Metang (Mono-Attacker) (QC 0/3)


Why isn't my ability Levitate again?

name: Crotang (Mono-Attacker Hone Claws)
move 1: Hone Claws
move 2: Meteor Mash
move 3: Rest
move 4: Sleep Talk
item: Eviolite
nature: Impish
ability: Clear Body
evs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def

  • Neat pivot Pokemon, Sleep Absorber, and late-game sweeper
  • Due to it’s amazing typing, Metang is capable of checking numerous threats, including but not limited to the birds, Jynx, Sawsbuck/Leafeon, most Dragon-types, most Calm Mind users, and Exeggutor.
  • Hone Claws allows Metang to slowly escalate his Attack stat, allowing him to overcome Pokemon who may have otherwise been able to set up and beat him 1v1 otherwise (see CM Duosion, Synthesis+SD Leafeon, etc.)
  • Meteor Mash is Metang’s strongest and most reliable STAB move, which also benefits from Hone Claws’ accuracy boosts
  • Rest-Talk allows Metang a semi-reliable method of recovery, which serves him not only in setting up against Pokemon such as Tangela, but also in allowing him to repeatedly switch into the likes of Swellow Facades, Sawk Close Combat’s, and more.

  • Evs are fairly straightforward, allowing Metang to intercept common physical attacks.
  • Iron Head makes for a decent alternative to Meteor Mash, but only really has value in it’s 9 extra PP
  • If you can afford Toxic Spikes support, by all means utilize it. Doing so makes a much easier task of besting the like of Quagsire (and to a degree other bulky Water-types, but most have zero offensive presence and rely on Scald to beat physical attackers, so Metang can often just set up in their face)
  • Choice Band Sawsbuck is an amazing partner for this set, making a mess of Quagsire and either luring in Tangela or simply 2HKOing with Megahorn, as well as gladly accepting a Pokemon capable of shrugging off any attempts at revenge-killing by Swellow/Braviary/Sawk, etc.
  • Ludicolo similarly functions incredibly well with Metang, killing off Quagsire, luring the birds, etc.
  • Altaria of any nature are amazing for Metang, as they cover one another’s weaknesses flawlessly

[Why this deserves to be on-site]
  • For starters, there are no mentions of Rest-Talk anywhere in the currently analysis (which is entirely bogus), as well as only a quick blurb of Hone Claws in the OO
  • More so, this set holds value throughout the match, whether it be a stoic physical wall early-game or an unstoppable late-game sweeper once Quagsire, Magmortar and such are out of the picture
  • 252Atk Life Orb +2 Sawsbuck (Neutral) Nature Power vs 252HP/252Def Eviolite Clear Body Metang (+Def): 70% - 83% (228 - 270 HP). Guaranteed 2HKO. Too godamn bulky .-.
I'm sorry but I really don't see the point of this set, especially considering a) you're bait for some of the most common special attackers in the tier and b) new sleep mechanics can mess you up sometimes. We had a quick discussion about this on irc:

[12:57] <@Steamroll> I tried sub hone claws
[12:57] <@Steamroll> and it sucked
[12:57] <@Steamroll> I tried HC 3 atks
[12:57] <@Steamroll> it sucked
[12:57] <@Steamroll> metang is only good as a wall
[12:57] <@Steamroll> and even probopass does it better @_@
[12:57] <%cbb> not even as a wall
[12:57] <%cbb> the only thing metang does well is
[12:57] <%cbb> countering jynx and braviary/swellow

QC Rejected 1/3


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QC Reject 3/3

1) It's beaten by most Pokemon in the tier
2) It doesn't do that much
3) It's slow
4) It's weak
5) Sleep mechanics suck
6) It's very easy to wall; mono steel coverage is shit
7) Inferior to most other Pokemon