League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

Oh yeah favorite champions and shit. I like (in no order) vlad/hecarim/riven/graves/ezreal/alistar/taric/swain/I could go on forever. I basically just like playing whoever I have a cool skin for/looks cool or is fun to play (although I suck at lee sin so I don't play him much =(). Playing boring champions like morgana and karthus isn't very fun for me even though they are very strong.
Yes - but mostly because Kage's has an upgrade that keeps the GP/10 component of it.
Hurricane seems meh.. when considering Ezreal, Graves, Corki

Runaan’s Hurricane
(Ranged Only)
+60% Attack Speed
UNIQUE Passive: Your basic attacks fire minor bolts at 2 nearby targets, each dealing (50% of Total Attack Damage) physical damage. These apply on-hit effects.
Until you consider.. KogMaw's W, Ashe's Frost, and Caitlyn's headshot charges on each hit.

Oh and Lulu's passive.
For those wondering where the item list is, I found it.

The thing I like best is this one:
Xypherous said:
Eleisa's Miracle (1175 Gold) Tentative Stats (In Testing)
+10 Health per 5 seconds
+15 Mana per 5 seconds
Removed Tenacity
Unique Passive - Aid: Your Heal, Clairvoyance and Revive cooldowns are reduced by 20%
Unique Passive: If you gain 3 levels while holding Eleisa's Miracle, you gain 10 HP/5, 15 MP/5 and the Aid Passive permanently and the item disappears from your inventory.
The Aid thing doesn't seem hugely important, but the health and mana regen being permanent and not using an item slot seems freakin awesome.


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Me/ipl duo'd up to 1768 (me) and 1785 (him) today...we are officially higher than numerous notable professional players. 2-3 more games to hit plat for s3!


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Since Thanksgiving is nearly upon us and many people (such as myself) will have much more time to play League, I propose a challenge:


The challenge is simple: from Saturday, November 17 through American Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 22 for any foreigners), any champion you lose a game with is considered "dead" and is no longer allowed to be used (until the end of the time limit).

But wait, what's the goddamn point of this?

Prizes, dear boy. The point is prizes. Specifically, these prizes:

Lose 10 champions or less and you'll be mentioned in my signature until the end of November.

Lose 5 champions or less and I'll send you a Dota 2 beta key OR a Smite beta key.

And if you manage to go the entire week without losing a champion, I'll draw a picture of you (or a representation of you) alongside a champion of your choice.

Note that these prizes are cumulative - if you lose 5 or less champions, you get the beta key AND get mentioned in my sig, and all prizes apply to any grand prize winners.

There are, however, some rules:
-Competitors must tell me beforehand that they are competing.
-Competitors must play three normal or ranked games a day (map doesn't matter)
-Bots and custom games don't count either way
-If you try to do this on the PBE I will slit your throat
-Loss prevented still counts as a loss for our purposes - unless you can prove that the server directly caused you to lose (hope you brought LoL replay)

Anyone caught breaking one of these rules will be automatically disqualified. Anyone who breaks the golden rule and attempts to bring a champion back from the dead will receive a place in the wall of shame (aka I call them a loser in my sig AND they're disqualified).

If you want to participate, let me know. I'll accept signups in this thread, by PM or VM, via IRC, via Skype, via Google Docs, via Email, Facebook, or even carrier pidgeon. Just tell me.

In 48 hours time, I will be announcing the competitors. The challenge officially begins on Saturday, November 14 at 8 AM GMT-6 (US Central Time).

Good luck, don't suck, and don't be a cheating fuck.
Sounds like fun, but I have a couple of questions.

- Do you have to keep using the same champion in a row until it dies or the contest ends?
- There's a minimum of 3 obviously, but is that also the maximum? As in, if someone plays 4 or more games, do those extra games still count? If they don't count, then is it just the first three, any three in a row of the player's choosing, or what?
Corki's passive triggers on each hurricane hit for it's full effect of 10% of AD, so he is right up there with Kog and friends.

Lulu passive on the other hand has the exact same trigger as this ability so you only get 2 beams that target your main target. It is not an on hit effect after all, but and on attack, exactly like hurricane. That being said shooting 5 beams every attack still will look great.

Also can't leave out Twitch, whose whole gimmick was already hitting multiple people, now he hits two more, for two more stacks. Expect more Expunge double kills bot lane, with support and ad reaching max stacks the same time(new particles for full stacks came just at the right moment)

Now there is an item, this synergises with greatly, RAGEBLADE. One AA 3 stacks. 3 attacks and you are fully stacked making the item 35 AD, 32% AS and 93 AP. On hit AS AP here I come. Uh though I have no idea who other than Orianna could use this... Given it's ranged only nature, and current problem with the beams not procing kayle's splash...


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- Do you have to keep using the same champion in a row until it dies or the contest ends? No
- There's a minimum of 3 obviously, but is that also the maximum? As in, if someone plays 4 or more games, do those extra games still count? If they don't count, then is it just the first three, any three in a row of the player's choosing, or what? The extra games count
I've been noticing something lately.

I never lose with Cho'Gath. Now I know these games are in normals, (I've been playing my smurf account because of some shit luck in ranked and I got very upset blah blah blah everyone's heard the stories), but a lot of the time it's like this is ranked too. I don't know what it is about the damn thing, but me and my team always dominate.

Cho'Gath OP.

Just kidding.

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I really hope the new Eleisa's Miracle is banned from the Crystal Scar. Revive is by far the best summoner spell (akin to Flash on SR pre-season 2 for whoever remembers), if they ever care to make ranked Dominion they need to remove the speed mastery and health buff because it's that strong. Reducing that CD will make it compulsory on nearly everyone AND it becomes a permanent passive after 3 levels which will be gained quickly and passively so it doesn't take up inventory space. Are they trying to break an entire game mode? >.>

Seraph's Embrace looks ok but I'm still not quite sure who would build it. Karthus, perhaps? It gives 90 AP alone with the passive so it's stronger now and he can spam his shit with impunity but I feel Zhonya's/Wooglet's is still better for him

Locket of Iron Solari looks appealing and I hope Spirit Visage is good enough to compensate for the loss of FoN. There seems to be a lot of support love and I can't wait for the new Black Cleaver and perhaps more TLC for AD casters :)

EDIT;; Also according to RiotNome, Teemo is being discussed in-house about some nerfs...
Revive is ridiculously overrated, people just use it because the only team that wins every Dominion tournament advocate for it. Me, I just don't see why I shouldn't use Exhaust/Ignite and win a fight every three minutes rather than come back from having lost a fight every nine minutes. The opportunity cost of wasting Revive and not getting shit done with it is also way higher.

Although it will be way more awesome if Miracle is kept in and, you know, they don't change shit before it goes live. ;/ blah blah blah

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If you are winning, Revive can help continue your map dominance or make riskier plays. Personally, I wait for a few seconds to judge the situations before pressing the button, and I feel it helped in numerous situations to make saving plays. I rarely feel like I'm missing Ignite (I almost always take Exhaust) as someone who plays primarily bruisers with rather clear matchups or Leona who can't duel in the slightest anyways. I suppose it all depends on your preferences. I feel Miracle shouldn't be on Crystal Scar and the main reason is that it is a powerful passive that doesn't cost an item slot that can be used by practically everyone besides perhaps the manaless champs. I can see where you're coming from, I can see that the CD would hurt, but it's not an issue that affects me personally. If people actually played draft then one could be a better judge of what to take.
No, it is that Cho'Gath is borderline OP. He can top, jungle, and mid all very well thanks to his massive sustain and endless CC. He can pretty much build anything he wants and fits into any team comp besides maybe a poke comp. Team needs damage? Build Athene's, Rabadon's, Zhonya's etc. Fed enemy AD/Top and need armor? Build FH, Randuin's, Tabi etc. Fed enemy mid and need MR? Build Abyssal, Banshee's, Merc's etc. He's one of the best farmers in the game thanks to Vorpal Spikes, and if you build AP, can destroy waves with a Q+W combo. He's easily one of the best late game tanks with a few feast stacks, and has arguably the best baron control in the game besides maybe Nunu. In fights he can be an AP carry, initiator, or a peeler. I'd also like to point out that Feral Scream is one of the most ridiculous moves in the game. 3 second AoE silence wtf? The only problem with Cho'Gath is his mobility tbh, but that only applies for early game. Post-6, why would you need mobility when you can just drop a rupture on yourself and tank for ages.


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Do not forget Frozen Mallet Wits End GA/Atma/Frozen Heart Cho Gath build.
Paper heroes shall not escape his might (even though the build is a little old, it works still fine, max Vorpal Spikes here)

I had like 80% in 20games in ranked with this. Ranked loves big tanks to lead people with initiation.

I don't normally instabuy champs because of balancing issues, but I mean, it's a cute, mermaid, water mage support that references One Piece. As long as she has enough CC in her abilities, I'll probably be finally learning how to support.