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[on site] RNG Manipulation in Pokémon Emerald: RNG Manipulation of Method 1 Pokémon

Discussion in 'Archives' started by Arseus, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Arseus

    refuses to accept Contributor

    Oct 13, 2006
    RNG Manipulation of Method 1 Pokémon

    This guide is now available in Smogon's In-Game section! Visit RNG Manipulation of Method 1 Pokémon on-site for the current version.

    Table of Contents


    The term "method 1" refers to the way a Pokémon's IVs and PID are created; those wanting a more technical explanation should check out X-Act's article on PID Creation. For the sake of RNG manipulation, you only need to know that the nature and IVs on any given frame for Pokémon generated through method 1 will differ from those generated by any other method. A list of Pokémon that are generated by method 1 in Pokémon Emerald is as follows:

    Voltorb¹, Electrode¹, Mew², Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Sudowoodo, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Lileep, Anorith, Castform, Kecleon³, Wynaut⁴, Beldum, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Latias, Latios, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, and Deoxys

    ¹Only Voltorb and Electrode disguised as Poké Balls are generated by method 1; the rest are generated as wild Pokémon.
    ²Mew is only obtainable in Japanese versions of Pokémon Emerald; other regions never received the Old Sea Map.
    ³Only the six Kecleon revealed by the Devon Scope are generated by method 1; the rest are generated as wild Pokémon.
    Only the Wynaut Egg from Lavaridge Town is generated by method 1; Wynaut found on Mirage Island are generated as wild Pokémon.

    Many of these Pokémon can be obtained through breeding; it is possible to get much better spreads within a reasonable amount of time through breeding than through method 1 resetting. For some players, their main motivation for resetting these Pokémon through method 1 is to generate rare shiny versions (see the section on shiny spreads in the Introduction). For Pokémon not available in the wild, such as Beldum or Sudowoodo, their method 1 forms are used to get parents with good IVs.

    It is important to take note that some method 1 Pokémon only become available at certain points in the game, and others need to be obtained in order to progress. Namely, your starter, Castform, and either Latias or Latios must all have their spreads set before you can move forward. The former two are all but impossible to reset for; your starter is obtained at the very beginning of the game, when no Rare Candies are accessible, and Castform succeeds a battle with Team Aqua, which toys with the RNG, giving reset times greater inconsistency. In the case of Latias or Latios, one of these Pokémon must be set via the TV news report in your character's living room, shortly after loading a game upon defeating the Elite Four. In this case, you should be prepared with Pokémon to trap and capture it before defeating the Champion. Of the three, Latias or Latios is most worthy of RNG manipulation; your starter and Castform can both be bred later for better results.

    Spread Selection

    The first step to resetting for method 1 Pokémon is selecting the spread you want. Here are some decent method 1 spreads to help get you started:

    Frame Time Nature Ability HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe Hidden Power 50%F 12.5%F 25%F 75%F
    2298 0:38.30 Adamant 0 27 25 29 11 28 31 Steel 45 M M M F
    3502 0:58.36 Sassy 0 27 29 28 11 28 23 Ghost 45 F M F F
    4961 1:22.68 Relaxed 1 28 25 27 6 29 30 Water 47 F M M F
    6478 1:47.96 Timid 1 26 4 22 28 24 31 Flying 38 F M F F
    7310 2:01.83 Timid 0 30 27 11 22 26 31 Ground 70 F M M F
    7385 2:03.08 Calm 0 26 23 24 26 31 30 Fire 67 M M M F
    9431 2:37.18 Careful 0 28 29 26 11 29 27 Ice 47 M M M F
    10070 2:47.83 Hasty 0 25 30 27 28 7 30 Fire 59 M M M F
    11645 3:14.08 Adamant 0 20 31 30 13 27 31 Ice 59 F M F F
    11736 3:15.60 Impish 0 27 31 25 28 28 0 Flying 31 F M M F
    11896 3:18.26 Brave 0 30 29 27 29 26 15 Steel 58 F M F F
    12162 3:22.70 Calm 1 28 8 28 7 30 29 Bug 60 F F F F
    13077 3:37.95 Sassy 0 28 22 27 23 30 21 Ghost 64 F F F F
    14526 4:02.10 Sassy 1 28 23 30 3 29 8 Electric 43 F M M F
    16867 4:41.11 Naive 1 29 28 19 31 16 31 Ghost 47 M M M F
    18401 5:06.68 Bold 1 30 13 29 26 26 19 Ground 66 M M M F
    19281 5:21.35 Calm 0 29 15 30 26 31 5 Grass 64 F M M F
    20110 5:35.16 Relaxed 0 26 26 29 8 31 14 Fire 57 F M M F
    20783 5:46.38 Modest 1 31 31 22 25 26 28 Rock 54 F F F F
    21459 5:57.65 Sassy 1 30 10 29 21 26 30 Rock 57 F F F F
    21608 6:00.13 Impish 0 29 30 31 15 31 5 Dragon 64 F M M F
    24971 6:56.18 Lonely 1 29 28 28 24 26 31 Poison 55 F F F F
    29594 8:13.23 Relaxed 1 31 30 29 8 28 27 Ground 36 M M M M
    30075 8:21.25 Adamant 0 30 27 27 18 31 31 Grass 70 F M M F
    31243 8:40.71 Jolly 1 25 29 29 23 25 31 Dark 45 F M F F
    31532 8:45.53 Careful 0 30 26 30 0 29 24 Steel 34 M M M F
    31917 8:51.95 Naive 1 19 31 26 30 27 30 Fire 70 M M M F
    33541 9:19.01 Mild 0 30 30 27 28 25 27 Grass 39 F F F F
    34046 9:27.43 Hasty 0 30 30 27 26 25 30 Fire 49 M M M M
    38784 10:46.40 Sassy 1 31 24 31 23 26 8 Bug 63 M M M F
    40600 11:16.66 Modest 1 24 5 25 31 27 22 Psychic 65 F M F F
    40842 11:20.70 Careful 1 30 31 30 24 29 13 Grass 34 M M M M
    41671 11:34.51 Brave 0 27 31 30 8 27 27 Grass 59 F M F F
    43300 12:01.66 Bold 1 30 31 31 21 31 30 Psychic 59 F M M F
    44886 12:28.10 Relaxed 0 30 18 28 21 26 19 Bug 57 F F F F
    45010 12:30.16 Timid 0 28 21 31 24 31 27 Grass 57 M M M M
    45101 12:31.68 Naive 1 30 29 2 27 3 30 Electric 68 M M M F
    47202 13:06.70 Naive 1 22 27 21 30 22 31 Ground 67 M M M M
    48843 13:34.05 Timid 1 25 0 24 26 21 31 Water 45 M M M F
    49866 13:51.10 Sassy 0 27 30 28 1 26 18 Rock 57 F M M F
    51536 14:18.93 Sassy 0 31 24 28 31 28 27 Bug 45 F M M F
    51814 14:23.56 Impish 1 29 31 28 21 26 27 Ghost 56 M M M M
    51850 14:24.16 Relaxed 0 27 19 29 22 31 19 Electric 67 M M M M
    54287 15:04.78 Relaxed 0 26 27 31 12 29 6 Water 39 F F F F
    54945 15:15.75 Modest 1 22 23 21 31 20 30 Bug 47 F M M F
    60902 16:55.03 Hasty 0 22 30 16 29 2 31 Bug 57 F F F F
    61756 17:09.26 Brave 0 27 25 26 4 27 29 Grass 53 F M M F
    63344 17:35.73 Relaxed 0 31 9 26 25 29 22 Psychic 38 F M M F
    63836 17:43.93 Sassy 0 31 20 31 24 27 23 Grass 58 M M M M
    64072 17:47.86 Relaxed 1 30 5 30 10 27 0 Fire 63 M M M M
    64284 17:51.40 Jolly 0 22 26 22 29 30 30 Ground 59 F M M F
    66271 18:24.51 Quiet 1 30 30 30 28 27 3 Water 59 M M M M
    66826 18:33.76 Brave 0 26 27 30 5 25 2 Electric 39 M M M M
    66897 18:34.95 Quiet 0 29 31 26 26 28 10 Fighting 49 M M M F
    67259 18:40.98 Modest 1 21 8 20 25 31 30 Electric 55 F M M F
    68620 19:03.66 Calm 1 27 31 27 21 29 24 Ice 34 F F F F
    69895 19:24.91 Bold 0 30 13 28 23 30 18 Rock 66 M M M F
    70245 19:30.75 Quiet 0 28 18 28 22 31 0 Steel 61 M M M F

    For a complete list of frames up to and including 100,000 please download this .csv file.


    Once you have selected your spread, you may wish to calculate the stats of your desired Pokémon, using the level at which it is encountered (for this, use your spread's IVs and Metalkid's Stat Calculator). Although optional, when used in tandem with the "IV man", it will effectively ensure that you will not need to use any rare candies if you obtain a Pokémon with the requisite stats. However, there are exceptions to this rule; the stats of Pokémon obtained at low levels give only the most rudimentary information.

    A benefit to calculating the Pokémon’s stats beforehand is that you can obtain the desired "one under Pokémon" to test your target’s Speed and HP. To test Speed, make sure that the Pokémon you send into battle has one less Speed than the Pokémon you want to catch, after taking a Badge Modifier into account; after obtaining the badge that boosts Speed, all your Pokémon's Speed stats are given an invisible modifier of x1.1. For HP, have a Pokémon with one less HP than the maximum of your target use Endeavor. These tricks are most useful when trying to obtain legendary Pokémon; the battles against other method 1 Pokémon do not tend to be as drawn out, so it is not necessary to make sure that you are battling the correct Pokémon. Of course, this is a non-issue for Pokémon that are obtained without a scuffle.

    Before you set off to obtain a method 1 Pokémon, be sure to have your party assembled (if you need to engage in battle) with a Pokémon to lull to sleep or paralyze your target, something to False Swipe, and any other utility Pokémon you need. Last but not least, don’t forget your Poké Balls, especially if you are using a special kind for aesthetic purposes. Make your way to the Pokémon, and save your game so that you are in an optimal position to generate the Pokémon when your spread occurs. Here is a list of where to save, and the last input for spread generation for all the method 1 Pokémon:

    Treecko/Torchic/Mudkip: Save in front of Professor Birch's bag. Spread selected after selecting "YES" on the screen that says "Do you choose this POKéMON?"
    Castform: Save in front of Aqua Admin Shelly. Spread selected with a press of the A button when the Weather Institute Researcher says "It might be an odd way of thanking you, but take this POKéMON."
    Latias/Latios (Television): Save in front of the stairs in your character's room. Spread selected after selecting the appropriate colour for the Pokémon mentioned on the news story; "RED" for Latias, "BLUE" for Latios.
    Lileep/Anorith: Save in front of the Devon Researcher who was working on reviving fossils. Spread selected after pressing A when he says "The fossil was an ancient POKéMON. [LILEEP/ANORITH], it was!"
    Wynaut: Save in front of the old lady who is raising an Egg near the Hot Springs. Spread selected after pressing A when she says "Good! I hope you'll walk plenty with this here EGG!"
    Kecleon: Save in front of the invisible Kecleon. Last input is a press of the A button when the message "The startled POKéMON attacked!" is shown.
    Beldum: Save in front of the Poké Ball on Steven’s desk, in his home in Mossdeep City. Spread selected after selecting "YES" when asked "Take the POKé BALL?"
    Sudowoodo: Save in front of the "weird tree" in the Battle Frontier. Last input is a press of the A button when the message "The weird tree attacked!" is shown.
    Chikorita/Cyndaquil/Totodile: Save in front of the appropriate Poké Ball. Spread selected after choosing "YES" when you are asked either "So the [CHIKORITA/CYNDAQUIL/TOTODILE] is your choice?" or "So you'll take the [CHIKORITA/CYNDAQUIL/TOTODILE]?" depending on the Pokémon.
    Kyogre/Groudon: Save one space of land away from it. Last input is a press of the directional button that places you in front of it.
    Ho-Oh: Save on the first space of the peak of the cliff. Last input is pressing up on the directional pad to place yourself on the second space of the cliff.
    Mew: Save in the area it appears in. Last input is a press of the A button to "tag" it.
    Other: Save directly in front of the Pokémon’s overworld sprite.⁵⁶ Last input is a press of the A button to "activate" the battle.

    ⁵In the case of Southern Island Latias or Latios, the strange rock serves as the overworld sprite.
    ⁶In the case of Deoxys, the red-hot rock serves as the overworld sprite.

    Calibration and Soft Resetting

    Excluding Kyogre, Groudon, and Ho-Oh, a simple press of the ever-versatile A button is the action that will ultimately cause the RNG to select a spread for your Pokémon. However, in most cases, the RNG does not choose a spread at the instant you perform any of the above actions; the exception is when "spread selected" is listed instead of "last input". For a Pokémon where you only have control over the last input, the RNG keeps cycling through spreads right up until you enter battle. This discrepancy between input and spread selection is caused by the Pokémon’s overworld animation or cry. For example, if you press A in front of Rayquaza's overworld sprite, it will utter a cry, then its markings will cinematically flash on the screen before there is a fade to darkness. The RNG is running the whole time, and only chooses Rayquaza's spread once the darkness sets in, immediately before the battle.

    All this means for you as the resetter is that you must adjust the time when you input the final command, from the time the spread is normally associated with. Since many good method 1 spreads occur after a considerable amount of time, it is wise to undergo a calibration process before going after a high frame. To do this, select a spread that occurs after a relatively short amount of time; not so short that there is not enough room to adjust, but short enough to let you calibrate fairly quickly. Taking the game's startup into account, a spread that occurs at around 40 seconds or so should do nicely (if you wish to calibrate for the Latias or Latios from the TV, a later spread may be required). Castform is the exception to this rule; it is erratic, and therefore difficult to even calibrate.

    Once you have selected a spread to aim for, make sure that the game is on, then grab your stopwatch or timer. Ensure that your stopwatch is set to 0, and that your timer is at the appropriate time. Position your fingers in such a way that you are pressing three of the four buttons to soft reset (A+B+Start+Select), then are able to press down the fourth (A or B is the easiest) and start your stopwatch or timer simultaneously, so the time starts alongside your game. Once the game is reset, mash the A button to skip the introduction sequence and load your file.

    How you proceed from here depends on which Pokémon you are resetting for. If you are resetting for a Pokémon that succeeds dialogue boxes, press A to initiate dialogue with the Pokémon or what or whoever gives it to you. In the case of the Latias or Latios set via the television, you must walk down the stairs to initiate dialogue with your parents, and with Castform, you must talk to and subsequently do battle with Aqua Admin Shelly. Press A at a somewhat slower pace to skip through the dialogue until you reach the final box as defined by the list above, and if necessary, make sure your cursor is hovering over the correct option.

    The process is similar for Pokémon where you must interact with an overworld sprite to engage in battle. However, in this case, stop pressing A as soon as you load the game, lest you accidentally activate the battle prematurely. Do not worry about this for Kyogre, Groudon, or Ho-Oh; they are activated by pressing a directional button, so you may mash the A button to your heart's content.

    Wait at the dialogue box, or wherever else specified, until your stopwatch reaches the time of your spread, or your timer runs out. This is the instant that you press A, or in the case of the aforementioned Kyogre, Groudon, and Ho-Oh, the appropriate directional button; if you are using a stopwatch, be sure to stop it at the same time. If you must capture the Pokémon, now is the time to do so; if it fails the Speed or HP checks you choose to subject it to, feel free to simply chuck a Master Ball to end the battle quickly.

    Once the Pokémon is in your possession, take note of its nature, and proceed to calculate its IVs. Depending on the Pokémon in question, this can take a couple or a copious amount of Rare Candies. If you are going after your starter, the only way to get its IVs is to battle an obscene amount of wild Pokémon to level it up, meticulously noting the EVs it accumulates; a similar approach may have to be taken with Castform if you cannot trade over any Rare Candies before you reach the Weather Institute. The Battle Frontier's "IV" man is unlikely to be of much help if you did not hit your spread, unless he concludes your Pokémon has a "flawless" IV; he cannot narrow down your Pokémon’s IVs more than an IV calculator the majority of the time.

    After your Pokémon's IVs are determined, locate the frame its spread corresponds to. You will then take this frame, and the one you wish to hit, and calculate the difference between the two. For instance, if frame 3,000 was hit while you were aiming for frame 2,700, you would subtract 3,000 from 2,700, leaving a difference of -300. Using the 60 frames per second rule, divide -300 by 60 to get a result of -5. This means that there is an offset of approximately 5 seconds from the time of your input to when your spread was generated; to counterbalance this, you will want to give your input 5 seconds earlier.

    From here, you have two options: you may choose to test again to try to get as close to your calibration frame as possible, or you may choose to go after the spread you really want. Once you are ready to do the latter, take the time (or times) you calculated during calibration, and make adjustments as necessary. This is pretty much the same as what you did during the calibration phase, only this time you want to make all the adjustments at once. That is to say, if you found you needed to give your input 5 seconds earlier, then 0.2 seconds later on a subsequent attempt, you would reset 4.8 seconds earlier. Be sure to record this final time; it should not change much as you are resetting for the same Pokémon. However, each method 1 Pokémon has a different pre-battle animation; you cannot use the same results for Rayquaza and Groudon, as their animations do not take up the same amount of time. However, each time you reset for Rayquaza, you can use the same time, if it is close enough to your spread.

    It should be said that the calibration phase is not imperative. It is merely an option to save time; it is extremely unlikely to hit a method 1 spread on the first try, due to the offset caused by the Pokémon's cry or other such delays. It is simply quicker to make large adjustments on a spread that occurs after 40 seconds than one at the 40 minute mark. Of course, given that the RNG does not run at precisely 60 frames per second, more adjustments will likely be needed at higher frames, regardless of test runs.

    When you are ready to pursue your method 1 Pokémon, repeat the above steps, only use your desired frame, ignoring any references to calibration. Continue to refine your timing until you are hitting frames within close proximity of your spread. Through trial and error, you will be able to hit your spread and obtain the perfect method 1 Pokémon.
  2. mingot

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    Jun 15, 2008
    I owe:

    - List of good method 1 frames sub 20 minutes
    - CSV of all frames sub 20 minutes
  3. Arkeis

    Arkeis (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ (formerly aragornbird)
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    Jul 8, 2005
    Great job, but it's Chikorita, not Chicorita.
  4. Stellar

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    Jan 3, 2007
    The accents on Pokémon in this were backward, so I corrected them (in this thread and the others).
  5. Arseus

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    Oct 13, 2006
    Fixed. I need to get back to Johto I guess, good thing HeartGold and SoulSilver are approaching.

    Whoops! Thank you for fixing this, Stellar; the accented "e"'s are right next to each other in the "Special Characters" screen, and I guess I chose the wrong one by mistake! Thank you for catching and correcting these; I added "é" to my favourite characters list so this won't happen again!
  6. Wild Eep

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    Aug 2, 2006
    From what I've found, Feebas is Method 2, not 1.
  7. Arseus

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    Oct 13, 2006
    That's what I thought, as it makes sense. The only reason Feebas was tentatively put under method 1 was because of a post negator made in Discuss My Pokémon thread. I figured if it actually was method 1, someone would've discovered this much, much, sooner through soft resetting. I've removed Feebas from method 1.

    Also, thanks to negator for finding the rest of the inputs (Castform and Wynaut)
  8. Negator


    Aug 29, 2007
    Mew's iv are save when you touch it.
    You need to corner it before doing so, I may record a video about how to do that, since I found that it usually follow a path...

    About Feebas, I talked with Mingot, the only way to know them, it's to fish at leas 5 of them by a real game... :7

    Those are the best method1 spreads under 20 minutes,
    I left a large amount of relaxed/sassy, mainly because there are some with good SpA and other with Atk, also, some is obviously, faster to reach than others, so, I leave to you guys the final call on them.


    2297F 7fa46b96 (ADAMANT, ability 0) 27/25/29/11/28/31 (Seed: 00000000 Frame: 2297) HP STEEL 45
    11644F 7b61d23a (ADAMANT, ability 0) 20/31/30/13/27/31 (Seed: 00000000 Frame: 11644) HP ICE 59
    30074F 92a2c742 (ADAMANT, ability 0) 30/27/27/18/31/31 (Seed: ff160284 Frame: 8410) HP GRASS 70

    45009F 030044cc (TIMID, ability 0) 28/21/31/24/31/27 (Seed: 240f0271 Frame: 1094) HP GRASS 57
    6477F ed628737 (TIMID, ability 1) 26/4/22/28/24/31 (Seed: 00000000 Frame: 6477) HP FLYING 38
    48842F 8b2e7ca1 (TIMID, ability 1) 25/0/24/26/21/31 (Seed: 240f0271 Frame: 4927) HP WATER 45


    4960F e8f1a06d (RELAXED, ability 1) 28/25/27/6/29/30 (Seed: 00000000 Frame: 4960) HP WATER 47
    20109F f4f4726e (RELAXED, ability 0) 26/26/29/8/31/14 (Seed: ea1702c4 Frame: 2477) HP FIRE 57
    29593F dc10b9fb (RELAXED, ability 1) 31/30/29/8/28/27 (Seed: ff160284 Frame: 7929) HP GROUND 36
    44885F 1cc32912 (RELAXED, ability 0) 30/18/28/21/26/19 (Seed: 240f0271 Frame: 970) HP BUG 57
    51849F de1224d8 (RELAXED, ability 0) 27/19/29/22/31/19 (Seed: 240f0271 Frame: 7934) HP ELECTRIC 67

    54286F 0508a518 (RELAXED, ability 0) 26/27/31/12/29/6 (Seed: 240f0271 Frame: 10371) HP WATER 39
    63343F 348bf164 (RELAXED, ability 0) 31/9/26/25/29/22 (Seed: 060702b0 Frame: 6083) HP PSYCHIC 38
    64071F efa77ce3 (RELAXED, ability 1) 30/5/30/10/27/0 (Seed: 060702b0 Frame: 6811) HP FIRE 63

    24970F c22bbc15 (LONELY, ability 1) 29/28/28/24/26/31 (Seed: ff160284 Frame: 3306) HP POISON 55

    43299F 75f2ae4d (BOLD, ability 1) 30/31/31/21/31/30 (Seed: a303026a Frame: 2597) HP PSYCHIC 59
    18400F 9d1d24b7 (BOLD, ability 1) 30/13/29/26/26/19 (Seed: ea1702c4 Frame: 768) HP GROUND 66
    69894F cc8062aa (BOLD, ability 0) 30/13/28/23/30/18 (Seed: 9e16027d Frame: 4031) HP ROCK 66

    51813F 5deb9cc7 (IMPISH, ability 1) 29/31/28/21/26/27 (Seed: 240f0271 Frame: 7898) HP GHOST 56
    11735F cd015c5a (IMPISH, ability 0) 27/31/25/28/28/0 (Seed: 00000000 Frame: 11735) HP FLYING 31
    21607F b31c395e (IMPISH, ability 0) 29/30/31/15/31/5 (Seed: ea1702c4 Frame: 3975) HP DRAGON 64

    3501F 155d373a (SASSY, ability 0) 27/29/28/11/28/23 (Seed: 00000000 Frame: 3501) HP GHOST 45
    13076F b8eb9e14 (SASSY, ability 0) 28/22/27/23/30/21 (Seed: 00000000 Frame: 13076) HP GHOST 64
    14525F 823dfd67 (SASSY, ability 1) 28/23/30/3/29/8 (Seed: 2004025f Frame: 772) HP ELECTRIC 43
    21458F 33b59709 (SASSY, ability 1) 30/10/29/21/26/30 (Seed: ea1702c4 Frame: 3826) HP ROCK 57
    38783F 32bfc5bd (SASSY, ability 1) 31/24/31/23/26/8 (Seed: 2d04029d Frame: 3224) HP BUG 63
    49865F f5420d62 (SASSY, ability 0) 27/30/28/1/26/18 (Seed: 240f0271 Frame: 5950) HP ROCK 57
    51535F 8f334748 (SASSY, ability 0) 31/24/28/31/28/27 (Seed: 240f0271 Frame: 7620) HP BUG 45
    63835F d50e36ec (SASSY, ability 0) 31/20/31/24/27/23 (Seed: 060702b0 Frame: 6575) HP GRASS 58


    9430F bbce2990 (CAREFUL, ability 0) 28/29/26/11/29/27 (Seed: 00000000 Frame: 9430) HP ICE 47
    31531F 50a49190 (CAREFUL, ability 0) 30/26/30/0/29/24 (Seed: 8d1702bc Frame: 1235) HP STEEL 34
    40841F 3f2f55d5 (CAREFUL, ability 1) 30/31/30/24/29/13 (Seed: a303026a Frame: 139) HP GRASS 34

    33540F 1e04bc0e (MILD, ability 0) 30/30/27/28/25/27 (Seed: 8d1702bc Frame: 3244) HP GRASS 39

    31242F 369c1921 (JOLLY, ability 1) 25/29/29/23/25/31 (Seed: 8d1702bc Frame: 946) HP DARK 45
    64283F 8ec33774 (JOLLY, ability 0) 22/26/22/29/30/30 (Seed: 060702b0 Frame: 7023) HP GROUND 59

    66825F bef41dcc (BRAVE, ability 0) 26/27/30/5/25/2 (Seed: 9e16027d Frame: 962) HP ELECTRIC 39
    61755F 94050644 (BRAVE, ability 0) 27/25/26/4/27/29 (Seed: 060702b0 Frame: 4495) HP GRASS 53
    41670F a95afb34 (BRAVE, ability 0) 27/31/30/8/27/27 (Seed: a303026a Frame: 968) HP GRASS 59
    11895F e3c29d2c (BRAVE, ability 0) 30/29/27/29/26/15 (Seed: 00000000 Frame: 11895) HP STEEL 58

    12161F bdcd1b1d (CALM, ability 1) 28/8/28/7/30/29 (Seed: 00000000 Frame: 12161) HP BUG 60
    19280F fa8f1e5c (CALM, ability 0) 29/15/30/26/31/5 (Seed: ea1702c4 Frame: 1648) HP GRASS 64
    68619F fe1bb70b (CALM, ability 1) 27/31/27/21/29/24 (Seed: 9e16027d Frame: 2756) HP ICE 34

    20782F 8a37980f (MODEST, ability 1) 31/31/22/25/26/28 (Seed: ea1702c4 Frame: 3150) HP ROCK 54
    40599F 93c8161f (MODEST, ability 1) 24/5/25/31/27/22 (Seed: 070e02cf Frame: 1198) HP PSYCHIC 65
    67258F deb0fe67 (MODEST, ability 1) 21/8/20/25/31/30 (Seed: 9e16027d Frame: 1395) HP ELECTRIC 55
    54944F 2fdf9849 (MODEST, ability 1) 22/23/21/31/20/30 (Seed: 240f0271 Frame: 11029) HP BUG 47

    45100F 694da499 (NAIVE, ability 1) 30/29/2/27/3/30 (Seed: 240f0271 Frame: 1185) HP ELECTRIC 68
    16866F f89ea783 (NAIVE, ability 1) 29/28/19/31/16/31 (Seed: 2004025f Frame: 3113) HP GHOST 47
    31916F 2e3c3cb7 (NAIVE, ability 1) 19/31/26/30/27/30 (Seed: 8d1702bc Frame: 1620) HP FIRE 70
    47201F 37134ae7 (NAIVE, ability 1) 22/27/21/30/22/31 (Seed: 240f0271 Frame: 3286) HP GROUND 67

    10069F 37ef38a6 (HASTY, ability 0) 25/30/27/28/7/30 (Seed: 00000000 Frame: 10069) HP FIRE 59
    34045F ef60f6e6 (HASTY, ability 0) 30/30/27/26/25/30 (Seed: 8d1702bc Frame: 3749) HP FIRE 49
    60901F cce5b016 (HASTY, ability 0) 22/30/16/29/2/31 (Seed: 060702b0 Frame: 3641) HP BUG 57

    66270F d1c2f8c9 (QUIET, ability 1) 30/30/30/28/27/3 (Seed: 9e16027d Frame: 407) HP WATER 59
    66896F a0acd1ba (QUIET, ability 0) 29/31/26/26/28/10 (Seed: 9e16027d Frame: 1033) HP FIGHTING 49
    70244F fa4bfc82 (QUIET, ability 0) 28/18/28/22/31/0 (Seed: 9e16027d Frame: 4381) HP STEEL 61
  9. mingot

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    Jun 15, 2008
  10. Arseus

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    Oct 13, 2006
    Thank you negator and mingot for all your hard work! negator, I used all your spreads in the "good spreads" list, only using RNG Reporter's frame numbers. Another thanks for stepping up and supplying such a list! mingot, glad to see you were able to do the .csv files, I added a link to the first post (for now, but you know why).

    I tried to do this in a BBCode Table, but apparently the forum doesn't support those, so you'll just have to look at the un-pretty version for now. I'll update the wild Pokémon section shortly.
  11. Negator


    Aug 29, 2007
    I was asked to confirm if both the wynaut egg and castform are method1 generated pkm, and I can confirm that they are, I've checked like 6 of them, and all were method 1 spreads.
  12. Arseus

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    Oct 13, 2006
    negator, I'm afraid there was some miscommunication; I am aware that Wynaut and Castform are method 1, it's just a matter of after which text box their spreads are selected. That was what I (thought I) told mingot I was unsure of, but I guess our message got mixed on its way to you! What I really need to know is the following:

    Thanks for all your time though.
  13. mingot

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    Jun 15, 2008
    This is my fault, I was confused as to what you were asking for.
  14. Negator


    Aug 29, 2007
    Oh but I documented those as well:
    The egg ivs are settle once this message shows up:
    “Good! I hope you’ll walk plenty with this here EGG!”
    And I've a screen of it as well xD

    The castform ivs are settled instead once you press A after the researcher says:
    “It might be an odd way of thanking you, but take this POKéMON"
    Sorry but, because of the "way" I had to use to test, this, I couldn't take a screen xD
  15. Arseus

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    Oct 13, 2006
    Great job, negator! I'm grateful to you for helping filling in the gaps where mingot and I cannot (or have not had the time). I've updated the first post with your information; I'm not sure if we're going to use the screenshot or not (as we don't have screenshots of any other dialogue boxes), but it was a nice gesture nonetheless. I suppose my final question is just to clarify, to make sure we are 100% on the same page this time; when you say

    Does the message go away automatically, or do you have to press A to make it disappear? If the latter, then the way I've worded it is fine, but if it's the former, I'll have to amend the post again to say press A at the other dialogue box.
  16. Negator


    Aug 29, 2007
    nono, I knew it, I had to fix the grammar here...
    Ayway it's a stationary dialogue box, so it won't get away untill you press A :p, so I think it's all fine

    Edit, let me not spam more:
    Thanks for the credits, and, It was my pleasure to help :)
  17. Arseus

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    Oct 13, 2006
    All right, thank you for all your help negator! I've given you credit for your lists of spreads (as you may see), and would again, like to thank you for the work you've done. I do believe that this guide is mostly content-complete (bar some RNG Reporter write-ups mingot will be working on), so thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far!
  18. penpad


    May 11, 2009
    Can you put a list of frame delays for each pokemon?
    Like in the old thread it had a list of each legendary and how many frames it was off the actual spread.

    Ex: Mew ~80 frames

    \/\/\/Thanks for the response. Wasn't sure if it varied that much from game to game, guess so. Just checked my emerald the other day to find out i have all the legendaries available for capture so ill probably work on that myself. Does RNGreporter still report the whole frame list from emerald? I'm on 5.20\/\/\/\/
  19. mingot

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    Jun 15, 2008
    Frame offsets are really just guesses, and you still almost always have to adjust after catching your first monster, so my initial reaction to this is negative. I tend to find those sorts of offsets to be of limited value.

    BUT -- If you are willing to compile a list for all capturables we probably could include them in the article. Arseus will have the final say in this matter, though, so please make sure he signs off before proceeding with any work.
  20. Arseus

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    Oct 13, 2006
    My thoughts exactly. The calibration phase I outlined is designed to place you closer to you Pokémon, but you will have to make additional adjustments from there, especially if you are aiming for a higher frame. I believe I said something to this effect to mingot earlier: "If we can't get exact numbers from the game's data, I'd rather not include 'delays' at all." The offsets that we could list would only be approximations made by ourselves or other people, and different people would end up with different "delays" if you will. It just makes more sense to have a calibration phase, and not worry about some offset. Besides, the offset will vary slightly depending on the frame you are aiming for; the fact that the RNG is not exactly 60 frames per second is more visible at higher frames than lower ones. I can see now that people will want us to amend the guide with the delays that they find, which will inevitably be different from whatever we list.

    So not to sound rude, but unless someone provides a really compelling argument, I'd rather not include the "frame delays" for each legendary. They don't really add anything, and one only needs to look at posts the old thread concerning Sweet Scent times to see that people get somewhat confused when they get a different time from what someone else has suggested.
  21. Erodent


    Aug 22, 2008
    Hi again Arceus! This is so well written that the only things I've caught are silly "mistakes" (extra spacing, capitalization...). Instead of quoting everything, I'll just quote some sections of the article with mistakes. Cheers!

    As always, edits are in bold red;
    Comments are in bold blue

    Just incredible.
  22. mingot

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    Jun 15, 2008
    I have made these updates and will begin HTMLization, thank you Erodent.

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