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Challenge Marriland's Wedlocke Challenge!

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Espeon65, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. chikorita185


    Apr 21, 2012
    Started one on my heartgold yesterday after finishing a speed run (beat red in less than 7 hours) and so far
    Cindaquil and Pidgey both Lv 10
    Zubat and Metapod both Lv 7
    Hoppip Lv 6

    At Violet City
  2. yoshinite


    Aug 26, 2012
    I actually might do this when X and Y come out, so be ready!
  3. Ephan


    May 22, 2013
    My Pearl wedlocke challenge

    I just failed my pearl wedlocke.. It's so sad. To describe it: bloodbath. My beloved partners.. They all died! And at the very end.. When releasing my Mint the Pelipper before leaving with Egypt the Girafarig and deleting the saved data, Mint came back.. The game said it was worried about me.. It hurt so bad :(Males: Food ingredients etc.
    Females: Countries

    Well.. Here's the list of the fallen ones:
    Mexico the astonishing Zubat

    Chili the Monferno
    Germany the Bibarel
    Protein the Machop
    Sweden the Buizel
    Italy the Shellos
    France the Misdreavus
    Onion the Meditite
    England the Chansey
    Norway the hypnotizing Hoothoot
    Cheese the cute Pichu
    Wasabi the Aipom
    Estland the strong willed Staravia
    Spain the Kricketune
    Canada the Ponyta
    Cinnamon the Graveler
    Sauce the Gyarados
    Argentina the Roselia
    Pepper the furious Sudowoodo
    Salad the Cascoon
    Japan my beloved Crobat
    Syrup the Gastrodon
    Finland the Shinx
    Scallop the Finneon
    Noodles the Tentacool
    Russia the Glameow
    Mint the surfing Pelipper
    And last but certainly not least: Egypt the stomping Girafarig. Damn.. i'm gonna miss all the stomping you pulled off. :(

    The ones i really bonded with this run was: Egypt, Mint, Scallop, Japan, Pepper, Cinnamon, Canada, France, Germany..

    Mint and Egypt.. Man, were you the bomb or what.. Japan, i'm gonna miss you. France, wish we had more time. Pepper, Cinnamon, Scallop, Canada and Japan.. No, Everyone: I'm so sorry.

    This is it then, Mint, don't worry about me.. Please.
  4. yoshinite


    Aug 26, 2012
  5. DEMo_Gorgon47


    Mar 27, 2011
    My god, that is so sad... My heart kinda broke a bit reading it.
  6. inanimate blob

    inanimate blob

    May 31, 2011

    i've finally built up the confidence

    i'm going to do this shit in platinum

    first rule - 1-3 is turtwig, 4-6 is chimchar, 7-9 is piplup, 0 is my pick (so probably turtwig) based on my id number added up

    Since no one posted, here would be my DAY 1 UPDATE

    DAY 1


    So here is my current team after beating Barry. Just caught my first Pokemon. I was alright with Monsoon, but I think Downpour might just become some healing bait. We'll see.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Monsoon (Piplup)
    Male, Bashful
    Torrent, Lv. 7

    Downpour (Bidoof)
    Female, Rash
    Unaware, Lv. 3
  7. Ashley11


    Oct 7, 2011
    I decided to try this n_n I am doing a black 2 wedlocke, and i based my starter off of the last digit of my trainer card, and i ended up with snivy. Didnt really want snivy, but w.e. It is also adamant nature, go figure >.> Snivy was a girl so i named her Sami

    So now my party is...

    Sami The Adamant Snivy

    So next I go on through that early game tutorial part, you know what i mean, where they tell you everything you all ready know until you are about to blow up. Finally i get my pokeballs and i can start the challenge :toast: The first pokemon i find on the first route is a purrloin thats a male! I caught it and named him Devon. Devon is a Rexaxed nature, not a big deal.

    Devon the Relaxed Purrloin
    I beat all the trainers and get on to floccessy town, which is a boring town that no one really cares about >.> I pass by it after buying potions and healing up and go on to floccessy ranch, which i was quite excited to catch a pokemon there. I passes up the route in between floccessy town and the ranch because i didnt feel like catching anything there yet. I end up catching...

    Mary the Adamant Psyduck

    Yeah, thats right. Another adamant pokemon that shouldnt be. >.>

    Anyways I have to fight my rival and all that stuff and finally i end up finding that herdier and returning it to the owner. After this on my way down back to alders house i ran into a wild pokemon the route i didnt catch anything yet. This pokemon was a sewaddle. I didnt care too much since its another grass type, but its a male so i should catch it i guess. I try to catch it but i end up critting it with scratch >.> It didnt matter too much to me since i didnt really want it anyways. Oh well n_n

    I finally battle those stupid little kids at alders house and win with no problem and take on the 1st gym. I didnt expect the first gym to be so hard tbh. My team when i was about the face him was...

    [​IMG][​IMG] (Cute Couple imo :D) ----------------[​IMG](Poor lonely mary :()
    Sami Lv 13 --- Devon Lv 10-------------------------------------- Mary Lv 10

    Anyways, i took on the gym and was just planning on vinewhipping everything to death. i killed the patrat, but then the lillipup came out :O It worked up as i wrapped it. Then it kept leering me for a bit and i got it down to red hp and he already used his potion. I thought it would be only one more vine whip to ko, but i was wrong and lived it :O He used tackle, and i lived with 2 hp. *Phew*

    I got the badge and moved on to virbank city, and went straight to the virbank complex. Me and my stupid self, I ran into there with my couple sami and devon in the front, and ran into a magby. It was a female, so i couldnt make it mary's partner. I tried to run away but devon couldnt escape, and the stupid thing crit killed devon in one shot with ember :O :mad::mad::mad::mad:

    Bye Devon :(

    So now Devon is gone. Sami doesnt have a partner anymore and mary still doesnt. I got mad and raged around for a few minutes and came back and released devon. :( Next I healed up and put mary in the front. Now the number one priority is getting sami a partner, so mary will just have to wait longer lol. I run into a male growlithe and capture it. I name him josh. He is Relaxed nature. This is where I am at this point. Current team:
    [​IMG] ________[​IMG] ______________________________[​IMG]
    Sami Lv 15_____________Josh Lv 15 _________________________________ Mary Lv 12

    The Fallen:


    Will Mary EVER find love, or will she be forever alone. Will Sami be able to stick around with josh? Will i even get the 2nd badge? Find out next post. ;)
  8. Misunderstood Tyranitar

    Misunderstood Tyranitar

    Nov 13, 2012
    As Much as this post has been dead For a while time for a bump.
    I, Misunderstood Tyranitar, Have Undertaken a Wedlocke On Black 2.
    I decided to mix It up a little though randomising the starters (and also taking out all trading evolutions).
    The starters became, Kabuto, Togepi and Victini.
    Naturally, Victini is legendary so was out (under the Nuzlocke Legendary Clause), and Togepi was unpredictable since it's main move was Metronome.
    So Scimitar the Male Kabuto (Impish) was chosen to lead me on my wild adventures of Unova.
    So After all the bull Sh*t Tutorials I finally made it to Route 19 and quickly rushed into the grass to find Scimitar's partner...
    Sandra the Female Purrloin (Lonely)
    [​IMG] Lvl 2

    After a little training on route 19 it was time to set of through Floccessy town and on to route 20, I quickly skipped over route 20 after battling several trainers however (I was more interested in the later dark grass) and went on to Floccessy Ranch to find my self...
    Paige the Female Mareep (Hardy)
    [​IMG]Lvl 5

    I quickly scuttled to the PC to heal and upon passing through route 20's grass again I found Paige's Partner...Lanfan the Male Sewaddle (Sassy)
    [​IMG] Lvl 2

    I was then forced to retreat to route one to train both Paige and Lanfan as a couple and let them get to know each other before continuing.
    Unfortunately in a freak training accident at the Floccessy Ranch, Sandra, Received a wild critical Tackle from a rogue Lillipup leaving him dead. Scimitar quickly avenged him with a few Scratches however.
    Rest in Peace Sandra.
    [​IMG] Lvl 9

    After the events of the Floccessy Ranch, my rivals rage and a few training tips off Alder, I headed to face the Aspertia Gym leader Cheren (Having beaten his rookies) with the team as follows:

    Scimitar Lvl: 13
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Paige Lvl: 11

    Lanfan Lvl: 11
    Wish me luck everyone. :cool:
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2013
  9. Misunderstood Tyranitar

    Misunderstood Tyranitar

    Nov 13, 2012
    Good Morning everyone.
    Day 2 of my Wedlocke started wonderfully, easily slaying Cheren with Scimitar, He was using work up too much and I got a critical on both of his pokemon. His Lillipup had me very worried luckily scimitar doesn't like Lillipup's after one took his wife.
    I then sped off out of town after more bullsh*t chit chat with Bianca. I quickly made my way to Virbank City Delayed after almost getting swept by that Stupid goddamn Dunspace. Upon arriving I quickly watched Roxie Alliterate to her father before storming off, and I continued to the Virbank Complex (Inside was my choice of the 2) and I found Scimitars new partner...
    Maggie The Female Magby (Naughty)
    [​IMG] Lvl:10

    Maggie Joins
    Scimitar (Impish)
    [​IMG] Lvl 13

    As a (Hopefully) Lifelong Partner in Sweeping.
    I also quickly realised that Maggie would play a key role in beating Roxie and this partner ship in general was my only hope.
    After Much Audino Slaying the Partners were looking good. And then a beautiful thing happened and left the partners like so.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Maggie The Female Magby (Naughty) Lvl: 18
    Scimitar The Male Kabuto (Impish) Lvl : 18

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Paige the Female Flaaffy (Hardy) Lvl: 18
    Lanfan the Male Sewaddle (Sassy) Lvl: 18

    Now the plan for Roxie was simple, Sweep and switch between Maggie (Ember, Fire spin, Faint attack) and Scimitar (Mud Shot, Return). Unfortunately I knew it was never gonna be that easy and after battling Roxies Underlings Maggie had made it to level 19 and I gave her a Pecha berry.
    Fortunately the Partnership withheld the fearsome attacks from Roxie, Maggie Setting up Fire spin and using her Flame Body to Burn Koffing before taking it out with an ember.
    Whirlipede came in and so did Scimitar and after a few returns I got poisoned from his poison point and almost died from a Venoshock before finally killing Whirl with more Returns after we both healed.

    After the gym I Quickly dealt with the Pokestudios Sh*t before taking on the annoyance of Team Plasma and then Heading off via Boat to Castelia City to take on the Battle Co. and catch up to Team Plasma. As I did this Something Mystical happened and something tragic happened...

    Lanfan Evolved into Swadloon (Sassy) Lvl 20
    But In the very same battle Paige faced a Critical Hit from a Herdier's Stab Tackle and Couldn't hold on.
    Paige You will be Missed
    [​IMG] Lvl 18
    Thunder wave

    On this sad Note I will end today's run, Tomorrow/Tonight we shall catch Lanfan a New Partner and Also Create a brand new Partnership before taking on Burgh.
    Until next time. Cya! :cool:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] AND [​IMG]
    ___Maggie And Scimitar__________Lanfan
  10. Misunderstood Tyranitar

    Misunderstood Tyranitar

    Nov 13, 2012
    Time for My Final Update for the Day.
    So After the Loss of Paige, Lanfan was is dire need of a new lover and I decided that I should look in the sewers.
    Upon Searching there I found a Young Ratatta who would be a perfect mate. Lanfan Though other wise and One hit the prick with Bug bite... So I looked elsewhere and found a lovely young Trubbish and before Lanfan had the chance to say no I Quick Ball married them on the spot.
    Barnes the Female Trubbish
    [​IMG] Lvl 14

    Lanfan Clearly wanted to Impress the young Trubbish and in their first battle together decided it was time...
    Lanfan the Male Leavanny
    [​IMG] Lvl 21

    The New couple were clearly very Happy together.
    I quickly Hurried along to start a new couple in Castelia City, Rushing to Castelia Garden and Finding myself...

    FlufNugget the Male Buneary
    [​IMG] Lvl 17

    Things Were progressing well and after training Maggie and Scimitar a little (Using Exp. Share on Barnes and FlufNugget) I was ready For Burgh.
    Gym team (open)
    Gym team (open)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] AND [​IMG][​IMG] AND[​IMG]
    LVLs: 23_________21_____________21________20_______________18

    My Main Issue was Dwebble but with Maggie's Flame Burst and it's Low Special Defense I was not to worried
    I came in Burgh and I were ready for what could be a very tough battle.
    I easily Took out his Swadloon with a quick Flame burst Before his trouble maker came out, Dwebble. I went again with Flame burst leaving him with 10ish HP left and he wen't for the Rock Polish. I thought "OH #$%@" when he came out with Smack down the next turn but I thankfully was left with 24 Hp (Kicking in my Oran Berry giving me 34 HP) and with another Flame burst he was gone.
    Then his Signature Pokemon Leavanny came in. I didn't even give him a chance Maggies very good speed left him screwed as a final Flame burst ended his day.
    It was GG and the Insect badge was placed safely in my bag.
    Until next time. Cya.

    CURRENT TEAM (open)

    CURRENT TEAM (open)
    Lvl 23
    Maggie The Magby.
    Lvl 21
    Scimitar the Kabuto
    [​IMG] Lvl 21
    Lanfan the Leavanny
    Lvl 20

    Barnes the Trubbish
    Lvl 20
    FlufNugget the Buneary

  11. Misunderstood Tyranitar

    Misunderstood Tyranitar

    Nov 13, 2012
    Okay It's been a while but time for a Friday night update.
    So When I last posted I had just beaten Burgh in what was an easier than expected battle.
    Since then much has happened, it hasn't been smooth sailing either... (Events that are unimportant will be hidden)

    Route 4 events (open)

    Route 4 was fairly standard, I went with Lanfan, Maggie and Scimitar and no one troubled us, I expected more from Colress to be honest nothing interesting happened since we already had caught Barnes here. I continued on to Nimbasa and Joined Rosa in a battle.

    From Nimbasa I headed out to catch a partner for FlufNugget and the Nearest route was the Desert Resort so I went there a found...
    Lydia the Female Sigilyph (Careful, LIKE FFS WHAT A SH*T NATURE)
    [​IMG] Lvl 20
    I quickly decided to grab a Pokemon in Relic Castle... at the same time I challenged the Trainer inside What happened next was the most horrific thing I've ever experienced.
    The trainer brought out his Sigilyph (Lvl 22) to my Scimitar (Lvl 24) feeling unfazed about his Sigilyph I attack with return, I do about an 1/8th of his health, I was rather surprised at the low damage, He set up with Tailwind and I was now a little worried. I continue with return again doing the same damage. He then pulls out his Psybeam and deal 40 damage leaving me with 8 HP. Shock and scared of a Crit if i healed I switched to his partner Maggie (Lvl 25). Maggie took the hit a little better taking 26 damage leaving me with 37 HP, I quickly shift back to attacking with Faint Attack, but he goes first with tailwind and uses Psybeam getting that painful Crit that kills me. And that spelled out the death of Scimitar as there was no point wasting Potions. Angry at losing my favourite two Pokemon on the team, I bring in my third, Lanfan (lvl25), Knowing the wind was up but not knowing his moves I didn't fear a flying attack... I should have Out came Air Cutter One hitting Lanfan before the wind petered out, I was then forced to send in Barnes(Lvl 23) expecting the Psychic attack to destroy him, I got off the Sludge which lowed his health to the red and then to my shock he went for Air Cutter Leaving me in the low Yellow. Not believing my luck I quickly went for another sludge Finishing off that horrid Sigilyph.

    After that Shocking wake up call that I have to always be serious i went on to catch a new Pokemon in the Castle who would become Barnes Partner.

    Tutank the male Yamask
    [​IMG] Lvl 18

    I rushed off and Released the Lost Pokemon.
    The Lost (open)

    Scimitar the Male Kabuto And Maggie the Female Magby
    ____[​IMG] Lvl 24___________[​IMG] Lvl 25
    Lanfan the male Leavanny
    [​IMG] Lvl 25

    Before I could continue doing anything I had to train Tutank to a usable Level.
    Lvl 23
    I for some reason decided to see if he was any good against Trainers. Bad Idea.
    The trainer I picked had the Pan Trio at Lvl 24 Each.
    Tutank made it through Pansear before falling to Panpour's Bite.
    I brought in Barnes who was now Lvl 25 and doing alright to finish of Panpour and Pansage.
    >Panpour used dig.
    >TFW when you can't switch.
    >"Super-effective, Critical hit!"
    > Barnes Fainted
    Thankfully Lydia's Psybeam got me out of trouble.
    Stunned and only having FlufNugget and Lydia left I set out to the four places I could catch Pokemon to fill my team and train carefully.

    Captures (open)
    Cappa the Male Minccino (Hidden Grotto (Route 5)
    [​IMG] Lvl 23
    Naomi the Female Gothita (Route 16)
    [​IMG] Lvl 21
    Scallop the male Venipede (Lostlorn Forest)
    [​IMG] Lvl 21
    Monolithic The Female Roggenrola (Relic Passage)[​IMG] Lvl 17

    After much training to the entire team I am almost ready for the Nimbasa Gym but no trainers to battle has slowed me.

    Current team (open)

    The Girls ___________________The Boys
    Lydia the Sigilyph____________ FlufNugget the Buneary
    [​IMG] Lvl 29___________[​IMG] Lvl 28
    Monolithic the Boldore_________ Scallop the Whirlipede
    Lvl 26___________ [​IMG] Lvl 28
    Naomi the Gothita ____________ Cappa the Minccino
    [​IMG] Lvl 26 ___________ [​IMG] Lvl 26

    Until next time. Cya.
  12. Gokuzbu


    Jun 29, 2012
    Marriland finally beat Red on his wedlocke. I kinda want to try this but it seems so hard/frustrating lol
  13. DestinyGallade


    Nov 3, 2013
    Trust me It's Frustrating, before you get the exp. share its extremely hard to grind low level pairs
  14. SpongePG


    Dec 30, 2013
    hey i just started a wedlocke on Pokemon Ruby i already have three couples

    Mudkip AKA Benny Zigzagoon AKA Lia
    Adamant Rash
    lvl 10 lvl 7

    Poochyena AKA Dalia Ralts AKA Paul
    Bold Timid
    lvl 10 lvl 10

    Taillow AKA Seto Shroomish AKA Francis
    Hardy Bold
    lvl 8 lvl 9
  15. DestinyGallade


    Nov 3, 2013
    The gods of the safari zone have helped me rebuild my team and reinforce my box

    Roxie the Golem and koopaDaQik the eevee (waiting for thunderstone in pokeathlon and keeping low level so it gets thundershock)
    lvl 30 lvl 7
    rock blast Don't know moves lol
    defence curl

    Roxie is my oldest pokemon and her strength (not the move) is really showing with epic defence and attack

    Toadsworth the Parasect and Famazing the vulpix (waiting for fire stone at pokeathlon)
    Lvl 32 Lvl 32
    spore confuse ray
    slash payback
    cut will o wisp
    leech life flamethrower

    The statusing pair I usually spore with toadsworth and then switch into Famazing and confuse then spam flamethrower 'till it wakes, then will o wisp if its physical and continue spamming.

    Drewe the beedrill and betterdoof the quagsire
    lvl 12 lvl 16
    fury attack surf
    mud bomb

    still need to grind these.
  16. Lucarioqueen


    Mar 1, 2014
    I'm doing it on pokemon platinum
  17. DestinyGallade


    Nov 3, 2013
    yay this thread got bumped, so... is everyone watching marriland's black wedlocke?
  18. Gokuzbu


    Jun 29, 2012
    Yeah it's a great series so far. There's been quite a few deaths though lol
  19. Ramsie


    Aug 17, 2007
    I started watching Marriland's Black Wedlocke, and I decided I would try to do one on Black 2. I've made it pretty far, but I almost wiped to Charles on Route 5, so I've been rebuilding since then. Right now I'm grinding to go against Clay/devising a strategy.

    Sable the Sandslash Lv.34
    Duckie the Ducklett Lv. 34
    N's Zoroark Lv. 32
    Jane the Excadrill Lv.32
  20. ErynCerise


    Mar 8, 2014
    Marriland's Black Wedlocke is probably one of the best series he's done to date, even this early in. The tragedy and drama of death after death! The political thrill of Ghetsis 2012 2016 vs. Burgh 2016! The classy swagger of Cardinal in a top hat! Ah! C'est manifique~!


    Anyway, more on topic: I completed an LGBT variant of the challege a while back on a randomized LeafGreen, and it was awesome. Was wanting to create a story out of it, but that's probably going to be on the backburner for a while. Needless to say, though: felt like I bonded a lot with the team in that run, and was so proud of them when we finally got to the champeenship.
    Final Team (open)

    Kaiser the Hitmonchan (M) and Powers the Dragonite (M)
    Luna the Venomoth (F) and Silke the Dewgong (F)
    Deneve the Scyther (F) and Helen the Electrode (genderless - because I allowed them in my run)
  21. Gokuzbu


    Jun 29, 2012
    Is bumping this frowned upon? If so, I'm sorry. Marriland just started an X Wedlocke, which originally was an April Fools joke (his character's called April!), but now is a full fledged playthrough. It's great so far, plenty of drama and hilarious commentary and it just started.

    I also just finished my first Wedlocke, on Alpha Sapphire. I had a level limit, item limit (3 per pair), EXP Share off (of course), no legendary Pokémon allowed, mega evolution only allowed against other people who use it too. I had a rough time really, a total of 22 deaths (it was my first time ok). May on Route 110 was the toughest fight imo, she DESTROYED me. I lost my Marshtomp, Lombre and Tailow which set me back by a lot. My MVP would have to be my Vileplume (always hated the Oddish line except Bellossom, but now I love it which is exactly what lockes are supposed to do)

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