Molk is a dumb


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First time ive ever done something like this so bear with me ;-;


- Move Sub+3 Attacks to the first set, and Choice Band to the second set

- Mention Escavalier as a check to the Substitute and Swords Dance sets. It can take multiple earthquakes/stone edges and smash it with CB megahorn/Iron Head. CB can 2hko, though.

- Mention that it gives rising threat amoonguss nightmares, getting an attack boost from most of its movepool and possibly setting up a substitute on it.

- Is Swords Dance Bouffalant even effective? It seems too easily revenge killed to sweep, and there are other, arguably better wallbreakers like nidoqueen, aggron, and druddigon, plz retest.

- Soundproof is now released, so remove unreleased section

- Add Rotom, Ferroseed, Poliwrath, Steelix, and possibly Misdreavus to C&C.

-RU Revamp? Yes <--- afaik it hasnt been updated since late 2011 lol


- Physical Attacker looks fine to me

- SubCM seems pretty good too

- Last set, wat, never seen it, are there any logs of this set doing things?

- Flame Plate to OO, shakeitup has shown that its a good alternative to the other items

- Mention that its beats escavalier ONCE

- Add Quagsire to checks and counters

- Otherwise, same old stuff, same mon, same playstyle, same threats etc

RU Revamp?: no



- Add Wild Charge to the AC of Shift Gear, mentioning what it does and why its an option

- Remove slashes of hidden power because everyone uses sub anyway

- Leftovers should be primary item choice, Life Orb is just suicidal

- Remove mentions of irrelevant pokemon like wynaut

- Remove Naughty slash

- Add Poliwrath, Slowking, Nidoqueen, Rotom, and Metang to C&C, remove ferroseed due to it actually being set up fodder.

RU Revamp? YES, i sucked back then ;-;


- Remove Petal Dance slash on the first set (who uses that anyway)

- Add Escavalier as a counter to all sets lacking hidden power fire

- bulky quiver dance may need retesting, its not like lilligants defenses are that high, and all i ever see is the offensive quiver dance set :/.

- add magmortar and primeape as checks

RU Revamp: Maybe, probably not.


- Mention that it traps and kills escavalier without much trouble

- Mention that nidoqueen is a new threat to it.

- Add Magnet Rise to AC of steel killer if not a slash, pretty good option when it comes to evading earthquakes.

- Otherwise magneton hasnt changed much imo

RU Revamp: no


- Replace all mentions or air slash with hurricane, leave air slash in AC or at least OO for the accuracy.

- Offensive subroost Moltres seems effective from when i tested it, probably slash it over hp grass because it isnt as needed anymore due to hurricane

- Maybe retest scarf Moltres? i havent seen any in forever and a 4x stealth rock weakness isnt a very good idea on a revenge killer, plus i would rather use moltres to blast things.

- Add Lanturn to counters, add Aerodactyl, Rotom, Kabutops, Feraligatr, and Samurott, to checks. Remove Slowking from counters and put it in checks due to hurricane 2HKOing

- Add hazards support from things like ferroseed and roselia to partners to achieve KOs

- Has anyone tested sunnybeamer? i have literally never seen it in action so i cant say if its viable or not

- RU revamp: yes, hurricane was big for moltres, and the analysis should be changed to reflect that


- Subsplit looks p. good, nothing really to be changed here

- Choice hasnt changed much either from what i can see

- Switch Bulky and Rain Dance set in order, rain isnt very common these days =/

- Change EVs on Bulky to 252 Hp / 208 Def / 48 Spe to outrun crawdaunt so you can burn/KO it before it hits you.

- Mention that Bulky set is an excellent check to escavalier, being able to take multiple iron heads or even 2 megahorns and burn in return

- mention nidoqueen as a check

RU revamp?: Maybe, although imo the only part that needs updating is the bulky set, its pretty fun in this metagame.

NU mons

- Didnt get anything notable afaik, and even if it did it needs every move on the set to be effective.
- Seed Bomb should be mentioned in AC to hit quagsire, a pokemon that hard walls arbok otherwise
- Mediocre stats, might not be up to par with currently RU pokemon, it also has trouble with the common OTR cofagrigus, nidoqueen, and escavalier.
- Checks and counters needs to be beefed up, its not like arbok is hard to counter, uxie, mesprit, Quagsire and nidoqueen should be added, among other things.
-Analysis was uploaded a while ago, probably in 2011

- RU worthy? Maybe
- Revamp?Yes


- Pretty damn bad, and completely outclassed by sprititomb in almost every way
- Trick Room still has a niche and is the only reason banette even has a chance of staying
- Set itself looks fine
- Mention it gets competition with the mighty FEARGLE

- RU worthy? Maybe, leaning on no
- Revamp? yes


- Fighting, Ground, and water attacks are very common in RU
- add nidoqueen to C&C, among practically everything that can wear it down
- completely outclassed by steelix bar its spD set
- completely outclassed by probopass at special walling

- Revamp? NO


- Swift Swim is released, and it gets Aqua Jet now, seems like a decent choice for a rain team with its STAB ice attacks to get around amoonguss, who can be a pain in the ass to rain even with ice beam.
- Analysis will need to be completely revamped to show swift swim, subpunch might still work, but something like SD/icicle crash/Night slash /Superpower should be the first set for sure with aqua jet in at least OO due to rain boost
- Escavalier counters ;-;
- This dude seems cool, i want this tested

- RU worthy? Yes imo
- Revamp? YES


- Got Stealth Rock, and is bulky enough to set it up for sure
- Stealth Rock support should be the first set no matter what, with shell smash as the secondary set, if even that
- Aqua jet gives it a niche over other rocks setters, it can check moltres while being way bulkier than kabutops
- Competition from kabutops is the only thing holding it back imo
- Remove Choice band set imo, i never see it and there are better choice banders out there
- Amoonguss, roselia etc to couners

- RU worthy? Yes
- Revamp? YES


- No, nobody ever uses it, and it fails to accomplish anything even when it is used

- RU worthy? No
- Revamp? No

- Got a whole bunch of cool shit, including SR, drain punch, and the elemental punches
- I think Choice Band should be the first set due to its sheer power, but subpunch is cool too, both are really annoying ;_;
- Why the hell did this drop to NU anyway? its badass

- RU worthy? Yes
- Revamp? YES


- Got nothing at all
- Outclassed by either sawsbuck or tangrowth for the most part
- Add escavalier to counters, leafeon cant touch it at all
- Still, leafeon's bulk and cleric abilities might be just enough for it to stand out
- writeup looks okay

- RU worthy? Maybe
- Revamp? Maybe, probably no


- SV wrote it so prose is obv good
- Quiver Dance is cool, i never see it but its probably viable
- Escavalier counters even through intimidate afaik
- Intimidate gives it a bit of a niche, plus it sets up on slowking, shouldnt be overlooked
- maybe bulky QD if it proves to be viable?

- RU worthy? Maybe
- Revamp? no, yes if bulky QD is viable


- Only seen this guy once, but it was a pain to my team
- Trick Room is an effective playstyle so i think octillery has its place in RU
- Hydro Pump should be slashed with surf imo, its much more powerful and is great if your under max hp for water spout
- maybe Baton Pass should be its own set? its arguably the best BP recipient in the tier
- Writing is pretty good imo, im not good at gping things though so yeah :P
- Octillery is a strong :3

- RU worthy? Yes
- Revamp? No


- Got Drill Run, which has the potential to be a weapon vs opposing rock types.
- Flash Fire, superior speed, and superior coverage give it a niche over entei
- writing seems okay
- Morning sun deserves a slash over megahorn imo, the most common psychic is slowking, who gets mowed down by wild charge, plus the recovery is nice
- Pretty decent mon and i think it deserves an analysis

- RU worthy? Yes
- Revamp? no


- N
- O
- P

- RU worthy? NO
- Revamp? no, it was nearly rejected the first time around gdi lol


- I like rotom-F, its still a decent pokemon even outside of hail
- Set itself seems fine, no changes really needed imo
- Can switch in on most of nidoqueens movepool, worth noting i guess
- Escavalier beats rotom-F pretty well, but CB cannot switch in
- <3 boltbeam STAB

- RU worthy? Yes
- Revamp? no


- Never really understood the evs on either set :/, i always ran max/max on both sets lol
- SD has an auto niche because it OHKOes even defensive growth after rocks with LO at +2
- Stallbreaker should have hp grass>grass knot to hit lanturn harder, nature should be changed to modest, and megahorn should be used to nail the 2hko on slowking. Item should also be changed to LO imo for more power=better wallbreaking
- Analysis seems outdated, evs are weird as hell, and some changes need to be made on the wallbreaker set, therefore it should be rewritten.

- RU worthy? Yes
- Revamp? Yes


- got a bunch of cool shit like sleep talk, knock off, and the elemental punches, it even gets pain split which could be decent despite high hp
- has the advantage of an extra moveslot and more bulk over hariyama, it could also run a mono attacker set if given pursuit support
- most likely does damn well vs nidoqueen, but cant do much back other than phaze it out
- Writeup is pretty outdated, definately needs a revamp
- being the bulkiest fighter in the game gives it an auto niche in RU imo.

- RU worthy? Yes
- Revamp? Yes


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Wild Charge is defenitely not AC material on Klinglang. It allows it to 2hko Slowking, Poliwrath and Qwilfish at +1 (at +0 for Qwilifish), and possibly ohko Moltres, Omastar, Feraligatr, Kabutops and Mandibuzz after or without entry hazards and/or a bit of previous damage.

Here are some calcs (+1 Wild Charge vs):

  • 252/252+ Qwilfish (after Intimidate): 46.7 - 55.08%, guaranteed 2hko after SR
  • 252/252+ Poliwrath: 52.6 - 61.97%, sure 2hko
  • 248/144 Slowking: 69.72 - 82.44%, sure 2hko, very small chance of ohko after SR and Spikes
  • 248/0 Mandibuzz: 61.46 - 72.34%, while Gear Grind does 51.06 - 60.28. This means that Mandibuzz will die from SR, after phazing you, if she gets forced out by the incoming mon, when using Wild Charge, while she can still survive another round of SR with Gear Grind in the same scenario, and possibly roost back full health
  • 4/0 Omastar: 79.43 - 93.61%, 43.75% chance to ohko after SR, and sure ohko after SR and Spikes
  • 248/252+ Omastar: 48.97 - 57.72%, sure 2hko after SR
  • 0/0 Moltres: 91.58 - 107.78%, 43.75% chance to ohko
  • 248/84(SubRoost) Moltres: 69.97 - 82.5%, sure ohko after SR, while Return never ohkoes after SR
  • 4/0 Kabutops: 99.23 - 116.79%, 93.75% chance to ohko, while Gear Grind needs SR and with it has a 62.5% to ohko
  • 56/0 (GATR time) Feraligatr: 83.07 - 97.84%, 68.75% chance to ohko after SR
  • 0/4 Feraligatr: 86.17 - 101.6%, 87.5% chance to ohko after SR
Not all calcs are relevant, as some of these sets are quite rare (DD Gatr and support Omastar come to mind), just pointing out the threats that Wild Charge is better for than Return.

So imo, it deserves to be slashed second with Return, if not first. Also maybe a 3 attacks + boosting move (what is it's name?) + LO set will be viable. Not sure we need calcs and testing for this one...


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magnet rise is a nice option to slash alongside substitute too - you trade in the ability to block status for the ability to set up on (and by extension, not be countered by) bulky Earthquake users such as Rhydon, Sandslash, some Nidoqueen etc. good synergy with leftovers too.


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- Last set, wat, never seen it, are there any logs of this set doing things?
I swept some noobs with it in like...October. But yeah that set should clearly go to OO.

Also Choice Rotom should really just be Choice Scarf.


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updated with NU pokemon

about klinklang, i was wondering the same thing, we could probably feasibly have an OSG and Subshift set, subshift would be fun for blocking status, while offensive just smashes things late game. Magnet rise seems interesting too, ill test that later!