Pokemon that should move to Uber

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There are some ridiculously OP pokes that should really move to uber. Why? Well, let's hear what they are first.
All pokes with Moxie should either move to uber or get Moxie not usable in OU. (Salamence, Heracross, Pinsir, Scrafty, Honchcrow, Krookodile)
Ninjask and Shedninja. Ninjask because he is OP baton passer (you can pass with 2.5x speed and 2x attack every time no matter what) and Shedninja because with Focus Sash is really quite cheap.

Please consider, and reply thoughts. Thanks!


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tiering is done via usage stats and suspect tests run by the ou council and other tier leaders; the PS developers don't decide what pokemon are in each tier. if you feel really strongly about this issue, please PM user: Haunter, an adminstrator of PS and OU tiering co-leader, or otherwise PM me on PS or forums and i can help out.

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