Maractus (Analysis)

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<p>Maractus may not be the most overused Pokemon in this VGC 2011 metagame but it can prove to be one of the most useful. It has a decent attack and movepool and can work well under most circumstances if used correctly.</p>

name: Trick Room Sweeper
move 1: Wood Hammer / Seed Bomb
move 2: Sucker Punch
move 3: Poison Jab / Safeguard
move 4: Protect
item: Leftovers / Focus Sash
nature: Brave
ability: Water Absorb
evs: 4 Def / 252 Atk / 252 HP
ivs: 0 Spd


<p>Maractus can operate very well under Trick Room. It speed ties with many VGC 2011 Trick Room sweepers with it's mediocre/average Trick Room speed of 60 base. It's attack is also decent with a base of 86 and can reach a high 151 with 252 Attack EVs and an attack raising nature. His attack may seem a little low compared to other Trick Room Pokemon, but his above average moveset makes up for that. Maractus can take out many threats to itself and potentially to its team with the priority move Sucker Punch, which can deal a lot of damage on common Ghost and Psychic types such as Chandelure and Reuniclus and on Pokemon that realy on their HP to sweep such as Jellicent. Maractus is also gifted with an array of powerful grass type moves such as Hammer Arm and Seed Bomb that can definitely get some OHKOs and 2OHKOs. It can also stop the common Spore or Thunder Wave with Safeguard or have coverage against common grass types such as Whimsicott with Poison Jab.</p>


<p>Maractus can use a lot of items to its advantage such as Focus Sash and Leftovers. For its average/below average defenses, it definitely needs a Focus Sash, but to heal off those Hammer Arms and hits it can take, Leftovers is the better option but Maractus can function with either one. It's ability, Water Absorb, can make it a great partner with Jellicent who covers its weaknesses well and can also Surf to heal your fragile Maractus' health.</p>

<p>For Maractus' almost awful defenses, it needs a ton of back up and protection for its weaknesses that are very common in this metagame such as Fire and Flying. Pairing your Maractus with a Jellicent in a Trick Room scenario can help it to because Jellicent can eliminate those weakness with Ice Beam and Water Spout. Jellicent can handle those two types nicely and Maractus has the perfect opportunity to sweep and do its thing!</p>

[Other Options]

<p>Maractus can also be very viable under the sun or as a Special Sweeper. It is gifted with its Clorophyll ability which doubles its speed under the sun and it can be use as a good Special Sweeper with options such as Solarbeam or Hidden Power Fire. Even though it is completely outclassed by Lilligant under the sun, it still could be an option. </p>

[Checks and Counters]

<p>A lot of things counter Maractus and they are unfortunately the most popular type attacks in this metagame. Chandelure and Tornadus easily check a Maractus that isn't in Trick Room with Acrobatics or Heat Wave. With Maractus' average attack, it may not get helpful KOs for your team's advantage and is completely outclassed by other Trick Room Sweepers/Sucker Punch users. </p>
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