Policy Review Posting Guidelines

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Policy Review is a place where we discuss tiering policy in all shapes and forms. As always, there are a few rules to follow when making a post. Most of these should be fairly obvious, but they will still be listed here.
  • Arguing with people is fine, and encouraged even. Having differing opinions is completely normal, and of course presenting a case for your view is legitimate. However, don't be an ass. Do not try to derail the topic, shift the goalposts, or just sling insults at each other. Behave courteously and intelligently.
  • Before you post, make sure you read the topic you are posting on. By this, we don't just mean to read the original post, but also to at least skim through the thread. Presenting the same stuff that has already been brought up multiple times does not help anyone.
  • Make sure you can add something to the discussion. If you aren't familiar with the topic at hand, don't post. You may want to contribute, but an uninformed opinion just wastes everyone's time.
  • If you want to start a thread, make sure it is related to general tiering policies or tier-specific stuff. It is recommended to talk with the Tier Leaders or the council of a tier before making a post about it.
  • Generally, stuff pertaining to Pokemon Showdown does not belong in Policy Review. The exception are mechanics that affect competitive games, such as the timer mechanics. Clauses generally will not be touched upon unless there are exceptional circumstances surrounding them. If you wish to discuss Pokemon Showdown's aesthetics, there are other places for you to do so.
  • Older tiers should generally remain untouched. They will only be revisited in extreme cases, and only if there is a significant backing from their playerbase. This is decided on a case-by-case basis and will always be handled by a relevant leader.
  • Please do not post for people who do not have this ability in Policy Review. If they wish to contribute, they can contact the relevant leader of the topic at hand, such as the OU council for OU-related issues or TDs for anything to do with Smogon Tournaments. If these people wish to, they are allowed to post for outsiders. Everyone else should avoid doing so.

If you follow these guidelines, no issues should arise. Should you violate any of these rules or Smogon forums global rules, your post will be deleted and you may be infracted depending on the severity of the offense.
Not open for further replies.