Liars Rule IV (Round 2)

Liars Rule I | Hosted by Fabbles, MikeDecIsHere, and ala | Won by Jayde

Liars Rule II | Hosted by Zebraiken | Won by Soulwind

Liars Rule III | Hosted by JACOB | Won by Vai Lusa

OP Stolen from Zebraiken

Lie your way to victory! In this tournament, you and your opponent will take turns telling each other what you will do every turn. Every player gets two lies to use for the entire match (three lies on Round 4 and onward), so you must think strategically about when the most opportune time is to burn your lie, and what you should lie about. Put yourself in a position to win! This tournament will be Best of ONE, using the current SM OU metagame.


Tournament Specific Rules

- Every player must declare what move they will be doing in that turn.

- You get 2 lies for the whole game. Round 4 and onward you get 3 lies for the whole game.

- Whoever is first in the matchup has to declare their lead during team preview first.

- Whoever is second in the matchup has to declare their move in turn 1 first.

- Players go on alternating until the game is over.

For example the matchup is listed Genesis7 vs JACOB, Genesis7 will tell JACOB his lead then JACOB will tell Genesis7 his lead, Turn 1 JACOB will tell Genesis7 his move then Genesis7 will tell JACOB his move. When using moves like Volt Switch and U-Turn tell your opponent that you're going for the move and what pokemon you are going to.

General Rules

General Tournament Guidelines apply (

In addition to the above, you are playing in standard SM OU, meaning the following Clauses are in effect for each battle unless otherwise explicitly stated.

Baton Pass Clause: Players cannot have more than one Pokémon with the move Baton Pass.

KrazyCake vs. MegaStarUniverse
Arifeen vs. We Three Kings
Hassin627 vs. sparktrain
Shadestep vs. ilesaural
Electricity'L vs. ez
Finchinator vs. double switches
6ti vs. Holiday
NicoReaper vs. sand1234
Quint_ vs. obii
Welli0u vs. Axel™
DRAMPAAGE vs. Vertex
1 True Lycan vs. pokebasket
lightninging vs. Dread Arceus
Arii Stella vs. Matame
HotFuzzBall vs. gorex
Star vs. The Idiot Ninja
zoowi vs. TopLel TopKek
Empo vs. Velvet Blood
Snowy. vs. Lord Esche
dragonuser vs. majaspic22
Hamhamhamham vs. Temperarious
Drud vs. Leru
Updated Kanto vs. Endal
Googly vs. Melle2402

Deadline is the 28th, Extensions have until the 22nd.

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you are badges will get stripped
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I really dont like reversing another coinflip three days into the round but since neither parties have even made contact yet I'll be replacing Haruno with Electricity'L for a late activity call Leooo_33, sorry for an confusion you will have an extension if its needed.

Also HotFuzzBall gets activity over Shinigami

HotFuzzBall vs. gorex
I scheduled with ez for sunday but I was really busy and missed the scheduled time, I tried to contact him again cause I really wanted to play this if it was still possible but he hasn't replied yet
My opponent seems to be so unactive, I've been looking for him all week long, he asked for playing a little bit early, I've made a big effort (work and study tho) for trying to be online at a more convenient hour, and he just seems like he has never appeared. If we can't play tomorrow, I'll call for an activity win.