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Huge Team

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by Squidy100, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Squidy100


    Apr 2, 2013
    Main Team
    Volcarona (Fire Plate) Flame Body
    Timid (252 SPA, 252 SPE, 4 HP)
    Bug Buzz
    Fiery Dance
    Heat Wave
    Quiver Dance
    Volcarona is here for its typing and its high special attack. I use him to sweep people if my opponent allows me to get a few quiver dances off. His bug and fire typing was needed for my team and he can counter some of the Pokemon that counter mine. Volcarona can usually revenge kill and can KO one Pokemon usually. Possibly two, and if he takes three, he sweeps the entire team because most people dont expect Volcarona.

    Terrakion (Fist Plate) Justified
    Adamant (252 ATK, 252 SPE, 4 DEF)
    Swords Dance
    Close Combat / Sacred Sword
    Stone Edge / Rock Slide
    Another sweeper, his typing and earthquake can eliminate the rock types for Volcarona. His great attack and good speed allow him to take out one or two Pokemon before my opponent brings out a good counter. From experience, he does the most damage to opponents' teams because of his good move typing.

    Tyranitar (Choice Band) Sand Stream
    Adamant (252 ATK, 252 SPD, 4 DEF)
    Stone Edge
    He is my tank and with his good move typing, he can hit a super effective pretty easily. This was a change from my team because they are mostly sweepers and special attackers. He fills the job also of taking out the rock type Pokemon for Volcarona. He is shiny with good ivs in attack and hp so I love him! :D

    Gliscor (Toxic Orb) Poison Heal
    Impish (252 HP, 184 DEF, 72 SPE)
    Earthquake / Facade
    This is my most annoying Pokemon. Its difficult to OHKO because of his good bulk. After one move, the opponent is badly poisoned and Gliscor cannot be hurt due to its substitute and protect. The toxic can also be used on switching out Pokemon and then he wins. He is also shiny so I really like using him.

    Shiny Kyurem-B (Shell Bell) Terravolt
    Hasty (252 ATK, 252 SPE, 4 HP)
    Fusion Bolt
    Dragon Claw
    His typing fills the slot of a needed dragon killer. He can OHKO many Pokemon like the water types that destroy my other Pokemon with fusion bolt. His decent bulk allows him to take a few attacks and with roost, it becomes difficult to get rid of him. Also, his monstrous attack lets his normally effective moves do massive damage.

    Celebi (Life Orb) Natural Cure
    Hasty (252 SPA, 252 SPE, 4 HP)
    Leaf Storm
    Thunder Wave
    His spot on the team is interchangeable with Cresselia and I'm not sure which to use. Cresselia has excellent support but Celebi is also a grass type which allows me to super effective against ground, rock, and water which are the worst types against my team. Celebi also goes along with the theme of my team which is mainly offensive.

    Alternate Team:

    Shiny Salamence (Life Orb) Moxie
    Adamant (252 ATK, 252 SPE, 4 HP)
    Dragon Dance
    Fire Blast
    It took me 6 months to get this Pokemon and I was so stoked when I finally got a good nature one. He has great attack and good bulk and I used him to replace my Dragonite. His spot was also taken by Kyurem-B and I'm not sure which to use.
  2. xDracolth


    Feb 16, 2013

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