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Challenge Nuzlocke Challenge

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by ginganinja, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. ObserverJoe


    Jun 18, 2011
    Some of you might of noticed I posted one post about a Platinum Nuzlocke run sometime back, then never updated it again. Well, the reason is I had to go out of time zone to visit relatives. HOWEVER, during this time, my cousin managed to get a hold of my Platinum and deleted it.

    But do not fear! As I have started a new HG Nuzlocke run, now with 70% less weird rules! I'm going by pretty standard rules:
    -One per route
    -All nicknamed
    -No dupes
    I will be updating this soon! (Hopefully)
  2. TalkingLion


    May 7, 2011
    I decided to start a Platinum Nuzlocke today. Since it is my first Nuzlocke, I am only following the standard rules (Faint=Death, 1st Pokemon per route, all nicknamed, only one of each species). Not much has happened since the start of the game, so I'll only include a team update this time.

    Level 7 Impish Male
    My starter.... MVP so far, I guess

    Level 4 Calm Male
    Ugh, I was hoping for a Starly from Lake Verity. I kind of want this thing to die, which is why i named it Bieber.

    Level 4 ??? Female
    Just caught it and I also want it to die. In case you couldn't tell, I'm naming Pokemon I don't like after people I don't like.

    Currently at Sandgem Town, where I will level Bieber and Palin up a bit (Ok, a lot).
  3. BobbysPants


    Jun 28, 2011
    I know that my first one was kind of long, but I promise that from now on they will be about this length. As a side note, I was interested to see if anybody cared which starter I chose and nobody responded so I'm going with the one that I like the most aesthetically. Enjoy the continuation those who read but do not post, and any who post but read my anyway.

    Before the first gym (open)
    This is where my learning about Pokemon of the area helped. I knew that there were many water types and quite a few grass types but very few fire types. If I didn’t choose Cyndaquil then chances were, under the Nuzlocke I would end up with no fire type. Since fire is such a powerful offensive type I decided to go with it. I named my Cyndaquil Horus, and together we departed for the first gym. We stopped in Cherrygrove to rest up and heal my new captures, a Geodude named Toph and a Hoothoot named Xaldin. As we left I encountered a Spinarak whom I captured and named Mortarion. As we advanced through the grass I found more Spinarak and sent out Xaldin, whose training I had let lag behind Toph and Horus.

    The fight was simple, as it always is with low leveled Pokemon. However, one of the wild Spinarak’s poison sting attacks appeared to have poisoned Xaldin. He made it through the fight and I sprinted back to Cherrygrove to get him healed at the center. Unfortunately I had used my only antidote earlier on Toph when we captured Mortarion. I was too late arriving at the center to save Xaldin. My team’s first casualty wasn’t particularly hurtful. I hadn’t bonded with the Hoothoot at all so I felt little at his passing. I sent him off to his grave and moved on, merely noting how easy it was to lose a Pokemon without the Pokemon Centers providing the restoration service.

    As we approached Route 31 just before Violet City, I was getting excited to swell my party’s ranks with another capture. I had been training Mortarion and sent him out against the first Pokemon we saw, a Rattata. As the battle raged, I started to wonder if I should pull Mortarion back to avoid poisoning and killing the Rattata. Just as I pulled out his Pokeball, the two exchanged critical hits. Mortarion slumped over and the Rattata growled viciously at me before doing likewise. The final exchange had poisoned it and it died moments after killing Mortarion. Even though I had spent more time with Mortarion I wasn’t sad about his death, more pissed off.

    With only Horus and Toph now, I strode into Violet City and eyed the Sprout Tower. I had heard that Ghastly can sometimes be seen in there and I thought that my anger would be the perfect bait for one, but I was aware that I had no moves that could affect a ghost type Pokemon. So I went to Route 32, hoping for another capture and to teach Horus ember. On the route I spied another Rattata and sent out Horus. He was beginning to mirror my personality by this point and just as I was angry he had an anger supporting his attack. A single tackle downed the poor Rattata. When he realized what he had done, Horus looked up at me pleadingly. “I think this is a bit of a sign that we aren’t supposed to have a Rattata.” That brushing off of his mistake seemed to cheer the little Cyndaquil up.

    After a quick training montage Horus had mastered ember and the sun was setting once more. I had calmed down a little, but I was still determined to capture something new. I was a little irritated that I only had two Pokemon, but confident that the next capture would be in the Sprout Tower. My head held high, I strode into the building.

    Current team (open)
    Horus (Level 10 Cyndaquil)
    Toph (level 9 Geodude)

    boxed (open)

    Deceased (open)
    Xaldin (level 3 Hoothoot)
    Mortarion (level 2-5 Spinarak)
  4. Little Battler

    Little Battler

    Dec 13, 2009
    only posting this here because it doesn't get much attention at the other forum

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    @ TM13IceBeam
    Whoa ho ho, nice to see you here!
    Naja's IV? Well, couldn't resist the temptation to set it to 31 for everything :sweatdrop:
    And miraculously I didn't mess up :v: Naja doesn't count as a foreign pokemon. Fuck yes.

    Anyways, lack of readers is seriously disappointing....

    Chapter 1 :

    Varano took a step out of his house. It was dark. Well, to be fair, it was rather late into the night. Woobats were flying around in the skies, filling the frigid night air with the sound of their beating wings, and the occasional screech when a few of them got into a fight with each other. Of course, having lived there for his whole life, Varano had grown used to the local wildlife, and thus was not distracted by them. Instead, he tried to remember where his friends were headed. Cheren must have went straight to the lab, but what about Bianca? It wouldn't hurt to pay her a visit, Varano thought, and thus he made his way to her house.

    Much to his surprise, though, he stumbled upon a feud between father and daughter. It obviously was not a pretty sight. Bianca's eyes were red, tears could be seen flowing down her cheek. Her father's face was also red, although it was out of anger. Bianca, noticing that Varano was there, suddenly felt embarrassed. She quickly turned towards him, her face reddened. "Are you ok?" asked Varano.

    "If you say so..." Varano replied. He had always known that Bianca's father was extremely protective of her daughter, but he would never have guessed that he would yell at her own daughter like that. Giving the old man a glare, he quickly made his way out and continued straight towards the lab.

    "So," Cheren said, his arms crossed in front of him, his left foot tapping the ground beneath it, showing his impatience, "both of you are finally here, eh?"

    Bianca turned her face away from Cheren, the dim light from the lab windows failing to reveal the emotion her face was displaying. Varano could only sigh at Cheren's ignorant behavior. "Cheren..." Varano replied, closing himself to the boy, before continuing his sentence softly, "Bianca just had an argument with her father. I think you shouldn't keep up with that attitude of yours."

    Cheren looked somewhat shocked. "Uh, sorry then..." he said, "But, I guess we're all ready now, right?"


    The professor laughed at Cheren's reply. It was, after all, obvious to anyone who lived in the small town that she was the one and only Professor Juniper. Heck, most people in Unova knew who she was. One of the famous pokemon professors, with her studies about how and when pokemon came into existence. Aside from that, she was also helping Professor Oak from Kanto to index all existing pokemon species. "Well then, let's get down to business then. Can you show me which pokemon have you picked?"

    Varano quickly obliged and let his snivy out of his ball. The green snake didn't seem to really like the lab and hugged Varano's leg. Cheren and Bianca quickly followed suit, each of their pokemon sticking to their respective trainers, looking rather confused.

    "They seem attached to you already!" Juniper added. "Well then, to deepen the bond between you and your partners, try giving them nicknames!"

    Varano stroke his chin, trying to think up of a good name for his little green snake. His friends seemed to be thinking just as hard. It didn't take long for him to think up of a name, though.

    "What about you two?" asked Juniper at Cheren and Bianca.

    "Hmm, I'll call you Cean then!" Cheren said, quickly followed by Bianca, "Fango! Yeah, that should be good!"

    "Well, now that's done..."
    Cheren was not too amused by the professor's reaction. "Well, you kinda told our parents beforehand..."

    "As you can see, our world is inhabited by 'pokemon'. My friend, Professor Samuel Oak asked me to help him index all existing Unovan pokemon with the pokedex. Well, I'm still somewhat bogged down in my research, so I can't go out there and catch them by myself."

    Cheren, Bianca and Varano looked at each other, before finally nodding simultaneously.

    The professor let out a satisfied smile, and handed the pokedexes to the kids.
    "Also, Varano..." the professor added, "I heard that your family has a certain ability, right?"

    Varano looked at Ophiodrys, still holding tight to his leg, before turning his attention back to the Professor. He answered with a silent nod.

    "Hmm, I think someone might be interested in you. Well kids, I'll go ahead to Accumula. I'll see you there!" Juniper said before changing her lab coat for her traveling coat and walked out of the lab.

    As soon as Juniper closed the door, Bianca turned towards Varano. "Hmm, Varano, we're going on an adventure, right?" she asked shyly, taking care so that Cheren couldn't hear her.
    Varano nodded understandingly. "Yes, I suppose it would be good for you..."

    Cheren, not noticing that Var and Bianca were conversing, quickly went out of the lab. Bianca quickly followed him outside. Varano shrugged and followed suit. What Var found outside though, surprised him. "Mom?"

    Varano shook his head, while Cheren and Bianca couldn't help but to giggle.

    "Well..." Var said as he received the map, "Thanks mom."

    "It would be a nice nest for my Arboks" she said cheerfully. Bianca and Cheren burst into laughter, while Varano slammed his hand to his own face. "Just kidding, dear~" , Varano's mom added, resulting in him letting out a relieved sigh.

    Having said that, Var's mother returned to her house.

    Cheren and Bianca quickly took off without telling Varano anything, ending in him stumbling to catch up with them.

    And then he was at route 1. Who would be his first catch, he wondered?

    He noticed a brown blur running around in the bushes. Quickly he sent Naja out, ordering him to render the thing immobile. The snake quickly wrapped himself around the brown fur ball. A sentret.

    "Eep, don't eat me! I'm too young to end as snake food!" the sentret yelled hysterically.

    "Oh, but I'm hungry!" Naja replied, "I have only eaten some cheap-ass generic pokemon food! I want some real meat!"

    Varano frowned. His mother clearly didn't give him the best snake of the lot. "Naja, don't! I need him alive! You can eat something later, I promise!"

    The ekans quickly turned his attention to his trainer. "So, you can understand me? Like mother like son, I guess."

    Varano nodded and tossed a pokeball at the still shaking sentret. It didn't struggle against capture, knowing that being caught would be much better than ending as a dinner.

    "Well then, Mustel. I hope you'll get along with the team!" Var said as he put the sentret's pokeball into his bag. The sentret curled in his ball, still terrified.

  5. Pallas Athena

    Pallas Athena

    Aug 9, 2010

    Well, here it is. It's just a prologue, so you don't have to read it. On another note, some of these chapters won't actually have much to do with events in the Nuzlocke. I will signify those.

    Show Hide

    Prologue: Final Exam

    This was it. The final battle. It was by no means an easy match, with a powerful opponent backed by every piece of intelligence in the system matched upon my relatively weak Pokémon. In reality, that had nothing to do with it. I had a few tricks up my sleeve that gave him absolutely no chance. He had pressure. A lot of pressure. Just about everyone I had ever met was watching, and most of them expected me to fail. I knew I wouldn’t, but at the same time I wasn’t exactly sure. There was no one in the room, yet everyone was. It wasn’t just a Gengar that I was facing. It was a lot more.

    I glanced back up at the battlefield to confirm that everything was in place. My opponent was levitating on the other side of the clearing, waiting for me to start the battle. My Pokémon was fully formed and waiting in front of me, equally ready to go. “Alright Nidorino, let’s start this off on a high note. Go for a Shadow Claw across the chest.” Not nearly loud enough. It needed to be firmer, more commanding.

    Nidorino leapt at his opponent, the air around his claw distorting into a cryptic grey aura. Gengar narrowed his eyes, the system processing everything about the move. Right as the claw was about to connect, it seemed to register what to do, and immediately dodged to the side. “Again!” Nidorino hit the ground and pounced in the other direction, sending the ghost-type flying back. Unfortunately, he was off the ground in a second and it was obvious he hadn’t been badly harmed. Just as expected. No one ever won their last battle by sheer force. Heck, the system probably hadn’t let the attack do any damage. “Good, let’s try a different tactic. Use-“ He wasn’t listening. Nidorino was staring into Gengar’s eyes, oblivious to anything I was saying. For all practical purposes, the poison-type was dead to the world. I grimaced, realizing exactly what was happening. Every final opponent had some sort of trick. For Machamp, it was the constant confusion from its Dynamic Punch attack. For Clefable it was charming the opponent into not fighting. Charizard abused the sun. I had been almost certain that Gengar was going to try to shut down Nidorino by binding it with Psychic. Apparently it was Hypnosis in this battle. Unexpected, but definitely possible to overcome with just a little thought. Not that I had the time.

    As I came to my realization, Gengar’s eyes were glowing blue, and Nidorino began to writhe in pain, but was still locked in place. I recognized it as Dream Eater, and it didn’t make things any easier. “Sleep Talk!” I yelled out, both for Nidorino’s benefit and to act tough for the audience. Thankfully, it did the trick, and Nidorino began repeating its name quietly. I smiled a little for the cameras, but wasn’t exactly sure where this was going. For all I knew, this would just be even more humiliating than losing normally. Suddenly, Nidorino stopped talking. His eyes still shut, he lunged forwards towards Gengar, slamming it across the face with a purple fist. The impact sent my opponent flying backwards, and caused eye contact to break. Nidorino opened his eyes, a strange look on his face that I think represented anger. For everything the system could do, it was never good at showing emotion. Now it was time for the difficult part, the part where all planning stopped. The system never kept up a strategy that had been thwarted. It was moving to a reserve one, and I honestly didn’t know what it was going to be.

    Gengar’s eyes glowed again as the system made its decision. This time, they were a pinkish glow, the color of a psychic aura. Brilliant. “Nidorino, sucker punch now!” Nidorino rushed forwards, slamming into Gengar’s gut and pushing him back before the attack could be completed. Everything was going according to plan now. “Double Kick.” I made sure the command was clear enough so that it could not be misinterpreted. The system did have some override procedures where it would stop listening to anyone controlling it. However, for final tests the override could be overridden again if it was certain the commander intended it. And I was fairly certain that every override feature in the system was going to be alerted to a fighting attack used on a ghost. Nidorino hesitated, the system racing to figure out what to do. And then he jumped. Gengar looked up, the system desperately trying to find anything that it could as to why this would ever be used. At the last moment, Gengar faded a little, becoming intangible for any non-elemental attack. As Nidorino fell through the ghostly outline, I smiled, not even noticing the cameras as I gave the final command of the battle, “Shadow Claw, now!” My opponent was shredded into ghostly essence from the inside out just before the world began to dissolve.

    The lights came back on, and I felt the full weight of the system. I tore off the glasses and unhooked some of the cables as I’d done a dozen times before in the earlier tests, while a few of the Professor’s lab assistants took care of the more technical details associated with disconnect. I glanced around the room as they worked. The walls and floor were all coated in white tiles, or at least they were where you could see them. Most of the room was occupied in one way or another by the system. A large computer took up the entire backside of the room, humming away as it interpreted various strategies and created the worlds and situations for the tests later in the day. A single technician sat in front of it, busily typing something into the computer. The opposite side of the room was relatively open, but some wires and smaller terminals were positioned throughout the area. And then the side I was on had one of the strangest machines that had ever been created. It looked like a full-body scanner of sorts, with various wires flowing between it and the main computer. The strange part was the suit inside of it. A helmet, and coverings for the arms and legs were either on my body or secured on the walls of the system by this point, and several wires and sensors ran between the exterior of the scanner and my body. All of this served a function, of course. Even with the bulk, expenses, and break downs it was the greatest virtual reality battle simulator in the world, and the system that governed every later exam in the Pallet school system.

    The lab assistant at the computer glanced up at me, “Congratulations on the victory. Please enter the hallway and go left until you reach the main conference room. Wait there until you receive further instructions. Do you have any questions?” I shook my head, and left the room. It wasn’t exactly what I had expected to hear after passing, but I could understand the formality. There were a lot of people to get through today.

    Outside of the room, the line of people waiting for their final exam was as long as when I’d left it. I was only the twelfth to go in the group of roughly 300 students qualified to take their final, so it was going to be a long day, even if the system was processing three people at a time. “How’d it go?” I couldn’t tell who said it, but most of the line had at least looked up to hear the answer. I put my thumb up, and walked away with a mostly fake smile on my face. I doubt I could’ve given a verbal answer if I’d tried. It’s not that I’m bad with people. In all reality, I’m actually fairly good at talking with people one on one. I’m just terrible with groups. Absolutely terrible. Seriously, there’s only one thing that scares me more. Well, at the time anyways. I’ve gotten better with people since then, and I’ve found much, much more frightening things. But that all came about later.

    I wasn’t used to the hallway being empty. Normally when I was in the school, large groups of people were everywhere, and I had to push to get through. Today I could hear my footsteps, and the only other noise was the increasingly faint sound of the crowd behind me. I looked at the various rooms as I went by. I’d been in a few of them before as a student. After all, spending eight years in the building and having a wide variety of subjects to match ensured that I’d experienced quite a bit here. But all of that was just about over now. Locker cleanout and the main portion of the school year were over. The final exams for those qualified to graduate were today. About one-third of my class, and most of the class above me were eligible this year for graduation. That didn’t mean by any standard that they all would pass the exam. The final exam was a very difficult test by any standard, and it required the skills of a master trainer to get through. To compensate, it wasn’t exactly required to graduate with a high school degree. It was required to graduate with a degree and a license, so most people took it anyways. Having your degree normally meant less than having a license anyways. To further motivate people, the professor himself gave anyone who passed the exam their first Pokémon, which was an enormous help in starting off a trainer’s career.

    About three minutes of walking later, I was standing in front of the conference room doors. I’d never been in the room before, as it was normally only used by teachers, deans, and periodically people from the League or the lab. I paused for a moment, and pushed open the large wooden door, closing it gently behind me. There were only three other people in the large room. The school principle Mr. Venser was busy discussing something with Professor Oak, and another student in my age group was sitting in a chair, her legs crossed and headphones in. Shortly after the door closed, the Professor broke away from his discussion, and looked up to face me. A small smile lit up his face, and he stood up and began to walk across the room. “Eli, my boy, I’m so glad to see that you passed. Not that I ever doubted you would,” the Professor chuckled to himself, “I brought a friend with me today to celebrate with you.”

    Professor Oak reached down to his belt, and unclipped a red and white ball from it. He wrapped his fingers around the orb, and clicked the white button on the front. After a short burst of red light, a small blue turtle appeared between us on the floor. “Squir, squirtle,” the Pokémon chimed. I smiled, not the fake smile I’d put on earlier, this one was real. I reached down to him and picked him up in my arms.

    “How are you doing, buddy?” I asked. The Squirtle wiggled a little to gain a better position, but then stopped moving and began to talk in his own language. After handling him for three years, I’d learned how to decipher some of it. However mostly I just nodded my head and picked up what I could. Professor Oak smiled, and went back to his conversation with the principle. Let me clarify this: I didn’t own, or train, Squirtle. He was the Professor’s Pokémon; I just cared for him at the lab. If I actually owned him, it would’ve been illegal prior to that day.

    “Glad to see you passed,” the girl beside me mumbled. I looked over at her, to see that she had taken her headphones out and had her Charmander on her lap. She was the second of the three junior aides at the lab, and worked in the fire-type section with her Charmander. We’d had our share of disagreements, but didn’t really dislike each other. Well, I’m not actually sure what she thought about me. We talked sometimes, and it didn’t always break down into fights, but it did often enough. I just liked to imagine we were on better terms to keep her older brother –my supervisor- happy.

    “Hello, Bianca. See you cleared your exam.” I kept it short, and neutral. I’ve never known exactly what to say around her to create a conversation that wasn’t likely to break down, and had learned several times over that sarcasm and teasing should be reserved for Gary.

    “Eh, Slowking was more annoying than I had imagined, but it still only took about twenty seconds,” she boasted with a smirk on her face. I was pretty sure she was lying, but didn’t bother pushing it. I later found out it took 26, not that it matters. Anyways, the look on her face told me she was in a decent mood, or at least not any state where she was likely to kill me, so I took a seat next to her and Squirtle jumped to the ground. “How did you scrape by?”

    I ignored the wording, and just gave a straight answer. “Pretty well, actually. I didn’t expect the strategy Gengar used, but found a way around it and powered through.” She folded the corner of her lip up in a half-smile of sorts, probably at something I’d said.

    “I guess it’s to be expected that you wouldn’t know what a reasonably smart battler would do. He went for Hypnosis, right?” She was going back to her iPod, just barely paying attention to the conversation.

    “Yeah, how’d you know that?” I asked. Hypnosis had never really occurred to me.

    She glanced back up, and stared at me for a moment as if I’d asked her the stupidest question she’d ever heard. “Well, it’s the best option. Psychic is great for damage, but can be stalled by substitute and dark auras. That, and no final test ever plays that aggressively. Burn is a nice stalling tactic, but Nidorino knows quite a few special attacks as well, so it would be too easy to avoid. Perish Song leads to a tie, which is simply settled by a redo. Hypnosis, on the other hand, has only one good way around it, is unlikely to be predicted by a rookie such as yourself, and shuts down the opponent to later by blasted away by hexes. It’s simple really.” With that, she turned up her iPod to full volume, blocking out the conversation completely. Squirtle hopped back on my lap, and I stroked his shell for the next few hours while waiting for the tests to conclude.

    Thirty people later and the only person I really wanted to see in the room walked in. It honestly didn’t surprise me at all that Gary passed, as he could reliably outscore even Bianca in all of the battling strategy tests. His grandfather didn’t even have to rig his match for an easy test to make sure that he would win. He glanced around the room, and quickly spotted Bianca and I sitting next to each other. He walked over, and started the conversation in his usual manner “Eli, Bianca, what’s up?”

    I gestured towards my ear, and he gave a silent laugh as he reached over and ripped the headphones out of her ears. Bianca immediately shot her face up, and glared daggers at Gary who just smirked. What was that about?” she demanded.

    Gary held up his hands in a mock defensive gesture. “Hey, I just wanted to talk,” he replied.

    “I, obviously, did not.” She tried to put her headphones back in, but found them in a Bulbasaur’s vines by the time she reached them. She narrowed her eyes even further, but before she could yell at Gary the entire conflict was interrupted.

    “Gary, Bianca, Elisha, it’s nice to see that all of my aides passed.” Oak had walked over to the group, and seemed completely oblivious that one of his junior aides was about to murder his grandson, although I suspect this was purposeful. “After the graduation ceremony is done, could you guys see me at my office.”

    “Of course,” I shot in before Gary or Bianca could protest it on the basis of not wanting to be with each other. “I’ve got some stuff at the dojo to take care of, but after that, I’ll come over.”

    Gary rolled his eyes, “Come on, gramps, I practically live there. I’m sure that all three of us feel the same way,” his eyes drifted over to Bianca.

    She crossed her arms and legs in her ‘I really want you to butt out of my life’ gesture, and huffed out “I guess.”

    “Good, good. We’re about two-thirds of the way through the list, so until then celebrate with your peers,” the professor glanced between Gary and Bianca, “and try not to kill anyone.” With that, he turned around and went back to his discussion with the principle.

    “Great advice,” Bianca growled as she took her headphones from Gary’s Bulbasaur and put them back on.

    “Well, someone doesn’t want to talk today.”

    “Gary, when has she ever wanted to talk?”

    He shrugged, “True enough. Anyways, after Oak’s done with his little discussion, let’s have a practice battle tonight.”

    I stared at him blankly, “Practice battle? But neither of us even have-“

    “So what if neither of us have a Pokémon of our own? We have our license now, so we can command anything that’ll listen to us. And that’s assuming that gramps doesn’t give us Squirtle and Charmander, which he probably will. We’ve got nothing to worry about,” he interrupted.

    I paused for a moment, and listened to the buzz of other conversation in the room. He was right. After today, I could legally have a Pokémon battle. That was going to be strange, to put it one way. Simulator fighting was one thing, but actual battles would be another thing entirely. It would be something like the difference between Zelda and actual fencing. “My mom will probably want to talk to me.”

    Gary’s face sunk a little, “Oh, right.” He thought for a moment, and then replied “So, how about we do it at eight or so?”

    “Yeah, that would probably work.” From there the conversation varied dramatically, from sports to battling to television and back, racing across anything we could think of for the next two hours. And then it was time to take the stage. When it was all said and done, only about fifty people would be graduating with a license, diploma, and Pokémon.

    There we were. All forty-eight of us lined up behind the doors leading to the stadium stage, where the principle was giving his address to the crowd. I could hear his voice echo through the stadium, but couldn’t actually make out a word he was saying. And then he called out the names. It was time to go out and face the crowd. “Bianca Aethus,” I decided to focus upon the person being called when it came time to go out. It kept my mind off the crowd before me. Bianca strode out across the stage, her faded jeans brushing against the stadium floor and the sleeves of her brown coat moving with the rhythm of her pace as she walked. “Elisha Ambrose,” I wanted to shut my eyes, but I had to cringe with them open. I hate my full name. It just sounds way too girly. I stare up at a screen as I walk, focusing more on my image than the crowd. It’s always best to stick with the familiar. My muscular arms were covered by my long, grey jacket. My black hair was tucked away under a white baseball cap, and I pulled down the bill a little further in case my composure broke a little. I was grateful to see that it was holding up.

    And so it went, focusing in on the name of a classmate, thinking over the memories of the best to avoid the present. I remembered events from the last seven years, and realized that it was all about to end. For better or worse, this was the last I would see of some of them. Of course, Gary appeared the most confident of any of us, giving a small wave to the crowd as he walked out. He didn’t bother to cover up his brown hair, and probably couldn’t have anyways. It was pretty spiky, and he probably didn’t have a hat that could fit on it anyways. Eventually the names came to an end, and the Professor himself came to the stage to give his address.

    “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Professor Oak, director of the Pallet Laboratory and governor of the town. I have come here for a truly special purpose today, and one of the highlights of my job. These young men and women we are honoring today have worked towards their dream for many, many years and have finally arrived at the end of one path, and the start of one much larger. The journey will be different for all. Some will choose to become researchers, others the workers that keep the nation together, others soldiers in the army. Regardless, every journey is equally important and difficult in its own way. They will encounter new allies, as well as new rivals. Challenges that we can’t even imagine may arise in the next generation, and they must be prepared to deal with those as well. There will be moments of immense joy and sore misfortune before them, and I wish them all the best. But at the same time, I know they can all succeed if they keep their focus on who they are, where they came from, and where they are going. Everything else is just another variable.”
  6. Andren


    Jun 3, 2007
    @BobbysPants: I really enjoy your writing style, and I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with your Nuzlocke.

    @Rediamond: Reading in progress, but I like the parody of the opening scene for Red and Blue.
    EDIT: Read through it, and it's now probably one of my most anticipated Nuzlocke-run write-ups. I really hope you continue with this.
  7. Texas Cloverleaf

    Texas Cloverleaf meh
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    Oct 23, 2009
    @Rediamond: It's about frigging time you started writing again! Excellent opening, melded the actual world with the world of Pokemon perfectly. There were a couple of points that began to border on overly prosy but those rarely lingered for long. Can't wait to see what the plotline is this time!
  8. Uniqueness


    Jul 3, 2011
    So I've began my first ever Nuzlocke attempt on my Heartgold and figured I'd post my first ever fanfic of it here for my first ever post on smogon. Here's to hoping it's a good one.
    Show Hide

    1) If a Pokemon faints, it’s dead and can no longer be used. Put In PC box graveyar so I can see the fallen heroes.
    2) I can only catch the first Pokemon I run into in any area, and I only get one chance. If I accidentally faint it or run out of Pokeballs, then that’s too bad for me.
    3) I have to nickname all my pokemon so as to establish a better bond between us.
    4) I can only get items that I find or that my Mom purchases for me with the prize money I'm sending her. Really hoping for a lot of luck here.
    5) Only one healing item per battle, two for gym leaders that use that many or more.
    6) Battles will be on SET.

    And that's it for the rules, now on to the game!
    PART 1
    Show Hide

    Part 1: Leaving Mr.Pokemons house

    A/N I've Decided to start my adventure here because I will never be able to write this if I have to write all of the beginning.

    Trainer Name: Seth

    Cyndaquil(Cinder)Lv 7
    Calm, often lost in thought. For a fire pokemon, he dosen't get angered easily.

    I walked out of Mr. Pokemons triumphantly, admiring how my shiny new Poke'dex caught the light while the huge egg weighed down my pack. Suddenely, my phone began to ring. It was Professor Elm, shouting about something terribile happening.
    "Hurry Seth! Something horribile has happened at the lab! You need to come back immediatley!" Click............
    I couldn't see how my presence would help, seeing as I was only a weak trainer, but shrugging my shoulders,we began the long trek towards Cherrygrove as dusk began to fall.

    * * * * * * * * * *

    After attaking a spinarak and getting poisoned, tripping over several ledges and runnung away from pokemon that were out for blood, we wearliy arrived in Cherrygrove City. After resting up at the Pokemon Center and eating some granola bars, I started running out of the city to get to New Bark as fast as possibile, when, of course, I ran into the jerk redhead who knocked me down earlier.
    "So it seems that you got a pokemon from the lab too. What a waste, giving a pokemon to you. A wimp like you will never be able to use it properly." The asshole sneered. "Perhaps I'll just take it from you, so it can have a real trainer. How would you like that?"
    In anwser, I had Cinder growl threatingly.
    "Fine, it seems that you'll have to lose before you come to your senses. Go, Terror!", he shouted as he hurled a pokeball at the ground. A small blue reptile emerged, sporting several red spikes on his back and a set of large, intimidating fangs. I scanned it quickly with my pokedex And found that its name was Totodile. The Totodile sneered at Cinder and leapt, claws outstreched, at my pokemon. Before I could say anything, Cinder rushed into Totodile and for half a minute neither of us could tell what the hell was going on as they frantically tried to battle it out.
    Finally the pokemon emerged, my Cyndaquil covered in several red scratch's while the Totodile, I noticed with some satisfaction, had some deep bruising. Before they could attack each other again, I ordered my Cyndaquil to use Smokescreen, and it complied(thankfully) and fired out a torret of smoke at the Totodile.
    The Totodile began looking in every direction trying to find its opponent. It saw a shape in the smoke and leapt, only to come down on empty air as Cyndaquil snickered and appeared behind him before samshing him into a fence with tackle. The Totodile staggered to its feet, then collapsed, having lost his will to continue. I pumped the air in victory while the asshole mumbled something unintelligible and hurled the prize money at me, pelting me with coins. As I bent to pick up the money, he began to talk again.
    "You want to know who I am?" Before I could tell him "No, not really",He said," I'm going to be the world's greatest pokemon trainer. And nobody, especially a weakling like you, is going to stop me." And so sayign he rushed past me. However, as he did so, I picked his pocket and took his trainer card. Two can play at that game, asshole! Unfortunatley, it seems I need to work on my stealing skills, as he spun around and took it right back before storming off. Sighing, I picked up my pokemon and we began the walk to New Bark town.

    Damn smogon, messing up my formatting!
    This is my first fanfic so if it's pretty bad or rough, please give me feedback on how to write the story better and format it better. Thanks!
  9. ginganinja

    ginganinja It's all coming back to me now
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    Apr 13, 2009
    The Shadow Ball soared through the air before slamming into Sceptre with massive force. There was a huge explosion while Morty looked on was a smile, certain that victory was his. Suddenly there was a flash of purple energy and Sceptre stood tall and strong, the shadow ball had left it critically weakened but it was still alive. Morty’s jaw dropped, “Impossiable!” he exclaimed. Sceptre and I shared a secret smile, the truth was I had done my research in advance on Morty. While it was possiable Jake could solo his team I wanted a back up and had equipped a Kasib Berry just in case I miscalculated. This had paid off as now Morty was helpless as Sceptre swept forward and slammed his fist into Gengar, finishing it off. Morty still had a Haunter left but it was clear to be that his battling spirit was broken with the defeat of his Gengar. Jake quickly took the place of Sceptre and ended the battle with a quick Shadow Claw.

    After gaining my badge I embarked on a period of training and catching pokemon for my team. Most significantly I added Jazz the Chinchou to the team before travelling to Cianwood City to battle Chuck.

    Chuck was a fighting gym leader which means having access to a ghost type would give me a rather large advantage. I had a fighting type of my own as well which could step in. With Sceptre easily my strongest pokemon I led with it against Chucks Primeape. Wanting to get this battle over and done with Sceptre fired off a powerful Focus Blast which nailed Primape, blasting it off its feet. Chuck ordered a quick fire Rockslide but Sceptre was quick, very quick and evaded the assault with ease before striking back with a second Focus Blast, the blast of energy striking Primeape hard, knocking it out. Annoyed, Chuck sent out his last, a Poliwarth. I considered my strategy for a moment before ordering a Hypnosis. Waves of powerful energy swept into Poliwrath, inducing drowsiness before it finally fell asleep. Seeking to abuse this advantage as much as I could, I sent out my newly caught Jazz. Jazz had actually evolved which was awesome to see and I used the turns Poliwrath was asleep to use Stockpile much to Chucks frustration. When Poliwrath finally woke up, its powerful attacks bounced off Jazz’s body, failing to do any real damage while Jazz slowly weakened it with powerful blasts of electricity, eventually beating it.

    yeah sorry for the rather lacklustre update but I had to get this out of the way. also the game is rather dragging, especially since I have Nuzlocked HG so often so its getting rather stale. I will still do Platinum tho once I get this out of the way
  10. Pallas Athena

    Pallas Athena

    Aug 9, 2010
    Three crits in victory road sweep through half of my team...

    I'm not going to bother replacing it, as two of them can pretty much kill the league on their own, but I will ironically be entering the league with fewer mons than my last challenge, where I pretty much soloed the game with a Venusaur and Vaporeon.

    On a side not, thanks for the replies, and it is about frigging time I started posting stuff on Smogon again after 6+ months of not doing anything here. So, yeah, glad to be back Crits (and Machoke living Psychic/Flamethrower with 5 HP and OHKO'ing with revenge), and I'll be updating roughly once a week as it takes a very long time to crank out updates.
  11. BobbysPants


    Jun 28, 2011
    The first gym (open)
    I was right on the money about Ghastly showing up. A female one appeared moments after I entered the tower. Horus was able to show a little restraint by not killing it, though she was severely damaged by his ember attack. On my way out I noticed what looked like a trainer so rather than turning in for the night and talking to other trainers in the Pokemon Center, I returned to Sprout Tower for training. I fought my way to the top; getting a feel for my new Ghastly, Banshee, and gradually toughening up my Pokemon. At the top I noticed some little Bitch complaining. When it was finally my turn to fight the elder of the tower, I discovered that he wasn’t much better than any of the other trainers in the tower. Fortunately I was able to teach Toph how to use rock throw by the end of the fight, so it felt as though we accomplished something major. Pleased with how my day had ended I turned in as soon as I finished getting my Pokemon healed at the center. There was a group of trainers discussing something, but I had a gym battle in the morning and couldn’t be bothered to listen in.

    As I made my way into the gym the next day, I discovered that I wasn’t the only challenger. I had to wait behind at least two other people so I took the time to give Toph a pep talk. She was obviously going to be my trump card as her STAB attack in rock throw would be super effective, not to mention of my other Pokemon Banshee would be useless in a fight against part Normal typed Pokemon and Horus wouldn’t resist flying type attacks like Toph. After Falkner beat the challenger before me I entered the arena. The young gym leader eyed me as I stepped into the challenger’s box.

    “I haven’t seen you here before kid. Let’s go over the rules, this is a two on two battle. You are the only one that is allowed to make substitutions. The battle is over when either side’s team is unable to battle. In addition to the traditional rules I would like to point out that since the Nuzlocke is in effect your Pokemon may very well die here. You can still abandon this challenge now if you wish.” “I’m well aware; I’m not backing down here.” Falkner slowly nodded before sending out a Pidgey. “Very well then, let us begin.” I didn’t say a thing as I sent out Toph; I wanted to remain as cool as possible in case the battle turned ugly.

    “Pidgey use tackle.” “Toph, use rock polish and avoid that attack.” The Pidgey screeched towards the rock type who was a little too slow in moving out of the way. As the surface of her skin began to smoothen out, the glancing blow sent Toph rolling to the side. As the Pidgey rounded for another attack, Toph began to build up speed and was able to dodge the second tackle. “Good, now use rock throw.” Before Falkner could react, a small rock nailed his Pidgey square in the chest. The tiny bird Pokemon fell to the ground, no longer moving. Falkner returned Pidgey and just smiled. “The wind is still with us!” he called out as he summoned his Pidgeotto. “Don’t give him a chance Toph, use rock throw.” “Deflect it with gust.” The winds slowed down the rock, but it still made contact and cause some damage. I crossed my arms as Toph threw another rock before Pidgeotto could recover. Like its pre evolution, Pidgeotto collapsed onto the ground and ceased moving.

    Falkner sighed as he returned his Pokemon and walked over to give me my badge. “You have a strong partner there. Good luck with your gym challenge. I hope you don’t lose many friends along the way.” With that he turned around and I exited the gym. All in all I would say that was a very professional first gym battle.

    Team (open)
    Horus (level 12 Cyndaquil)
    Banshee (level 10 Ghastly)
    Toph (level 13 Geodude)

    Boxed (open)

    Deceased (open)
    Xaldin (level 3 Hoothoot)
    Mortarion (level 2-5 Spinarak)
  12. BobbysPants


    Jun 28, 2011
    Ok, so I got hit with some stupidly bad luck when I fought Team Rocket and was left with two Pokemon (my starter and a slowpoke) but I managed to defeat Bugsy. After healing up I fought my rival (named Bitch) and he actually kind of kicked my ass, that Croconaw took down everything I had left. I lost that time, but I've decided to give the Nuzlocke another go. This time I'm going to make sure I advance beyond the second gym before I start updating it, so it may be a while before my next post.
  13. Little Battler

    Little Battler

    Dec 13, 2009
    Well then, here's the next part of my slithering adventure for those who are interested...

    Show Hide
    Still chapter 1, no need to rush, kk?

    "Oy! Varano! Over here!" Professor Juniper yelled rather loudly as she spotted Varano from the distance, whilst jumping and waving her arms in order to catch the boy's attention. The action proved to not be in vain as Varano turned straight towards her.
    "Whaddya need, prof?" Varano said with a hint of slight annoyance. The professor, of course, was not pleased by this response.

    "Did your mom not tell you to respect older people?" said the professor, her voice a bit raised. "Anyways, I need to make sure that you know all the basics about being a trainer. Are you familiar with the pokemon center?" the professor immediately followed by gesturing the large red-roofed building behind her.

    Varano nodded. His mom was once a great trainer, after all. It was to be expected from the son of a great trainer to know all the basics already. The professor could only sigh, as it appeared that her expositions were not needed. Cheren had learned every single topic of being a trainer, being the bookworm he was, and Bianca was... more or less serendipitous.

    "Well..." the professor finally said, "I suppose I have nothing more to tell you then. I shall be heading straight back to my lab. Call me if you got anything important, okay?" The professor then summoned her loyal liepard from her ball, and quickly rode it back to Nuvema.

    "Bye!" Var said before the professor disappeared into route 1. He then decided to go into the center to get his pokemon healed. While inside, he also took the time to visit the mart to grab some extra pokeballs. The clerk even gave him a premier ball as a bonus for his patronage.

    Having done everything that the center could offer, Var went out of the center...
    ...only to find that there was something going on. Curious, he decided to check it out.

    Amidst the crowd, he managed to spot Cheren. He gave the bookworm a sudden tap on the shoulders, astonishing the black-haired boy, causing him to jump slightly and let out an underwhelming yelp. "Hey.", Var said in a relaxed manner as Cheren turned to face him, his face was a bit reddened from a combination of slight anger and embarrassment.

    "Don't do that!" Cheren said rather angrily, "You know that I get shocked easily!"

    "Exactly, that's why I did that." Var replied, an impish smile grew on his face. Unbeknownst to him, Naja was laughing in his ball, having watched the little prank. He was an easily entertained prankster, after all. On the other hand, Opheodrys wasn't too entertained by the scene. A sophisticated gentleman like him wouldn't be entertained by a prank as simple as that. It would take a lot more planning and gambit-piling to achieve the level of prank capable of entertaining this jolly good fellow's mind.

    Even more unnoticed, was Mustel taking a nap in his ball. Of course, this singular event wasn't relevant to the situation in any ways, but since the other two pokemon were getting a bit of attention, it would simply be unfair to leave the ferret out of the scope.

    "Aaaanyways, Var, take a look at that group of... ummm, knights, I think?" Cheren said, trying to calm himself.

    Varano decided that it would be best to direct his attention to the enrobed man anyways. He seemed confident, and exuded a pressuring aura from his self. His presence felt very intimidating. It could have had something to do with his prosthetic eye, or perhaps the fact that he was towering over everyone else present at the time. Var didn't know for sure what the green-haired man was up to, but he knew that he would most likely get his will done.

    The enrobed man started his speech, his voice as powerful and commanding as his appearance. "Today, I'm here to speak on the behalf of the whole organization which you all know as Team Plasma." he said as he continued his speech, his voice unnaturally loud without any help of external devices. In fact, it wasn't even literally loud, Var simply could feel his voice booming inside his head, as if Ghetsis was transmitting his words directly into his brain. However, it did not feel like the green-haired man was forcing his voice through. It somehow felt natural, something along the lines that it was the words that came from his own mind, echoing Ghetsis.

    "For thousands of years, we have used pokemon as tools. We enslave them within these tiny balls, imprisoning them only to be let out whenever we please. Many of them go straight to the storage system once caught, and never even see the daylight one more time, only to rot inside a virtual simulation..." He then paused a bit, scanning the crowd for reactions. Seeing people in the crowd starting to show signs of doubt, the slightest of smiles grew on his stern face. "Truly, what kind of monster we have been, enslaving other sentient species to fulfill our needs."

    "Come, my friends." Ghetsis continued, his voice boomed even louder and deeper into Var's consciousness, "Leave your old ways behind, and join us in our noble endeavor to liberate pokemon from the clutches of humanity!"

    "Only then, we can be as equals." Ghetsis said, finishing with a much milder sound, almost gentle and fatherly. As soon as he finished the sentence, the 'knights' behind him packed up the Team Plasma banners set up before the speech, and quickly organized themselves in an orderly and militaristic fashion, marching away in unison. The crowd instantly buzzed with people discussing about releasing their pokemon and such. Var himself was in a state of deep thought. He couldn't deny the old man's statements in the slightest. It was as if Ghetsis' speech resonated with him, with his deepest thoughts.

    "Verily, that twit could really use some fine drubbing applied to his cranium." Opheodrys suddenly spoke by himself. It was perhaps one of his traits, to suddenly start a monologue for no apparent reason.

    "You mean, you don't think what he said was true?" Varano suddenly asked at the grass snake, who would find himself being face-to-face with his trainer, now that his ball was held literally right in front of his face.

    "Whoa whoa whoa.... wait a minute, you can understand us pokemon?" the snake spoke in a not-so-gentlemanly manner.

    "Only a few..." Var said, shrugging. He then gestured at Naja's pokeball. The snivy took a few seconds to understand what it meant, but he got it nonetheless.

    "Are you implying that you are only capable of communing with the serpentine kind?" Opheodrys asked, his eyes widened in disbelief. "Well, I say. It is quite unusual for... agh, forget about these silly mannerisms. It's rare to find someone with partial understanding of the collective pokemon 'language', you know."

    "It kind of runs in the family." answered the boy, recalling his parents and their snake farm in Hoenn.

    to be continued

    Also... whipped something up for some drawing practice :v:

    [spoiler=lame drawing][​IMG][/spoiler]

    some BBCodes may have malfunctioned since I imported this directly from the official Nuzlocke Forums.
  14. Texas Cloverleaf

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    Oct 23, 2009
    Good update. Spoiler tags don't work inside of other spoiler tags btw.

    Also, please show us your team at the end of an update.
  15. Little Battler

    Little Battler

    Dec 13, 2009
    Uh, okay then.

    But before that, another update :P

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    "Your pokemon...," a mysterious green-haired boy suddenly said as he walked closer towards Varano and Cheren.

    Cheren looked at Varano, confused. "Do you know this guy?" he asked.

    Var shrugged. "Nope, never seen him before." he replied, before turning towards the newcomer.

    Cheren quickly turned his attention towards the boy too, asking him, "Who are you and what do you want, then..."

    The boy simply smirked.
    "And you are...?" asked the boy in a polite manner.

    Varano quickly elbowed Cheren. "You idiot, why did you tell him our name?!" he whispered angrily at Cheren.

    But it was too late, as N had already heard his name...
    "Why would you want to that?" Varano responded in confusion.

    N didn't waste any time, however, as he quickly called out a purrloin from a bench nearby. Even though the cat was wild, it seemed to follow N's orders, as if he was its trainer. The green-haired boy then pointed towards the pokeballs latched to Var's belt. "Send them out." he said, his voice booming in Var's mind, similar to Ghetsis, only milder.

    Var was understandably freaked out. A random stranger came out of nowhere only to suddenly challenge him for a trainer battle. He couldn't do anything else but to oblige, though, and sent out Naja...

    ... which swallowed the purrloin whole.

    "Now that was filling!" said the purple snake, his voice sounded pleased.

    N was shocked, to say at the least, to hear the snake say something like that. "Pardon, did I hear him wrong, Varano?" he asked Var, casting a glare at the boy, "Do you by any chance not feed him sufficiently?"

    Varano was clearly not pleased at Naja's demeanor. "Oh come on... You have just eaten back at the center! Spit the poor cat back out!" said Var, scolding the snake. Naja obliged, begrudgingly, and regurgitated the purrloin, which was luckily still alive as it was swallowed whole. The cat was visibly traumatized, though.

    "Varano, I told you I want some fresh meat! Not some generic pokemon food! Those pellets are rubbish!" Naja protested.

    "I'll buy you some fresh meat at the Striaton Market, but don't eat other trainer's pokemon, dammit!"

    N was astonished by Varano's actions. "So, you can hear them after all..." he said.

    Varano shrugged. "Yes, I suppose so. Now let's get on with the battle, shall we?"

    "Interesting..." N muttered as he sent out his next pokemon, a ralts which apparently teleported from nearby, which was quickly dispatched by Mustel's precise attacks. Namely a scratch directly applied to the poor pokemon's eyes.

    As a final attempt to win the battle, N called a mankey from the trees surrounding the city. The white monkey was quickly greeted by Opheodrys.

    "A find afternoon for a sparring match, is it not?" Drys said as he whipped around his vines.

    "Indubitably, shall we start?" the mankey replied in a similarly gentlemanly tone, which shocked both the snivy and N.

    "You..." Drys said, losing his gentlemanly behavior, "The League of Superior Gentlemen?"

    The mankey raised his eyebrow. "You don't say..." he said as he readied his stance.

    Snivy simply replied with a sharp glare in silence, making the mankey recoil and losing his stance...
    ...but the mankey quickly regained his stance, even with more determination showing through his face than before.

    However, Opheodrys didn't waste any time, and quickly grabbed the monkey with a Vine Whip, tossing him into a nearby trash bin with a tremendous force.

    N applauded. "It was a great demonstration of your pokemon's skills..." he said, before looking at Naja's pokeball, "but that one might need a bit more training." The boy then turned around and walked away, leaving Varano and Cheren.

    Naja clearly didn't like it, as he struggled in his pokeball, shouting "LET ME OUT" and such. Luckily, the pokeball muffled his voice so that N couldn't hear him.

    Cheren, having stayed silent throughout the battle, was visibly confused. "So... Both of you can understand pokemon, eh?" he said, looking at Varano, who was still looking at the direction where N went.
    "After all, I believe that the ability to communicate with pokemon isn't vital to be a great trainer." he added. "Anyways, I'm taking the pokemon league challenge to hone my skills as a trainer. First of all..."
    "See you there!" he said before leaving Var behind.

    Var shrugged. He was going to Striaton anyways, so he might check this challenge out anyways. After a quick trip to the pokemon center, he decided that it was time to continue his journey to Striaton.

    And into the route 2 he went. As he rode his bicycle through the tall grass on the route, a wild pokemon jumped on him...

    "FOOD!" Naja shouted as Varano released him from his ball. Var quickly facepalmed. It was clearly the wrong pokemon of choice. He quickly returned the snake into his ball, switching him for Mustel instead.

    "Weaken him, Mustel!" ordered Van. The sentret nodded and did a quick strike with his small paws.
    And thus the patrat was caught.

    team (open)

    Opheodrys - Snivy
    Naja - Ekans
    Mustel - Sentret
    Monax - Patrat
  16. Pocket

    Pocket playing 100%
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    Dec 22, 2004
    Posting the rulesets for my Nuzlocke Challenge just so I don't forget:

    simple rules (open)

    No Soft-Resetting
    Battle Mode - Set
    Nickname All Pokemon
    Fainted Pokemon goes to Graveyard and cannot be used again
    Must Catch Shinies

    complicated rules (open)

    Catching Pokemon
    - Can only capture the first pokemon I see in a given area
    -Exception: May opt not to capture the 1st Pokemon if it is a duplicate. I have 2 extra tries afterwards to capture something else. Within those 2 encounters, if the 2nd species end up being another Pokemon I have caught, then I cannot capture any other Pokemon in that area.
    -*NOTE* this exception is no more once I fill up an entire box in my PC
    -Exception: I may use my Master Ball to catch any non-legendary Pokemon any time
    -Exception: If I have NO Pokemon that are compatible to an HM, I may capture a Pokemon for this purpose.

    - I may Fish / Headbutt / etc for a Pokemon in an area where I have already caught a Pokemon once. Thereafter, I may Fish / Headbutt / etc in a new area, but that Pokemon counts as my first encounter.
    - I may capture non-Uber legendaries, but may not use a Master Ball

    Using Items
    I cannot utilize items in-battle, unless:
    - it's an item specialized for battle (ie X-Attack)
    - the opponent uses an item - I may then use a similar item as the opponent
    - the opponent's Pokemon uses Rest

    Revive / Max Revive can only be used for Nuzlocke Challenge in an unfamiliar run; cannot be used for familiar runs
    - they may never be used during the battle
    - they can never be purchased
  17. Ruwisc


    Jul 8, 2010
    After losing my White Randomlocke file due to my not knowing how to properly save the game (turns out I didn't have to mess with savestates at all, the emulator handled it well), I started over and I'm enjoying quite a bit of success. I just beat Elesa (with only one Poke, as you'll soon hear about) and now I'm doing some pre-Clay grinding in Cold Storage. Since my strongest Pokemon is Ground-weak, the weaker members of the team are really going to have to step up.

    The Team: (open)

    Mark (level 25 Dewott)
    Water Pulse/Razor Shell/Fury Cutter/Tackle - Torrent

    I used the Oshawott line on my cartridge run of White, so I pretty much knew what I was getting here. Only slightly surprised that he made it this far, and the later portions of the game are pretty kind to him, especially with multiple Bug moves available by levelup.

    Jacqueline (level 26 Ursaring)
    Faint Attack/Fury Swipes/Lick/Leer - Quick Feet

    My first catch... she was so helpful to me in the early game, but I can't help but feel her time is running short around here... with two Dark-types on the team already Faint Attack isn't that necessary, and Xavier (right now) is faster and much better defensively.

    Xavier (level 31 Nidoking)
    Strength/Chip Away/Double Kick/Poison Sting - Rivalry

    The reason Xavier outlevels everyone by so much is because I had him solo the entire Electric Gym. Immunity to Volt Switch is so key in that building - it makes the entire battle much more manageable. Basically spams Strength against anything not weak to Fighting... can't wait to reach the late-game portions so I can utilize his huge TM learnset.

    Olivia (level 25 Vullaby)
    Faint Attack/Pluck/Flatter/Nasty Plot - Overcoat

    I'm keeping Nasty Plot around for when she has actual special attacks to abuse it with - she hasn't missed that fourth moveslot yet. I find it pretty funny that I ended up with a Black exclusive on a White game, and she's been much more useful than anticipated. Sandstorm immunity was a godsend in the desert areas. Soloed every Pokemon in the Castelia Gym that wasn't a Dwebble - there was no way I was leaving her in to take Rock attacks, especially with a viable Water-type available.

    Bucky (level 25 Dustox)
    Tackle/Bug Bite/String Shot/Poison Sting - Shield Dust

    I facepalmed when my first encounter on Route 6 was a Wurmple... and facepalmed again when I realized he was one level too high to learn any of Dustox's Psychic-type attacks without a Heart Scale. On the team now mainly for lack of a better sixth option. My second most recent catch, and he hasn't done much yet besides evolve.

    Norm (level 25 Zweilous)
    Crunch/Dragonbreath/Headbutt/Roar - Hustle

    Hustle has mostly been a pain in the ass thus far, although it does mean he hits like a truck against almost anything. He's the one I'm currently grinding and this run will be more and more fun the longer he lasts. I have one question, though... When I was trying to catch him, he tried to Roar away, but it didn't work. I didn't think Hustle affected status moves... it could also be that Bucky and Shield Dust were out at the time, but Roar shouldn't be considered a secondary status effect there... it could also just be a side effect of the codes I've had to throw in here to get the game to work properly.

    And that's it! I highly suggest you all try a random run if you're getting bored of regular Nuzlockes... it can give you some crazy stuff. I've run into Articuno three times, and also Moltres, Tornadus, Virizion, Celebi and Zekrom, as well as a Garchomp in Desert Resort that almost Sand Veil haxed one of my Pokes to death. It's been a lot of fun so far.
  18. Tyranitarphantom


    Aug 6, 2008
    So, I want people's opinions. When Nuzlocking in BW, do you consider the inside and outside of Pinwheel Forest to be separate areas? The have the same name, but are entirely different
  19. Ruwisc


    Jul 8, 2010
    Almost every B/W run I've followed has considered them two separate areas... my own included, but it's always up to the person doing the run to decide.
  20. Togelover


    Mar 5, 2010
    Well, even though they have the same name they are two entirely different areas. If you have to go through a "door" between two places they count as two different areas in my book.
  21. Ruwisc


    Jul 8, 2010
    Addendum to previous update: my Chargestone catch was MF'ing ENTEI. Sure, its levelup moveset isn't very good but it's still MF'ing ENTEI. And I caught it after realizing I hadn't bothered to stock up on Poke Balls, catching it with a single Poke Ball after two hits from my burnt Dewott's Razor Shell put it in the red. :O :D That's why random runs are awesome.
  22. Team Magma Boss Maxie

    Team Magma Boss Maxie

    Aug 5, 2010
    Chapter 9. Season 2. The 6th Gym.
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    Forttree City. The next day.
    "Man defeating team aqua was easy, espeically that stupid admin and yes finally, look pokemon Centre since its night time, lets go rest up there"."Agreed, plus you have been working your Pokemons to the bone lately so they could all evolve and in fact you kicked Tom off for that Spoink you got" she says to me."Hey when Tom makes a comeback or if i need a good dark type team mate, i will go get untill then he can stay at the Daycare" i say to May. "Don't be so mean to your first poke". ".......Sorry, but Tom i am saving for the 7th gym and i don't want anything to happen to him
    The Next Day. Fortree City Gym.
    "Gulp, lets do this" i say to Tag, Tyson and Trevor. "Umm Larry". "Not now May i am giving a pep talk to my team, now, lets go and Spam Rock Tomb, Thunderbolt and Dragonbreath"I say and then start running to the gym door."Umm Larry watch out for the-" BAAAAAMM."Never mind" she said as i ran into an invisible object with a red stripe. "Tried to warn you" May says to me like i am an idioit. "Shut up May" i shout rubbing my sore nose.
    1 Hour Later on Route 120
    "Ok lets see if anyone here can tell us whats going on" i say to May. "I agree". Then me and May run into Steven, from Granite Cave. "Oh hey Larry, come here a minute would you?" he asked me when he saw me coming."Why?"."Well i want you to test your battle powers against this invisible pokemon" he says."Like the one in front of the gym?" i ask him, hoping the answer would be yes. "Yes, it is the same kind of pokemon, but you can only see it with these" he says to me, handing these weird google things to me. "What are these things?"."They are copy righted versions of Silp Scope, but we call them The Devon Scope" he says to me and then i battle the Kecleon there and defeat it, but before that i caught an ........ABSOL YES!!!!!!
    1 Hour Later At Fortree City Gym.
    "Thats right you better run" i shout at the Kecleon running away."Larry stop shouting at everything"."Make me".DEATH STARE ATTACK."Fine".
    In the Gym.Half an hour later.
    BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!"Great work Tag" i say to my Magneton. "Mag ne ton"."Ok Widonna your going down.
    "Challenge accepted" said the flying type master.
    Gym Battle 6.Flying.Widonna Vs Larry.
    Round 1. Trevour Vs Swellow.
    "Iron Defence"."Aerial Ace" we command of our pokemon."Now use Rock Tomb"1HKO!!!!!!!1-0.
    Round 2.Skarmory Vs Tyson.
    "Flamethrower" i shout.Another 1HKO.2-0.
    Round 3. Altaria Vs Tyson.
    "Dragonbreath" me and the leader say at the same time. BOOOM!.Same Health rating(more or less) both paralized."Hmmm dragon breath again" i command as Widdonna was healing dropping yet another 1HKO because it was a crit.Won 3-0.
    "Yeah that was easy........a little too easy"."Stop being paranoid Larry nothings going to happen".
    The Next Day. Route 221.
    "NO!!!!!!!My Modest Spoink" i shout as ot ded from a critical hit faint attack from a kecleon.-.-'=may. "Ypu were saying?" i shouted at her............................

    man i cant believe i finished the chapter, only like 3 or 4 till i am up to date-.-'. and how do we do randomlockes, it sounds interesting
  23. skitz0phrenic


    Feb 23, 2011
    I'm pretty sure you have to either use an emulator or use Action Replay with your DS. I was actually just coming in here now to ask if anyone had the AR codes for randomlocking B/W?
  24. TM13IceBeam


    Oct 22, 2010
    Instead of asking for codes here you should consult this very helpful portal.

    I plan on doing a randomlocke anyway, but I'm trying to get my NO$GBA to work first, which is annoying. >.>
  25. Team Magma Boss Maxie

    Team Magma Boss Maxie

    Aug 5, 2010
    ok then, anyone know how to get a ds emulator and i will do this, once i finish Sapphire, then SS and then finally White............i have my work cut out for me, nah stuff it, i am going to make another nuzlocke series the *insert name here* cronicles
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