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My first RMT

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by Thunderbolta, Sep 15, 2012.

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  1. Thunderbolta


    Jul 1, 2012
    Team Building Process:
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    First of all. I wanted to base my team around Heracross.
    I started out with a Close Combat/Megahorn/Stone Edge/Earthquake set, using a choice scarf.
    The EVs are obviously pretty standard, max attack and speed.

    I figured that Heracross' biggest bane is flying type moves, coming from the likes of Torn and Torn-T, so I wanted something that could pass 375 speed. The only real option was Jolteon. I chose a Timid nature in order to outspeed max speed Torn-T, and since the aim was to outspeed Torn-T, which is rarely scarfed, I figured a choice scarf would be wasted. The obvious choice was to spec or LO the Jolteon, but I thought that an Expert Belt would boost the power of his attacks, and allow me to feign a spec set.

    Realising some potential, I settled upon HP Fire, in order to knock out Ferrothorn coming in to take the T-Bolt. Finally, I chose Magnet Rise to troll anything attempting to EQ or EarthPower me.

    Since Jolteon was ground-weak, even with magnet rise, I wanted something that could take out ground types with ease. I toyed with Keldeo, as it's speed and power are pretty immense but figured that others might do the job better. I looked at Rotom-W, but actually went for Rotom-M, as it has immunity to the ground type STAB, and resistance to quakeedge. The weakness to Ice is a drag, though.

    Now, I wanted a spinner and also something that count take Ice attacks. Forretress seemed the way to go.Stealth Rock and Rapid Spin are obvious. I wanted something that could heal me though. I ended up going for protect and toxic. I chose a calm nature, and 216 Sp. D EVs to hopefully shrug off the occasional HP Fire that catches me offguard.

    With 3 offensive pokemon and one defensive, I wanted another defensive to compliment Forretress. Also, I was worried about Forretress' lack of recovery. As a long-term Porygon fan, I brought out the P2.With Recover, BoltBeam, Trace, and Toxic, plus the Eviolite's defensive boost, P2 is a great mixed wall. This, particular P2 was oriented towards physical defence, despite already having Foretress there as Showdown's default is the special defence, so I figured it would catch a few offguard.

    Finally, I needed a special wall. The obvious choices of Blissey and Chansey sharing type-redundancy with P2, I looked through and found I had a serious weakness to fire. I went for an offensive Heatran instead, as again, lack of recovery seemed worrying.

    Still weak to fire! Urgh. I swapped Rotom-M for Rotom-W. Finally, I needed something with Rock Slide or Stone Edge to counter Volcarona. Out went Forretress, and in came Donphan. Still fullfilling the role of the spinner, and with Ice type attacks deflectable to Heatran, I went for a slightly more offensive donphan than the norm, leaving P2 as my only dedicated stall. Great physical bulk, strong attack meant that Rock Slide was as good of a bet as any. It 1 battle, though, before I realised just how easily Volcarona could rip through Donphan. Not the best counter when you get OHKO'd. My final choice? Snorlax. Great special bulk, decent attack and that ever-so-handy element of surprise. Of course, it cannot spin, but none of my team is weak to Stealth Rocks, so I thought I might be able to get away with it. Stealth Rocks were swapped for Return, as Heatran has SR anyway. I stuck Brick Break on to deal with Ttar.

    My last job before moving onto full testing was to run some damage calcs for them, for their various jobs.
    Heracross was my revenge killer, and late game sweeper when ghost, flying types and stalls are out of the way. I didn't run any calcs for him.

    Thunderbolt: 452-534 (151.17 - 178.59%) -- guaranteed OHKO
    Volt Switch: 112.37 - 132.44% -- guarenteed OHKO
    Thunderbolt: 716-846 (230.22 - 272.02%) -- guaranteed OHKO
    Volt Switch: 169.77 - 200.64% -- guaranteed OHKO
    HP Fire: 56.59 - 66.88% - guarenteed 2HKO
    Hidden Power Fire: 312-368 (88.63 - 104.54%) -- 31.25% chance to OHKO
    Hidden Power Fire: 308-364 (85.31 - 100.83%) -- 6.25% chance to OHKO
    Thunderbolt: 121-144 (18.55 - 22.08%) -- possible 6HKO
    Okay. So no sending it in against Blissey... no way.

    Hydro Pump: 254-302 (65.97 - 78.44%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
    Hydro Pump: 560-662 (155.12 - 183.37%) -- guaranteed OHKO
    Hydro Pump: 452-534 (141.69 - 167.39%) -- guaranteed OHKO

    Brick Break: 444-524 (116.84 - 137.89%) -- guaranteed OHKO
    Rock Slide: 468-552 (126.14 - 148.78%) -- guaranteed OHKO
    Also important was Volcarona's hits on Snorlax...
    +3 Bug Buzz: 386-456 (81.95 - 96.81%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
    +4 Bug Buzz: 464-546 (98.51 - 115.92%) -- 87.5% chance to OHKO
    +5 Bug Buzz: 539-637 (114.43 - 135.24%) -- guaranteed OHKO
    Not great. Fire Blast could also hit for decent damage, even after Thick Fat.

    Porygon2 (Defensive):
    Heracross (OU Choice Band) Close Combat: 91.44 - 108.02%
    Toxicroak (OU SubPunch [Life Orb]) Focus Punch: 88.23 - 105.08%
    Terrakion (OU Choice Band) Close Combat: 85.56 - 101.06%
    Conkeldurr (OU Choice Band) Hammer Arm: 83.42 - 98.39%
    Medicham (OU Choice Scarf) Hi Jump Kick: 83.42 - 98.39%
    Conkeldurr (OU Substitute + Focus Punch) Focus Punch: 83.42 - 98.39%
    Conkeldurr (OU Substitute + Focus Punch) Mach Punch: 22.45 - 27.27%

    So it seems not alot KOs the duck in one go, but the list of mostly rare, although great counters is a little daunting. I suppose the defensive duck has it's flaws. Trace, at least counters Heatran and Chandelure's guarenteed OHKOs. Mostly all fighting types though, and I'm not going to be leaving it in there against a fighting type...

    Heatran? I had no doubts in Heatran. Mainly as a "glue" pokemon, it has no real purpose except to counter fire types, which P-2 can do for most other Heatan. Here's the calcs though...
    252 SpA Modest Heatran Earth Power vs. 0/0/4 Modest Flash Fire Heatran: 126.31 - 149.84%
    252 SpA Modest Heatran Earth Power vs. 4/0/0 Timid Flash Fire Heatran: 127.16 - 150.61%
    252 SpA Modest Heatran Lava Plume vs. 248/0/8 Brave Ferrothorn: 144.72 - 170.94%
    252 SpA Modest Heatran Lava Plume vs. 252/4/252 Sassy Forretress: 160.45 - 189.83%
    252 SpA Modest Heatran Earth Power vs. 36/0/0 Timid Magnezone: 162.75 - 191.72%
    252 SpA Modest Heatran Lava Plume vs. 12/0/0 Adamant Breloom: 164.39 - 193.93%
    252 SpA Modest Heatran Earth Power vs. 4/0/0 Jolly Magikarp: 183.51 - 215.93%
    252 SpA Modest Heatran Lava Plume vs. 248/0/8 Adamant Scizor: 199.41 - 235.56%
    252 SpA Modest Heatran Lava Plume vs. 0/0/0 Hardy Genesect: 213.42 - 251.59%
    252 SpA Modest Heatran Lava Plume vs. 252/176/80 Relaxed Forretress: 218.07 - 257.62%
    252 SpA Modest Heatran Lava Plume vs. 0/0/4 Jolly Choice Scarf Scizor: 244.83 - 290.39%

    Things looked good. All of the members would be able to do their jobs perfectly. I just had to watch out for weather abusers, as I had no real counter (though Jolteon can probably rip through alot of rain teams, and Snorlax and Heatran are well suited to shutting down many sun abusers).


    P-2 is weak to status - common flaw in walls. Cleric support would be good, but not entirely sure how to fit it in.
    No safe switch for Ttar. P2 can take a super power, and is fast enough to get off a recover afterwards. He can then tox-stall, but is my only Ttar check, and not a great one.
    Rain teams cause problems.
    Gyarados is tough to counter if Jolteon is unavailable. P2 does not have the attack power.
    Latias is tough to beat. Heatran can 1-on-1 Latios lacking HP Ground though.
    The pink blobs can only be countered by Snorlax or Heracross. They stay in for neither, so the aim is ultimately just to keep forcing them out.
    Also, the lack of a spinner is a pain, though with no SR-weak pokemon, I seem to be okay.
    Snorlax and P2 share their typing. This has ultimately resulted in a slightly fighting weak team, but I am unsure as which to replace, and what with. I considered Gliscor, but water is already a strong threat.
  2. Taylor

    Taylor i am alien
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    Dec 11, 2006
    This might be a flasy RMT but it does not provide enough detail for each individual set. Please read the RMT Rules before posting.
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