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New Pkmn Idea (I don't except it to actually be created, and am not asking)

Discussion in 'Create-A-Pokémon Project' started by outermon, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. outermon


    Jul 31, 2006
    *Points at topic* I just want to hear thoughts and opinions. I had this idea for a pokemon, and though I don't expect it to get created here, I just felt like sharing and getting feedback. I figured I should post it here, because the topic is more relevant to this section than any other. I'm sorry if I should've posted somewhere else, and please, mods/admins, move my post if I did.

    Ok, my idea was to create a pokemon with a horrible typing, a below average movepool, and really good stats. And here's what I got:


    I haven't gone and taken the time to make a whole movepool, but I have some ideas:
    - No Avelanch, Ice is a pretty good attacking type, and 120BP Stab Avelanche on these stats screams overpowered. Also, no Ice Punch (I see this thing being on all fours). I also put the low special attack to purposely mess up Ice Beam, as, once again, Ice is a very good attacking type. Ice Fang is ok though, I guess.
    - Ice Shard most likely, low BP, but it gets stab and makes up for his average (at best) speed.
    - Poison Jab, Gunk Shot, and even Sludge Bomb are must have STABs. Poison is arguably the worst attacking type, so there should be little argument against it.
    - With no Ice Punch, obviously no other Elemental Punches. Elemental Bites are cool, except fire. Thunder Fang would be its only, even if not too great, threat to Skarmory. It should get bite as well, and maybe Crunch.
    - Being on all fours, Iron Tail (for whatever it's worth) is plausable, as well as Agility to correct that average speed.
    - Brick Break covers steels and rocks, while not being as powerful as earthquake.
    - Being on all fours, it could be dog like, or maybe some mutant poison ice wolf.... Anyway the point is, Howl.
    - Toxic for status. Will-o-Wisp on ice is a no-no (not counting frostlass). No-Twave, that'd make life too easy. Maybe confuse ray, though it doesnt seem like it'd fit on this pokemon.

    As for it's ability, I'm not sure... Based on it's stats, it seems like it should be something big and scary, so Intimidate comes to mind. Being Ice, it could get snow cloak. I could see that working with Hail and Blizzard. Snow Warning would be interesting; with it's high stats, it could be the an Ice TTar or sorts.

    I could see something like...
    Life Orb - EVs: 252HP 252Atk
    Gunk Shot/Poison Jab
    Ice Shard
    Brick Break
    This is a bulky hard-hitter, an OU Nidoking of sorts. Gunk Shot is probably best paired with Return or Bite, as Howl can boot Poison jab effectively. Gunk Shot and Agility can work to attempt a sweep. Ice Shard does what priority moves do, hits x4 ice weak pokemon hard, and could possibly OHKO frail sweepers. Return is a decently powerful attack that can cover some weird stuff like Tentacruel and Toxicroak. Bite provides good type coverage, as this can't do much to things like Gengar, but the base power is poor. Howl is a feeble attemp to boost his attack to godly digits while Agility helps his average speed and could even help a late-game sweep. Infernape scares it off the field. Gengar poses a threat, but doesn't have much to hit especially hard (barring the rare psychic or fire blast). Bronzong could come in and wall it. This gives you time to howl up, but odds are you'll be met with status.

    What do you think. Please go easy on me -- I'm not exactly a competitive play expert -- but don't hold back on improving it (not that it'll matter much).
  2. darkie

    darkie just remember no caps when you spell the mans name
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    Dec 25, 2005
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