Overused Cavalry - FINALS [Won by -Mind-]

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Overused Cavalry



The UU metagame is constantly changing. Every month or two, it seems a new Pokemon is added or removed. This is a UU tourney that shall test various OU Pokemon in the UU tier. Each round, a Pokemon shall be selected to enter the UnderUsed metagame. For example, Dusknoir may be allowed only in Round 1, while Metagross may be allowed in Round 2. The Pokemon chosen to be used however, will all be relatively low in OU usage to maintain some sense of balance.

The Rules

- Evasion Clause
- Freeze Clause
- OHKO Clause
- Sleep Clause
- Species Clause
- Strict Damage Clause
- Timed Battle
- All Uber, OU, and BL Pokemon are banned unless specified otherwise
- For clarification, Raikou, Froslass, and Umbreon are banned this round

** This round, Weavile will be moved into UU! (This doesn't mean you have to use it)

I'm extremely disappointed that so many people have had to drop out. Even into the quarterfinals. Please, please, next time don't join a tourney if you can't play it all the way through. Here is the final pairing. Good luck to both contenders. There is no deadline, but please get the match done soon.


-Mind- vs. Fuzznip
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