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I hide behind 2 monitors.-OU RMT.

Discussion in 'Past Gen Teams' started by Adm. Empoleon, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Adm. Empoleon

    Adm. Empoleon

    May 16, 2010
    Since Latias was banished to Uberland, I had to rethink my teams, who were based around Empoleon. I don't understand why people don't use Empoleon that much as a physical or a special attacker. With proper team support (DS or SR), he can a threatening mid-game or late-game sweeper. If you have any ideas on how to use this guy, don't be shy an tell me why you think people don't use Empoleon that much.

    OK, on to the team!

    A sneak peek at my team:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    How I built this team:

    OK, Empoleon is my favorite Pokemon, so I decided to build a team around him. I was thinking Latias when I wanted something to take on his weaknesses. Unfortunately, she's Uber. So I decided Magnezone would be a great partner with Empoleon, seeing as he resists Electric attacks. But now they were both at risk of being raped by anything running EQ, so I chose Gengar to absorb their weaknesses. And it does the job quite effectively, since he's immune to Ground and Fighting attacks. Thus the "EmpGarZone" combo was born. Now I needed a lead to set up DS and take hits from nearly anything. It also needed to have an element of surprise. Torterra is rarely considered in OU, let alone as a lead! So I added him to my roster. I noticed that my team had decent Dragon resistance, so I wanted to add a dragon to my team. Salamence or Dragonite, Salamence or Dragonite? Well, Mence had huge power but lacked bulk while Dragonite had decent power and better bulk than Mence, so I added him to the team. That and him and Magnezone can resist all 17 types of Pokemon. If you're paying attention, now my team has 5 Pokemon. Togekiss came along as another immunity to Ground and a special sweeper. Now my team is complete.

    Resistance chart:

    Breakdown of the team:

    [​IMG]@Light Clay
    Ability: Overgrow
    Nature: Careful
    EV's: 48 Atk\ 252 Sp.Def\ 208 Def
    ~Light Screen
    ~Seed Bomb

    Why this Pokemon?
    Well, like I said, I needed something to lay down DS and also be a surprise to anyone who comes across it. You don't see Torterra everyday in OU, so I thought that this could be his big debut here (hopefully). Now if it only had Baton Pass, I could set up the DS, dance, and then pass them onto either Empoelon or Dragonite.

    Why the EV's?
    I put them to give him decent Defense and Sp.Defense, and then a little in HP to help him take some hits.

    Why the moves?
    DS to help my team set up with no problem. Seed Bomb and EQ to attack with STAB.

    Will I be changing this Pokemon?
    Maybe, if more people use Swampert as a lead, then I'm done for. Or if Machamp runs Ice Punch, then its GG. But for now, it gives me an Electric immunity and a good DS user.


    My favorite Pokemon:
    [​IMG]@Muscle Band
    Ability: Torrent
    Nature: Adamant
    EV's: 104 HP\ 252 Atk\ 76 Def\ 76 Sp.Def
    ~Swords Dance

    Why this Pokemon?
    As I said, this is my favorite Pokemon, due to its shape, excellent typing, and its an emperor, for fucks' sake. That, and I plan on using him for late-game physical sweeping, and he has great synergy with the team.

    Why the EV's?
    You may think that this is the "Swords Dance + Priority" set, and it is, but I tweaked it. Changed around the EV's to hopefully withstand some attacks while dancing, max Attack is to surprise anyone who brings out Blissey, and Swords Dance to take that 298 Atk into 596, then if I'm lucky, 1192. IF I'm lucky.

    Why the moves?
    Well, this is similar to the moves from the "Swords Dance + Priority" set, but I changed Aqua Jet for Waterfall for extra power and a good STAB. Avalanche to take on any Dragons, Earthquake to hit Jirachi and any other Steel types bar Scizor. I need DS to be up so I can set up much easier.

    Will I be changing this Pokemon?
    Nope, and I'm not planning to.


    First counter to Empoleon's weaknesses:
    Ability: Levitate
    Nature: Timid
    EV's: 252 Sp.Atk\ 252 Spd\ 4 HP
    ~Focus Blast
    ~Shadow Ball

    Why this Pokemon?
    First of all, I needed something to take Empoleon's weakness to Ground. Celebi would give my team a hard time with its own weaknesses, Latias was banned, and I couldn't think of anything else but Gengar. Immunity to Ground and Fighting, great Speed and Sp.Attack, this was the Pokemon I was looking for. Plus he and Empoleon and Magnezone have awesome synergy between them.

    Why the EV's?
    To compliment his high Sp.Atk and Spd stats, what else?

    Why the moves?
    Well, Substitute to scout for moves and Pokemon while taking out some and denting others, Thunderbolt to deal with any flying object, Focus Blast to hit TTar and Magnezone, Shadow Ball to hit Celebi with STAB.

    Will I be changing this Pokemon?
    Maybe to a Swords Dance + Rock Polish + Baton Pass Gliscor in the near time, but that would make half my team x4 weak to Ice.


    Second counter to Empoleon's weaknesses:
    [​IMG]@Life Orb
    Ability: Magnet Pull
    Nature: Mild
    EV's: 76 HP\ 252 Sp.Atk\ 180 Sp.Def
    ~Flash Cannon
    ~Hidden Power Fire

    Why this Pokemon?
    It creates good synergy with both Gengar and Empoleon, as they can come in and resist each others' attacks. It's also a good special sweeper, with its 252 EV's in Sp.Atk and a Mild nature, it has 394 Sp.Atk. It can also resist every type with Dragonite, something not a lot of Pokemon do.

    Why the EV's?
    This guy acts as my special sweeper and special wall. That's why I have 76 in HP and 180 in Sp.Def. I didn't care to put any in Speed, seeing as he won't be out-speeding anything in the time being.

    Why the moves?
    Discharge so I can paralyze at the cost of power, Flash Cannon to hit TTar and Celebi with STAB. Hidden Power to hit any Grosses and Scizors, Explosion to get out if I'm losing.

    Will I be changing this Pokemon?
    I don't know. I might, if you guys give me good suggestions.


    2nd physical sweeper:
    [​IMG]@Lum Berry
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Nature: Jolly
    EV's: 4 HP\ 252 Atk\ 252 Spd
    ~Dragon Dance
    ~Dragon Claw
    ~Thunder Punch - Fire Punch - Ice Punch

    Why This Pokemon?
    Well, I needed this to complete the synergy my team has. And its a good sweeper after a dance, usually nothing can stand in its way. It has more bulk than Mence, and that allows me to dance in front of many Pokemon without getting killed myself. Under DS, I can dance up to 4 times without getting my ass killed.

    Why the EV's?
    To maximize its Attack and Speed stat so I can sweep effectively.

    Why the moves?
    Dragon Dance to raise its Attack and Speed, Dragon Claw for my main STAB, Earthquake for TTar and anything weak to Ground, but I'm at a loss for the last slot. If its Thunder Punch, Gyarados falls at my presence, Fire punch and no Steel types or Celebis can stand in my way. What do you think?

    Will I be changing this Pokemon?
    Maybe, I don't know.


    Rounding up this team is:
    [​IMG]@Life Orb
    Ability: Serene Grace
    Nature: Modest
    EVs: 180 HP\ 196 Spd\ 132 Sp.Atk
    ~Nasty Plot
    ~Body Slam
    ~Aura Sphere
    ~Air Slash

    Why this Pokemon?
    Also another immunity to Ground. I got this to make my team more specially offensive. It can set up a Nasty Plot or two under DS or on its own due to its cool Sp.Def. I can annoy the hell out of my enemies with Body Slam + Aura Sphere, so long as Body Slam paralyzes on the first hit.

    Why the EV's?
    Invested a little in HP to take some hits, a bit more in Speed to hopefully outspeed some things, and a bit less in Sp.Atk so it has a decent amount to start with before I set up.

    Why the moves?
    Nasty Plot to set up, then Body Slam to STAB and hopefully paralyze, then Air Slash to flinch hax to shit out of anything. Aura Sphere for Lukes and TTars.

    Will I be changing this Pokemon?
    If you have any good suggestions for a replacement, then I might consider.


    OK, that's my team! Hoped you like the format of it, although there are some descriptions that are somewhat small. Feel free to suggest any Pokemon to replace, any Pokemon to tweak, or anything you like!

    Final look at the team:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thanks for reading, don't be to easy with the criticism!!!
  2. Eggbert


    Oct 30, 2009
    Dual Screen Azelf will work much better for a few reasons, mostly because torterra can be out-taunted and KOd by most leads. Any lead with taunt (most leads) can outspeed you and render torterra useless. Also, most common leads can destroy him (azelf with fire blast, swampert with ice beam, aerodactyl with taunt, heatran, ect)

    Azelf@Light Clay
    252 HP/6atk (or def/SpD)/252 Spe
    -Light Screen

    EDIT: If this isn't suspect, salamence outclasses your dragonite. It would be a good idea to run Specially defensive Dragonite which can tank electric attacks and survive much longer.

    252 HP/6 Atk/252 SPD
    -Dragon Dance
    -Dragon Claw

    This is slow, so it works well with body slam support.
  3. greenstreet


    May 26, 2010
    Hey there, awesome Empoleon set there (always wanted to use the penguin). What Eggbert said is true that a DS azelf would be better on your team so I suggest you test that out. Awesome core you have there as well but I really suggest running T-bolt since you'd end up trapping steels to kill them not to paralyse them and zone exists to kill Empoleon's counter so power is really needed. Your Togekiss would also love leftovers since LO just drains its life quickly and Togekiss isn't the strongest sweeper around. Another option is to use roost over aura sphere or bodyslam since it will lengthen the time for togekiss to set-up. Overall great job, props on empoleon(fave starter).

    Hope I helped.
  4. ginganinja

    ginganinja How do I live? How do I breathe?
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Apr 13, 2009
    Well I just don't like the SD Empoleon set. I personally love Empoleon and have used him to grreat success however I feel that the SD Empoleon is outclassed my other SD'ers such as Lucario and Infernape. You are not even running Aqua Jet which can seperate it for some SD sweepers. Something like Infernape or Gyarados can freely switch in, outspeed and KO with ease.

    I feel that the Agility + Sub petaya set is far more destructive and will be more benficial to your team. This emperor Penguin is muhc faster and can still hit just as hard as the SD set.

    If you decide to use the Sub Petaya set then I suggest a Roserade over Torterra, it sets up Toxic Spikes which wears down Emps usual counters (bulky Waters and Blissey).

    Suggestions based on if you change to the Emp set I suggested above

    I don't think that Magnetzone is nessary on the Team. This is because it traps scizor, a pokemon that Empoleon loves to switch in on since Bullet Punch does not hurt it too much. Therefore I suggest a CB Tyranitar to deal with threats such as Blissey and in general hit things hard.

    Dragonite is fine and in this case it is more benficial to run Dragonite over Salamence. This is because both Flygon and Salamence outspeed Dragonite, making it far easier to lure Outrages from them, I do think that the Dragonite set is a little outclassed So I will suggest changing it to the Bulky DD set since it can DD up and take a few hits, this is usefull since with Roserade in over Torterra you lose Duel Screens.

    Gengar is fine

    Togekiss I feel is not needed as both Gengar and Empoleon are already firing off special attacks anyway. I think that a Swampert could be used over it as it can set up SR for Empoleon and phaze if needed.

    Actually I realise that I have switched your team around a lot so if my advice sucks and you hate me for it then just spam a I hate you PM message I I will fully understand. In all serous though, Ido believe that Sub petaya is a muhc better set for Empoleon.

    Have a Nice Day!
  5. danmantincan


    Apr 7, 2010
    If you are looking for someone to set up screens for your team, I would recommend Uxie. It has great bulk, a respectable 95 base speed, and a nice support movepool.

    @Light Clay
    252 HP/252 Def/4 Sp Def
    - Light Screen
    - Reflect
    - Memento/Stealth Rock/U-Turn/Yawn/Thunder Wave
    - Memento/Stealth Rock/U-Turn/Yawn/Thunder Wave

    The last two moves are really up to you. SR helps greatly against Gyarados, Memento gives a free turn to set up behind the screens (or more if they decide to stay in for some reason), U-Turn is so you aren't taunt bait,Yawn will force switches, allowing you to scout your opponents team, and T-Wave can shut down those speed yet frail Pokemon. You can run a different spread of 252 HP/36 Def/220 Speed with a Jolly nature. This allows you to outspeed most Gliscor that run 216 and Jolly.

    You can change Togekiss into the Baton Passing Gliscor that you mentioned as possible changes for Gengar. Gliscor and Empoleon compliment each other perfectly, with Gliscor immune to Ground and Electric and resisting Fighting, and Empoleon resisting Water and Ice.

    Hope this helped, and good luck.
  6. KidX


    Feb 22, 2010
    Ok I got your VM

    To start, i really think you should use a azelf or uxie DS lead instead because they are faster and get the job done better.

    Next I think togekiss is dead weight on your team, find something to replace it, Infernape maybe?

    Next run a sub petaya set on empoleon because IMO it is way more destructive than the SD set

    Good Luck!

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