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Let's Play! Let's Catch 'em All in PMD Explorers of Sky! (Special Episode 1: Bidoof's Wish)

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Altissimo, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Altissimo


    Feb 19, 2015

    So we're back! This is the long-awaited (debatably) sequel to my (debatable) hit, Let's Catch 'em All in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. This time, we'll be taking on the second game (in a manner of speaking) in the Mystery Dungeon series, Explorers of Sky. And, as before, we'll be attempting to recruit everything in the game. I'll also be showing off all five Special Episodes, hence the choice of Sky over Time or Darkness. I've done this once or twice before, so I have experience with it and hopefully it won't be as much of a slog at the end as PMD1. :B

    Copypasta from the MD1 LP:

    Mystery Dungeon is a little bit different from the normal game in that it doesn't have a Pokédex. In other words, it's not enough to register each Pokémon as "caught": the game wants a player trying to "recruit 'em all" to actually do that - to recruit one of each Pokémon, including all the Unown forms, and have them all at the same time. So you'll all get to see me descend into insanity as I have to do such things as recruiting Kecleon, the Eeveelutions, Chansey, Ponyta, Jirachi, Exeggcute, and even the ultra-rare Pidgey Kecleon, Dusknoir, Hypno, and some obnoxious legendaries!

    As before, I'm going to allow the community to vote on the Pokémon I will use as starter and partner. See below for the options and a description of which types are best and worst in this game.

    The options are as follows:
    Starter options: All Grass/Fire/Water starters up through and including gen 4, Pikachu, Vulpix, Eevee, Phanpy, Skitty, Shinx, Riolu.
    Partner options: All of the above plus Meowth and Munchlax.

    Pretty sure Pokémon utilize their Platinum level up movesets. The following starter/partner options also come with egg moves:
    Vulpix (Feint Attack), Meowth (Hypnosis), Eevee (Flail), Phanpy (Ancient Power), Skitty (Zen Headbutt), Shinx (Quick Attack), Munchlax (Zen Headbutt), Riolu (Bite).

    General considerations (open)
    Things I'd rather not use: I basically flat-out refuse to use Pikachu and Squirtle because I've used that specific duo a million and a half times. I have also used Vulpix and Shinx before, and I don't mind doing it again, but I would slightly prefer a new combination.
    If you'd like to see the adventures of Red the Charmander and Green the Treecko specifically continue, I can do that too, but again I would slightly prefer a new combination.
    I've also used Eevee a million times so I'd rather not use it but I won't be opposed if that is the favor of the commenters.

    Type considerations:
    -Normal struggles a lot. Rock, Steel, Fighting, and Ghost are all represented at least once each in a boss battle throughout the game. Skitty in particular is nerfed from PMD1 not only because Attract doesn't work on everything anymore - but also because Skitty automatically comes with Normalize. Munchlax doesn't get any non-Normal moves by level iirc. (Meowth and Eevee both get Dark moves.)
    -Grass has a better time than it did in PMD1, but again, Steel boss, plus some postgame Poison and Fire bosses, and a few Dragons. They are mostly late enough that the Grass type will have had time to fill out its movepool and get some TM support, but I tend to shy away from TMs if I can, so it really depends on the mon.
    -No clue about Phanpy or Riolu, never used them. I know Phanpy doesn't get any Ground moves by level though, only Normal type moves and Rollout (and Ancient Power), so it's not any more useful against the Steel enemies. Riolu gets only Fighting and Normal moves (and Bite) by level.
    -Fire is decent. There are some Water, Dragon, Rock, and Fire enemies in boss fights in the postgame, but there are other methods of dealing with them.
    -Water is probably the best for the main game. There is one big Electric boss fight, but apart from that it's not threatened by much during the main game. It struggles a little more in postgame when more Water, Dragon, and Grass bosses show up.
    -Electric struggles against the Electric boss fight and has noticeable issues in the postgame's final boss fight. There is also one Ground boss during the main game. Apart from that, though, it's pretty decent.

    Other things:
    -Mudkip is stuck with Water Gun as its Water STAB until lv. 33.
    -Munchlax has a shit tier movepool lmao
    -Bulbasaur gets Sleep Powder early which is still very broken. Meowth and Skitty also get sleep moves. Vulpix gets Confuse Ray and Will-o-Wisp (though the latter is less useful).
    -Bulbasaur, Vulpix, Meowth, Eevee, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Skitty, Turtwig, Piplup, Riolu, and Shinx all get ranged or semi-ranged attacks.
    -Cyndaquil gets Lava Plume which hits all adjacent Pokémon. Shinx gets a very late Discharge, which hits all Pokémon in the room.
    -Totodile gets Ice Fang. That is all.
    -Charmander gets early Dragon Rage which is fixed damage. Pretty handy.

    So far, the suggestions have been Turtwig and Chimchar as a starter/partner duo; let me know if you want to see these, or other Pokémon, and be sure to suggest names for the player and partner and their rescue team! Last time, my lead Charmander was named Red and the partner Treecko was Green; I can reprise this scheme if you want, or use different names. My team name was Wildfire, reflecting the typings of Treecko and Charmander, respectively; again, names for the team (10 letters max for everything) are also accepted as well. Also relevant is the question of whether or not I should evolve my starter/partner. And finally, I'm also willing to accept nicknames for Pokémon; I have like five hundred (after form differences) to recruit, and without suggestions I'll probably just be reusing a lot of the names from the previous run, which may or may not be terribly interesting. :B

    Comment! I'll start the run proper in a few days or so, once I've gotten some arbitrary amount of starter/partner suggestions.

    Last edited: Sep 18, 2017 at 10:20 PM
  2. sagitt


    Jul 14, 2012
    I also like the idea of Turtwig, but instead of Chimchar I would rather like to see you have one of the sky exclusives for your partner.
  3. powergo1


    Jul 10, 2013
    I was think that as you used a gen 1 and a gen 3 starter in PMD Blue, I feel like you should use a gen 2 and gen 4 Pokemon. I was thinking a Turtwig as starter and Totodile as partner, or maybe instead use a sky exclusive as your partner as sagitt said.

    EDIT: Actually Totodile as starter would be better as you can move over water tiles straight from the start.
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  4. Snaquaza

    Snaquaza n_n
    is a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Apr 7, 2013
    Take Eevee as your partner! It'll be a challenge, and I've confirmed that you've never used it!

    It will be great, you'll be very happy to reach post-game
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  5. TJ

    TJ :thinking:
    is a Tiering Contributor

    Jun 29, 2016
    ye I think Totodile is best
  6. lucariomaster2


    Mar 27, 2013
    Seconding Totodile; I think Meowth could also be kinda fun. and i guess i'm kind of obliged to suggest riolu as well

    That being said... please don't think less of me for saying I want to see you suffer through Destiny Tower the same way I've been for the past week. :D
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2017
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  7. Ullar


    Nov 8, 2011
    Treecko as partner, imo
  8. Altissimo


    Feb 19, 2015
    So overall it looks like Totodile and some sort of Sky-exclusive starter have it. CRoll had suggested Riolu in chat, and lucariomaster2 kind of did as well, so I think Totodile and Riolu it is!

    Snaquaza : lol maybe if more people had suggested Eevee I'd use it. For everyone else, the reason he's suggesting Eevee as a partner is because Eevee has Run Away which makes it run away from everything when it's at low health. Which as you might imagine is a massive pain in the ass, especially for a partner who's not allowed to die or else you fail the dungeon. :x
    lucariomaster2 : believe it or not I have never completed Destiny Tower. If fan interest is sufficient I probably will give it a go though!

    Alright so let's get going.

    I would show off some screenshots from the opening sequence except they're kinda spoilery if you never played Time or Darkness. (Sky is basically the third version to Time/Darkness.) So we're just gonna get going off the bat!

    Here we go, fresh ROM.

    I'm excited to get there! (Sky is gr8 ok)


    lmao no that is not happening sorry


    This is the first question no matter what. Apparently, answering "yes" gives questions that are more likely to get you a Sky-exclusive starter, and possibly also raises recruit rates?? That's what I heard anyway but I can't seem to find it like, actually attested anywhere that isn't just hearsay, nor whether it applies to every Pokémon (including say Kecleon) or not. So I dunno man. But anyway I did play both so I'mma answer yes.

    The rest of the questions after that are random so I didn't bother screenshotting everything, all you need to know is I manipulated them to get the nature I wanted :x
    excuse you What now


    in lieu of a fingertip i use my mouse of course

    this feels fake

    I don't understand why I had to wait so long but okay

    This is actually based on your favorite color in the DS preference settings. I don't know what it does in an emulator lol

    I got it after the third try.

    Nah not me. I like following orders, makes things easy on me :B

    Kinda I guess????

    lol that is absolutely not true, older people love me and I don't know why

    I don't know they probably shouldn't be looking up to me as a role model my life is a mess lmao [okay it's only a little bit a mess]


    I don't know why they all have genders associated. come on can we just choose our gender's partner plz or have them randomized or something. (I may or may not be a little salty because I'm a girl lmao) Anyway Riolu is our partner so.

    I don't really have a reason for this, I just kinda came up with it in the car today and it seemed to work well? I guess?

    Hooray I'm done with formalities it's time for PLAY

    where was I before


    ... that's not a foreboding title in the slightest

    Immediately lightning starts flashing and there are storm noises. We're beginning in medias res and I remember the first time I played this I was like "wow... this is already more epic than last time... what the hell is happening!!!!"
    (I was like 14 at the time for the record)

    who is this
    who are we talking to


    oh no :( this is a sad

    Then the screen whites out and...

    ... we see some very unfortunate-looking weather conditions.

    Well. That's certainly not ominous at all. Goodness.

    who dis

    Well, this is a lot nicer than the end of the world storm we just saw.

    Prolly on earth or the Pokémon equivalent thereof.

    You look extraordinarily uncomfortable though, maybe you should fix that before dying (?) again.

    Why are you puzzled. It is a giant Wigglytuff there that's not too hard to comprehend. (Presumably.)

    He paces for a minute.

    Buddy you usually can't cure paralysis by yourself but whatever

    lol puns lucario is a steel type

    Well dang

    WHAT they're just TALKING

    Dude I'd be surprised too but I think you might be overreacting, just a lil


    There's no better time than now just go for it

    what even is that thing and why is it so large. how do you carry it. this makes no sense
    (Also wouldn't he carry this around all the time?? Why would today be different as far as carrying it and having it be inspiring is concerned?)

    Maybe a little bit. This place doesn't seem too bad. It's not the Salty Spitoon at any rate

    You discouraged yourself. that's all there is to it

    He turns and leaves. However...
    who are these unkind-looking figures?!

    I, uh, I don't think so. It was a rock with scribbles on it. When I was in 9th grade the trumpet section of the marching band gifted me a Fire Stone which was just a rock colored with red Sharpie. I don't think a rock with patterns is automatically valuable.

    Again I think you might be grossly misunderstanding the situation here.

    Well dang this seems like it might be a problem.
    (They leave too.)

    Down at the beach...
    aw isn't that nice. Lookit those bubbles
    Music: On the Beach at Dusk

    realtalk though the art in this game is so beautiful and that's one of the reasons I love it ; ; they really went all out in making the first DS game in the series LOOK like it was taking full use of the system's capabilities and they did it well.

    Aw nice.
    You're a romantic Ray. You appreciate things. I like you.

    when i'm feeling sorry for myself I curl up in a bed and cry but whatever floats ur boat I guess

    again whatever works

    Yeah we know you just said that.

    I'm dead that's what's going on. Plz come fix this

    Again I'm dead. Or maybe just hungover like last time. I'm having my annual mid-semester crisis except it's not even the middle of the semester, I have every right to be drinking until I die


    shouldnta drunk so much last night eughhhhh

    consciousness is a continuum dear

    wheres it look like my dude. A gr8 beach thats where. Accept it. Own it.

    I'm sure Pokémon are just dead all the time it's not that big of a deal. Maybe I got like. Hit by a boat or something, Beachkill. You don't know.

    look dude i remember some beers and thats about it

    what did you think you were just having a nice nap????? what else would it have BEEN bro

    arent you just a ray of sunshine
    (not sorry)


    A familiar opener. Wait, who the hell introduces themselves as a human anyway? Like “oh yeah hi Ray, I'm a human!” like what as if he wouldn't be able to tell?

    “Totally normal” is prolly pushing it

    Madness! Madness is afoot! Witchcraft, I say!

    I see Chunsoft read my last LP and understood that “how” is a better question to ask than “why”. What's that about “this game came out 8 years ago” I don't know what you're saying speak up.


    To what end? No, seriously, what would that accomplish?

    believe it or not george isn't at home

    My name is “I don't remember, are you seriously expecting that from me” except not really, it's actually

    sure why not. Not that it makes very much sense as a name on its own because it's literally the Italian plural masculine adjective for “high” but w/e

    learn it. respect it.
    fear it.

    IT'S BEEN FIVE MINUTES HOW CAN YOU TELL???? HOW. Ray I'm sorry but you may or may not be a terrible judge of character.

    You didn't really, you expressed reasonable skepticism, but whatever

    ok but like
    and how

    wheres phoenix wright when u need him
    (phoenix wright/mystery dungeon crossover when)

    SPEAKING OF LAWLESS. These guys came up and just shoved Ray down like the ne'er-do-wells that they are. Curs! How dare!

    Oh how polite! See, Ray, he can't be a bad Pokémon, right, right?

    Who said it was intentional? He could have fallen into you accidentally. With a lot of force.
    You never know.

    You have not provided a good reason yet, no.

    we should be able to treat this like Adults we are Civilized Pokémon after all

    Ray. There's a lesson you need to learn. Better now than later.
    Some people are just assholes.

    In a manner of speaking?

    … literally the only thing you had on your person, how did you manage to not notice you dropped it bud

    How about no


    Ray you did literally nothing to prevent this. Come on man. I know you're a fighting type but still.


    Except literally you watched him run away from the Wigglytuff house earlier. What did you expect?!

    Again. You had ample opportunity to fix this situation. Shoulda hit em with a sneak-attack or something but No

    Look if you want a patterned rock I have a Fire Stone

    I dunno I'm the one offering you the Fire Stone. It's your choice not mine.

    But you couldn't hold it more securely?

    Sorry, I need to fix that sentence for you. “I lost it.” That's better and more accurate. They are gone.

    you say that NOW but they are GONE bro

    Yay a decision that means nothing! If you say no it just loops you into saying yes, implying that Ray is just strong-arming an amnesiac stranger into helping him. A bit of a dick move if you ask me but what do I know about interpersonal communications

    God dammit Ray

    Aight cool. We gon have an ADVENTURE

    Music: Beach Cave
    This is Beach Cave, our tutorial dungeon for Sky. None of the Pokémon available here can be recruited. Luckily, unlike in Blue, that's not going to make our life a living hell this time! (I am staring you down Pidgey and Exeggcute.) It has Shellder, Kabuto, Shellos, and Corsola.
    Anyhow, as it is a tutorial dungeon, it gives us … tutorial. As you might expect. For our purposes it doesn't really matter of course because we've played Mystery Dungeon games before, right?
    I'll be showing off some of the differences between this and Blue but not rehashing the basic mechanics.

    An interesting thing to note though is that this game expands a little on the functions of the top screen... again as you might expect since this game was made to utilize DS capabilities through and through instead of needing to be compatible with the GBA as well.

    I set it so that the top screen shows us these cute little portraits of our people and their health. Wish it weren't bright pink but what can you do.
    Fun fact: In this game, every single Pokémon has a portrait, not just the starters/partners & NPCs! It goes a long way toward improving the feel of this game and encouraging you to use other Pokémon. Good design choice, thank u devs.

    … Good combination of abilities there. A bonus for cringing (flinching) and a protection from cringing. Cool.

    As mentioned before Riolu automatically comes with the egg move Bite which I plan to keep here forever because it's the only thing Riolu can do against Ghosts unless I keep Foresight which I. Don't really want to waste a moveslot on.

    Totodile is lame and doesn't get a fancy egg move.

    but not friend areas because god hates us

    Riolu comes with IMMEDIATE Quick Attack which is the best thing ever because it allows Ray to attack through me, great for assisting in taking out annoying foes. When it doesn't miss, that is.

    One annoying thing about this game is that held item mechanics work differently. Before, you could have 20 items in the Toolbox, and then each Pokémon on your team could hold its own item. Here, you have a number of items you can carry, and then you can sort of assign the items to a Pokémon, meaning it is considered to be holding the item and can use it, but it still takes up space in the inventory. It's a bit counterintuitive and I am not a fan. It just doesn't make sense and that bothers me so I hate it lol. I should be able to hold an item and then have Ray pick up this seed but it doesnt work that way >:(

    The first level up hooray I think?
    Alti learns Water Gun from it though so it's totally worth it.

    Ray levels up too, and...
    I guess I'll take Counter over Endure because Counter can do damage back I guess?? Dunno man.

    Totodile can walk over water tiles from the very beginning and that is awesome.

    After four floors of Beach Cave, we arrive in the Beach Cave Pit. (I don't really see how this constitutes a “pit” but okay.)

    You can stop that anytime bro

    Buddy we came here to get your Fire Stone back don't flake out on me now! I'll fight them solo if I have to. Totodile have teeth u know


    Okay, but uh, maybe don't say that. I don't think they really care about sentimental shit like that sorry

    Goddammit Ray I was afraid of this

    oh no


    I start by setting Ray to use Quick Attack exclusively as Alti does nothing due to not having a ranged move lmao.

    Koffing and Zubat both move toward Alti but a single Water Gun kills Zubat and two more attacks kill Koffing. Lol rip
    lol dey ded

    Because maybe, just maybe, we're not wimps? Didn't think of that didja

    He throws it out for us to grab.

    Nah m8 I think I beat u legit.

    Anyway they flee with their metaphorical tails between their legs.

    arent u glad we got ur scribble rock back i know i sure am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eh idk you could prolly have taken them both by yourself.

    Sure sure

    Buddy you've said it like 64 times since we left the dungeon I KNOW. You can stop now.

    See Alti's conflicted too.

    fuckin What? like that's the purest form of altruism, you got NOTHING OUT OF IT, what dumbass logic is this

    good people-reading skills alti. top notch. the best. i dont know how people ever communicated before you

    Not gonna argue there.

    ok but why tho

    again. ok but why tho

    Is there anyone out there who doesn't?

    me too brah me too

    YEAH thats what i JUST SAID

    Just make sure your face doesn't melt in the process.

    Why would they be veiled in darkness tho. Unless they're caves. Plz do not go cave exploring on ur own.

    are there even any of those LEFT

    I mean they could be like, deserts n shit but ok

    Ok that's legit. Have fun with that.

    then what are you doing in this clearly populated area. Go like search for El Dorado or some shit mang

    Like, where. Was it on the beach? On the sidewalk? Or were you exploring somewhere we'll never see again? Like. Explain plz

    i hate to break it to you but
    it still might be junk

    Yea I guess?

    You also have amnesia so I don't think your memory is very trustworthy sorry

    You might be overthinking things. just a. just a lil

    That's not very scientific tho now is it?

    A whosawhat now?

    But what if it just like doesn't

    Oh was that what the Wigglytuff house was?

    For like no reason too.

    Um????? How am I supposed to answer this I literally don't even know who I am or where I am so how am I supposed to know anything else?

    Yeah that's kinda the issue. Absolutely not.

    oh no im scare

    Oh that's all. Ok cool.


    Then maybe joining one isn't smart just a thought? doing things before you're fully aware of what you're getting into is a bad idea always :x

    sure whatever I guess it can't hurt matters
    (for the record clicking “Are you...?” just has a dialogue sequence where Alti accuses Ray of trying to talk her into it. It's p funny honestly)

    Go for a swim! You're a Totodile aren't you?

    Thaaaaat's a stretch but ok


    If you say so

    As long as I get some food and rest I'm okay with anything.

    Sounds legit I think

    Can't be any worse than marching band tbh


    they done it

    … yes, that is an accurate assessment of what has happened.


    I was originally going to keep going but this update is getting hella long so I'mma call it for now. Next time we go to Wigglytuff's Guild!
  9. lucariomaster2


    Mar 27, 2013
    And so it begins! Looking really forward to this. Funny story, Totodile and Riolu were my starters in Time and Sky respectively.
  10. Mowtom

    Mowtom I'm so meta, even this acronym!

    Dec 13, 2013
    Yay this is back! And this time I've actually played the game! Or, at least, one with basically the same storyline.

    The first time I played Time I answered honestly and ended up being a Treecko which was pretty darn hilarious as the plot progressed XD
  11. Altissimo


    Feb 19, 2015
    Replies (open)
    lucariomaster2: I'm not surprised about Riolu :VVV that's pretty funny though. Glad you're excited for it!
    Mowtom: Basically the same. You'll have fun with the Special Episodes though.
    Treecko starter is fantastic lmao

    And we're back! Let's check out Wigglytuff's Guild.

    Chapters are new to PMD2, and the images associated with them is new to Sky. I like this because it makes it feel more like a story, an epic tale of time and darkness.

    ok thats actually a lot more imposing than it seemed before. Like. wtf is this Stay Puft Marshmallow Man shit

    I kind of gathered from the Wigglytuff theme.

    But presumably this isn't literally the only place where you can sign up as an exploration team?

    If you're that scared about this future maybe we shouldn't pursue it I know this firsthand

    It was clearly built by a raging narcissist if that's what you mean

    I guess my mere presence is that important?

    Yeah you don't wanna let down Me the Most Important Person Here I guess. Seriously what

    Yea we back


    Why so abrasive tho


    Who else would it have been tho. Do you see anyone else around here?

    on what may or may not be a pitfall of death? Good ideas!

    Or maybe it's not a pitfall of death who knows.

    … it. it's a grate. it's... why Alti


    you dont say

    … “um”?

    It's an invasion, there's no time to lose! Get the tanks! Man the harpoons! WHERE IS MY STEED?!

    idk about you but a mole doesn't seem like the pokemon with the best eyesight just saying

    Underneath the grate...

    … “maybe”?

    Glad to see the rando has the same reservations I do

    but if Totodile were the partner you know Diglett would have identified his footprint immediately. Alternate universes! Or something!

    Well yeah but that's mean everybody makes mistakes :(

    I mean he has a point to be fair

    So it seems.


    If we are actually terrorists and blow up the guild this is all on you mysterious voice

    The gate opened! Amazing!

    Again Ray what's the worst that could possibly happen. They don't accept us and we form our own exploration team? There are no rules that way my friend.

    Yes. That is a correct assessment. I mean the Wigglytuff head was on the edge of a cliff, what else did you expect?

    Going down, we see that the next floor is a hub full of activity! Fantastic!

    Music: Wigglytuff's Guild

    Nah some of them are just here to mingle. Taking advantage of free shelter n shit.

    From further below, a Chatot approaches.

    Your sing-songy voice is probably going to annoy me. I already get enough of that from my roommates

    we are KIDS (by the game's canon anyway)
    Maybe we're selling Girl Scout cookies. Everyone wants those, right, even a bird?

    Yeah what he said lets go with that.

    Yea you heard me, what of it? This is an exploration GUILD aint it???

    Isn't it better if we start young tho?? like all the true medieval apprenticeships

    All the more fun for us! (I like a challenge thats why im in grad school and may or may not be regretting my life choices like all the true greats)

    Buddy. Buddy listen. All of the best greats in this world had hella hard training to get where they are. If it coddles you it's not doing its job.

    He is rightfully incensed that we signed up here with no idea of what we are getting ourselves into, I see.

    … or he could just be trying to backtrack on his stream-of-consciousness words from before. Ok chatot. Ok. We believe you its ok.

    You kinda didnt give us the chance but ok.

    … that's it? No, like, entry test or something like that? Come on, even the undergrad music program at my school requires an audition.

    Please stop being so chipper it's very draining

    How convenient!

    … what kind of work do they actually do down here tho

    Ray you really are impressed by the most mundane shit aren't you.

    thats pretty rad yo i have to admit

    ok im getting kind of scared now is it gonna be like lucario from silver resistance

    Isn't that a bit rude? You don't know what Wigglytuff could be doing in there.

    Wigglytuff does not respond.

    dont push him buddy he might be very angry you dont know
    Music: Guildmaster Wigglytuff
    AAAAAAAAoh wait he's saying hi oh ok false alarm

    So we heard. You don't seem to be a hardass...?

    Wigglytuff is very agreeable. I like him.

    You know that probably wouldn't be my first thought when preparing an exploration team but what do I know I'm not Wigglytuff

    Ray that was literally the only thing asked of us to join this guild and you don't have anything in mind??

    Team Rocket but I think that's taken.

    A hurricane is totally the embodiment of fighting + water. Just think about it. I mean, cmon.

    (This had nothing to do with the fact that the USA just got slammed by one hurricane and is about to get hit by another. At least, I don't think it did.)

    It might have sounded better in my head idk

    I mean it does but

    And then the room exploded. Wigglytuff is working some dark magic here to “”””register”””” us, it seems. (Fuckin Fairy-types.)

    Official by whose metric tho

    What's with these games and having super convenient “kits” every time we start something

    You sound confused. That's exactly what it is, Ray, and it's probably exactly what it sounds like.

    If you say so.

    This art was newly added for Sky. Not sure why but whatever it adds that little nice touch of immersion to this.

    amazing things!

    It better have our name engraved on it or it is worthless

    How convenient!

    That uhh doesn't make much sense but ok??????

    what have you put in this bag is it going to hurt us. is it a bomb

    What the hell, a Joy Ribbon?? Okay what? Usually they give you like a Zinc Band or a Defense Scarf or something that will help boost your stats but a Joy Ribbon, that just makes it so you get experience for taking damage. Which I don't really want to use to avoid Ray getting more experience than Alti (Alti gets the Lime Bow as it's meant for her, that's why it's the same color as the aura we got from the beginning) so it's useless for now I guess. Still, what the hell, I didn't know you could get that as your starting item.

    No shit!

    The Lime Bow certainly, but I'm a little averse to the Joy Ribbon sorry



    … I kinda wanted a human bed

    … What were you expecting

    look I just got here you can't expect me to do MUCH right off the bat

    easy for you to say but i have a LOT ON MY MIND

    Music: Goodnight
    is this one of those games where the moon is always full
    (spoiler it is)

    You think you've got it bad, how do you think I'm doing

    Me too I... guess

    Friendly people are the worst tho. I've decided

    You should be

    Well good. Get ur beauty rest friend

    Ray falls asleep. But...

    Yeah, Alti has more things on her mind than just being an apprentice.

    Eh he's a bit excitable but hes aight

    Alti asking the hard-hitting questions here


    I mean. I guess?

    I mean we all hope that but let's be real do you really think it's plausible that doing this will help you figure ANYTHING out

    Keep dreamin man.

    And Alti goes to sleep. Good night sweet prince(ss)

    You know it's probably not a good idea to deafen your apprentices on day 1 but who am I to talk

    Why did you let THIS GUY be the alarm clock :(

    i feel you buddy. i feel you

    snap out of WHAT we were SLEEPING and you RUDELY AWAKENED US

    again Why are you the designated alarm clock if you're also an apprentice. What if you wake up late what then. Anyone ever think of that


    I both can't believe that and absolutely believe it.

    … s-should I be scared for my life here?


    Then leave and save yourself bro!

    He does as I suggest.

    Again. This might have been a terrible idea.

    Yes you know because of the whole thing where we're apprentices and at a guild and need to like, do stuff

    you literally forced me to come here because you wanted to join the guild so bad HOW COULD YOU FORGET

    I'm not sure how we overslept when we never had an alarm clock until, you know, AN ALARM CLOCK SHOWED UP but still

    Shut up we tried our best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lmao rekt

    There's only like 10 of us it's not hard to count. See I can do it too.

    What would happen if we just werent tho like


    is this the real life

    Sarcasm. I dig it. These guys are gonna be my goood friends.

    Yeah uh that is a bit bizarre what the hell.

    lmfao Truly the best words ever said. a true wordsmith. i will remember these Forever.

    … cheers? I wouldn't have signed up if I know we were going to have to cheers. I don't need this in my life I am not a morning person

    oh god no it's rhythmic too that's even worse

    … I thought you said a lot of Pokémon ran away from training, Chatot, but do you like, get hunted down and murdered if you do according to these cheers? What kind of bizarre operation are you running here?!


    you are all TOO PUMPED about this plz. plz stop

    They all head off.
    leaving us alone with Chatot who may or may not be planning to murder us who knows.

    We can't actually go anywhere because when we do...
    Chatot kind of automatically assumes we have no idea what we're doing with our lives and stops us.

    We follow him and end up upstairs.

    WaaaaaaaAAAAit I thought we were an exploration team. Why are we rehashing the gameplay of Rescue Team I thought we were done with that!


    Also you're so nonchalant about this, like I feel like if THE FABRIC OF TIME ITSELF was being distorted I'd at least sound a little concerned??
    Also how do you know about this Mr. Exposition?

    That really doesn't explain the connection. Please enlighten me. How does “fucked up time” equate to “bad Pokémon are afoot”.

    Yes but they are not going to explain where time is affected as far as normal everyday Pokémon like Ray are concerned. So it's just a convenient expository device at the moment.

    Glad I'm not alone in questioning Ray's bizarre logic.

    “perhaps”. The one correlation that MAKES SENSE is the one you DON'T immediately accept as fact??

    an OUTBREAK of them what does that even MEAN

    it did seem bizarrely maze-like for a place called Beach Cave I guess

    this seems fake but ok

    no shit that doesnt explain ANYTHING about how they FUNCTION

    Except if they change every time doesn't that essentially make your discoveries meaningless?

    Still not sure where Mr. Exposition got all this info but whatever

    Ray kinda already explained tho whats left for you?

    Do they really have to tho, couldnt people be requesting rescue from a regular ol cave?

    hi spoink my name is human

    Wait, a Spoink's pearl is removable?

    Again. How is it removable. Where do Grumpig clans find pearls for their young.

    So we're gonna send us there? The newbies? Is this our training test?

    Man, you're a wuss.

    No. Can't you read? An outlaw ran off with it. Totally different.

    Wouldn't we all


    You mean the part about the bluff being “extremely unsafe”? That warning?

    Oh no it's just the warnings about mystery dungeons. Trust me Chatot we've been around the block once before. Well maybe not Alti and Ray but I have.

    You reverted to being perfectly chipper very quickly...

    Ray is not content with this. Sorry Ray but we gotta do the easy dungeons first, that's how it go.

    We head out.
    Remember. It's said to be extremely dangerous, Ray.

    Amazing! The second dungeon in Blue was only 5 levels deep. We are already raising the stakes yall

    Yea I guess that's why we're sending a pair of greenhorn level 7s out there. Good plan!

    And we head in.

    Music: Drenched Bluff

    … I don't know about you but I'm not getting a real sense of danger from the dungeon design or the music. Story/gameplay dissonance, hooray!
    I mean I know it's only the second dungeon but still.
    Also wow this game really likes its Water-type dungeons early on. Fire gets even more of the shaft in this game due to only the final dungeon of the postgame having lava (as far as plot dungeons are concerned that is).

    Pokémon available here: Lileep, Anorith, Shellos, Chingling

    oh no 3 whole damage out of 49 I am so scared

    Interesting thing: in this game Apples are actually rarer than Big Apples, their better counterparts. I guess that was to make this a bit easier?? Not really sure. Much appreciated though.

    Max Elixirs are also much more common from early on. Another welcome change... I like using attack moves :B

    Alti leveled up and got Rage, which inflicts a status where every attack from the enemy raises your Attack. A good idea for boss battles, I guess.

    oh god no you dont have any interesting ai yet stahp

    On the basement floor, we seem to see something in the distance...

    What do you know, that looks like a pearl to me. (How has something not just... stolen it yet. And how is this bluff dangerous)

    sad we never get to see a pic of spoink without the pearl. (what does that look like)

    A sad existence where you can't be happy without a valuable object on your head.

    … don't you need to “boing” and “sproing” everywhere to, you know, live?

    Good i... guess?

    oh hey nice that's solid


    … is that a lot?
    (For the record Gummis and Reviver Seeds are 800 each.)

    goodbye generous stranger

    And he leaves.

    I guess 2000 is a lot by Ray's standards... Not so much knowing the game's economy but aight.


    oh no Ray's about to have his poor heart broken isn't he

    ok but why tho, what did he do to solve this mission


    Maybe you should have told us this before we decided to join up bud.

    … we were waiting for something?

    Well that's worth waiting for I guess. (It's nearly 8:30 PM and I still haven't eaten dinner rip)

    HELL YE-wait. Wait what do Pokémon eat. What do Totodile eat. I am a bit scare

    we pan across the table as everyone eats this poorly-defined rainbow mess. I hope it tastes good.

    Ok but what was it

    ok but what else was there to do anyway

    Yep the moon is always full.

    wassup bro

    We went on one mission. That was about it. Not too much.

    That's what you're fixated on?? Food is free and I doubt we pay rent. Any money is good. Own it.

    Steal money from Wigglytuff in the night. That's not guaranteed to go badly at all.

    I sometimes forget this game is intended for kids

    And they both go to sleep.

    Gonna cut here for length. Next time: Mt. Bristle!
  12. Merritt


    Dec 29, 2013
    Hellspawn (open)

    but yeah, spoink pearls come off all the time (in the anime)
  13. lucariomaster2


    Mar 27, 2013
    Drenched Bluff's music is some of my favourite in the game. It sounds like a tune you'd play on an old fashioned ship, sailing the seven seas!

    Also wow I forgot how cutscene heavy the beginning of Sky is. Guess the difference between it and Sun/Moon is that Sky's cutscenes are way better?
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  14. pika pal

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    Apr 8, 2010
    I used to think the dinner was supposed to be a pile of Gummis, but given the... intelligence on display from some of the guild members the IQ increase that would entail seems to be missing.

    Explorers of Sky also added a mechanic that makes me question and oppose the "Guild Dues" on the payments. You can get Rescue Missions later on that don't come through the guild's message boards, which means in theory you shouldn't be obligated to pay a cut to them, especially given another thing in the post-game. I think it would have made more sense if they spun it simply as the Guild being paid for jobs coming through and then you get an allowance/cut of it yourself, just to give it more a sense of gaining something rather than being extorted when arriving at the same payout.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the Joy Ribbon in this game. In the previous Mystery Dungeon game, it just gave you the damage you took as experience, which was neat but ultimately didn't amount to a substantial gain unless you were in a level 1 Dungeon. In this game, I believe it's just a flat 5 EXP any time you get hit by something, so you could theoretically grind a mon by spamming defense increases and just letting a monster house whale on them, but I feel like the item remains in the "why would I practically use this?" category.
  15. Codraroll

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    Nov 6, 2011
    I actually opened and listened to the songs as they were linked to, since I've never played the Mystery Dungeon games before and wanted a listen. By coincidence (or not?) I managed to read the posts in such a tempo that seconds after a song ended, I got to the link for the next one, with amazing consistency.

    Great writing, by the way!
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  16. Altissimo


    Feb 19, 2015
    Replies (open)
    Merritt: That's terrible and I hate it why would you do this to me.
    lucariomaster2: They also seem to get rid of the problem S/M's had where they had a lot of unnecessary emptiness while like panning around scenes or looking at characters. Here the dialogue is nonstop, which makes it easier to deal with imo.
    pika pal: I mean that would make sense but you also have a point about the guild's, ah... questionable intelligence.
    You also have a point about the non-Guild-based missions and now I'm angry lmao. This is even more extortion than before.
    I'm not using the Joy Ribbon mostly because I don't like the idea of one of my main Pokémon getting further ahead in levels at all, never mind whether or not they're overleveled. I didn't even realize the Joy Ribbon worked differently in this game - because I've never used it lol. Maybe I'll use it for some recruits, but not for Ray, certainly.
    Codraroll: Coincidence, lol. I read too quickly for me to ever have any hope of intentionally writing my run to line up with the reading speed of anyone else. That is pretty neat though.
    And thanks for the compliment! Hopefully my run can continue to be worthy of it :B

    … that's a little bit ominous, goodness.


    is this going to be a common occurrence every time. us waking up in abject pain because of Loudred

    By the way check out that top screen with the map of our observable universe. For this being a game based around exploration teams it seems unreasonably... small. Especially at the north there, where there are all those clouds.

    Well at least we don't have to hear all the morning spiel this time. Small victories.


    We head off, but...
    No not really but ok?

    yes Ray do you have something to share with the class

    Two boards is more convenient than one, Ray. What do you really expect everyone to just crowd around a single board? Everyone?? Come on now.

    Again. What's the difference.

    Ray asking the hard-hitting questions here.

    If they were, why would their posters be here? What do they need from us?

    lol rip ray

    Wait, what? I didn't agree to be the police force when I signed up here! Literally it is called an exploration guild and we have done zero exploring so far. This is false advertising and I want a refund.

    do you take part of this too tho

    so... yeah, police force. Got it

    We're children and also level 8. Chatot, you may wish to rethink this.

    chatot What

    Still. They're still probably at least level 8. Come on now.

    I. Okay. If you say so. If you really say so.

    Chatot, please, stop this madness.

    That's easy for you to say.

    … yessssss....?

    Buddy we beat up a Koffing and a Zubat as well as countless randos from the dungeon. I think you'll be fine.

    But you're not going to like, help with that? Isn't that, like, kind of the part of training? having an apprenticeship? If you're not going to help where is the difference between us apprenticing here and just taking on jobs on our own time?

    perfect sounds like a useful thing!


    I just realized we never really got formally introduced to the guild. Should I be offended by this?

    Your enthusiasm for mundane tasks is fun. I like you. I think.

    … what orders will Bidoof possibly have for us?

    He leaves.

    aw. bidoof is a Friend

    Ok but like. Didn't Chatot say there was a “steady stream” of Pokémon running away from training? If that's the case, shouldn't that mean there are other Pokémon who have been your junior? Or was Chatot just lying to scare us/test our resolve/something?

    aight leggoo

    Uh we've been here before...?

    … I hope someone does...?

    Maybe you guys should ascertain he's not a witch or something. That sounds extremely questionable.

    Yeah, we were there yesterday. We ate food.

    Again. We slept there. Twice.

    Bidoof, you're kind of doing a terrible job by showing things that we already know. How else can we prepare for a dungeon? This isn't helpful.

    Aight good finally.

    That's very specific. What, are there like journals there like on the Appalachian Trail?
    (yes i know it's a gameplay tutorial)

    My immersion is being broken stop this
    (It is super useful to have a save point next to the dungeon portal rather than having to run all the way back up to the guild and save in your bedroom, though. The Watering Hole save point was new for Sky.)

    Finally. The bank, the store, we can actually prepare for things properly. About time.

    Ray, come on, literally Bidoof's only job is to give us the grand tour, can't we indulge him just for a few minutes?

    you dont say


    yes and they're totally not engaging in price gouging nope

    NEVER. a true guarantee. I trust this. (I don't trust this but know that since it's a video game it is an accurate statement)

    sounds legit

    rip bidoof you are perennially useless which is sad

    If a bit unhelpful sadly

    And he leaves, freeing us up to explore the city at our leisure

    or we could just get railroaded into this ok thats fine too

    I go over to the Kecleon Market but I don't have enough money to buy either the Gummi or the Reviver Seed they have for sale which is a sad existence. :(
    Following the interaction...
    Music: Heartwarming
    Who are these nice people!

    … thanks

    for what
    buying things
    completing financial transactions

    Marill and Azurill leave.
    That's nice I guess. Is that why they're to be admired? For making sure their family doesn't starve to death?

    Again. They're just trying not to starve.

    did you sell them a rotten apple you probably sold them a rotten apple

    I bet they're both rotten

    somehow I have trouble believing the Kecleon brothers know such a thing as “gifts” exist

    Now they won't starve even less and that's good I guess?

    is that a veiled threat

    They leave, but Azurill trips and drops the Apple.

    The screen is quickly dimming and re-brightening is what is happening here.

    More flashing.
    or are you WHAT please EXPLAIN yourself



    wat is this
    wat is going on here

    glad to see Alti is just as confused as I am.

    I dunno, why don't you ask? Oh, right, mute protagonist and all. Got it.

    Azurill just tripped. What could possibly be wrong? Did he cut himself open or something?

    I feel like that isn't how you'd phrase it if you were just talking to someone who already knew the item (at the very least, “that item”) but what do I know about writing video game dialogue


    Finally you have noticed something is off. Well let me tell you

    How mysterious! I wonder what could have happened?

    This is not helping. Now Alti appears crazy. There definitely was a scream though!!! This is a video game, conservation of detail and all that

    Yes. They literally just said exactly that, Ray.

    Ok but I don't think she imagined that bizarre dizzy spell beforehand explain that

    That's unfortunate.

    Buddy stop I'm trying to figure out whether Azurill is in the process of dying or not please leave me to my devices

    So we leave. But that cry we heard is still suspicious...!

    Well, it's two familiar faces and one not-so-familiar. That's what's going on.

    ok but what Is it

    Yes, so you were saying earlier. Does that mean it's plot-relevant?!

    That's nice I guess. I hope you find your item.

    I see that Ray is pretty happy too. Good for you Ray

    It's time for the kids to go on an adventure!

    They head off...

    although Drowzee bumps into Alti in the process. oh shit he's gonna poison me somehow by touching me oh shit oh shit it is a drowzee after all and they get poison gas

    Drowzee leaves and we seem fine, but the screen dimming returns...

    He may or may not have induced sickness in me by touchin me though I don't know.

    Except there's literally an entire guild (and people outside the guild) dedicated to doing good deeds in order to counteract the bad Pokémon, what the hell are you talking about Ray

    The screen has that bizarre white flash again, and...

    Wait wait what?? Is Drowzee threatening Azurill here?? Was that friendly facade a lie?!



    Yes but you won't listen to me, you didn't listen last time :(

    I don't know why we teleport over to outside the bank but here we are.

    Do you want Azurill to die, Ray?


    But. But what, Ray. But what.

    You say it's not about not trusting me, but you are implying here that you trust Drowzee more than me. Ray, I have amnesia, what could I possibly have to gain from this??

    Me too. And then I saw a vision of Drowzee threatening Azurill dude

    Children are incredibly gullible dude and people can lie easily

    this is gaslighting or something close to it and i wont stand for this


    what did i just say

    I'm sure Chatot and Wigglytuff would forgive us if it was for a good reason. Like saving a child.

    I maintain we never should have joined the guild and just done independent work, because then we could have gone off and done this without the bullshit guild restrictions to think about.

    ugh fine i guess there's no sense in me going out alone

    oh my GOD ray stop sounding so chipper a child is dying and you do not care

    Anyway we go to find Bidoof.
    I'm not sure “exploring” is the right word since I feel like by definition finding outlaws is going to places that have already been mapped to some extent, but okay.

    Thanks for your assessment.

    I thought you were supposed to be helping us pick one. This isn't very instructive.

    Sounds good to me. We don't know what kinda thing we're looking for in an outlaw after all.

    I think we could have done a better job than this picking an outlaw ourselves. Dammit, Bidoof.

    Suddenly we are interrupted by a siren of death and this text.

    Then the ground starts to shake. oh god the guild is about to fall out of the cliff isn't it oh god oh man oh no


    oh I got it, they have to update it from afar instead of just, like, having someone who can walk up and pin new posters up/take old ones down. I guess the siren of death and an earthquake are more convenient. got it

    … does a Dugtrio even have limbs with which to accomplish this?

    Yeah see this looks like way more trouble than it's worth. Also where does that tunnel even lead, we're in the side of a cliff here

    Likely scaring the hell out of any Pokémon nearby. I mean just look at that poor Swellow and Wurmple. Just look at them.

    Maybe he just likes to sound the siren of death and cause earthquakes. Who knows?

    At least there's no earthquake this time I guess?

    Ray starts shaking...


    … well, dang.
    Music: Oh No!

    got it so now that he's an official outlaw on the outlaw board it's okay to go after him. good to know. thanks ray

    poor bidoof is left in the dust as we run off


    I would too, you are completely justified, Drowzee abducting Azurill in broad daylight is absolutely terrifying.

    … helpful.

    Oh, okay, there's an actual place.

    … Yes, I suppose so. Well, that makes it a bit more likely that we're at the right place, I guess.

    And so we head off.
    Music: Mt. Bristle

    So we're done with easy dungeons. Mt. Bristle is a little bit of a difficulty spike from the previous dungeons, so anyone expecting an absolute cakewalk is going to be in for a surprise. I think I died here a few times the first time I played this game, and without Reviver Seeds the same might happen again. We shall see.

    Pokémon available: Machop, Geodude, Doduo, Spinarak, Starly, Nidorina, Nidorino

    Yeah, like, look at that. 16 damage doesn't really threaten Alti who has absurdly high HP, but it's still quite a bit more than Pokémon before have been doing.

    A new item for Sky, the Spurn Orb warps all enemies in the room to elsewhere on the floor – contrast the Warp Orb, which in this game only warps the foe directly in front of you. Handy for dealing with Monster Houses!

    Warp Seeds are also a main-game item in this game, unlike Rescue Team where they were post-game only. Also convenient for dealing with annoying foes or getting away from them.

    As before I'm going to be feeding all the Gummis for the first part of the game to my heroes to get their IQ up, and also attempting to buy any Gummi I see in the Kecleon Market (assuming I can pay for it). Gummis as an item you can buy in the Market really makes up for the lack of Friend Areas in this game imo

    [holding L, then pressing R. You can hold up to 99 Geo Pebbles or Sticks as one item in the Treasure Bag, so make sure to sort the Treasure Bag by opening it and pressing Select!]
    In Rescue Team, you could find Gravelerocks in the main game, which did 20 damage. I guess they realized that was a bit broken and replaced them (for the main game) with Geo Pebbles, which do 10 damage and are therefore a fair bit less useful... sadly

    In Rescue Team, piercing throwing items (sticks, iron thorns, silver spikes) didn't come until Mt. Freeze, a little more than halfway through the game. Here they are at dungeon 3 because I guess they realized if the damage of the pierce item is based off your attack stat it's not going to be broken at this stage in the game :x

    wait shouldnt that be sleep seed

    lol nope it's a Lookalike Item. These are new for Sky, basically they have very similar names to existing items but very different effects. General rule of thumb is if they are helpful to the player, the Lookalike version is detrimental, and if it would be detrimental to the player, the Lookalike version is positive – such as in this case, where eating a Sleep Seed is a bad idea but eating a Slip Seed would actually be a positive thing (you know, assuming I wasn't a Water-type starter). I assume a lot of these made more sense to be confusing in Japanese where the language is more complicated lmao

    lol rip

    aight imma be a cheapass bastard and reset!! im not really losing anything of importance either way and tbh the thing is i kind of want to be a little underleveled so this is more a challenge for myself, resetting will not allow me to keep the experience so there you go
    in the future if you REALLY want to see me suffer the consequences of dying just let me know. I just don't like having "extra" experience, I like a challenge lol

    poison in this game does 2 damage every time it activates instead of 4 and activates like, half as often, I think. Which is a huge relief because poison on Rescue Team was unfair :(

    Overall I got most of the same items as last time except for no Spurn Orb and an actual Sleep Seed instead of a Slip Seed :B

    After nine floors of dungeon...

    How are we just getting here at the same time they are?

    azurill u poor sweet summer child

    ok then why are we here, why have we abducted Azurill to bring him up here
    I mean I can think of some reasons but they may or may not be R-rated

    my heart is breaking for azurill oh :(

    You know idk about you but if it was me I wouldnt have said that to the kid. Just a thought.

    a FAVOR from the CHILD you have KIDNAPPED


    ok but if that's the case how has another thief not stolen it yet

    wasn't this the plot of guardians of the galaxy 2

    Why do I not believe this

    … how? Azurill has no hands

    He tries to run off...

    but is overtaken.

    That sounds familiar to me!

    Ray I'm sorry but you need to get some better insults than “you bully”. This is more than just pure bullying, Ray.

    … Marill literally saw yall go off here?

    … I guess 'exploration team' really is synonymous with 'police force' to everyone then. All right.

    Goddammit Ray you are not helping our case here


    sigh, ray, what am i going to do with you

    Iunno, maybe? Hopefully? If not we'll just throw this Sleep Seed at you and drag you down the mountain.

    Is that a challenge?!



    That's what's gonna make it so humiliating when we kick your ass!

    [insert rick and morty reference here]

    Music: Boss Battle

    Okay, since Drowzee is a space away this means we get effectively a free move while he approaches us. I set Ray to use Counter (which will bounce back any physical damage he takes to Drowzee) as I have Alti use Rage, which will boost her attack anytime she takes damage.

    For the record, unlike in Rescue Team, HP and PP are fully restored prior to boss fights, so you don't have to worry about saving PP as you go through the dungeon. A welcome change.

    except Ray doesn't actually do what I tell him to and moves over a space. Alright, now use counter, buddy.

    Alti uses Water Gun as Ray uses Counter. Water Gun misses, though, because Drowzee has Forewarn which allows him to evade attacks sometimes, infuriatingly enough. Yeah, this boss is not easy.

    Okay, that sucks. Now I can't affect what attacks Ray will use, so he's only going to use Counter despite it not having any effect until Alti wakes up. Oh, this might end badly. It doesn't help that Drowzee refuses to play into Ray's Counter and instead just hits Alti a bunch.

    But eventually she wakes up. Here, Alti uses Scratch as Ray uses Bite, before Drowzee puts Ray to sleep. Okay, at least it's not a damaging attack. Then I misclick and move Alti instead of attacking and Drowzee uses Confusion on Ray, leaving him with 3 HP. This is not going well.

    Lol fug I forgot about Insomnia.

    well that might be useful this time around lmao

    Also I found this. The Oren Berry deals damage when you eat it instead of healing you lol

    aight lets go again

    This time there is no Hypnosis involved so after the intital Counter/Rage play my mons are free to attack Drowzee (when they don't miss that is).

    OH KAY
    I have Alti eat an Oran Berry.

    Or well I was going to but I misclicked, again, and unnecessarily wasted my Reviver Seed. Such is the price of success I guess

    it's especially annoying because the next attack kills him so there really was no reason to waste the Reviver Seed :(

    Great response

    Drowzee falls over but we ignore that he is clearly dead and go to see Azurill.

    wait but

    i wanna see if there's thief treasure back there :(

    Wait so there is a police force? Are you guys really just that understaffed that you have to have exploration teams help you out?

    Ok but like, how much of a threat was he really? I mean, a couple of level 9s were able to beat him. (With a Reviver Seed, but still.)

    … “awww.” You're a wanted criminal and outlaw and all you have to say when arrested is “awww”. Amazing.
    They head off.

    and Azurill is reunited with a familiar face.

    maybe if you had gone and gotten the thief treasure it wouldn't have been

    excuse you ray azurill can answer the question for himself and how do you know he's fine anyway

    marill you really shouldnt believe everything you hear on the internet

    Ray you are ruining the moment cut it out

    And also to prove to Ray that my dream was in fact accurate but yeah. Yeah, it was for you guys. Yup. Totally.

    this scene is adorable gotta admit

    That's an upgrade I will sure as hell take.

    Oh, hey.
    Well, I know what we're doing next time! (I didn't realize the first Special Episode was this early on.)

    ok but... how much is it gonna be

    screw this extortionist shithole

    rip Ray, still confused about this situation
    screw u chatot

    this is ridiculous

    I'm telling you Ray, it's not too late to form our own independent exploration team without them.

    I'm not so sure that's true.

    Aight, keep telling yourself that.

    oh yeah I forgot that was a thing that happened

    Yeah so Alti may or may not have powers of premonition. Astounding!

    … what do you MEAN what was it about, we SAW WHAT HAPPENED

    I guess we're not allowed to think about it too hard.


    I mean. Yea. If I was going out on a big rescue to a mountain I'd be hungry too.

    (… I did)

    More eat scene. In the future I'm just gonna skip this unless it's relevant.

    After dinner...
    a hurricane has struck. (maybe. possibly. probably not.)


    Yea I kinda gathered

    Wait, the night before? It was sunset when Ray came to the beach. Was Alti knocked out for a whole day?

    Nobody else came to the beach before sunset the next day???

    I feel like “remembering something about being out cold on the beach” is kinda. Impossible.

    a question for the ages

    Recovering memory is kinda a pretty serious task yanno

    I have a sneaking suspicion Ray does not understand how memory or amnesia works.

    Sure sounds good

    A bit later...
    i am now asshole

    Please explain

    Oh that.
    Yea it was pretty weird I guess.

    … what the hell is that supposed to mean

    No, seriously. What does that mean.

    … I mean... accuratE??

    … maybe I guess

    Alti's got a point there Ray.

    That's what everyone says. We literally have no basis on which to go on other than that you pressured me into helping you out.

    so what?????

    Which is still ridiculous but ok.

    Again. You sound amazingly nonchalant about this.

    I mean that sounds like a problem.

    I mean. I would expect that an object called a Time Gear has something to do with time.

    ok so whats a time gear

    Music: Time Gear Remix

    Very impressive places. When do we get to travel to them?
    (Side note: The forest is the title screen for Explorers of Time, the cave for Sky, and the volcano for Darkness.)

    That doesnt make sense but ok.

    Out in the rain...
    What is that?!

    I mean... that's what makes sense.

    … well, unfortunately, we may be just about to witness such a disaster in the making.

    I guess nobody is evil enough to want to stop time in the world...

    Oh, dear.

    Oh... dear.

    And on that incredibly unsettling note, we will stop here.

    Next time: Special Episode 1: Bidoof's Wish!
  17. pika pal

    pika pal
    is a Community Contributor

    Apr 8, 2010
    I assumed from Bidoof's episode that he was also relatively new at the guild, as in literally the newest apprentice before you showed up. Chatot did say that there was a steady stream of recruits and quitters, but Bidoof might have just been the latest to join, or at least the last one that didn't quit. It also doesn't specify how long those members are on. A steady stream might be one guy ever 2-3 weeks trying to join, and you guys just happened to be a streak of 3 non-quitters. Slight spoiler, but Bidoof's episode even makes me feel like he was considering quitting at some point before that episode and your guys showing up.

    I always head-canoned that the Kecleon brothers were the outliers for their species because they actually engage in fair business outside dungeons, so they're the only ones who aren't price gouging jerks and instead are the type who would give a free apple to some kids. In fact I like to imagine a couple of the Pokemon in the various towns find their place there because for being weird outliers: Duskull brings a sense of security compared to being frightening normally, Electivire handles move linking despite Pokedex entries suggesting it to be brutal and heedless of enemies attacks, and Xatu handles physical objects with locks rather than being a fortune teller or something (I think like Merlee in Paper Mario for a role).
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  18. powergo1


    Jul 10, 2013
    This is slightly related to this lets play, but it's been 10 years since Time and Darkness was released in Japan!
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  19. Altissimo


    Feb 19, 2015
    Replies (open)
    pika pal: Probably. I just figured "steady stream" was more regular than that, but who knows how Chatot thinks.
    I always thought the Kecleon from dungeons was the same as the one from the shop, which would make it weird if he was alternately a jerk and a nice dude, but if they're different that would also explain it. Idk.
    powergo1: Hooray! Here's to the best games ever lmao

    Special Episode time.
    This is gonna be a long update, so buckle up.

    The Special Episodes are new to Sky; basically they're short little vignettes focusing on specific characters that just kinda serve to add depth to the game world, and – in the case of the fifth – add something to the overall plot of the main game. They're one of (if not THE) biggest reasons why Sky is objectively superior to Time and Darkness.

    Taking on the first one: Bidoof's Wish.

    wait what i thought this was about bidoof not us

    i've been lied to

    oh okay I see now.

    That's the spirit!!

    what about ray tho. why just alti

    Study what tho? I haven't seen any implication that there is anything to study at the guild.

    You keep telling yourself that friend.

    It's a nice dream at least.

    What beautiful country! (I love the art in this game you don't understand)
    Music: Sympathy

    so I guess sometimes Pokémon can live in actual habitats that make sense for them and not constructed buildings, I wonder how that works, like, do building inhabitants think that nature-dwellers like these guys are “uncivilized” or anything?

    if it's really the best place I am even more surprised that there's not, like, an entry exam for it

    “say hi to people” is more important than “be careful”??

    no comment

    aww the music makes this so touching :')


    aww bidoof I think you can do that without being big
    … how is the guild going to help in that anyhow?

    I believe in you Bidoof!!

    Wait, that counts as a 'town'?

    I mean, it's the best guild in all the land. Did you expect any different?

    It might help if Loudred wasn't an asshole to be fair

    What would Loudred possibly need a Reviver Seed for over here anyway

    Well I don't know what a DOOM seed does but it certainly does not sound good compared to a Reviver Seed!
    (it lowers your level by one when you eat it for the record)

    loudred ur being a bully stop that :(

    Fortunately for Bidoof I don't think an Apple qualifies as “something weird” based on what Bidoof's mama was saying.

    … I take that back

    Well, we all know how uptight Chatot is, so I don't imagine this will go over well.

    I don't know what a Perfect Apple is but Chatot sounds extremely distressed here so that doesn't sound good...

    I think you should be more disturbed by the fact that it apparently belongs to Wigglytuff and is important...

    And then Bidoof ate the rest of it.

    Bidoof holy shit you are so oblivious

    Chatot sounds floored here and I can't blame him

    I think you're really missing the point...

    oh shit chatot is in all caps u know it serious

    use context clues (re: chatot's dialogue and body language

    oh god oh man oh god oh man angry wigglytuff is not a sight i want to see with mine eyes

    i mean look how angry CHATOT is and he's not even WIGGLYTUFF

    it's okay Bidoof I think you ate enough already

    He's got a point there I guess, I feel a little bad for the poor fella :c

    I mean if I had access to free food I'd eat it a lot too.

    you literally just ate I don't know how many apples


    Don't think like that! Then you'll have to rethink all your life and get depressed as a result i know trust me

    what is THAT
    please EXPLAIN


    … You know, I dunno about you, but I kinda think that an exploration guild should be focused on exploring don't you?

    Just a hunch but I think that's probably the issue.

    called it

    wait you mean he's literally never had a job from them?? We had one on our first morning there.
    That is extremely depressing.

    chatot stop being mean oh my :(
    also you literally immediately trusted the super-excitable Ray and the mute Alti with missions, I don't think you're a good judge of character Chatot

    :( even sadder now

    chatot you are NOT HELPING

    Maybe, i dunno, but maybe it would help if you, like, paired Bidoof up with another explorer apprentice? Isn't that kind of the point?

    In a manner of speaking?



    At least he's chipper about it.

    … I hadn't guessed.

    dont tell me what to do game

    thanks for the tutorial again

    … don't tell me you're out of breath just from walking over here?
    Music: Treasure Town

    Iunno, maybe?? it depends on your oran berries

    even kecleon are not pleased with bidoof's errands :(( this is a the sad

    if you say so

    bidoof stop APOLOGIZING this is your GUILD ASSIGNMENTS

    he was TRYING TO and yall were DICKS ABOUT IT this is not cool

    Bidoof doesn't leave, though.
    i appreciate that you have a problem but venting to kecleon during business hours may not be a good idea bidoof

    At least someone is a supportive force today

    This sentence is a bit vague, do you mean “an explorer like all the other apprentices [want to be]” or “an explorer like all the other apprentices [are]”? Because if the latter that's again rather depressing.

    Git gud that's what

    … really? that's it? That's all you need to do.

    lmao even Bidoof is skeptical

    … I mean... maybe?? But also Bidoof literally hasn't even been allowed to go on explorations yet so I dunno how much that is gonna matter for the time being

    ok thats legit ngl
    (in PMD, Hidden Power gets a random type every floor of the dungeon, making it kind of useful.)

    Eh. Sorta? For a low-level Pokémon, probably?

    Still don't know if I can trust the purity of their motives tho

    … yes. That's... that's how TMs work. Correct.

    Only if you're actually allowed to go out exploring though


    shut up and give him the price

    DAMN thats a lot

    What no “poor broke ass guild kid” discount? Come on man

    Again. Bidoof is a college student


    HAGGLE TIME HAGGLE Tiwait What was that

    … Yeah I'd say that's enough. Where the hell do you keep that money??

    … ah.

    oh my heart :(

    I don't really count “buying a TM” as an emergency idk bout u

    this is so sweet I'm gonna die

    To be perfectly honest I'm surprised you haven't spent it yet on something else.

    Exactly that's why I'm kind of surprised

    There are other ways to be the best explorer, after all!
    good to see he is not suckered in by promises of fame and fortune

    I dunno but pick something man I want to get some dungeon gameplay plzthx

    I mean, that is true.

    From across the bridge a Snover appears, looking around worriedly.


    is there something scary around?
    Speak! Use words, son!

    Tell me what the hell is goin on here, thats what

    (I'm going to assume bidoof doesnt either :B)

    it would help if we the players could see it too

    Snover however is not willing to tell us before he runs off.

    From elsewhere, it looks like Snover may not have been alone.
    Music: Air of Unease

    I have a sneaking suspicion these two may be up to no good...!

    Oh no I don't want any part in this

    what is there to see I mean either someone ran through here or not

    well I have no desire to assist you if you're going to be rude like that, gosh

    use english sentences please my friend

    well i saw someone who was white and and brown and green does that count :B

    Bidoof I have a feeling that Snover didn't want to be found by these guys, you probably should not have revealed that

    They run off, leaving Bidoof alone.

    Iunno man I'm sure they couldn't have taken on Kecleon whom I suspect may have come to your defense if they attacked you because they are right there.

    ok why did you want to be an explorer again bidoof

    Anyway, afterward, back at the guild...
    what is there to make anyway I have to ask

    and standard dinner eating scene you've all seen it

    That night...
    but... the only thing that happened is you went to check on oran berries, had an existential crisis, and encountered some scary Pokémon

    Probably would be smart


    oh of course loudred is a snorer, of course. i am so sorry bidoof you have my deepest sympathies

    what even IS this snoring

    rest in peace bidoof who has died of sleep deprivation

    I have a feeling that will go extremely badly if you do that so please for the love of all that is good in this world do Not

    Pretty sure he'd be even scarier than Bagon and Gligar from before.

    I see I'm not the only one to have that thought here.

    Yea that was probably the guy they were looking for

    You told them where he went, if he got caught you were absolutely implicit in it.

    flashback to snover shoving some unknown object (prolly drugs lbr) on bidoof

    How did you forget this fact? You were likely holding the thing.

    ok but like How

    That woulda been the first thing I'd done after the incident.

    Huh, never heard of it!
    (It was new for Sky.)

    I suppose that's the idea, that's how maps work after all explorer Bidoof!

    Can't argue with that!

    That's probably true of a lot of places in this world tho if exploring is a Big Deal.


    they are STILL sleeping they can't hear you

    lol ur not sleeping tonight rip bidoof

    Man you are just the most obnoxious Pokémon in the universe

    I didn't use(d) to hate Loudred but I am gaining a new disrespect for him replaying this, he's a jerk :(

    lol rekt

    Yeah probs.

    Out in the guild, after morning address...

    can i go explore this star cave place plz its not like failing is going to result in failing a mission or anything like that

    the assignments you haven't given me yet today??

    aight we get it you are very proud of your expertise u can stop bragging anytime

    what do you DO all day anyway

    called it

    If you say so, Chatot, if you really say so.

    Then how does anyone know it exists at all? Is this like Atlantis or the Garden of Eden or what have you?

    So yeah, Atlantis/Garden of Eden. Got it.

    Well that's different!
    (In Time/Darkness, Jirachi could be found, along with two other legendaries, in the dungeon Final Maze, which... as you can imagine... isn't Star Cave.)

    This sounds quite similar to Jirachi in Rescue Team, I'm not surprised.

    Well we all know in the Pokémon universe (and video games in general) that all legends are true, so that doesn't really mean much.

    Well yeah but

    Music: Beyond the Dream
    I don't know how that kind of wish would go over but okay.

    I dunno I'd presume Snover would know as well since he gave you the map, but okay.

    Well if you go to Star Cave, who's to say it won't be like, the hardest dungeon in the game? What if you just can't beat it?

    let the man have dreams

    Bidoof I'm sorry you are kind of a terrible liar

    chatot can see right through Bidoof's bullshit rip

    Yeah, that seems like an appropriate assessment of the situation :V

    ok What

    oh shit who could it be?!

    lol he is surprised too

    Oh hey look who it is!

    … seriously, you don't even remember, how many Snover have you ever met Bidoof huh


    Well Ice is super-effective on Bagon and double super-effective on Gligar so I don't think Snover had much to worry about.

    How many times can we say the word scary in one special episode

    Again. Just use Blizzard or something. Not a big deal.

    oh DOES he now

    Oh okay well yeah if he shoved it onto Bidoof that would make sense

    … yes we have established that.

    you're a terrible liar too holy shit lmao I'm surprised they didn't come and beat up Bidoof too

    oh okay yeah

    props for ur bravery in the face of... pokémon weak to you...


    how many times can we say scary in one special episode

    How dense do they think the players are? I love this game but holy shit sometimes it treats the audience like idiots

    Could just be a modern forgery tho

    where'd u even get it in the first place anyhow

    therefore putting them in the path of danger, i see, i see

    clearly the epitome of a safe person to trust, especially considering I promptly sold him out to Bagon and Gligar lmao

    maybe you shouldn't have given it to me in the first place then

    Again. Might be a modern forgery.

    ok but 1 wish per person or 1 wish total because if it's the latter that might be a problem

    That's a little sudden, but if it means I get to do more exploring then sure, why not?

    poor bidoof has no self esteem

    And Bidoof is?


    ok but why tho

    aight when do we get to see Bidoof and Snover fight over who gets to make the wish

    Simmer down there, buddy.

    Eh, maybe. Hopefully.

    Yea I guess that would be a thing to be concerned about

    Well that was blunt, I'm surprised Bidoof got the guts to ask.

    it wouldnt affect the way the guild runs anyway considering how little they have bidoof do

    You didnt think this through at all did you bidoof

    Yep totally believable, got it.

    Chatot can see through anything.

    … I guess that works

    I'm surprised it was granted but all right.


    Only if the assignments are actually related to exploring though.

    You can do it!

    buddy just fucking give it up and go to the dungeon

    again just use an ice attack and they are dead. Stop worrying so much.

    He runs off. Don't ask me how he's gonna see Bidoof leaving from wherever he is but ok.

    And then we're allowed to prep for the exploration.
    So here's the thing: Bidoof has access to the items & money of Team Hurricane. No, this doesn't make any sense, temporally or logically, but whatever, I guess they didn't want you going into the dungeon completely helpless.

    So, of course, we're going to be going into the dungeon completely helpless. First off, because that's how I always play the Special Episodes since it doesn't make sense to steal items from the yet-to-exist Team Hurricane, and second off, because some of the fans on the Discord chat wanted me to play it this way so it's a fan challenge.

    So let's go straight to the dungeon! :B

    Continued in the following post.
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  20. Altissimo


    Feb 19, 2015
    That doesn't look super hidden compared to where we are here. I mean, it's in the extremely tiny observable world, and you'd think with a shitton of exploration teams around that somebody would have been there.

    Anyhow let's go...

    or well meet up with Snover first.
    lol nope we're not ready I have exactly 0 items or money

    If you say so Bidoof. What about Fighting-types eh?

    Music: Star Cave
    jesus okay Snover if you are level 22 you certainly don't need a level 10 Bidoof.
    Also can you turn off your hail plzthx Bidoof is not immune to it
    Anyway so here we are! Like I said we are going to be taking this on without any items beyond what we find, so I'm going to be making a point to explore as much of the floor as I can to get things.
    You know. Apart from the fact that Hail is going to be a massive pain in the ass since at level 10 I don't think Bidoof's natural healing outheals the damage from Hail.

    We'll see.

    Pokémon available here: Poliwag, Anorith, Chingling, Kricketot, Lotad, Bonsly

    ahahahah how convenient maybe I'll use it next floor or something

    ok literally there was a Kecleon Shop last floor and now there's one here too, ok alright
    Not that I can buy anything :B but

    enemies take damage from Hail too sometimes leading to gr8 situations like this

    oh my god what the hell hahahaha

    if no one knows where this dungeon is then how did Kecleon get here??????

    it just required that there's a Kecleon Shop on every floor of this dungeon

    Eventually Bidoof gets on low enough health we need to use an Oran Berry. Snover you are a terrible partner and friend for hurting me in this way.

    I don't even have any commentary anymore

    dammit ok I don't think I'm going to survive :(

    Lol I accidentally used an Escape Orb without meaning to. Oops.
    Resetting because something something “challenge mode”!

    the kecleon shops never stop though

    Well that's certainly welcome! :B

    and I found a Rainy Orb and a Sunny Orb right next to each other, fuck ur hail snover

    Aaaaaand then my computer froze so I lost all progress on this attempt. Time for attempt 3 I guess -_-

    I get another Reviver Seed tho which is great!

    After 7 floors we get to this point. These are save points which sometimes exist mid-dungeon to make the whole dungeon a little easier. I'm grateful for this one for sure.

    what if Jirachi is somewhere else in the dungeon and we missed it


    Music: Deep Star Cave

    Pokémon available here: Gulpin, Psyduck, Lunatone, Bronzong, Lotad, Kricketot, Bonsly

    So yeah this is the second part of the dungeon. Fortunately for us if we fall here we can simply reset to the Kangaskhan Rock instead of redoing the whole dungeon.

    That makes two; nice finds!

    Again uncommon but I will definitely accept this!
    After four floors we come to the bottom of the dungeon.

    Though it looks like things are... possibly not quite what is expected.

    Oh, goodness, that doesn't sound good.

    ok but what if it IS jirachi and he's just evil

    Can you not, like, audio-locate it?

    Eh it was fun so whatevs.

    oh no oh no oh no not Them the Scary

    That was yesterday bruh

    Someone was bound to find it eventually tho

    oh no
    oh no

    Uh well
    I don't think Star Cave was made up considering we're literally there


    thassa terrible name hmph

    thank you for the succinct explanation gligar

    “great” sure ye then why i never heard of yall before

    Flashback to Bidoof putting his 7,000 Poké down and contemplating buying the TM.

    ok but how did no one else see this occur


    yes, that is... that is correct.

    aw bidoof he's more concerned about that than the money

    where'd yall even get the map to begin with tho

    How convenient!

    oh this doesn't bode well


    I start off with a Growl as the enemies approach.
    I throw a Totter Seed at Snover, which won't prevent it from hitting me with Powder Snow but will prevent Swagger and Grasswhistle, hopefully.
    Both Bagon and Gligar miss hilariously enough. I throw a Totter Seed at Gligar too.

    Bagon attacks for pitiful damage, and Bidoof attacks Bagon with Tackle. Bagon misses with Bite and Gligar and Snover continue to be useless.

    Another Tackle has taken out Bagon.

    Two attacks and a Gravelerock (20 damage – very helpful this early on the game!) take out Snover, who still hasn't landed an attack. Gligar as you can see is not going to be an issue from over there, so Bidoof throws Gravelerocks for...

    … a victory.

    Alright, here's the deal now that you've seen this: Bidoof isn't supposed to win this fight. All the evidence I've seen suggests that this is supposed to be a hopeless boss fight – I mean, 3 on 1, Snover is level 22, Bidoof only has Tackle, Growl and Defense Curl, you're really not supposed to win. My previous experiences with this game bore that out: if you lose, the game continues on regardless, indicating you haven't failed, and this is a ridiculously tough boss battle to overcome even by this game's standards. In the past, I usually relied on Reviver Seeds to get lucky and pull out a win. Because, see, the first few times I played this, I didn't realize you were “supposed” to lose and forced my way to a victory every time.

    But somehow, don't ask me how, I managed to pull it off this time without even using a Reviver Seed.

    Maybe Bidoof should give himself some more credit.

    Yeah, I really don't think the game expected you to win.

    Props to Bidoof for his stubbornness seriously.

    I kicked your asses in battle and I can do it again, I still have 3 Reviver Seeds, bring it.

    … “if we have to”? I thought you were Team Rogue, isn't that the point?



    The screen fades to white, and when it returns...

    Music: One for All, All for One!

    I was actually doing just fine, not being “picked on”, but the game seems to want to insist that Bidoof lost.

    … What does that have to do with anything?

    Buddy it doesn't matter if it's true or not, you're outnumbered 10-3 and that's a better numerical advantage than 3-1.

    Not sure how much of a choice u had since ur surrounded but ok.

    Battle time.
    This battle is such of a non-entity that I don't feel the need to say much about it lol.
    Bagon got BTFO in one turn by Dugtrio's Earth Power, Gligar fell to Earth Power + Tackle, and Snover died immediately to I don't even know what attack, it all happened so fast.

    I won that first battle, okay.

    thats not how it went down but ok

    An apt question!

    Quelle surprise!

    Impressive deduction skills.

    aight chatot, if you say so.

    How do you know he wasn't just based on that evidence?

    lololol everyone else sees right through it too

    You guys aren't terribly good at being authoritative, eh?


    I have a feeling they were happy to do it. It's okay.


    aw he is having an Emotion

    even bidoof beat them


    Well, they're not explorers.

    bidoof you sweet summer child

    At the top there, Wigglytuff is scrutinizing the wall.

    The ground starts shaking because Wigglytuff is in fact a demon

    Yes, Wigglytuff just exploded the wall open.
    Don't ask me how.
    But yes, be scared.

    Wait what

    … oh.

    I mean, I guess that is true.

    but what if I want backup


    too bad

    see sunflora isnt being a dick

    So we have all heard.

    oh god no loudred i think you may have given him Ideas

    If you say so Dugtrio

    Chatot shut up you're not even an apprentice you don't count.


    They all go into the hole after the Guildmaster.

    Welp you are all dead

    chimecho now is not the time to be crushing on him

    As the fight continues (perhaps), Bidoof meanwhile is continuing on his own journey.
    We are alone now... spoopy

    This part of the dungeon is a continuation of the previous bit of Star Cave.

    An enemy Gulpin put Bidoof to sleep and then murdered him, so we wasted a Reviver Seed >:/

    After four floors...

    I hope so, not in the mood for another fake out area

    If you read my Rescue Team LP this should be a familiar thing to hear!

    Anyone else here, Bidoof?

    Jirachi appears!

    more familiar callbacks to MD1

    You sound very enthusiastic


    Music: Defy the Legends
    (Astute observers may recognize this as the final boss music from PMD1.)
    and I immediately accidentally walked into Jirachi's attack, good job

    Recovering from that blunder, I throw a Totter Seed at Jirachi to incapacitate it, then take a turn to use Defense Curl (boosted to +2 by Simple).

    Oh, that's infuriating. Quick, kill it before it can recover health! (Rest doesn't work immediately in this game.)

    Dammit ok and Jirachi isn't even confused anymore. Totter Seed go! Again!

    I have another Totter Seed but I'm going to choose not to use it in the hopes of GOING ALL OUT. I have +4 defense boosts and 2 Reviver Seeds, I should be okay.

    OR THAT COULD HAPPEN THAT IS FINE TOO. Totter Seed go so I can a turn to use an Oran Berry.

    Finally, though, we kill it.

    The ground starts to shake frighteningly, though.

    Jirachi does some flashy thing and the screen goes white...

    And Jirachi awakes!

    rly now

    I didn't realize the “wake you up” part was a requirement but aight.

    … what did you think would happen??

    THAT is a LOT OF OPTIONS. Well, no matter what you pick, it all loops back around to “being the best explorer” anyway, so let's click that. (Yeah you have 0 autonomy here.)

    I mean... yeah?



    I'm disturbed at what a hard wish is like if that one is easy.

    Wait what
    Bidoof what are you doing

    … “at first”?

    My question too.

    That's surprisingly deep ngl

    You only like half asked for it to begin with.

    tru dat

    he has realized the mistake

    Not bad.

    Yes. That's what he said.

    … “or two”...?

    Again. What did you expect Bidoof.

    Faces, plural. I think Jirachi knew.

    When does this take place anyway, we've only been at the guild 2 days

    I mean, new ppl was bound to happen sometime.

    I believe in you Bidoof!!!

    Anyway, that's the end of the special episode. For the record, next time I will probably break them up into multiple updates that will come out at different times, because this one was ridiculously long – I just couldn't find a good break point where both halves included gameplay, which I always want to include in my updates, so instead you get... this. Feedback on update lengths/preferences would be appreciated.

    Next time: We take on some missions at the Guild (and maybe Waterfall Cave too)!

    Soon we will start picking up recruits, and as before you will all have the ability to suggest nicknames.
    Upcoming recruit options:
    Lileep, Anorith, Shellos-West, Chingling, Machop, Geodude, Doduo, Spinarak, Starly, Nidorina, Nidorino, Psyduck, Poliwag, Grimer, Tangela, Wooper, Lotad, Surskit, Barboach, Whiscash

  21. pika pal

    pika pal
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    Apr 8, 2010
    Something about the Bidoof episode that always confused me: What would they have done if Bidoof left his emergency money with the Duskull bank or something? The only reason I assumed he carried it around is because he hadn't gone into a dungeon yet, so no risk of losing it.

    Also, I might be confusing it with something else, but I swear the first time I did this episode, I got KO'd without a Reviver Seed because Dugtrio or Diglett used Magnitude. Bidoof actually has unique dialogue if he goes back to the check point after that cutscene.

    Also, I like to think that in logical reasoning Bidoof (maybe as a Bibarel) would be the best explorer at his peak. PMD1 confirmed HM moves are a thing for exploration, and Bibarel has the natural ability to use more than any other regular mon, and Mystery Dungeon rules honestly mean the stat line isn't an issue. Hell, he probably eats so often the Gummi stat boosts would pump his stats up to Uber levels.
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  22. HotFuzzBall

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    Sep 26, 2015
    Bidoof caused the world paralysis, I mean Bidoof wished for recruits to train -> the human (main character) comes wandering along from the future, coincidence I think not. Though in all seriousness, this theory about Bidoof causing the planet's destruction seem all false since I'm pretty sure Jirachi granted his wish by bringing the partner into the guild for him to train, the main character was probably just a coincidence.

    Anyways as for nicknames...

    Surskit -> Leggly (Idk why I thought of the yokai when I saw Surskit)
    Chingling -> Belle (this should be pretty obvious)

    Also since it is possible to recruit every Pokemon in the game, will you be evolving Pokemon or forcing yourself to recruit every Pokemon in the game (for example, recruiting a sentret and a furret separately, as opposed to recruiting 2 sentrets and evolving 1 into a furret)
  23. Hydrachomp


    May 7, 2014
    I finally have the time to post something. Really enjoyed your previous playthrough and really like the way this is going so far. Thank you for all the effort you put into writing everything out and making this a fun experience for us all.
    As for the special episodes/update lengths, long updates aren't really a problem for me and the length actually makes me enjoy it more, as it immerses me more I guess.
    Really like bBdoof's special episode due to both its great exposition of Bidoof's life in the guild and because it kinda gives a reasoning for why the whole story has happened in the first place.

    Now we come to nicknames, as always I'll be suggesting different names for all the evolutions. Hopefully, you like them.
    Lileep, Crinoi after the Crinoid, a marine species that forms the basis of its design (plus I really like fossils so this is perfect), Tunica for Cradily after Tunicates (just google 'predatory tunicate', as I really don't know how to explain it, but the just make me think of Cradily)
    Anorith, Trilo from the obvious Trilobite (fossils are great!), for Armaldo I go with Nando (a trainer in the anime that uses one for contests).
    Shellos-West, ever since first encountering one when I was younger I cannot get the name Sluggy out of my system, excuse me for the worst nicknames ever but Gastrodon would then be Slugger because Sluggy and Slugger sounded great in my mind when I was a kid.
    Chingling, as the previously mentioned Belle was great, I'll just choose something for Chimecho and I'll go with just the simple Chime, because I can vividly remember James' Chimecho saying that and the episode where he leaves his chimecho at his grandparents is one of the best episodes of the anime imo.
    Doduo, Ialways just call this one and its evolution, Dodrio, after big landbirds: Emu, kiwi, Casso (cassowary), Rhea etc.
    Spinarak, Catallia. In the anime there is one episode where officer Jennie has a spinarak instead of the normal growlithe and the city where they live, is called Catallia.
    Starly, I called it Merel, as that is the Dutch name for a bird I thought it looked like and that trend kinda continued with Staravia, Spreeuw, and Staraptor, Havik.
    For Psyduck and Golduck I just kinda switch their names as I found them to more applicable to the other. So Psyduck just became something like Goldie, Aurum, anything containing gold and Golduck just became Psyche, Magi or anything related to that.
    The Poliwag line was always just called after the same thing: Swirls. So Swirly, Twirly and Whirly (I know it is stupid). And Politoed was called Claps because of its tendency to clap in the anime.
    Grimer, after learning its Japanese name, I just cannot call it anything other than BetoBeto (not its literal Japanese name but its basis meaning sticky). Muk is always called Hugs for the amount of time it nearly suffocated Ash in the anime.
    Tangela, always call my either after Pasta or after Erika (the gym leader). Tangrowth, its Japanese name Mojumbo just stuck and nobody can deny that isn't a great name.
    Wooper, Axol after the Axolotl (one of the cutest animals ever) and for Quagsire I now use Shuffle as it is one of the last Pokémon that has yet to be included in Shuffle and I need it in my life.
    Surskit, ever since I watched Drawga (a show on the Drawfee youtube channel) I cannot call this anything other than Legzy, as for Masquerian I usually call it after an animal with the same eyespots like Sunbitt (which is a kind of bird.)
    Barboach, Dojo after the fish I think it is based on (Idk I just like the name Dojo), Whiscash is always called Nero after the enormous Whiscash in the anime that swallowed a master ball.

    Okay that was a whole list of names. Hopefully you like them and look forward to the next update.
  24. Merritt


    Dec 29, 2013
    It's all Bidoof's fault (open)

    Dragging Snover and his hail through Star Cave is the least appealing bit of this special episode to me - if you weren't constantly losing more health than you gain (or at best at the same rate) then it'd be significantly more fun to play. Good job avoiding any KOs on the hopeless boss fight though!

    Blue Gummy rescue mission code too, since we talked about that in the discord!
    code (open)
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2017 at 11:43 AM
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  25. Ullar


    Nov 8, 2011
    P-K&T Q-THM4& JK62R
    0KCQ% JK47MQK 8F+=-

    i am an aberration of my word, this mission takes you through Waterfall Cave and gives you a Blue Gummi as a reward! Do more 'Soldier of Fortune' special mission runs for MORE GOODIES

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