Physically Offensive Tangrowth (RU/UU)



<p>Great base Hp, atk, and def.
Lacks SpD and spe severly
Typing makes it struggle to be an effective wall at times

name: physically offensive
move 1: power whip
move 2:earthquake
move 3:rock slide
move 4:sleep powder
evs:*252 Hp / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
item: Choice Band / Life Orb
ability: Regenerator


Great coverage, hits steel types such as cobalion with earthquake and rock slide for flying types like Zapdos. Sleep powder is a filler move and also because putting something to sleep is always good and it can bluff an offensive set

[Additional Comments]
Can hit incoming fire types with earthquake or rock slide, and stab power whip will still do a nice chunk as well

[Other Options]

You can give it seed bomb for 100% accuracy instea of power whip which can miss

Levitate Bronzong walls this set as tangrowth cannot do anything other than sleep powder. Virizion can set up a sub and set up as all of tangrowths moves are resisted. Gligar can cripple it with toxic but needs to watch out when roosting on a powerful power whip. Defensive Amoonguss can tank earthquake and spore it or sludge bomb. Defensive Arcanine can take earthquake after intimidate dro, recover health with morning sun and WoW or just kill it with flare
blitz/flamethrower. Hitmontop can also intimidate it and pressure with toxic.