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Mystery Egg Run!

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by swaniize, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. swaniize


    Mar 6, 2013
    Hey fellas. I've been wanting to do a Mystery Egg Run for quite some time now, so i finally decided to do one on my White version... The rules im gonna go by are:

    1. You are only allowed to use pokemon hatched from eggs!
    2. You may not catch wild pokemon!
    3. If a Shiny pokemon is found - You may break rule 2!
    4. All pokemon have to be nicknamed
    5. If a pokemon faints in a battle against a ''Boss'' (Gym leaders, Rivals, Elite 4 etc. ) it is considered dead and may not be used.
    6. If a pokemon ''Dies'' it may only be replaced by another Egg - However this have to happen within 12 hours

    I have gotten all the eggs i need - However i will happily still take more :-)

    Eggs so far:
    8 out of 6

    Egg 1 - Dodou(Dubstep) - FireMage
    Adamant Nature

    Egg 2 - Mankey(Rock) - FireMage
    Adamant Nature
    -Low kick
    -Focus Energy

    Egg 3 - Smoochum(Pop) - FireMage
    Relaxed Nature
    -Nasty Plot

    Egg 4 - Growlithe(Metal) - FireMage
    Lonely Nature
    -Morning Sun
    -Close Combat
    -Flare Blitz

    Egg 5 - Eevee(Indie) - FireMage
    Bold Nature
    -Helping Hand
    -Stored Power

    Egg 6 - Ekans(Jazz) - Cantap
    Bashfull nature
    -Sucker Punch

    Boxed Eggs: 2 eggs from FireMage.

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