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it takes two to tango (team help)

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by bigboy620, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. bigboy620


    Mar 31, 2012
    Hi, so I've been playing competitive party for about 8 months now and have gotten pretty good, nothing amazing but you know i'm getting there. Anyways I have my team which has gotton me to 1330 on PO and like that's like decent but I want to see if anyone knows what eel take me over the edge to be great and have good success. Will here is my team:
    Haxorus-jolly-lum berry 252att/252spe/4HP
    Sword dance
    Dragon dance
    So this is my favorite Poke m on right now and this set just works, +3 haxorus wrecks all, only few things that aren't OHKO, like skarm and ferro and scizor but I built for that. Getting him to sweep is my ultimate goal.

    Heatran-modest-air balloon 252HP/252spa/4sd
    HP ice
    Stealth rocks
    Fire blast
    earth power
    So this is just general heatran with investment in HP cuz my team is so offensive, no one wants to take hits but heatran, he is my counter for ferro scizor, and skarm but usually I uses other guys for them

    scizor-jolly-life orb 252att/252spe/4HP
    Sword dance
    Bullet punch
    Bug bite
    So this scizor takes on the that's of terrakion reuniclus and mamo as well as serves as my revenge killer, out gets work done and can sweep a little making haxorus sweep easier by beating and bring out my opponents walls

    Starmie-choice scarf-timid 252spa/252spe/4HP
    hydro pump
    Ice beam
    Best scarfer ever!!! Beats anything with a scarf and has +1 spe, from mence to gyar to dnite who might try to set up on it and so much more. Tricking on ferro and crippling it is amazing and helps haxorus in the end,

    Latios-timid-expert belt 252spa/252spe/4HP
    Dragon pulse
    HP fire
    I bluff this as a scarfer and works do well not expecting starmie, and he draws haxorus counters

    Terrakion-jolly-air balloon 252att/252spe/4HP
    Sword dance
    Rock polish
    Stoned edge
    Close combat
    This guy is amazing and does work, haxorus and him have similar counters so if haxorus can't complete his sweep then this boy does

    so this is my team, and I just want to kno if anyone can help me take it over the edge to be great :D thanks
  2. KaiReptilon


    Sep 1, 2011
    you need alot more information so we can rate the team
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