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J.S.N.D. LP : Pure Boredom : A Pure White playthrough

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by JSND, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. JSND


    Jun 28, 2010
    Welcome to my first ever Lets Play.... so basically this is a playthrough of Pokemon Pure White, a hacks made by Aragornbird(stealthcreditsftw)

    Before we start let me give the FAQS :

    1. What is this ?

    My playthrough topic of Pure White, a hack of Pokemon White, with relatively more difficulty, more alvailable pokemon species in the game, and some visual changes.

    2. Where do i get-

    Nope, not gonna happen

    3. The picture sux ? What gives ?

    I have limited picture gathering objects, so forgive me for that one

    4. What are the rules/Challenges ?

    Well, here it is :

    1. Obligatory no outside objects involvements :

    Stuff like Pokesav, Trading, and simmilar stuff is banned

    2. Only one Starter for the team :

    You can catch starter in this hack, in the team to battle Trainers, Gym Leaders, and Boss battles, im going to limit myself to one starter.

    3. Set Battle style :

    Self explanatory, although there is some interesting stuff with Shift which i will show later...

    4. Species Restrictions :

    Yes, i restrict a species, its going to be controversial, but why not....

    For now, i will restrict myself from Darumakka, Snivy, Scizor and Gyarados.
    Ive used Darumakka in past playthrough(its my second btw) and he played quite a huge part, so its a good challenge
    Snivy after getting Leaf Storm kinda make the playthrough easier for Boss Battles, especialy since i get the DW version in the last playthrough.
    Gyarados kinda ruined my previous plathrough since after the part where you catch it(after Surf), he can do almost everything alone with DD and stuff.
    Scizor comes right before the Electromagnetic Cave thing and pretty ridiculous with its SD sets, so yeah....

    5. No Overlevelling :

    The restriction comes by having no more than 5 extra levels than the next Gym. As a simple standards, 5 - 8 levels per gym would be used since i cant remember them all. As a countermeasure, a pokemon that have 10 more levels that the first pokemon sent out by the next leader will not be used for the battle.

    I guess thats all for now, you can give extra challenge if you want to.

    So yea, wish me luck
  2. JSND


    Jun 28, 2010
    Chapter 1 : How i grope a Tropius


    Yeah, same old JSND


    [​IMG]Uh - Huh, remember the visual changes i mentioned ? Thats what happening now, we call it Gender Bender !


    Yet he also broke it, Hypocrites...


    OMG shes a guy !

    Bianca's Team :

    Snivy : Level 5

    Simple Tackle spamming Rival Battles


    Look at that damage ! Tepig hits like a grown ass Man... i mean Pig


    Bianca : Hey, i just met my pokemon ! And this is crazy, so i messed up your room and make an obvious observations.

    You have issues man


    See ? shes agree with me !




    Cheren's Team :
    Oshawott Level 5

    Like above, really.

    Now after you beat them both, lets go to the Lab, Its Time For

    Professor introduction scenes, directed by Michael Bay


    Good point....


    Black hair ? Check
    Break the Fourth Wall ? Check

    That explains everything, Cheren's real name is Isis Ishtar

    Now that i said it, it must be canon !

    PS : Explosion sold separately because were out of budget
    Sorry about that
    Signed : Michael Bay

    That being said


    The only name fits for a Grown Ass Pig


    See ? Its proud of its Grown Ass Power !!


    Mom's sign of approval

    Anyway here goes.... Route 1 incoming !

    Route 1 Checklist :

    Yeah, theres the mon you can catch here. Note that you can catch a DW version of them. This is one of the more interesting part of this hack, so be sure to check this out ^^

    Overviews :
    Lilipup seems decent...
    Patrat and Sentret ? meh, no Ele Punch TM, Patrat can Hypnosis... maybe
    Ratata is Top Percentage, but i questioned its Top percentage of failing in Mid Game as well. It can haz teh Hustle
    Bidoof and Goon is a decent HM Slave for sure, up there with Lombre

    Special note : All of them can learn Thief. This will be explained later....
    Also this ISNT the full list, as the HM gets unlocked, i will re-do a review for the extra pools of pokemon


    End of route 1 team.

    Now we reached Akumulla, or whatever the First town is :

    Pokemon Center Tutorials : Directed by M Night Shyamalamalamasamakun




    Now heres a joke : What did you get when you met a Blissey in a Pokemon Center ?
    A Plot twist !


    Generic Gentleman 1 : Is she crazy ?
    Generic Gentleman 2 : Dont know man, shes not even gender bent

    Imma go outta here.....


    Oh ****....
    Why the hell does that guy up there wears a cap ?


    and i support child abuse...


    pfft, he cant even Liberate a child
    Anyway... now that we get past that boring speech....


    Oh no, not ANOTHER cutscene !
    btw it was saying that shes a pervert, except everybody knows about that


    Fun Facts : N talks Three times faster than normal


    Now that i said it, it must be canon !


    Oh, they do talk
    Whos That Pokemon ?
    Its Sugoroku !
    Sugoroku : Sugoroku ! Sugoroku !

    But i can !


    My real name is Natural Harmonia Gropius, and i like to grope Tropius

    So, hes a Blondie(or Green Hair, or whatever) with Magical Power, and love to Grope something ? Why dont you ride a Zaku ?


    OMG hes going to grope me !!


    N's Team :
    Purrloin Level 8
    Glameow Level 8

    The first "legit" Boss battle and the Boss of this Chapter ! One of the first challenge of this hack. N is pretty difficult for this part with minimal grinding
    He brought 2 Level 8, both faster(usually) than Tepig. To make it more insane, we have Glameow with its fearsome STAB Scratch and STAB Fake Out.

    With the same level as mine(or lower), Potion spamming, and Switching against Scratch will definitely net a victory, but remember, hes a good source of EXP, since you get 100 + EXP everytime you beat Glameow and losing cuts out around 72 pokedollars(lolsomuch/sarcasm). Seeing that the next boss is quite difficult, you can take your chance here(the trainer in the next route sucks. Plain and simple)


    End of Chapter 1

    Chapter Overview :
    -Get a Starter
    -Rival Battles#2
    -Cheren revealed to be Isis Ishtar

    -Catch the Com-Mons
    -Pokemon Center Tutorial
    -N is revealed to be A CHAR

    -Fought N
    -Going to route 2

    Coming up next in the Pure Boredom Chapter 2 :
    Route 2
    Unexpected Difficult Boss #1

    So i herd u liekz a monkey
    First Gym Battles

    Prelude to Victory as i call it

  3. Stellar

    is a Live Chat Contributoris a Site Staff Alumnusis a Battle Server Admin Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis an Administrator Alumnusis a Past SPL Champion

    Jan 3, 2007
    You might want to spruce this up a bit—only one of the images is working and it is really large. Try to fix the links and the size. If you don't feel like resizing all of the images, at least put them in hide tags.

    I also have a hard time understanding your jokes, but maybe that is just me. :toast:

    I'm sure people will show a lot more interest if you clean things up. Good luck!
  4. JSND


    Jun 28, 2010
    The first Chapter has been fixed

    Let me know if theres an error
  5. Antihaxxer


    Jun 26, 2012
    Glameow is fast and has Fake Out, wow ... Probably need a stupid pokemon to tank hm :D
  6. Antihaxxer


    Jun 26, 2012
    Did you manage to get past the two Pikachu Lighting Rod @ Light Ball + Discharge spamming + Fake out ? -_____-
  7. Manveru123


    Feb 27, 2012
    Images don't seem to work.

    By the way is this a "proper" hack, or another "lol Slowking with Drizzle" messed up thing like Blaze Black (or w/e it was called)?
  8. JSND


    Jun 28, 2010
    @Antihaxxer : Yeah i have finished this thing, that one isnt too hard or... tedious compared to what i will shown in Chapter 3 and 8

    @Manvery : nahh its more of a Pseudo Tutor + DW expansion thing

    Yeah for now i used the link first, i try to find a way to upload the images...

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