I just noticed that there was an Orange Islands subforum of Smogon. I thought the people of this subforum might want to know about this website:

To sum it up for those who might not be interested, it's a Text RolePlayingGame with two regions laden with fakemon that otherwise is a Pokemon community all the same. It also has TRPG subforums for the game canon regions, if you are dismayed by the fakemons on an artistic or competitive level.

This website has recently tried to open itself more to the general public (using a Referral programme among other things to do so - I'm on the website as a regular known as E-102 Parasect), and is currently working on modifying its Dex entries for Gen V in order to be up to date. Other than that, though, it's a Pokemon fan website akin to some of the other ones (it's not as lethal as Serebii, thankfully - otherwise posting this thread would be more arduous than it currently is).