Magikarp (Analysis)

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joke article if you hadn't already guessed from the pokemon and the user posting it

<p>There is no excuse for using Magikarp, at all. All comedy value in using it disappeared by about 1998, and anyone who finds it funny deserves to be fed Rare Candy until they get diarrhea. </p>

name: One Speed, One Gear, One Moveset
move 1: Splash
move 2: Tackle
move 3: Flail
move 4: Bounce
item: Choice Scarf / Focus Sash / Choice Band / Life Orb / Leftovers / Air Balloon / Eject Button / Stick
nature: Jolly/Adamant
evs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe


<p>With the nerf of Explosion and Selfdestruct in Gen 5, Magikarp lost out in its main use as a sacrifice to switch in when the opponent goes boom. However, it still hits a respectable 426 with Jolly and Choice Scarf attached, so you might be able to revenge-kill a low-health Dragonite or something. Putting Sandstorm up would do exactly the same thing for all the damage you're dishing out, but let's work with what we have here. </p>

<p>Focus Sash is good for making Flail work, especially to lead with. The other items are only mentioned because they are all just about as useful overall.</p>


<p>Feebas does this better.</p>

[Other Options]

<p>You could maximize HP at the expense of Speed or Attack to turn OHKOs into 99% chance for OHKOs. You also might as well maximise Special Attack, if only to troll people rating your team. Alternatively, you could just evolve it into Gyarados. Or use any of the vast number of Water types available. Seriously, there's like a hundred of them and you picked this one?</p>

[Checks and Counters]

<p>Stop using an Old Rod.</p>


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I'm pretty sure this is an OU analysis that was put in the incorrect place as it mentions 426 speed with a Choice Scarf.


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I was told to just put it here since it was unevolved, but yeah, this is meant to be in OU I guess (moved).
most if not all of you are not funny

if it were anyone other than cookie doing the op we would have laughed you out of town, now stop it

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This thread is attracting too many people who are trying desperately to post funny things and failing miserably. If cookie needs/wants to make edits he can unlock it himself, change it, then re-lock. Joke analyses don't need QC approval anyway.
my name is sds and i approve heartily of this edit

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