  • Anything that can outspeed,take SP, Checks it(i.e. terrakion)
  • Rhyperior( if No HP grass)
  • Tyranitar( if No Superpower)
  • Anything thats faster and can play around SP Checks it.