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Discussion in 'Global Battle Union' started by DreamTalon, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. DreamTalon


    Jun 13, 2011
    HP: 105
    Attack: 95
    Defense: 80
    Special Attack: 40
    Special Defense: 80
    Speed: 90

    Early Bird: SLEEP conditions lasts for half as long, rounding down. For example, half of three turns is 1.5, which rounds down to one turn. When the number of turns to sleep is one, half of this rounded down is zero, and the Pokémon wakes up instantly.
    Scrappy: A Ghost-type foe can be hit by Normal-type(and Fighting-type) attacks.
    Hidden Ability:
    Inner Focus: This Pokémon will not flinch. Does not prevent flinching with Focus Punch.

    (Doubles) Ghost Smasher

    Kanghaskan @ Chople Berry
    252 Atk, 220 Speed, 38 HP
    Fake Out
    Low Kick/Hammer Arm/Earthquake

    Kanghaskan’s niche in the GBU metagame is not in its stats. It is bulky, but not as bulky as Hariyama and Scrafty. It has decent attack and speed, but the other Fake Out users outclass it for various reasons, such as more speed and attack. However, Kanghaskan’s ability makes it the only known pokemon able to hit a Ghost type with Fake Out. Return is used as it is a powerful STAB for Kanghaskan, and as stated before, can hit any Ghost type. Low Kick is used to hit heavy Steel and Rock types, such as Metagross and Tyranitar, with a powerful 120 base power move. It can be somewhat unreliable sometimes, as some Rock and Steel types are light. Hammer Arm is the alternative if Low Kick doesn't fit your standards. If you dislike the 10% miss rate of Hammer Arm and the speed drop, Earthquake is an option. Keep in mind that it only has 75 power in Double Battles and hits your partner.

    The EVs and nature allow Kanghaskan to out speed Adamant 252 Speed Toxicroak, and get off a Fake Out. Kanghaskan has access to the elemental punches, if your team needs a Fake Out user with certain type coverage. Kanghaskan also can learn Helping Hand to support its teammates to sweep. Sucker Punch is a decent priority move to have, but it unfortunanly doesn't hit much harder than a STAB return on Ghost and Psychic types.
  2. cosmicexplorer

    cosmicexplorer pewpewpew
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    May 25, 2010
    STAB Return is about as powerful as a super effective Sucker Punch, and while the priority is sometimes useful, Earthquake or Hammer Arm/Low Kick are far more useful to take out Tyranitar and other Pokemon that resist Normal-type attacks. While Sucker Punch helps for a slow-ish Pokemon such as Kangaskhan, it's not as immediately useful as the other moves that can fill that slot. For that matter, Drain Punch is far less useful than Hammer Arm; while it restores HP and doesn't reduce Speed, it's far too weak to do any significant damage to Pokemon that resist Return; it does 16.6%-19.8% to max HP Metagross.

    In addition, Earthquake hits Metagross for 50 more BP than Hammer Arm, attaining a 3HKO, unlike Hammer Arm, so it's definitely a usable option. Also, Low Kick hits Metagross and Tyranitar for more damage than Hammer Arm, and always OHKOes 252 HP Tyranitar, unlike Hammer Arm or Earthquake, making it an excellent choice. It also 2HKOes Rhyperior after Fake Out.
  3. DreamTalon


    Jun 13, 2011
    Thanks for the suggestions. Will put Sucker Punch in the notes sections with the punches and HH. The third slot will now go in this order: Low Kick/Hammer Arm/Earthqake

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