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In that case, I'll list the notable things banned in Monotype but unbanned in Mono STABmons referring to the current STABmons BL and the written up BL earlier this morning:

Notable Unbans: Medichamite, Mawilite, Magearna

Notable Bans: Komala, Kyurem-B, Tapu Koko, Aerodactylite, Kings Rock, Razor Fang, Accupressure, Belly Drum, Geomancy, Shift Gear, Shell Smash, Lovely Kiss, Thousand Arrows, Chatter

Also add Sketch to the banlist, as its Z-Power is an omni-boosting stat move. (I think I'm getting this right)
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A small update on Mono OMs:

is now banned from Monotype Ubers.
is now banned from Monotype AAA.

The latter decision might raise some eyebrows, but the combination of Aerilate and Boomburst on Noivern is extremely powerful, and when paired with its excellent speed tier and team support proved too overwhelming for the metagame to handle.


There may be more changes between various monotype OMs to come in the near future.
Expanding on this for clarity.

Marshadow: In Mono Ubers, Ghost is incredibly good. Part of the reason is how powerful Marshadow is. Consider the Ghost defensive core: Aegislash / Giratina-O / Mega Sableye. For most teams, this core is already incredibly difficult to break. However, Marshadow's ability to shut down slower setup sweepers makes it almost prohibitively difficult to beat for types that aren't exactly Dark, which naturally has its own issues and wasn't particularly good at beating Marshadow with the support of that defensive backline anyway. However, not all Ghost teams use Mega Sableye; those teams were able to support Marshadow with Mega Gengar, which could trap and remove Marshadow's few counters (almost all of which are only counters for certain sets). Marshadow had a very negative impact on the metagame. From SM before Marshadow's release, Ghost was not unmanageable and had weaknesses that other teams could properly exploit. As a result, combined with Marshadow's continued success in USUM, it was decided that banning Marshadow would help bring Ghost more in line while also removing an element that was also causing uncompetitive matchups.

Noivern: Noivern was banned from Mono AAA because it completely dominated the metagame. Being able to beat Noivern was unreasonable for too many types, as we would see the use of suboptimal sets like max Special Defense + Assault Vest or abilities like Soundproof. Entire types and playstyles were invalidated by Noivern, and running overly specific sets is a sign that it may be too good.

Unlike in the standard Ubers and AAA metagames, Same Type Clause restricts teams from being able to use otherwise accessible answers to these threats. For much the same reason as why many Pokémon in standard Monotype are banned that aren't in OU, Marshadow and Noivern in their respective Mono OMs were considered too good and were banned.