Latios [WIP] (QC 2/3)

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  • Powerful Special Attacker with Dragon STAB
  • BW2 doesn't bring anything new to Latios
  • However new threats such as Technician Breloom and Keldeo can be checked by Latios
  • Tyranitar's usage severly dropped in BW2 because of all the new toys Rain received, which makes Latios better than ever.

name: Choice
move 1: Draco Meteor
move 2: Surf
move 3: Psyshock
move 4: Hidden Power Fire / Trick
item: Choice Specs / Choice Scarf
nature: Timid
evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
ability: Levitate


  • Powerhouse that tears through a big part of the metagame with Choice Specs
  • Great revenge killer with Choice Scarf since it outspeeds nearly everything

  • Psyshock is great since it allows Latios to revenge kill Breloom, Keldeo and Terrakion (mostly Calm Mind Keldeo though)
  • Hidden Power Fire can be used to beat checks like Ferrothorn and Scizor
  • Trick cripples common switch-ins like Specially Defensive Tyranitar, Blissey and Chansey.
  • Straightfoward ev spread focusing on Speed and Special Attack, max speed is needed to outspeed important threats such as Keldeo and Terrakion
  • Using it with something that can eliminate Pursuit users can be crucial since when Latios is locked into a move and gets trapped it's over.
  • Thunder can be used over Trick / HP Fire when paired with Drizzle Politoed because it hits very hard and has great coverage with Surf and Draco Meteor, plus anything switching in exposes itself to a 30% paralysis rate.
  • Dragon Pulse can be used over Draco Meteor for more reliability if one does not like the Special Attack drop.
  • Magnezone is a great partner since it can remove Steel- types such as Ferrothorn and Scizor and allow Latios to spam Draco Meteor
  • Dugtrio can also be a great partner, instead removing Heatran and Tyranitar.
  • Heatran is a great partner since it can beat Scizor and Ferrothorn, can set up Stealth Rock which is always appreciated and has great defensive synergy with Latios (resists Dark, Bug, Ice and Dragon, while Latios is immune to Ground and resists Fighting and Water)
  • Fighting- types in general help Latios too since they can beat Steel- types and Tyranitar
  • Gliscor is a great partner with Poison Heal activated since it can switch into Specially Defensive Jirachi all day.
  • Stealth Rock and Spikes support in general will really help Latios tearing through some of the bulkier pokemon that could possibly switch in to take Draco Meteor.
name: Special Attacker
move 1: Draco Meteor
move 2: Surf
move 3: Psyshock
move 4: Hidden Power Fire / Recover
item: Life Orb / Expert Belt
nature: Timid
evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
ability: Levitate


  • Great power and freedom to change moves
  • Focus on coverage to make it nearly impossible to switch in

  • Draco Meteor is the standard move dealing heavy damage to anything not extremely bulky
  • Surf provides great coverage and allows it to beat some of the common switch-ins like offensive Tyranitar and Scizor
  • Psyshock makes Latios a great Breloom / Keldeo / Terrakion check while also giving it a great tool against Special walls like Blissey
  • Hidden Power Fire allows it to beat Ferrothorn and Scizor easily
  • Recover grants more staying power to Latios and makes it more reliable when it comes to check dangerous threats, and it's ideal for Life Orb
  • Expert Belt lets it bluff a Choice set to lure some of its common checks, Scizor in particular, and eliminate it.
  • Again, ev spread is standard for a special attacker, fully invested in Special Attack and Speed.
  • Latios appreciate the same partners as the choice set (Heatran, Fighters, Magnezone, Dugtrio, Gliscor, hazards)
name: Calm Mind
move 1: Dragon Pulse
move 2: Surf
move 3: Calm Mind
move 4: Psyshock / Hidden Power Fire / Recover
item: Life Orb / Leftovers
nature: Timid
evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
ability: Levitate


  • Latios' power, coverage, respectable bulk and speed makes it a fantastic offensive Calm Minder.
  • Latias is more suited for a bulkier Calm Minder aiming at getting multiple boosts while Latios only needs one to sweep.

  • Dragon Pulse is the main attacking move on this set, with great power and nearly unresisted coverage
  • Surf allows Latios to get past most Steel- types, such as Heatran
  • Psyshock gives Latios the posibility to win CM wars with ease
  • Hidden Power Fire annihilates Ferrothorn and Scizor
  • Recover gives Latios the opportunity to grab more boosts against more powerful opponents and makes up for Life Orb recoil.
  • Removing Tyranitar greatly improves the effectiveness of this set as offensive versions that can OHKO Latios with Crunch are nuisances to its sweep.
  • Dugtrio and Fighting- types are really helping Latios here, since they can beat Tyranitar.
  • Without Hidden Power Fire, Magnezone and Heatran become great partners.
  • Anything that can set up hazards can really help Latios after a CM to get rid of bulkier switch-ins
  • Draco Meteor could be used as the fourth move since it's much better early game when it's difficult to set up.
name: Dual Screens
move 1: Reflect
move 2: Light Screen
move 3: Memento
move 4: Draco Meteor
item: Light Clay
Nature: Timid
evs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spe
ability: Levitate


  • With great speed, access to Reflect, Light Screen and Memento, Latios can support an offensive team easily
  • Even without investment Latios still has great Special Attack allowing it to heavily dent / KO something on the opponent's team.

  • Espeon and Gorebyss are great partners since they can take advantage of Dual Screens to set up and use Baton Pass and Espeon can reflect Taunt aimed at Latios back at the user.
  • Anything that can set up will greatly appreciate Latios
  • EVs are focused on Speed and bulk to make sure Latios can set up both of its screens, and set them up first.

[Other options]

  • Grass Knot can be used on the Choice Specs set to make sure even the bulkiest Tyranitar is 2HKOed after Stealth Rock.
  • Everywhere Hidden Power Fire is mentioned, Hidden Power Fighting can be used too since it hits Tyranitar hard.
  • Dragon Dance can be used over Calm Mind to boost its Speed and turns it into a real menace to frailer offensive teams.

[Checks and counters]

  • Specially Defensive Tyranitar and Jirachi can take its moves.
  • Tyranitar and Scizor (with some Special Defense investment) (and Metagross?) can get on Draco Meteor, force Latios to switch and OHKO it with a super effective Pursuit.
  • Chansey, Blissey, Specially Defensive Jirachi, Specially Defensive Heatran and Ferrothorn are all great switch-ins to absorb an incoming Draco Meteor.
  • Ferrothorn is the best check with Drizzle active.
  • If Latios carries Hidden Power Fire, then Gengar outspeeds it and can hit it with a super effective Shadow Ball, Latias can also do the same and strike it with Dragon Pulse (opposing Latios too).
  • Faster threats like Tornadus and Tornadus-T, Starmie and Scarfers like Landorus, opposing Latios and Salamence can provide a nice offensive check as long as they don't switch into Draco Meteor.
  • Mamoswine can revenge kill it using Ice Shard.
I think the Dual Screen Memento set should deserve a place on the analysis. You should also mention that Tyranitar has seen decreased usage in BW2 with all the rain around, and this is excellent for Latios. The Checks and Counters section should be making a note of things that outspeed/tie with Latios and do heaps of damage, examples including both Tornadus forms, Gengar, Starmie, and scarfers such as Landorus and Jirachi. Add these changes to your skeleton and I'll approve it.

Edit: Suggestions implemented. QC Approved (1/3)
You definitely need a lead set with Memento / Screens / Draco Meteor. It's one of the best offensive screeners out there. Check the current Latios analysis for example and make sure you test it too. I haven't used it much in BW2 but I'd imagine it's still fantastic. Otherwise, I'd say split the choice sets; they play really differently.
EDIT: ninja'd about Memento set


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you should note that when you run hp fire you lose 1 point in speed which allows other base 110s to outspeed you (latias / gengar / opposing latios).


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Ok so I've added the Dual Screens set, I've mentioned Tyranitar dropping in usage, and fast stuff checking it. However I'm not sure if I should split the Choice sets though, as both use the exact same moves, but it's true that they play differently. I've also noted the hp fire thing in Checks and Counters.
Hmm. The last Latios was fairly well made and I don't think Latios has changed to the point where he requires a completely new analysis... though the jury is still out on that one.

There's no need to exaggerate the Latios in the counters section, mentioning Tyranitar & Jirachi as an all around counter is acceptable. Everything else looks good though so



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You should mention that Latios is a solid check to Thundurus-T, and it's still awesome to check old threats like Terrakion, Virizion, and Celebi.

Choice set:

~ Thunder deserves an AC mention on the choice set. It provides some awesome coverage in the rain, in combination with Rain-boosted Surf and STAB Draco Meteor. It should go over Trick / HP Fire.

~ You could also AC mention Dragon Pulse for late-game clean up without the special falls of Draco Meteor.

~ Magnezone support is always welcome to remove Steel-types so Latios can spam Draco Meteor / remove Scizor.

Calm Mind:

~ AC mention Draco Meteor. It lets Latios to nuke stuff early on even without Calm Minds.

Dual Screen:

~ Draco Meteor should be the primary option. Latios is meant to set screens and die - it does not really care much about the special drops.

Checks and Counters:

~ Mamoswine's Ice Shard makes it a solid counter

~ Specially Defensive Heatran is a solid switch-in to Draco Meteors

~ Scizor with some special defensive investment can tank a Draco Meteor; it can always come in on a revenge kill after the special drop and Pursuit / Bullet Punch it.

Your AC comments for each set really lack on teammate information. I would check out the SmogonDex's entry of Latios and make sure to include all the teammate information for each sets provided on-site already.
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