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Mr. Mime

Discussion in 'Dragonspiral Tower' started by leingodf8, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. leingodf8


    Oct 1, 2010
    Name: Mr. Mime
    Type: Psychic
    Abilities: Soundproof: Pokemon is unaffected by sound moves such as bug buzz and growl
    Filter: Damage caused by super-effective moves is halved
    Dream World: Technician: Moves with a base power of 60 or less raise 1.5X
    Att: 45
    Def: 65
    SpA: 100
    SpD: 120
    Spe: 90
    Level Up
    1. Magical Leaf
    1. Fast Guard
    1. Wide Guard
    1. Power Swap
    1. Guard Swap
    1. Barrier
    1. Confusion
    4. Copy Cat
    8. Meditate
    11. Encore
    15. Doubleslap
    18. Mimic
    22. Light Screen
    22. Reflect
    25. Psybeam
    29. Substitute
    32. Recycle
    36. Trick
    39. Psychic
    43. Role Play
    46. Baton Pass
    50. Safeguard
    TM03 Psycho Shock
    TM04 Calm Mind
    TM06 Toxic
    TM10 Hidden Power
    TM11 Sunny Day
    TM12 Taunt
    TM15 Hyper Beam
    TM16 Light Screen
    TM17 Protect
    TM18 Rain Dance
    TM19 Telekinesis
    TM20 Safeguard
    TM21 Frustration
    TM22 Solarbeam
    TM24 Thunderbolt
    TM25 Thunder
    TM27 Return
    TM29 Psychic
    TM30 Shadow Ball
    TM31 Brick Break
    TM32 Double Team
    TM33 Reflect
    TM40 Aerial Ace
    TM41 Torment
    TM42 Facade
    TM44 Rest
    TM45 Attract
    TM46 Thief
    TM48 Sing A Round
    TM52 Focus Blast
    TM53 Energy Ball
    TM56 Fling
    TM57 Charge Beam
    TM66 Payback
    TM68 Giga Impact
    TM70 Flash
    TM73 Thunder Wave
    TM77 Psych Up
    TM85 Dream Eater
    TM86 Grass Knot
    TM87 Swagger
    TM90 Substitute
    TM92 Trick Room
    Egg Moves and Pre Evo
    Future Sight
    Fake Out
    Confuse Ray
    Wake-up Slap
    Teeter Dance
    Nasty Plot
    Power Share
    Magic Room
    Icy Wind
    Healing Wish
    Hmmmm oh Mr. Mime, your funny looks and strange movepool have always been an interesting one to keep an eye on. Mr. Mime has never really been that big a contender in any generation, due to his dismal HP, and the amount of psychics avaliable. Last gen, he differentiated himself by being one of the few baton passers of NP (also sporting the ability to stop roar). But now, baton passers that he used to eclipse like venomoth and volbeat gained new toys that make them favorable to plain ol' nasty plot. So what did Mime get this gen to help differentiat himself? Well like most psychics it seems, he got a new and useful ablity technician. Lets see how this can be to his benefit.

    The Sweeping Mime
    Mr. Mime @ Life Orb
    252 Spe / 252 SpA / 4 HP

    Nasty Plot / Charge Beam
    Psycho Shock / Psychic
    Icy Wind / Magical Leaf
    HP Fire (60) / Thunderbolt / Substitute / Baton Pass

    Hmmm, this set will be somewhat difficult to pull off, but it has a few tools to make it work. While his HP is worse than cloysters, his SpD is still pretty high, so you can normally switch in on a weaker special attacker to start this set up. Nasty plot is a quick and easy way to double your already decent special attack. Charge beam is a decent option though, as it comes at a respectable 75 base power after technician, and can get you a few boosts. Psychic and Psycho shock are the obligatory stab options, With the rest providing decent coverage. Icy wind has a nice 82.5 power, and provides a pseudo bolt-beam combo if used with charge beam. It also has the added bonus of slowing down possibly faster switch in's, maybe giving you the advantage to k/o with the appropriate move. Magical leaf hammers most bulky waters. HP fire is a nice move to hit steels, but thunderbolt provides better coverage if you opted for nasty plot. Sub and baton pass are self explanatory.

    When your slow you gotta wear....
    Mr. Mime @ Choice Scarf
    252 Spe / 252 SpA / 4 HP
    Timid / Modest

    Psycho Shock / Psychic
    Shadow Ball / Thunderbolt
    Magical Leaf / Icy Wind / HP Fire / HP Fighting

    Mr. Mime isn't exactly slow... but he is outsped by a whole lot of things... so a choice scarf can really benefit him. One of the main points for this set, is that Mr. Mime is one of the few psychics that is able to retain trick with his dream world ability. Generally, Alakazam will do this job better than Mr. Mime, but due to technician, Mr. Mime does get slightly better coverage than scarf-zam. The moves are pretty self explanatory so I won't go into detail on them.

    Triples Support!!!
    Mr. Mime @ Leftovers / Light Clay
    252 HP / 252 Spe / 4 Def
    Timid / Calm

    Safeguard / Wide Guard / Reflect
    Teeter Dance / Fast Guard / Light Screen
    Helping Hand
    Taunt / Psychic

    Woo-ee, now this is where Mr. Mime really starts to shine. His support movepool for doubles / triples is amazing. First, fast guard and wide guard is excellent for letting your teammates set up, blocking priority and damage. Safeguard + teeter dance is an interesting strategy if you can survive to pull it off. Safeguard protects your team from status, and teeter dance will confuse their entire side, which means you have a very good chance of at least 1 guy one the opponents team not getting to attack. Reflect and light screen are decent options as well (I mean he's a mime, its just what you expect him to do). Helping hand lets him boost his opponents moves, and taunt stops other things from setting up on you. If you find your being taunted yourself, then psychic is a perfectly reasonable next solution. Filter is chosen to help him survive some super effective attacks, though soundproof can help in certain situations (for example, give one of your teammates perish song). EV's can be shifted into the defenses instead of speed, if you want a bulky-ish Mr.Mime. Overall, he makes an excellent support option for triples.

    So thats Mr. Mime. Don't ask me to post a baton pass set, because as I already said, its not as useful as it used to be, and you already know how it works anyways so go check the 4th gen analysis on it. Any other sets you can think of would be wonderful. I doubt Mr. Mime will be making leaps and bounds into OU this gen, but I think he'll still be able to hold his own in the lower tiers. His biggest problem, is having to square up with other pure frail fast psychics like espeon and Alakazam.
  2. Flareon


    Jan 16, 2010
    Technican should help give it some more viable attacking options, but otherwise I don't see Mime really changing much this gen.
  3. IceBeam946


    Sep 19, 2010
    If you're running Psychic, wouldn't Confusion be more powerful with Technician?
  4. R_N

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Feb 21, 2010
    It's a 1.5 boost, right?

    50 x1.5=75
    Psychic is still the way to go
  5. Smasher89


    Sep 2, 2006
    Skill swap filter is something nice in doubles atleast, used that in my VGC training team with Blissey, only explosion, self destruct, crits or machamp KOd it with reflect support.
    Power share is something interesting. Combined with magic room and the physical hitting special psychic attack it can maybe lead to something. Not sure if he will make it in 1vs1 though :/
  6. Don Honchkrorleone

    Don Honchkrorleone

    Aug 8, 2010
    No Choice Specs? 100 SpA isn't that bad and his movepool is incredible.

    Quite satisfied with Mr.Mime in this Gen. He'll probably be a worse Alakazam, Gardevoir and now has competition with the Jelly thing, the gothic and the alien, but he's still worth to try.
  7. IceBeam946


    Sep 19, 2010
    Gah, I always think its a 2.0 boost. My apologies. Its a shame Mr. Mime didn't get Trickery, seems like it would have been a good move for him.
  8. The3DOstrich


    Aug 26, 2010
    Technician gave Mr. Mime greatly increased sweeping capabilities, and with it's nice speed, it may be able to overcome it's quite bad base65 Def stat
  9. Don Honchkrorleone

    Don Honchkrorleone

    Aug 8, 2010
    With his 45 Atk it would do good damage IF Trickery was a Special move...
  10. Cordyceps


    Oct 14, 2010
    ^Trickery runs off of your opponent's Atk.
  11. Joshiro


    Oct 17, 2010
    Fake Out is a pretty awesome doubles/triples support move too, just takes good prediction. Matter of fact, I know Icy Wind hits multiple opponents, and I'm pretty sure Magical Leaf and Shock Wave hit multiple as well. He's definitely a multi-specialist.
  12. breh

    breh 強いだね

    Feb 6, 2010
    Uh... Razor leaf and Discharge hit two in doubles; the two you posted are single target.

    Anyway Mr. Mime is a pity; he could've gotten lots of cool stuff but he only has like 3 moves to use Tech with, just like Roserade... Dx

    Also no charge beam mention?
  13. leingodf8


    Oct 1, 2010
    There is a charge beam mention ._. its right beside nasty plot on the first set. I think he abuses technician better than roserade at least (not like that makes him a better pokemon), but he gets icy wind, charge beam, magical leaf, and HP to abuse, whereas roserade only gets magical leaf and hp, and magical leaf can easily be replaced by grass knot or leaf storm for more power.
  14. elchupo


    Jul 13, 2009
    I'm surprised there's no mention of HP Fighting on any of these sets. Technician boosted HP Fighting (either 60BP or 59BP) is essentially the equivalent of an Aura Sphere, which most special attackers would KILL for. It means Mime doesn't have to rely on the shitty acc. of Focus Blast and is still high enough in power to warrant its use. Something like this:

    Mr. Mime@Life Orb

    -Nasty Plot
    -Psychic/Psycho Shock
    -Shadow Ball
    -HP Fighting

    For me, that would be one of the main pulls of using a Technician Mr. Mime. Charge Beam and Icy Wind are nice, but if attacking is the main aim, I would still go for Ice Beam and Tbolt.
  15. Stratos

    Stratos Banned deucer.

    Aug 26, 2010
    If I were you I would replace Nasty Plot with Charge Beam and Shadow Ball with Icy Wind/Ice Beam. Bolt/Beam/Sphere is also perfect coverage.
  16. elchupo


    Jul 13, 2009
    Meh, I'd rather take a 100% chance of raising SpA 2 stages than a 70% chance of raising only one stage, even if it is Technician boosted. Shadow Ball/HP Fighting gets perfect coverage in two moves and still allows Mr. Mime to run its STAB.

    If I was going to run Ice/Electric coverage, I would just run Tbolt+Ice Beam since, although the secondary effects are nice, they don't really have much merit on an offensive set imo (bar Charge Beam but I feel that's inferior to NP anyway) unless you have the prediction to say, catch Excadrill on the switch with Icy Wind.
  17. Stratos

    Stratos Banned deucer.

    Aug 26, 2010
    with mr. mime's INSANEly low base speed, Icy wind could be very helpful after forcing a switch.

    EDIT: for some reason i thought it was base sixty. Still, Icy wind could help catch stuff like the Kions, Hydreigon, etc on the switch
  18. Cloud 8

    Cloud 8

    May 19, 2011
    With the new psychic types this gen Mr.mime wont get any use. Even in the lower teirs it still seems outclassed by alakazam beeheyem and even gothita. It also lost its main niche from 4th gen as the soundproof pokemon in a baton pass chain to magic guard espeon.

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