Omanyte (Analysis)

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Status: Done


-Omanyte has a huge Special Attack stat and strong moves like Hydro Pump to take advantage of it
-Shell Break is Omanyte’s best new option, cutting its defenses while doubling its Attack, Special Attack, and Speed
-Omanyte, like most other special sweepers, is walled by Munchlax (but it needs to watch out for +2 Hydro Pump
-Like other Water sweepers, Croagunk can effectively wall it (but needs to avoid HP Ground and Ice Beam)

name: Shell Break
move 1: Shell Break
move 2: Hydro Pump
move 3: Ice Beam
move 4: Hidden Power Grass
item: Life Orb / Berry Juice
nature: Timid
evs: 76 HP / 196 SpA / 236 Spe

Set Comments:

-Extremely difficult to wall after a Shell Break
-Reaches 36 Special Attack and 28 Speed after a Shell Break
-Shell Break is self-explanatory
-Hydro Pump hits like a truck, OHKOing Munchlax after a Shell Break with Life Orb and having a chance to without Life Orb
-Ice Beam hits the Dragons and Grass types that resist Hydro Pump- it also OHKOes Mantyke after Stealth Rock damage
-Hidden Power Grass hits the Water types that resist Hydro Pump and Ice Beam

Additional Comments:

-Life Orb gives Omanyte a huge boost to its offenses
-Berry Juice gives Omanyte an easier set-up
-EVs give max Special Attack and Speed
-Timid is used since the output from 18 and 19 Special Attack is almost identical

name: Rain Dance Sweeper
move 1: Hydro Pump / Surf
move 2: Ice Beam
move 3: Hidden Power Grass
move 4: Rain Dance / AncientPower
item: Life Orb / Berry Juice
ability: Swift Swim
nature: Timid
evs: 76 HP / 196 SpA / 236 Spe

Set Comments:

-Very powerful Rain Dance sweeper
-Reaches 18 Special Attack and 28 Speed in rain
-Hydro Pump becomes very powerful in rain
-Ice Beam hits Dragon and Grass types
-Hidden Power Grass hits Water-types that otherwise wall Omanyte
-Rain Dance allows Omanyte to set up Rain Dance itself or replenish it should it run out

Additional Comments:

-Life Orb gives Omanyte a ton of power
-Berry Juice can boost Omanyte's good bulk
-Surf can be used for the accuracy
-AncientPower can be used over Rain Dance
-EVs max Special Attack and Speed
-Timid is used over Modest for the same reason

Team Options:

-Entry hazard support is helpful to assist Omanyte in its sweep
-Gligar is helpful to take out Croagunk
-Wynaut helps Omanyte set up and also can take out Croagunk
-Bronzor and Abra can provide Screens to make Omanyte bulkier and negate the defense drops from Shell Break
-Bronzor and Voltorb can set up Rain Dance to make Omanyte faster and its Water move stronger
-Hippopotas can set up sandstorm to boost Omanyte’s special defense

Optional Changes:

-Omanyte gets Stealth Rock and Spikes, and can set them up quite effectively
-Earth Power can be used to hit Chinchou hard, but is illegal with Shell Break
-Boiling Water could be used for the burn chance
-Substitute could be used to guarantee the setup and protect Omanyte


-Hitting Omanyte before it gets set up is very important
-Once Omanyte is set up, only priority users like Croagunk can effectively kill Omanyte
-Faster Scarfers such as Scarf Elekid can hit Omanyte super effectively but have trouble switching in

Dream World:

-Breakable Armor is an interesting ability for Omanyte but will make it even more susceptible to priority attacks
On the Rain Dance sweeper, be sure to mention the ability you should use is Swift Swim. And Omanyte absolutely needs to have a lead / support set mentioned. Omanyte @ Berry Juice - Spikes / Stealth Rock / Surf / Earth Power or Ice Beam is a great addition to any SandStorm team or is just a great lead in general.

The Dream World section needs to be expanded on as well. Saying its more susceptible to priority is plain stupid after you have Shell Break listed as the first set. I haven't tested it, but something like SubOmantye sounds great with Breakable Armor. White Herb is also an option to run with Breakable Armor, restoring Omanyte's great Defense.


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Added Juice to Rain Sweeper. I'm iffy on rain setup, Omanyte doesn't really have the typing to set it up.

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It does have a few nasty weaknesses, but that great defense and resistance to Normal/Flying/Ice/Fire/Poison is something to work from.


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