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My UU Rain Team

Discussion in 'BW UU' started by i keeel you, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. i keeel you

    i keeel you

    Feb 12, 2013
    I have a rain team that seems to be working well, but I am open for and welcome criticism to try to improve my team.


    Tornadus @Damp Rock Ability: Prankster

    -Taunt Nature: Naive
    -Rain Dance EV: 252 Spe 156 SpA 100 HP
    -Hammer Arm

    Obviously, the thing that gets things started. Because of Prankster, I will always have the chance to set up a taunt and more importantly a rain dance. Now this takes a bit of guessing. If I think my opponents lead will be able to OHKO me, I will ignore the taunt, and instead use rain dance. That is also the investment in HP so I can possibly survive at least one neutral hit. Hurricane and Hammer Arm leave me attacking options once my rain is set up.

    Special Sweeper:

    Ludicolo @Life Orb Ability: Swift Swim

    -Hydro Pump Nature: Modest
    -Grass Knot Ev: 252 Spe 252 SpA
    -Ice Beam
    -Rain Dance

    The special sweeper. Hydro Pump is the main attack as in rain its power is boosted in addition to getting STAB. STAB Grass Knot serves as a counter to water pokemon that resist Hydro Pump. Rounding out the attacking moves is Ice Beam, which deals with those pesky dragons and other pokemon resisting both water and grass. Because this is a rain team, Rain Dance is for replenishment in a pinch.

    Physical Sweeper:

    Kabutops @Life Orb Ability: Swift Swim

    -Waterfall Nature: Adamant
    -Stone Edge EV: 252 Atk 252 Spe
    -X Scissor
    -Aqua Jet

    Waterfall is the main attacking move in this set hitting very hard with both STAB and rain. Stone Edge is there as a secondary STAB to take out pokemon who resist water. X-Scissor is another powerful option for type coverage. Finally we come to aqua jet. While this move choice may seem surprising, it is in fact a useful move for revenge killing a pokemon with a priority move. Bringing into account STAB and rain, aqua jet still hits with decent power.

    The Dragon:

    Kingdra @Life Orb Ability: Swift Swim

    -Surf NAture: Modest
    -Draco Meteor EV: 252 SpA 252 Spe
    -Ice Beam
    -Rain Dance
    Every team needs a good dragon right ? Kingdra offers destruction with his STAB surf and Draco Meteor, which is only resisted by Ferrothorn, who rests in OU. Ice beam offers an option to those who resist water if a stat drop in SpA is unwanted. Ice Beam will OHKO an opposing Flygon every time, with no unwanted stat drops. And, as always, in a pinch, Rain Dance

    Rain Replenisher/Thunder/Drought Counter

    Zapdos @Damp Rock Ability: Pressure

    -Rain Dance Nature: Timid
    -Thunder EV: 252 Spe 156 HP 100 SpA
    -HP Ice
    -Heat Wave

    Zapdos serves a number of roles on this team. The first is a rain replenisher. Zapdos main job is to switch in after rain has run out and set up another lasting rain dance (hence the damp rock). Second, because rain is being used, its nice to be able to take advantage of a STAB thunder. Lastly, in case a drought team is faced (doesn't happen much) Overheat is there to make opponents think twice about putting a grass type in with sun.

    The Annoyer/ Rapid Spinner

    Blastoise @Leftovers ABility: Rain Dish

    -Scald NAture: Sassy
    -Rapid Spin EV: 252 HP 252 SpD

    Hazards, though not as large in UU can still pose a threat. This is what Blastoise is there for. Bulky enough to go in, take a hit, and spin away hazards. IN addition, he can offer as a status inflicter, stall, and just be plain annoying. Toxic will poison the foe, and then Blastoise can alternate between using scald and protect, while gaining health replenishment from leftovers and rain dish. He can offer a nice change in pace from the normal swift brutal sweeping of the rest of my team.
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    Nas Banned deucer.

    Oct 19, 2007
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