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New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

Discussion in 'Profile Requests' started by antemortem, Mar 27, 2016.

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  1. antemortem

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    PS Policy Head

    Jul 28, 2013
    Name Changes for Regular Users
    • you only get 1 name change;
      • you must provide a REASON;
      • you may revert back to your old name, but you will be ineligible for future changes;
      • removal of numbers or other distracting text (eg. tennisace0227 -> tennisace) will not count as a name change;
      • there is a SMALL chance for an exception to made if you seriously want a second name or regret an old change, etc. but it will be permanent and under no circumstances will it ever be changed again. ever.
    • you may not get a name change if you have an active infraction or are Wi-Fi blacklisted;
    • you will receive a custom title with your former username so that others may identify you;
    • you may not take the username of an existing account under any circumstances;
    • new/alternate accounts are against the rules, so you will be infracted if you create one instead of using this thread.
    Name Changes for Badgeholders
    • badgeholders - all of the above applies to you;
    • you must show PROOF OF OWNERSHIP / USE of the name on PS or Discord for 1+ month (30+ days) because your Smogon and PS names must match;
      • you may waive the 1 month period if you don't already own the account and the name is abandoned on Pokemon Showdown, but you will not be allowed to change your name again;
    • you may take the name of an existing account ONLY IF
      • the account with the username you want has not been logged into for 3+ years, AND
      • the account with the username you want has less than 10 posts.
    Profile Changes:
    • you may request birth date and related information to be changed only once;
    • we will not fulfill avatar or custom title requests;
    • badges and banners are earned, not given.
    General Rules:
    • LOOK UP THE USERNAME BEFORE YOU REQUEST IT, as from here on out, you are likely to be denied future name changes if you attempt to request a name that is taken (TIP: use the search function or just take the URL of a profile [ such as http://www.smogon.com/forums/members/antemortem.192841/ ] and replace "antemortem.192841" with the username you want... if the profile doesn't appear, the name is free! if it DOES appear, you may NOT request it unless you are a badgeholder. you have been warned);
    • do NOT ask super moderators or admins on their profiles OR in private message to change your name or to check the thread or anything of the like, as the point of the thread is so that you may request and so that we will get to it when we have the time to do so;
    • joke requests will not be tolerated and I'll probably just infract you if you do it at this point, have some sense.
    • you will be profile locked for a month after getting a new name. remember to ask a Super Moderator or Admin to remove the lock after a month, it will not come off automatically.
    Archive of old name changes (yes, if you were restricted from future changes five minutes ago, you're still restricted from future changes, so don't ask): http://pastebin.com/yn4BbHUC

    WhatIsJosh -> Josh.
    iHatez -> Fitzcarraldo
    Sacred Lie -> CriiSs'
    xDjPinkiePie -> VeryExcitedLapras
    Esidisi -> Ryoma Nagare
    Wally The Bully -> Chief Wally -> Wally The Bully
    frogg22 -> party's over
    ala -> alamaster
    Shine Danze -> Stocke
    low20 -> CoolCrossX
    Vortiene -> Jameswilliams
    NotAGymLdr -> Don Slime
    Staxandstax -> Stax
    Soroush Eidgahy -> The Excadrill
    TheKFC -> Weegah
    garlando -> YouthBerry
    ElByFedexx -> FK FrontLiner
    GOAO -> Miuna -> GOAO
    catfight09 -> xRoy
    SheWentToJarod's -> Gotham Paldin
    Shiny Girl -> Arii~ -> Arii Stella
    iplaytennislol -> advantage
    Infamy -> lord minds -> Infamy
    TruSwagblu -> Rambutan -> TruSwagblu

    Night Fallen Wolf -> Xander of Nohr
    2D over 3D -> Leafyy -> Amoonguss
    Dennis Quackenbush -> Impulse_Control
    shocking -> Zaettsu
    WanderingWobbuffet -> Based Honker
    Jedi Knight -> Trainer17
    Vertex -> ballislife
    DaSpoofy -> Spoof
    Patwinking -> Donny P
    ThimoTheUltimateBOBO -> Thimo
    Daisy Welham -> PsychicPhysicist
    SlaySlenderDragon XD -> Take Azelfie
    Seliquacou 2 -> FY2.0/Eko
    Arifeen -> Feen -> Arifeen
    SeppukuCommander -> UnawareUser
    Nickokster -> Nickos
    Red OP-Chan -> Whitewash
    Mudvayne -> North Gate
    omi. -> aij
    MetaTres -> Santa Reuniclause
    flubzor -> Volupture -> Flubzor
    theurbandear -> urban
    Anthony Ramirez -> Primal_Rain_Dancer
    G.O.A.T. Satan 2.0 -> Kryppton
    Mega Alakazam 1 -> GoldenPortal
    sniperaim -> sniperr
    harsh -> OminousDraco
    Meloettaaa -> Elisa
    FairlyFleek-__- -> PassablyFleek
    oml it's too ez -> ez
    H&MBerkeley -> Berks
    Based Godfish -> Contact
    Blastytoise -> Moshimander
    Eeveelution Lover -> Brandon~
    Hallies -> Kachon
    ElegyofVGC -> Elegyy
    -Tynamo- -> Tymano
    intellectual potato -> Momo Mentos
    Lmao Its BT -> Execute
    Joshz -> yelawolf -> Joshz
    RU Serios Bruh -> Ov3r Ac3
    Aussicht -> Gondra
    Updated Kanto -> Genos -> Updated Kanto
    Chiyoko Maii -> haru.
    AvianGladiator -> Ethereal Dusk
    Kahunas -> Ryan Grant
    Master Sunny-EX -> SunnyORAS
    steelskitty -> steelphoenix -> steelskitty
    Melonz -> WaterlessMelon
    BrandonBeast -> Cheryl.
    Kasumi♥ -> Amaluna
    Hidoran93 -> PrettyReality
    cristiano761 -> DeepBlueC
    hrey bb -> Peary
    Swagcaliber -> A
    karla Schnikov -> Leru
    lord qwilfish -> qwily
    jeran -> Akashi
    RedBlueYellow12 -> R-B-Y
    FishyConni -> Conni
    Madness Sky -> Svempire
    Sol and Luna -> Yaotome
    NeverDie -> 100 Hoes Kaido
    poras13 -> Mage Vulpes
    DelRio -> Yachy
    akaFila -> Escoffier
    XvolcaronaX -> v0lca
    Tunc42 -> Ilsolitostronzo
    iHeartlessHero1337 -> PrimalTaylorSwift
    Sundar -> Mighty Sciz
    unfixable -> wishes
    Damanzi -> Steven718
    The Pokemon Engineer -> Engiineer
    hilarious -> pokeisfun
    Plaessynplaeae -> Plaessy
    Miang -> Earth
    BetaHousing -> Beta.
    runbabyrun -> Whydon
    allons-y ling -> youngee
    ChoiceBnddUmbreon -> CBU
    ShinySopheon -> Sopheon
    ong1324 -> Qplaz
    Alvis astley -> Aramonia
    mac1275 -> NotSoClutch
    AitchTwo -> Hawhatos
    SuperFlyRat -> Mezari
    pokégirl98 -> Vound
    Lucy Heartfillia -> Iggy Azalea -> Lucy Heartfillia
    AllJokesAside -> Mufasa style
    Kenichaw -> ONl
    IBT -> franiastar
    Wifi UU -> NoivernSkrub
    shadowdude07 -> Caster
    Happen -> Natalie.
    that4chanwolf -> t4w
    QuagGod -> Noveliss
    Yorble -> Collector Togami
    Myogui -> Albatrie
    Wallbreaker Time -> Screamouts
    Spiffycakes -> pupper on vhs
    dreagon knight -> draegn
    Aerospray -> daredevil
    Riochu -> Shayminaire
    Zarif -> Disbelief -> Zarif
    Sundar -> Mighty Sciz -> Sundar
    PomMan -> Aberforth

    TFK -> Asukara
    Poke Expert -> Velvet Blood~
    Cjl1 -> StarBlim
    Ghost_V2 -> The Chaotician
    Articuno I -> DoW
    BlueAbyss -> soupbag
    Chompers -> Ramy
    Twin Citiez -> Celysi
    Leo Calderón -> Hipster Sigilyph
    Or1hara Izaya -> Izaya.
    Lujigy -> LLewis
    eeveeattract -> castaways
    Fenomenale -> Nash.
    Jedenn -> Laevin
    Mylo Xyloto -> HeuwelsFantasties -> Mylo Xyloto
    GoldenAltaria -> VictoriasDelibirds
    Quelconque -> Skyford
    Soulraiser -> Havor -> GriefSeeds
    AnimeMaster -> Alyvia
    V0LC0M -> gtr2 -> Piercing Light
    azogue -> Femen
    GandalF -> Blake.
    The Llama -> iLlama
    Epic_Mewtwo -> Kilgrave
    Moeite -> nnxiz
    SailorCosmos -> Matryoshkat
    OneManFreakShow -> Ankebut
    empoleonlove -> Empo
    UniqueHonor -> byGiann
    Century Express -> Yes. -> Century Express
    lesalia -> leonmachar
    dannybanny -> nill
    Jessilina -> overdramatic -> Jessilina
    HuntressWizzard -> Skelos
    Hammyosman -> Hammy
    Tsuyuki Arumaya -> KirisameAlice
    Adiane -> Wretched Waltz
    JMcLemore57 -> McLemore
    Captain Skywalker -> Russell Bestbrook
    mzenken -> zenzen~
    Super Nerd Dan -> Beast.
    MegaStarUniverse -> CosmicLimit -> MegaStarUniverse
    Hello Gardevoir -> denger
    Reken -> Ron;
    GG No Re M8 -> Prince Python -> SINCEER
    Jethalal -> Mikaav
    thecrystalonix -> tko
    Cheek Pouch -> Holiday

    LORD ISSEI -> godphil
    duetis -> Monsoon
    daedalus1103 -> Chronobreak
    IBIREVER -> Britania
    ~GreenCore -> coR.
    rikkiness -> cinccino for ubers -> Curlia

    VoidKraken -> dioV
    DFB3636 -> Evilfaic
    Andy25161 -> DatBoiNyandroo

    Taiy -> Commander Greil -> Taiy
    123 Serperior -> Stall Queen MNO
    starfoxfan51 -> Starfox.
    Peanuts10k -> Peanut_
    AM Zer0 -> Not Zer0
    Chople Berries -> pizzq
    EmTwoTeeS -> M2TS.
    Mangata -> Ha-Neul
    goodmorningfuckcub -> gmfc
    Kamikaze -> [old] Kamikaze

    kamikaze17 -> kamikaze
    xAids -> xDayz
    eitleon -> ERFN
    Hurrycanes -> Elec.

    Marshall.Law -> SUPER MARSHALL -> Marshall.Law
    Josh -> [old] Josh
    Joshz -> Josh
    ★Centi★ -> Centinela
    Clone -> [old] Clone
    Clone. -> Clone
    dusk raimon -> figments -> dusk raimon
    Fuuta of the Stars -> RebornPixels

    False. -> [old] False.
    Koiro. -> False.
    Ara -> Cacnea -> ara

    HaxED -> Ed
    simiabraz2013 -> Simiatic
    Lemonade -> [old] Lemonade
    Lemonade. -> Lemonade
    RadRobert -> RudeBoyEEEE
    Uelei_dende -> Chamlly
    franiastar -> frania
    RoketeRogue -> Lemaitre
    Wesleyxd -> Wind Ice -> A Hero's Destiny
    Yellow Skarmory -> Pokemoon

    Entei -> [old] Entei
    Entei. -> Entei
    q p -> qpie
    Deoxys24 -> Tatsumi(Breloom)
    grum23 -> Hamhamhamham
    .Yusuf. -> pikacu221
    Dullagamur -> tropiusisbae

    BladePrincess -> Taistelu
    Brokengoth -> Fairy MMM
    rip kana -> mirraa~
    7supersonicfan -> Adamant Rotom-W
    Lord of Bays -> Schpoonman
    Karmaz -> Cirio
    ShadowCuney -> Cunes

    Mega Greenusaur -> DDDon
    brightobject -> pupper!!! -> brightobject
    VeryPinkPancakes -> pancake
    Tone -> [old] Tone
    TONE114 -> TONE
    Grim -> [old] Grim
    -Grim -> Grim
    party's over -> partys over
    Prótos -> Prtos
    Henkachief -> Henka
    jasonthenig -> Revenant
    brolatypus -> JoarAddamNessosin
    ballislife -> Vertex
    f(x) -> fx
    Jarii -> Jariibo
    Madax Only -> imMadax
    luigi -> [old] luigi
    Luigi. -> Luigi
    Dyrewolf -> Meicoo
    Æ_R -> solstic3
    Zangooser -> Chloe.
    Hannibalism -> symphonii -> HNBL
    Rebel Pawniards -> iRebel
    Lauam80 -> UserUser
    coconut -> [old] coconut
    Coconut. -> Coconut
    Inaho -> Kait
    Mentalist Swag -> Swagata
    Uriel Reboseno -> larrygong
    Mangle the toy fox -> Painted Ducks
    Panther-5001 -> Panther-T
    Cranham -> Californium
    xSkyBluDreamsx -> Sky Blue
    Jazzo -> Topaxx
    DanzSS -> Danz
    FireMonkeyGamer -> FMG
    Robert Robinson -> God's Gift
    Drayden8437 -> Daft Blaze
    981230 -> Tenka
    SomewhatOddish -> Oddish.
    Chemist Wooper -> SawsbuckVanillite
    ND-PULSE -> AuraFlamed
    dem1995 -> DEMcKnight
    brzozod526 -> ColinTheComputer
    neored64 -> Prototypon
    Vicky the Shitlord -> yurishit
    SpareAacount -> shadowpandax
    SoccerZ12 -> Soccer
    macle -> Bane. -> macle
    Aurosis -> Aquajetbreloom
    Specs Fake-Out -> Akiruu -> kiloments
    dmw -> Vague
    omgitsquon -> prince HIPPOPOTAS
    XK_Zuko -> Raineko
    flamingpoke -> HammerHeadKitty
    Thracia776 -> LordBraixen -> Hourai
    Pixelmaniac -> Selius
    iVid -> Vid
    Fate in Arms -> Fates in Arms
    scorpian3600 -> SirGarde
    D. Miralis -> Meloriver
    Tato Chingamadre -> Tato2772
    During Summer -> Uchiha Sasuke -> no longer here
    CasualShackul -> Cringes
    liberty32 -> roscoe
    Rediamond -> Pallas Athena
    jayelt413 -> JJayyFeather
    asph -> aureal
    Eternally -> [old] Eternally
    ~Eternally -> Eternally
    ElectricApples -> Sour Apples
    Mirajane Spinda -> Flash Daddy
    Venom Demon Magellan -> Magellan
    Arecus -> Seamus Eso
    pholowers -> Dehors
    Maniaclyrasist -> gengod
    iBaneful -> Mervis
    AdamH121 -> Leafstorm121
    megaqwer:D -> Mq
    Cruisings -> Cruises
    Chris49 -> etothe(ipi)
    cyrui -> Ra*bits
    Rattled Snakes -> Rattled -> Serene's Grace
    Neo -> [old] Neo
    TheRealDraciel -> Draciel RC -> Neo
    blaziken1337 -> Blaziken. -> Mistrals

    RadianceHD -> Radiam
    Deon Custom -> Cheshir -> I Have N0 Mana
    kaiivee -> plusy
    HeraCris -> HC
    Kirigakure -> bigmidass -> Kirigakure
    kingDeacon -> Inactive User -> Inactive.
    a helpful magikarp -> Ryota Mitarai
    NattyZ -> Tornadus-Senpai
    Angelpichu -> Skizar
    Tony -> [old] Tony
    TonyFlygon -> Tony
    Prof.AshKetchum -> Ninja Starz -> Ceteris Paribus

    Sun -> [old] Sun
    King Sun -> Eutychios -> Sun
    Dipak -> swaggron711
    Star -> [old] Star
    Star. -> Star
    Tory -> Tory vs. Raven VI T
    sakivatar -> Vikasso
    dazzlinq_diancie -> HappyHorsea
    Alperg Rorshines -> SSPhelps
    TheCamelBoy -> TheCamelDude
    Lemon Limelight -> Pizzachu-Tan
    DePariah -> wite_shrine
    BaccaSr -> zCheshrye
    Martin -> [old] Martin
    gamer boy -> Marigi174 -> gamer boy -> Martin. -> Martin
    The Diverman -> Every1XplodeNOW
    Minority Suspect -> Minority
    Game Boy -> Plain Spit
    Shadow Hitmontop -> Snorlax in the way
    Confluxx -> Balor -> Confluxx
    Nitewolf -> Nighty
    SMT Apocalypse -> Super Saiyan Trump
    DANN3 -> Plinful Seasures -> DANN3
    BlazingDark -> Orayo
    MonoMire -> Arrested
    The Beastmode -> Boomalacka
    a7x -> osgoode -> Sauga
    YIsUrHoodHalfOn -> Fairy Resist
    Sol64 -> SolCalibre
    Save the Queen -> Zweig
    Parameter -> Acacia
    Twerkerella -> HotFuzzBall
    Worst One -> Saternoir
    Chopin Alkaninoff -> Why Nerdy
    Rimz -> Zyo -> Seo.
    Pawnzer -> McPabs
    DrakeSRT4 -> Dreamy
    Froggyboy - Frogman417 -> Froggyboy
    Redash -> Flamita
    prooo -> Z strats
    Artic -> Kong Harald
    Joker8417 -> Flarowak
    _roguemischief -> DarkMaelstrom
    NRD -> 2MN
    champion SC -> champion SC
    beppityboopbop -> ehat -> eht
    Paradise -> [old] Paradise
    Paradise~ -> Paradise
    ChrisTehAwesome -> Duck Chris
    Gentleman Tech -> xTech
    mafreel -> I dont care
    Pink Weavile - pweav
    Exiline -> Northbridge -> Exiline
    InfernoMo -> InfernoMonferno
    Teclis -> Heathcliff
    ZoroarkForever -> zf
    Logic -> Kuarje
    Rayfordjames -> beefdreams
    gogurtgoat -> pileosand
    platinumblad3 -> JBC
    shuseriansuzaku -> RaikouKusanagi
    aquashiram14 -> foxwaffles
    Mighty No. 9 -> Riguor
    etherialme -> FearOfWater
    Cyndequil. -> Cynde
    Nebuland -> Land
    parkour_lad -> sokain
    Mr.Surgeon -> 1Surgeon
    Kazuya Miyuki -> Azuuli
    thrix -> skrelix
    iSeb -> Deagle M40
    The real UD -> UD
    GenOneRaisedGenY -> GenOne
    Gary -> [old] Gary
    Gary2346 -> Gary
    KlynPar -> Parker.
    daddy's kisses -> dk
    Ulivus -> ori
    Sharpedo Bear -> SafariSam
    kierant3hz -> Grumpig
    Config.js -> Kruhl
    PleaseDontBanMe -> Heavyweapons Mann
    SomePumpkinPie -> Consignia
    Shadowstar -> Tremendo Dude
    urbestfriend -> spookysocialist
    Tristan137 -> Sleiphros
    Teostra. -> Gotham-Mimiqui
    JoshuaMunoz -> Farobi
    TestingSomeTeams -> askov
    Adamant Zoroark -> Silver Alli
    mj20 -> emptee
    Kouhai -> Lawler
    Grino -> Pignaa
    I_Zezima_I -> Univeral
    PokeC9 -> Nightwingg95
    Joo Ventura -> The Bill Cipher
    /._.\ Its Ditto -> MeepBard
    Fede.96 -> Real.96
    HotSkittyOnWailord -> HSOWA
    Cool Shades the Kid -> KrewlKat
    LSB -> Descending
    Aewsomepi -> 3.14dgeot-Mega
    Baxstenias -> Bax
    Alliance - Rabz -> Rabzzz
    KingHaZii - > Agent-9029
    HyperZenith -> Hyper†Wastelands
    ara -> Galaxy.
    Pilobacon -> Pilo
    Dr4xl3r -> Drax.
    Luna -> Luna [old]
    Luna Bakitso -> Luna
    CoolSwag2015 -> CS2016 -> Leafage
    Dracoyoshi8 -> Brambane
    Brocaronanite -> Donald Trump vgc
    Johnny Rage -> JR
    TheAzumaKiller -> NabboCheTesta
    Heathcliff -> Celica
    viperdk1 -> Kyleo
    shinychimchar -> Hayburner
    jacob2289 -> Primehoarder
    PuffPuffChief -> A1 Scrub
    col49 -> 49 -> col49
    RPZY -> Pirouette
    Pkreaper -> Trickshaw
    charizardfan49 -> overdose
    Drew -> [old] Drew
    H0W3AN -> Drew
    Baton Mash -> Eden.
    Kraein -> Aegiislash
    SMDC -> SS speed
    Train All -> AbrarWasee
    Felis Lux Lucis -> Felis
    Rem -> Rezileen
    KC Rox Sox -> Memeing Hard
    ManOfMany -> Many
    netgamer -> Egyptianmego5
    UltraSigilyph -> KirbyRider1337
    Terrakion. -> Gastro
    Eclipse -> [old] Eclipse
    CrystalRam -> Eclipse
    Stephen Goralski -> Abacashi
    Scrubchoo -> Namion
    Hairy Toenail -> HT
    papai noel -> Elodin
    Fuleno -> Dioo
    Ravi Kumar -> Ravi Pinapaka
    Brian12345 -> Ursarox
    shrektacularshrek -> smellslikememe
    Fighter Red -> LdlLdlLdl
    Rider -> Rider [Old]
    Ryoma Nagare -> Rider
    Length & Girth -> HxH Hisoka
    Itsyos -> Neiive
    BlueSkiddoWeCanToo -> BlueSkiddo
    Lopunny kicks2002 -> Lopunny kicks
    lordavra123 -> Cool.isColress
    RiCH HOMiE CHRiS -> Lord Moet
    pifactorial -> CipherGruntBlusix
    oujiaboard -> despize
    Axel™ -> Acsel
    Adamant Zoroark -> Silver Alli -> Adamant Zoroark
    Gøvhatanks -> Zovrah
    Magnus Swiftwind -> Magnus0
    Tyrant Tyranitar -> Careful
    KatheyIsme123 -> Kathey
    Tai_Lopez9001 -> Freddy Kyogre
    Kellen Black -> canuckmon04
    Akram -> Smogon Genie
    AlexAKSD -> Alore
    GoatlordJin -> Sad DaddyVGC
    BlazingDark -> Orayo -> BlazingDark
    Neptune0125 -> Lord Neptune
    Gamer's S O U L -> Marshoul
    Capt. KnightWalker -> CKW
    Staraptor 4 UU -> selfiehater
    ksr15 -> GlassVeins
    -slowpoketail- -> Assorted Linebackers
    Xerow -> Stylus
    calummr -> Stan Soojung
    ben gay -> craing ;_;
    Alliance*Stargazed -> Stargazed*Melo
    RIDDIKULUS442 -> Riddikulusness
    izaya -> izaya [old]
    izaya. -> izaya
    MikeDecIsHere -> Style_Dota
    Sunding -> DDarken
    Doom's Melody...♥ -> CursedStar
    Omicron -> Rakan
    AD Thunderboy -> Xayah
    Bionic Puppy -> Arcade
    067jox -> Jox
    SunnyORAS -> Eden's Embrace
    Blazeboy291 -> Blazeboy2.0
    Pikachuboy01 -> InfamousChub
    UB-013 -> Dussky
    Lorda Floterchai -> Akaru Kokuyo
    Sky Might Fall -> Neski
    Tirander -> Aalbaniaa
    Stacy Ritter -> woofmasterarf
    Murdercow -> MakeModsGreatAgain
    Ckameroon -> Totally Cam
    tigers jaw -> mondayne
    Maclach -> lackurs
    Fineonbae -> Hopeee
    Blastytoise -> Moshimander -> Blastytoise
    Erz -> Erzengel
    Neutral Zone -> Bloodz
    Berserker Lord -> Demoness
    Archowl -> Joshua Elkington
    brophlosion -> THATSAplusONE
    Wando -> DBW
    ApexZoid -> p1ccolo
    PixelMoniac_ -> Kyrads
    MaximeLopunny -> EchoGaia
    Camilas -> Chop
    Land -> AnnaKartanna
    TheOfficialVodoom -> Vodoom
    Chadizard -> Dragovion
    Heathcliff -> Celica -> Heathcliff
    EchoSierra -> AquaSierra
    TheRealJahim -> Jahimm
    Hax the Gam3 -> Akiko Yosano
    Doran Dragon -> SilvanRaptor
    Mega Manaphy -> M Manaphy
    Oshawott Fan -> Osh
    SkyPhoenix -> FlareonBlitz
    ThiccTornasdys -> ThiccTornadus
    Dende -> DenisTheMenace
    canman98 -> SuperWumbology
    sun sol -> Golden Aether
    PishT_ -> Pish
    Kanga -> yuguy
    FiveQwerty -> 5qwerty
    phantom -> phantom [old]
    Spirit -> phantom
    VoltDarkrai -> GL Volkner
    Fizz -> viol and bass
    zStormKnight -> VagrantGhost
    Dlunch -> Danuh
    whydoievenlivefor -> lula_preso
    georgefhs -> Kaynein
    KittenGaming -> Felines
    sasu -> Hassi
    Gandalf -> GNDL
    GoldBomb -> Kobal Kahn
    Kamui Master -> Sashuto
    lavos -> lavos [old]
    lavos spawn -> lavos
    googlemaster190 -> primal bidoof
    RNGIsCancer -> RNGIsFatal
    Brick Small -> Sonzinho
    Primordialcrow -> Shirozaru
    mj20 -> emptee -> mj
    DragonLatios -> Mitsuki
    Flamestar -> ItsYaBoi1337
    VeryExcitedLapras -> Acadeca
    icetea -> ict
    skywardsword596 -> roseguardin
    TheSilverShadow -> Salient
    Kyu(Amber) -> Amblood
    Srs Bisnis -> Swamp Thing
    shredderman -> Fretscorch
    .Rawr! -> Day Healer
    SirLittlePvP -> wisdom dog
    dullvice -> Endeils
    fghdsu -> Failures
    wesley8631 -> Cancerous Maximus
    Aioma -> CynAnjel
    Sanjay -> Sanjay [old]
    Sanjay. -> SANJAY
    Reisen -> Reisen [old]
    Reisen Inaba -> Reisen
    Champion Han -> Heliodor
    Dull Ladder UU -> Luthier
    TriBlock -> Momblast
    SnapEasy -> Snap
    Lycans -> Lycans (old)
    Lcans -> Lycans
    RNGesus555 -> WPBeartic
    NukedNukem -> Nuked
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  2. bbg


    Jun 12, 2011
    Hi! I made this name years ago and I don't like it anymore because it sounds juvenile. I'm returning to Smogon and I'd like to be posting as something more recognizable that won't cause anyone to make assumptions, so I'd like to request that my name be changed to bbg, a shortening of my longtime Showdown alias bbg07endless. Thanks for considering!

    done (props for the gatsby avatar) - ante
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 30, 2016
  3. paper dreams

    paper dreams starry whipping boy

    Mar 24, 2014
    hai, i'd like to get a name change to "paper dreams" (without the quotations); i've been using that account on pretty much everywhere like ps, skype, and a few other places for a while now and it'd be nice if i could match, additionally this username has been kinda annoying for a few obvious reasons and i'd prefer that username over this one. thanks! :)

    done - ante
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  4. Malevolent Spirit

    Malevolent Spirit

    Oct 21, 2015
    Hello Hello. :) I would be sincerely grateful if you would help me in a matter most dear... You see, I am in desperate need of a name change to "Malevolent Spirit" As I have decided that for all future Smogon ANYTHING, it will be under this name.

    Obviously no italics or bold in my name, or silly quotations xD Just pure, all natural, Malevolent Spirit. Thank you very much for the assistance, it is greatly appreciated. <3

    done - ante
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  5. casualdav


    Sep 24, 2013
    Good afternoon,

    Would like a name change to 'casualdav' if possible because I'd like to remove the numbers from my username and I'm going to assume the name Dave is taken. My OCD is really making me resent the name dave497. I very much plan on becoming apart of the smogon community and would greatly appreciate this one time name change.

    Kind regards,

    done - ante
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  6. FFXIII-Lightning


    Mar 1, 2015
    yo could i please get mine changed to 'FFXIII-Lightning' or if the dash isnt supported then just 'FFXIII Lightning'? Made this profile when I first was playing on showdown with gopackgo and have since been using FFXIII-Lightning on a permanent basis for quite awhile now and that's what the UU folks know me as. thanks in advance for putting in the work for us low level plebeians.

    done - ante
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  7. Always Adapting

    Always Adapting

    Mar 29, 2016
    I would like to change my name to Always Adapting. I don't like this name, and i didn't realize that this site was affiliated with showdown. If i changed it, it would match my name on showdown. So, can i please have my name changed to Always Adapting?

    done - ante
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 30, 2016
  8. sneaky.


    Nov 16, 2013
    hey I made this account years ago but i was stupid and made this dong name. I was a full lurker throughout those years but I've been posting a bit more recently. That's why I want to change my name to sneaky. thanks!

    denied - ante
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 30, 2016
  9. wishes

    wishes leather + lace
    is a member of the Site Staffis a Forum Moderatoris a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Aug 30, 2013
    hey there! unfortunately, just "sneaky" is taken. http://www.smogon.com/forums/members/sneaky.77025/

    you could try "sneaky." or something along the lines though!
  10. antemortem

    is a member of the Site Staffis a Battle Server Administratoris an Administratoris a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus
    PS Policy Head

    Jul 28, 2013
    Please read the OP before requesting.
  11. Evan.

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 22, 2014

    About 2 months ago I applied for a name change to Evan. on forums (as seen here) but was denied because I didn't own a related PS! alt. I recently acquired the alt "Evann" on PS! and have started using it as my main account (as seen here by my auth in the NU room). I was wondering if I could bypass the usual 30 day wait for badgeholders because it is clear that I want to keep this name change as i'm still pursuing it after 2 months and I made the effort to acquire the PS! name related to it. If we can, that would be awesome but if not then i'll just be back in 30 days to apply again anyways, thanks!

    I also know how awful it is having a period in your name and I am 100% willing to accept the confusion that goes along with it

    k - ante
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  12. The Original Syn

    The Original Syn

    Sep 16, 2014
    Can you change mine to The Original Syn? It'll help differentiate me from all the other Syns and, Insignia Dignitas is a name I used for all of two days on PS. It serves no practical function.

    done - ante
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 14, 2016
  13. sneaky.


    Nov 16, 2013
    Damn, I screwed up. I was actually looking up a bunch of potential names but completely forgot when I came up with sneaky. Sorry about that.
    If it's still ok, could I please change my name to $neaky? If dollar signs aren't allowed then sneaky. is fine. Sorry again.

    done - ante
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 14, 2016
  14. The Manifold Curiosity

    The Manifold Curiosity

    May 15, 2014
    Hi I would like to have my name changed from UmbreonEternal to The Manifold Curiosity please. While Umbreon is still my favorite mon, I've noticed that it winds up people the wrong way when I use Umbreon in my stall team. I also don't want to be totally associated with one Pokemon anymore as it's quite limiting sometimes.

    The new name is from one of my favorite songs of all time ( ) and sums my musical tastes perfectly (14 min Avant-garde song with post-rock, jazz, classical and black-metal all merged together) as well as having a much deeper personal meaning over the last few years. I'm using "Manifold Curiosity" as my PS alt from now on as well. Thanks.

    done - ante
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 14, 2016
  15. mirraa~


    Aug 3, 2015
    hello i would kike to change my name to rip kana, as i have been using that alt on PS! for about 2-3 months now and it is much easier to get a name change then say im under the alt rip kana every time i have something for tour games and stuff like that

    thanks in advance n_n

    done - ante
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 14, 2016
  16. BlessyZ


    Mar 14, 2012

    i choose OO8 as name 4 years ago but im not using it anymore and i would like to change it to BlessyZ if possible Thank you.

    done - ante
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  17. Sherkel


    Aug 3, 2010
    Requesting a name change to Sherkel, as it's just what I use now, including on Showdown (this site's affiliated with Showdown now? That's awesome! :D ).

    done, this site has always been affiliated with Showdown - ante
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  18. Darkreaper


    Oct 1, 2015
    Requesting a name change to DarkReaper , The 215 in my name is really distracting and annoying. I don't like it.

    done - ante
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 14, 2016
  19. HopelessSoul


    Apr 1, 2016
    I would like to request a name change from HoplessSoul to HopelessSoul as I misspelled it while creating my account.

    done - ante
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  20. Leafage


    Jun 29, 2015
    Requesting a name change to CS2016 because its the name i use on Showdown.

    done, don't come asking for a name change per year :V - ante
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 14, 2016
  21. Arifeen

    is a Tutoris a Team Rater Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    May 31, 2014
    Requesting name change to Feen
    I have it registered on IRC for quite a while, also laddered in LT8G Feen back in the OLT days.
    Show Hide

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    done - ante
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  22. Drangonn.


    Nov 1, 2015
    Requesting a name change to Drangonn. because my showdown name is Drangonn.

    k - ante
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  23. Eien

    Eien B.B. Channel Time!
    is a member of the Site Staffis a Forum Moderatoris a Tiering Contributoris a Contributor to Smogon

    Aug 1, 2011
    Requesting a name change to Eien

    Everyone calls me Eien for short anyway and there's a (surprisingly?) decent amount of confusion regarding the rest of my name.

    k - ante
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  24. Svempire


    Apr 22, 2014
    Requesting name change to Blackish. I'd Like to change it because this one doesn't match with my alt, thanks

    denied, taken - ante
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 18, 2016
  25. Xander of Nohr

    Xander of Nohr

    Aug 20, 2015
    Hello there, I'd like to request a name change to Xander of Nohr. Why? Well, I joined smogon not too long ago with the sole purpose of partaking in a quick tournament that was being held here. As of now, the tournament is over, but I sticked around with this username I made up on the spot, which feels completely dull and random to me with no actual meaning ( wolves aren't even my favourite animals and I actually prefer the light of the day ).

    It would be really greatly appreciated n_n

    k - ante
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