Manectric (QC 0/3)




<p> Manectric has always been struggling with finding a position for fast special attacking Electric types. Yes its fast and yes it does have a juicy special attack. But sadly Manectric is outclassed by other Electric types of its kin, like Jolteon and Raikou which currently take UU by storm, leaving Manectric in the dust. Even then in RU, Manectric still has some competition with its title with Galvantula who is faster, has an awesome STAB combination, and is capable of spamming Thunder thanks to Compoundeyes. However, don't be discouraged to use Manectric as it has its own weapons to toy with, most notably some Fire type moves like Flamethrower and Overheat, uniquely Switcheroo, and the improved Lightningrod ability which allows Manectric to freely jump into Electric type moves and gain a free Special Attack boost. But remember to use Manectric for its advantages, otherwise it plays like a less effective Galvantula.</p>

name: Choice
move1: Thunderbolt
move2: Overheat/Flamethrower
move3: Hidden Power Grass/Hidden Power Ice
move4: Switcheroo/Volt Switch
Item: Choice Specs/Choice Scarf
nature: Timid
evs: 252 SpA/252 Spe/4 Def

<p>The bread and butter set of Manectric, taking advantage of both of its good speed and special attack. Thunderbolt is you're main STAB move, doing a nice chunk of damage to anything not immune or resistant to Electric moves. Overheat is a powerful move that roasts the likes of grass types Ferroseed, Sceptile, and Tangrowth and is in general the strongest move for Pokemon that resist Thunderbolt. Flamethrower is an alternative if the special attack drop bugs you, though it does notably less damage to neutral targets and the special attack drop is somewhat manageable because of the hit-and-run momentum of this set. Hidden Power Grass is primarily for Quagsire (and to a leser extent Omastar, Kabutops, and Whiscash), who otherwise walls you without a care. Hidden Power Ice is an alternative if you bloody hate the likes of Gligar and Altaria from stopping Manectric's fun. Finally there is Switcheroo, which can potentially cripple possible counters and generally annoy tanks like Munchlax. Volt Switch is alternative if you want to continue momentum, though being able to cripple checks and counters is generally the preferred option.</p>


<p>The choice between Choice Specs and Choice Scarf is up to preference. Choice Specs if you want more raw power with your attacks, while Choice Scarf turns Manectric into a decent revenge killer capable of outrunning almost anything in the tier. Manectric has a difficult time getting through certain Ground types with this set, notable Gligar and Quagsire, without a certain Hidden Power. If you're running Hidden Power Grass, then running a Water type would be beneficial. Notably Omastar, who can handle the likes of Claydol and Gligar with STAB water type moves, and can additionally set up entry hazards which allows Manectric to net certain KO's. Omastar also benefits from Manectric who soaks up Electric type moves thanks to Lightningrod. If running Hidden Power Ice, then a Grass type would be helpful. Tangrowth, Lilligant, Sceptile, Ludicolo, and Ferroseed are all beneficial. Manectric also appreciates Rapid Spin support to an extent due to the consistent switching Manectric does. Modest could be use for more power, like being potentially able to OHKO Gligar with Hidden Power Ice while holding a Choice Scarf for example, but you loss out of out speeding Pokemon in the 95 and 100 benchmark with a Speed beneficial nature.</p>

name: Life Orb
move1: Thunderbolt
move2: Flamethrower
move3: Hidden Power Grass/Hidden Power Ice
move4: Volt Switch
item: Life Orb
nature: Timid
evs: 252 SpA/252 Spe/4 Def

<p>This is an alternative to the above set, and has its own advantages. First off, Manectric is no longer trapped into using one move, which means that Manectric won't be forced out because of certain resistences and immunities. Second, this set has an easier time taming Manectric's would-be counters because of its ability to switch moves. Thunderbolt is the obligatory STAB move, doing a nice chunk to anything that doesn't resist it. Unlike the Choice set, Flamethrower should always be used because of its consistency, handling Grass types and Steel types. Once again, the type of Hidden Power is up to which Ground type you want to dispose of, Grass for Quagsire, and Ice for Gligar. Finally there is Volt Switch, which gets Manectric out of sticky situations and helps create momentum.</p>

<p>Again, the type of Hidden Power influences what type of counter it has to face, though Manectric no long can cripple them with Switcheroo. With Hidden Power Grass, Water types are beneficial partners. With Hidden Power Ice, Grass types are helpful. Due to the lack of Choice Scarf in this set, a Pokemon that can handle faster Pokemon like Galvantula, Alakazam, Accelgor, and Archeops are appreciated. Choice Scarf Krookodile and Honchkrow are notable examples, Krookodile can handle all 4 of the previously mention Pokemon, while Honchkrow can stop checks with Sucker Punch and additionally gains a decent pairing with Manectric due to covering their weaknesses to Electric and Ground type moves respectively.</p>

[Other Options]
<p>Manectric has other Electric type moves it can toy with. Discharge is weaker then Thunderbolt but has a higher chance to paralyze. Charge beam can pick off weakened opponents and gain a special attack boost, though its low base power and inconsistency is unappealing. Finally there is Thunder if you're using a Rain Dance team, though it shouldn't be used otherwise, not to mention Rain Dance clashes with Flamethrower. Manectric can also attempt to set up Rain Dance itself, though its frailty makes it not so hot. Signal beam gets a mention if you really hate Alakazam and Krookodile, though it provides little coverage otherwise. It can also use more supportive moves like Light Screen, Roar, and Thunder Wave, though there are better users of those moves. A physical set could be used, with Howl, Wild Charge, Ice Fang, and Crunch, though its outclassed by countless physical sweepers in the metagame. Manectric's Dream World ability Minus should only be considered in the Double and Triple metagames.</p>

[Counters and Checks]
<p>Ground types tend to be the reliable checks to Manectric, notably Quagsire, Gligar, and Claydol. However both Quagsire and Gligar should be careful of Hidden Power Grass and Ice respectively, and all three hate Switcheroo. Grass types have to be careful of Flamethrower and Overheat, though most can handle Manectric if its trapped into an Electric type move. Electric types can also switch into Electric type moves and set up, notably Electivire, Lanturn, and other Manectric. Bulky Pokemon in general that aren't weak to one of Manectric's moves can handle it, like Boufallent and Hariyama. Faster Pokemon, Choice Scarf, and priority in can check Manectric. Choice Scarf Krookodile deserves special mention since its immune to Thunderbolt, is unaffected by Switcheroo, and can threaten Manectric with Earthquake. </p>


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You need EVs for the sets. The Hidden Power type shouldn't have the [ ] brackets around it.

And again, I don't get why you wrote it all out already in the QC stage, especially since it makes it such a pain to change something if need be.
Removed brackets and added EVs (I knew I was missing something...)

Also I apologize for writing this much, its sort of a habit of me to doing this. If you want me to simplify this to a simple Skeleton or skip to copyediting or some other obscure thing, I'll oblige as soon as possible. Also keep in mind that I'm not exactly the most experienced person when it comes to writing an analyze.
Just a thought but I feel like Switcheroo shouldnt be slashed with Volt switch. If anything Volt switch should be slashed with Tbolt. It sounds stupid but this is to insure it isnt played as an inferior Galvantula. Wait, scratch that and just leave it as primary slash.... I think. At least mention Switcheroo stops it from being inferior to Galvantula
Just a thought but I feel like Switcheroo shouldnt be slashed with Volt switch. If anything Volt switch should be slashed with Tbolt. It sounds stupid but this is to insure it isnt played as an inferior Galvantula. Wait, scratch that and just leave it as primary slash.... I think. At least mention Switcheroo stops it from being inferior to Galvantula
That and Overheat, Flamethrower and Lightningrod. And I guess Magnet Rise, as gimmicky as it is.
it's better a good idea to have an analysis in skeleton form until qc approves of it so you save yourself the work, j/s


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I would make Hidden Power Ice the primary slash in the third slot. Kabutops and Omastar can't take Thunderbolt anyway, and I've seen more Altaria and Gligar than Quagsire and Whiscash.

Please fix the spacing of the moves and EVs (eg. move 2: Overheat / Flamethrower). Be sure to put Lightningrod as the ability for both sets, and move the 4 extra EVs to SpD for Download Porygon-Z.