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OU Round 5 Pokemon Suspect Voting

Discussion in 'Blind Voting' started by JabbaTheGriffin, Oct 3, 2011.

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  1. JabbaTheGriffin

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    Jan 21, 2007
    2 votes left, both of which are irrelevant at this point. Here are the results! Ps big thanks to RBG for compiling them!

    Thundurus: 52 Ban, 19 Do Not Ban, 3 Abstain = 73.24% Ban
    Excadrill: 49 Ban, 22 Do Not Ban, 3 Abstain = 69.01% Ban
    Deoxys-S: 28 Ban, 40 Do Not Ban, 6 Abstain = 41.17% Ban
    Dragonite: 11 Ban, 60 Do Not Ban, 3 Abstain = 15.49% Ban
    Volcarona: 15 Ban, 56 Do Not Ban, 3 Abstain = 21.12% Ban

    Thundurus got the supermajority it didn't actually need, but either way he's now banned from OU. Excadrill squeaked out a supermajority with a string of Ban votes at the very end, and is also banned from OU.

    Dragonite has the honor of being the weakest link.

    The bans will be implemented on the Smogon OU ladder as soon as possible.
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