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This list will be updated as more and more games are played in this forum.


Mafia is a game of strategy, deviousness, deceit, lies and wit. During the course of the game, the player has to gain trust of his allies and enemies alike - the latter is usually achieved through artful lies and deception.

Players are divided into different factions, whose goal it is to eliminate each other and be the last one standing. Generally, there are 1-2 'evil' sides (the Mafia factions), one 'good' side (the Village) and, in the more complicated games, a few stray Neutrals that have to work on their own. The Village typically has more players than all other factions, usually around double the amount of one of the Mafia factions, which enables them to be in control for most of the game. This makes the Village the Mafia faction's prime target during the early parts of the game.

The game is divided into two phases: Day and Night. During the Day, a majority vote is held to lynch one player. The one with the most votes is then eliminated from the game; he 'dies'. The Day Lynch is usually dominated by the Village due to their higher numbers in the early and mid-phase of the game.
During the night, some players are able to perform 'Night Actions' which range from eliminating another player from the game ('killing') to gaining information about another players roles ('inspecting'). There are many different Night Actions, whose purpose it is to ultimately stop the opposite faction.

Games with a small amount players and basic roles are called Classic Mafia.There can be a max of two (2) of these running at one time.

Smogon's specific Mafia 'metagame' has introduced some new concepts, such as Aliases and Items. Those are only present in the more complicated versions of Mafia.

Games that contain Aliases are played on a custom forum on Brain's website Every player gets a secret Alias to conceal his identity, enabling to talk more freely to other players without the risk of lies being discovered instantly. The Alias also serves as some sort of shield, behind which the player can hide to remain hidden and to avoid being targeted by Night Actions on the base of his claims.

Items are objects that can be passed around or used by the players. Some may have passive abilities such as the Bullet Proof Vest, which makes a user unable to be killed. Other Items may have to be actively used at night such as the Gun, which allows players to kill at night. Items are to be handled with care, as they may be stolen by enemy thieves at night.

These advanced gameplay conditions are generally used in a large game of mafia. There can only be one (1) of these at a time.

In conclusion, Mafia is a fun game, which requires a lot of thought and team work. It is very popular with a large part of the Smogon IRC community; playing it will help the players in getting to know other people and maybe find some new friends!



RPSI is an acronym for Rock, Paper, Scissors, Infinity. It is simple a game of witticism in which two players face each other. Each player nominates a 'weapon' which will then proceed to fight against the opponent's counterpart. A 'weapon' could be everything - a simple household object, an animal, an actual weapon - everything imaginable is a valid choice. The tournament host will decide on a jury, a set of Judges, that will write a short story depicting the fight between the two weapons and decide upon a victor in the end. The contestant whose weapon wins the majority of judgements will proceed into the next round of a the tournament - this continues until the final round is reached, in which the winner of the tournament will be crowned.

A few example of RPSI Weapons:

'a duck with a master plan' - thunda
'a t-rex with long arms' - Brain
'a solar-powered flashlight' - cookie
'general rahm kota weilding a crowbar' - dak
'antelope' - Steelicks


Write-ups courtesy of dak.
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