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In search of a title (UU team)

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by Vileman, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Vileman


    Sep 28, 2010
    Hello everyone and welcome to my RTM thread! I've been playing a lot UU, and i'm loving the state it is now, nothing is particularly broken so its a fun tier to play. I made this team quite long ago, and it has been working awesomely, reaching to a ladder ranking past 1850(63-11) which is considered to be decent i guess.This is a balanced team with 3 bulky pokes and other 3 offensive pokes.
    Well without further ago, here is the team!


    In Depth:

    Suicune@leftovers Trait: pressure
    Evs: 252HP/252Def/4Spcatk
    Bold nature(+Def, -Atk)
    -Calm Mind
    -Sleep talk

    The underrated star of the team: Crocune. This thing is extremely bulky on the defensive side; laughs at most of non-banded physical attackers. Suicune along with hitmontop handle most of physical attackers. Its pretty straightfoward; once enemy's zapdos/raikou/shaymin is eliminated, set up on any poke who doesn't 2HKOes you and you're pretty much done. Scald helps burning strong pokes like moxie heracross, mienshao, etc.

    Zapdos@Choice Specs Trait: Pressure
    Evs: 4HP/252Spcatk/252Spd
    Timid nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    -Heat Wave
    -HP ice
    -Volt Switch

    Specsdos its a powerful force in UU, being able to hit hard, having nice coverage and being able to scout. Thunderbolt is for STAB, Heat wave for bronzong mainly, and HP ice for grass types and Rhypherior. I could run Hp grass instead of ice to nail swaperts/OHKO rhyperiors but the coverage that HP ices its pretty good. Flygon cant switch in for free with it.

    Yanmgea@Life Orb Trait:Speed Boost
    Evs: 4Hp/252Spcatk/252Spd
    Modest nature(+Spcatk, -Atk)
    -Bug Buzz
    -Air Slash
    -Giga Drain

    Yanmega is a monster, he is the king of late game sweeping (fuck off raikou), He has lot of power and after 2 turns its pretty much the fastest thing in the tier. Bug Buzz works as a powerful STAB move, Air Slash its to OHKO heracross and most fighting type pokes (Yanmega can switch into most fighting pokes surprisingly easy due to the 4x resist.) And Giga Drain hurts blastoise and swampert, and also recovers part of the life lost that to life orb gives.

    Hitmontop@Leftovers Trait: Intimidate
    EVs: 252HP/4 Atk/252Def
    Impish Nature (+Def, -Spcatk)
    -Close Combat
    -Rapid Spin

    Hitmontop its an extremely necessary member for my team: it helps me take of stealth rocks 100% of the time and its the poke that can hurt snorlax the most. Close Combat its the mandatory STAB move, Toxic nails those walls who think they can come in for free, Rapid spin spins away hazards who my team really hate, and foresight although very specific, its when the opponent has 1 ghost poke, so when it switches in I use foresight and i have the spin assured. Also hitmontop its really bulky, helps against most phisical attackers due to intimidate and having EVs on Hp and Defense.

    Victini@Expert Belt Trait: Victory Star
    Evs: 252 Atk/4Spcatk/252 Spd
    Naive nature (+Spd, -Spcdef)
    -Bolt Strike
    -Grass Knot
    -HP ice

    Mixtini its a very fun pokemon to use; its made to lure pokes like swampert and rhypherior and KOing them with a combination of V-create and grass knot (victini outspeeds both pokes mentioned even at -1spd, and the damage made form V-create lets them fie to Grass knot) The idea its to initially play it as it was banded, so it can later catch pokes by surprise. V-create its a hard hitting STAB move, Bolk Strike catches water types (mostly suicune), Grass Knot gets Swapert and Rhyperior and HP its almost never used, only when predicting a Flygon switch in (who is pretty rare now days)

    Snorlax@Leftovers Trait: Thick Fat
    EVs: 80 HP/252Atk/176Spcdef
    Adamant nature (+Atk, - Spcatk)
    -Body Slam
    -Fire Punch

    Snorlax its a pokemon that its nowdays really needed in almost every UU team. It helps against pretty much every special attacker i the tier, and in this team needed a chandelure counter, so i had to choose snorlax. His ability to pursuit chandelure and victini its priceless. Body Slam its a STAB move that can help by paralyzing stuff. Pursuit was already mentioned, Fire Punch its mostly for bronzong, and Earthquake hits rock/steel types and Raikou.

    I think this team coers most of the tier, but a pokemon that can cause trouble is Snorlax, who walls most of my special attackers, and can catch hitmontop if its already weakned.
    I Hope you liked my team, if you have any suggestions please go ahead and comment them :happybrain:
  2. PTJon7


    Dec 29, 2012
    Hey nice looking team, pretty solid overall. I'd say the biggest oversight is your lack of Stealth Rocks. SR are really important, especially in UU with Fire types running everywhere.

    I would say replacing Yanmega with a Stealth Rock user would be a good idea, as Yanmega seriously adds to your team's SR weakness. If you were to replace Yanmega I would replace it with Nidoqueen. If you really want to keep Yanmega however, I would then suggest replacing Suicune with Swampert.

    I honestly think Zapdos functions a million times better as a Life Orb sweeper. Also Zapdos should always have HP Grass over Ice to hit Swampert and Rhyperior. Hitting Flygon may be nice but nabbing clean OHKOs off of two very bulky pokemon is extremely important. I think this set will work out great for you:

    Show Hide
    Zapdos@Life Orb Trait: Pressure
    Evs: 4HP/252Spcatk/252Spd
    Timid nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    -Heat Wave
    -HP Grass

    I personally like Modest on LO Zapdos to ensure that HP Grass OHKOs standard Special Rhyperior, but that's just me.
  3. Vileman


    Sep 28, 2010
    Thanks for the suggestions! I'll start testing the zapdos set, and although i dont like the idea, ill remplace yanmega for nidoqueen and see how it goes, but suicune its not going to be remplaced by swampert, just because their roles are waay too different. At least nidoqueen can fill the special attacker role that yanmega had, but crocune its a late game sweeper/physical attackers check, not like swampert who is never going to pull of a sweep.
  4. Iminyourcloset

    Iminyourcloset OBJECTION! What do you mean I have a weakness now?!
    is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Dec 18, 2010
    Hey vile! Nice team :v

    sorry it took me so long to check out your team. It seems really good, but a couple of things I see: the lack of SR (which PTJon covered), but also the fact that you have a bit of limited coverage in fighting and dark/ghost areas.

    Sure, you have CC on hitmontop and Pursuit on Snorlax, but there are situations where they may not be enough; For example, Porygon2 and Cofagrigus. Pory2 can take hitmontop's CC and Recover easily, which can make it very hard to take on (although it will not like Toxic), and Snorlax isn't scaring out Cofagrigus with that pursuit. To be truly honest, I'm not that good at fixing well-built teams like yours, so I'll just let you do what you want/need to do with your team; but I'm thinking you can try crunch on Snorlax, if you don't mind the lack of trapping (which does kinda suck), and/or give Hitmontop Sucker Punch. For Fighting Moves, I honestly have no idea. But hoped I at least helped a bit...
    Sorry if I wasn't much help, (:/) but Good Luck!
  5. Vileman


    Sep 28, 2010
    Lol thanks for the help closet C: now that i think about it i could just forgo fire punch due to it not being used like at all in all the matches I've had and put in crunch. You're right that i have no way of hurting cofagrius, and crunch could help.(bronzong is scared of victini and its set up fodder for crocune anyways...)
  6. Goddess Briyella

    Goddess Briyella Banned deucer.

    Mar 25, 2013
    I recommend trying a bulky Zapdos with Sub and Roost in place of Heat Wave and Volt Switch. Sub is important for blocking status especially since you don't have a cleric on your team. Maybe consider Togekiss or Umbreon to replace Suicune for the Heal Bell/Wish support? Also consider Whirlwind on Snorlax to stop setup sweepers from getting out of hand. Hope my input is somewhat useful or at least thought-provoking. The team overall looks very good. ^_^
  7. Pikabuster


    Mar 7, 2013
    Nice team! A very good balanced combination of Special Attackers and Physical Attackers. Two pretty great checks/walls too in the form of Hitmontop and Snorlax. As others have said, the lack of stealth rock is a notable flaw in this team, though its not too necessary, seeing as you have three fire resists, two being extremely bulky, 3 bug resists, and a flying resist. However, flying types seem to threaten this team, not many safe switch ins into a Honchkrow Brave Bird or banded Crobat so that's something to think about. Also there isn't any priority on this team, with the fastest Pokemon being Zapdos at an ok 100 base speed so once an opponent has set up, there's nothing from stopping a sweep. For this reason I suggest Sucker Punch on Hitmontop
  8. Sazoon


    Apr 11, 2013
    Hey, it's that guy Groosenator5000 from PS. Still a pretty solid team, but lacking sr. You could try running golurk for sr support and a decent physical check, but then that would open a weakness to darmanitan and opposing victini. Swampert would probably make a nice fit as it would play a few key roles like sr, physical fire type check, and last but not least a decent sub cm raikou check (provided it doesn't run hp grass). I could see that being a problem because once snorlax is weakened raikou will shit on your team. He also has good synergy with the rest of your team having that half your team resists grass. Anyways later, hope you enjoy my crappy rmt :3

    btw come say hi to me on showdown sometime

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