Murkrow Cup Third Round

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husk vs (TO)Taylor
Pilocus vs [kd8]otome
Loki vs massi4h
goofball vs Justice*

Im giving husk and Cerb until Wensday to get their battle done. If neither can meet during that time then Im flipping a coin.

Also I dunno if Justice is around atm.. she said she dropped but Im keeping her in because she is finishing/studying for exams. Plus its too late to sub now and she actually won her match.

k now guys do your best to find your opponent and complete this tourny. I want you ALL to PM each other asap.

working with the deadline but atm this round ends on July 16th.

Pretty please with sugar on top. Clean the fucking car.
Husk and I battled two matches.

After that I had to leave and the lag on smogon was to big to finish our third battle quickly.

First battle I won 3-0, second he won 0-3.

Very GGs so far! Lets hope our third will be just as good. Which will be played soon I guess
Confirming what Cerb said. We'll try to finish the matches as soon as possible or are you still going to flip for it tomorrow?
Taylor and I had some "epic" matches.

~The first game was a close right up until the end where I won 2-0.
~Our second game was a 282 turn stall war in which I had the advantage but Smogon nb shut down.
~We quickly agreed to not try that again. Our third game had barely started and was ended abruptly by Smogon nb shutting down again. Taylor had the advantage this game.
~Finally we played a match all the way through and a sleep talk miscount late in the game cost it for me, 1-0 Taylor.
~Our last match was by far the closest it came down to me praying for no crits or flinches and Taylor hoping he got them...he didn't so it ended 1-0 husk.
Not open for further replies.