looking to do random egg run challenge in ss

hey guys

i was just wondering if you could help me out. i read online about doing a random egg run challenge where people online donate eggs from there collection to a player and he plays the game through only using those eggs. i think this would be awesome in ss. so this is what im looking for

5 random eggs

1 fire red/leaf green egg
1 ruby/saphire/emerald egg
1 diamond/pearl/platinum egg
1 heart gold/soul silver egg
1 wild card egg

so if there is anyone looking to help that would be fantastic

my soul silver fc is 039054760197
Oh man, I did one of these before. It was fun. Got me some interesting results such as choice specs tropius (Since choice specs can be obtained mid-game in Platinum). It trounced Lucian with Silver Wind, and somehow managed to get 2 boosts before the battle was over (With a third just as the battle ended).

Although being specific about what game it's from is kinda unnecessary.

But yeah, the one I did was part of an exchange on this other forum I used to go to. Although I opted for a 6 egg run (And ditched the starter).

Anyhow, I can probably whip up an egg sometime soon if you want.

EDIT: If you really want to stick to this game-themed-egg thing, I guess I'll check off for wild card.
So, basically we breed an egg for you and then give it to you as you don't know what's in it? Sounds fun. We know what we bred for you, yes or no? Anyways, I can probably give you something for Pearl if you want.