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This thread's purpose is to serve as a general list for things that need to be HTMLized. One of the biggest issues with the transition from an article being completed to it being HTMLized is that there's no communication between the authors and the coders as to what even needs to be HTMLized in the first place. This thread is for author's to post when they have finished an article and for HTML coders to claim works and divide them up fairly and efficiently. To post that something needs to be HTMLized, there's no format, just link to the article's thread and provide any extra details as you see necessary.

The list below links to articles that need to be HTMLized and, if claimed, will include the claimant's name in parenthesis next to it. When the claimant posts a thread with a WIP of the HTML, it will be provided in brackets between the article hyperlink and the HTMLer's name. When finished and uploaded to the site, articles on the list will be moved to the archives list in a hidden tag below. Furthermore, when things are finished, this thread gives me a handy list of what I need to look over for correctness and uploading.

Image Workflow:

The directory where the images for in-game articles are uploaded to is this: /media/ingame/images/ and the HTMLer should make sure that all of his or her image tags point to that and point to the correct filename. What this means is that when you get the file AxtOpx767.png from Photobucket (or wherever the author uploaded it) it is going to be up to you to do the following:
1. Download the image and rename it. Use the format articlename_description.jpg/png. No spaces, underscore between article name and description, and don't forget to add the extension at the end. Here's an example: /media/ingame/images/ingame_index_brendan.png

2. Put the IMG tag into your HTML pointing at this new image with the correct new name.

3. Rehost it in a ZIP file to preserve the image name. Link to this file in the same post as the HTML. If you have at least one badge, you may also want to look into using Smogon attachments. Keep in mind, though, that for each image extension there's a size limit attached to it, so if your file exceeds that limit it will be converted automatically into another format and that'll cause a quality drop. You can read more about attachments' specifics when attempting to upload one. Furthermore, if you have more than one image, you may zip them all into one file. But do not use rar / 7zip or some other format. Use ZIP. I will then get this file and have your images uploaded.​


  • Status in Black and White (NixHex)
  • Capturing BW Legendaries (firecape)
  • 5th Gen Uber Speed Tier (Alaka)
  • ADV Speed Tiers (firecape)
  • LC Article (firecape)
  • RBY Speed Tiers (firecape)
  • Guide to the DPP Underground (firecape)
  • EV Training in FRLG (NixHex)
  • 5th Gen LC Speed Tiers (Moo)
  • RSE In-game Tiers (Nexus)
  • Special Moves in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness (NixHex)
  • [GSC] Introduction to Status: Paralysis, Poison, and Sleep (Moo)
  • HGSS In-game Tiers (Moo)
  • Tips and Tricks: RBY (firecape)
  • HGSS Differences in RNG Manipulation
     (On Hold—Open Source Program)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]Capturing BW Legendaries[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]] (Ditto)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]1v1 Metagame Guide[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]] (firecape)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]A Guide to Common Battle Conditions[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]] (Zystral)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]Capturing RSE Legendaries[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]] (Ditto)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]Useful Nature / IV / Hidden Power Combinations for Legendary Pokemon[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]] (Rising_Dusk)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]DPP RNG Manipulation Guide Shiny Egg Finder Addition[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]] (vashta)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]Baton Pass Guide[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]] (Komodo)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen In-Game Tiers[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]] (Ditto)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]Pokemon Platinum In-Game Tiers[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]] (Ditto)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]Pokemon Diamond and Pearl In-Game Tiers[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]] (Ditto)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]Introduction to Wi-Fi in the 4th Gen[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]] (NixHex)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]A beginner's guide to distributing EVs[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]] (NixHex)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]5th Generation Gravity Guide[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]] NixHex)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]Little Cup Legality Guide[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]] (NixHex)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]Little Cup EV Spreads[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]] (Moo)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]BW Double Battles Guide[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]](Nexus)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]BW RNG Manipulation[/URL] (Kaphotics)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]RBY Battling Guide[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]](Nexus)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]Dream World Guide[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]] (NixHex)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]Location Maps: FRLG[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]](NixHex)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]Status in BW[/URL] (NixHex)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]EV Distribution[/URL] (NixHex)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]Intro to Wi-Fi in 5th Generation[/URL] (NixHex)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]BW item locations[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]] (NixHex)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]BW OU Priority Guide[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]] (zarator)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]Rise and Shine: A Guide to Sun in BW OU[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]] (V0x)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]BW In-game Tier List[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]] (V0x)[/s]
    [*][s][URL=""]BW Tips and Tricks[/URL] [[URL=""]HTML[/URL]] (Ditto)[/s]
From here in on, I'll be updating this thread and checking over the HTML of others. Additionally, the HTMLers should make sure they read the new section concerning images that I've added to the OP.

Just send me a PM if you have any questions.
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