IV Targets

For another example, Gible's Jolly, Lv7 speed will be 14 if it's a 31 Speed IV
Besides Tangerine's "Shooting for perfect IVs?" guide, has anyone ever done any in-depth analysis into finding "stat targets" like this that allow you to determine IVs?

I did some analysis about this on another forum, and I was wondering if I should maybe expand on it and post it here, or if it would just be a waste of my time.


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Those are the maximum stats (i.e. 31 IV stats) with neutral nature. The guide also says what to do to convert them to maximum stats with hindering and with beneficial nature.

However, sometimes you can have less than 31 IV in one stat and it would still appear to be maximum at Level 5. That chart just says that if your numbers do not correspond, then your IV is certainly not 31.
Yeah, my method is in finding precise target levels. For example, a Jolly Heracross with 50 Speed EVs at level 8 has at least a 31 Speed IV if the Speed stat is at least 22.

Or, on the same Heracross, the Attack IV is 25+ if the stat at level 4 is 16.

I'll find the stuff I did on Pojo, refine it, and put it up here.
Why would you want anything that accurate though?

If you're breeding, then between the level 5 stats, and the modifiers for nature, and then the characteristics, you should easily be able to figure out if a Pokemon has a 31 IV.

The only use (that I see) for your guide would be if you catch a wild Pokemon, and then want to find out it's IVs at that level, without rare candying it a bit.

I just don't see the point of your proposal to be honest.
Because when you're breeding, you set certain parameter's for your Pokemon's IVs. Such as "I want a Cradily with 31 HP, 25+ Defenses, and 15+ in the attacking stats." Using the program that goes along with my method, you'll get a set of target parameters. For example:

HP: 0 EVs, Level 8, stat 31
Attack: 80 EVs, Level 6, Stat 12

That means if you level a Lileep to 8 and the HP stat is 31, the lowest the HP IV can be is 31.

If you give a Lileep 80 Attack EVs (8 Proteins), level it to 6 and the Attack stat is 12 or higher, the lowest the Attack IV can be is 15.

It allows you to easily confirm if your Pokemon fits the general parameters that you want. Before I got an AR, I used this when I was breeding.


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I see the point, and it's helpful when checking IVs.

Something I noticed when breeding Seedot for example. The IVs for SpAtt, SpDef and Speed (all being the same base of 30) will be exactly 31 if the stat in question reaches 15 at L11. It will start out at 5 at L1, and increase by 1 for each level up until this point.

An in-depth analysis would be highly useful for breeding, since I see these sorts of patterns fairly regularly and it would be useful to get an accurate estimate for IV breeding.
for gastly, you have to go up 3 points in special attack at level 7, and 3 points in speed at level 8 for a + speed, neutral special attack nature and a 31 IV possibility. that way if the IV man is being stupid and only saying you have flawless attack, you can easily use three rare candies and see if it's worth it to save and rare candy it up all the way to get the exact IVs. the special attack has to be 35 at some odd level like 12 or 13 for it to be a 31, but if it doesn't go up at elvel 7 then you know for sure.

i've been breeding those. that kind of information is very relevant for those breeding in emerald without the aid of an IV checker.
Ok gotcha. I see how it could be useful now. When I started breeding I had an AR already, so I went straight to the IV checking code stage. I never had to worry about Emerald breeding or rare candying really. So that's why it didn't click with me.


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Btw, I've noticed some errors in Tangerine's guide, so now I'm afraid to use it lol.
You should tell me them so I could fix them o_o;

I thought most of the errors were caught by now =/

EDIT: On the Topic - Yeah, using EVs to help shorten the IV gap is a method (and can be used for 31+), but I found using rare candies a faster way to check levels so I didn't really bother putting it in.