MKPP v5.00 Beta-3

MKPP v5.00 Beta-1 was released today over on sourceforge. It is at

The damage calculator screen is more of a beast than I anticipated, so that'll be in the next beta release, hopefully sometime early next week.

Let me know if you get it running because it is a little tricker to get it to work the first time than v4.00 was.



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Cool, I'll get this later today. Will the Metalkid damage calculator no longer have accuracy issues?
It's a bit of a hassle for every user to download a the SQL Server engine. The old version was fine with the App accessing a (pardon the pun) MS Access DB. Why the change?
Mainly because the online site is SQL Server, so I would have to make big changes to convert from Access to SQL Server. Plus, Access just doesn't have the same programming power that Sql Server has, so I can do things a lot more efficiently. Don't worry, though. The online version will have the same power as the offline version. Also, when I'm finally done with everything, I'll probably go back and try to make an Access version, too.

Yes, when the damage calc gets released, it will no longer have any accuracy issues. I followed X-Act's formula to the T. :)


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Have you considered using something similar to sqlite for the offline version? Installing a SQL server is really a show stopper for a lot of offline folks.
Well, right now, making it SQL Server will allow the web version to be released much, much quicker. Ultimately, I'm going to go back and do an Access version after the offline and online progs are done to make it easier.

On that note, BETA-2 is now released!

Yep, this release has my first build of the DP Damage Calculator. Please note that all the Ability exceptions are accounted for. The data for Low Kick is messed up, so it will give inaccurate results atm. Other than that, it should be good to go!