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it's a skorupi egg
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when the dex is up I'll go through them all myself and make changes that need to be done. I've made sure that all jynx/scoli references were removed from the analyses in this forum already, so that won't be a problem :D
What about all the random shit that were (un)viable cos of them? eg. Metang, Bronzor, RP Lunatone
metangs still a little bit viable :D. But those will be deleted unless someone really campaigns for it.
RP is Lunatone's best set, with or without Jynx in the metagame.
All that needs to be done still is removing jynx and scolipede from things on site. Which I'll do when I get back from my trip unless someone wants to do it
I might start working on that tonight. hmu on PS if you are on and want to work on it 2gether
Raseri I'm actually doing that^ now lol

Do we want to remove Bronzor's analysis altogether? Its only niche was a dedicated Jynx counter for stall. Will edit this post with other stuff if it comes up.

edit: finished A-C mons. headache, can't stare at bright white screen with tiny words anymore.
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