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Discussion in 'Locked / Outdated Analyses' started by Fireburn, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Fireburn

    Fireburn BARN ALL
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    Jan 18, 2009




    • Great base 125 Special Attack and access to Nasty Plot.
    • Very, very slow, mostly outclassed by Rankurusu who is bulkier, gets a far superior ability, and gets Focus Blast to smash Dark-types in half.
    • Defenses aren't that great.
    • However, Oobemu works well alongside Rankurusu. They share the same counters, so Rankurusu can go first and blast them down while Oobemu cleans up the scraps.
    name: Trick Room Sweeper
    move 1: Trick Room
    move 2: Psychic / Psycho Shock
    move 3: Thunderbolt
    move 4: Hidden Power Fighting / Nasty Plot / Recover
    item: Life Orb
    ability: Synchronize
    nature: Quiet
    evs: 252 HP / 6 Def / 252 SpA
    ivs: 2 Spe

    Set Comments

    • One of the few Pokemon that can set up Trick Room and actually sweep.
    • Psycho Shock vs. Psychic is preference of hitting Blissey for a 2HKO (45.9% - 54.2%) or hitting Special Defensive Pokemon harder. Psycho Shock is usually superior except against Gliscor and Hippowdon.
    • Thunderbolt is something Oobemu has over Rankurusu and it gets a powerful neutral hit on Steel- and Dark-types as well as murdering Bulky Waters.
    • Hidden Power Fighting is Oobemu's strongest attack against Doryuuzu and other Steel- and Dark-type Pokemon.
    Additional Comments

    • Nasty Plot allows Oobemu to have even more sweeping power, but even with Max HP investment it will be hard pressed to pull it off. However, oobemu can do quite a bit of damage after a boost. For example, it will always OHKO Blissey with Psycho Shock after a boost provided Stealth Rock is up and Oobemu is holding a Life Orb.
    • Recover allows Oobemu to last longer and heal off Life Orb recoil.
    • Shadow Ball can be used to hit other Psychic-types.
    • Bring this out lategame once Rankurusu has weakened the counters.
    • A Quiet nature in conjuction with the 2 Speed IV enables Oobemu to outspeed as many things as possible while still maintaining a base 70 power Hidden Power Fighting.
    Teammates & Counters

    • Oobemu is pretty much outclassed by Rankurusu, so don't use it unless said Rankurusu is used in conjuction with it to help beat down its counters.
    • Other Psychic-types, such as Cresselia, Mewtwo, and Latios can easily beat it.
    • Tyranitar and Doryuuzu destroy Oobemu if it lacks Hidden Power Fighting.
    • Giratina-O and Scizor can handle Oobemu's attacks well and bypass Trick Room with their respective STAB priority attacks Shadow Sneak and Bullet Punch.
    • Anything with Sucker Punch owns Oobemu.
    • Tyranitar benefits from Trick Room support and can handle Giratina-O and most Psychic-types with its powerful STAB Crunch.
    • Giratina-O likes Trick Room support and can check Mewtwo to an extent with Shadow Sneak.
    • Roobushin can beat up Doryuuzu and Tyranitar with Mach Punch and, as expected, benefits from Trick Room.
    • Scizor can be taken on by any Fire-type such as Heatran. Heatran also, you guessed it, benefits from Trick Room.
    • Any kind of entry hazards is welcomed by Oobemu to help it grab notable KOes.
    [Team Options]

    • Any kind of entry hazards to help soften up bulkier Pokemon.
    • Fighting-types such as Roobushin are helpful in general to help KO Dark- and Steel-type Pokemon.
    • Tyranitar can easily fell most Psychic-types with its powerful STAB Crunch attack, whereas Zuruzukin can use them as set up bait.
    • Heatran can easily take on Scizor and it resists all of Oobemu's weaknesses.
    [Optional Changes]

    • Oobemu can utilize Screens, Thunder Wave, and Toxic for more team support.
    • It gets Calm Mind, but Oobemu isn't bulky enough to take advantage of it.
    • Energy Ball covers Water-types while hitting Doryuuzu for decent damage.

    • Most Dark-types such as Zurzukin and Tyranitar if Oobemu lacks Hidden Power Fighting.
    • Giratina-O, Scizor, anything with Sucker Punch. Oobemu hates strong priority in general.
    • Mewtwo, Cresselia, and Rankurusu wall Oobemu unless it has Shadow Ball.
    [Dream World]

    • Oobemu receives the ability Analyze from the Dream World.
    • This ability gives a significant power boost to Oobemu's attacks provided it goes last, which it will more often than not accomplish thanks to its pitiful base 40 Speed.
    • Analyze allows Oobemu to hit much harder than Rankurusu most of the time, possible making a bulky Specs set of good utility.
  2. Fireburn

    Fireburn BARN ALL
    is a member of the Site Staffis a Global Moderatoris a Community Contributoris a Tiering Contributoris a Contributor to Smogon
    Ubers Co-Leader

    Jan 18, 2009
    This is done.

    I wish Oobemu was better. :(
  3. Colonel M

    Colonel M Like a Pope
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    Aug 5, 2007
    Sadly this thing was made more for Doubles / Triples. No wonder why it looks bad.

    I guess it looks done otherwise.

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