Data Project Clean-Up: Re-organizing ASB Begins here

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So as promised in the 04/19/2011 SotG results, this is where we'll be re-auditing and re-organizing a lot of ASB's data.


1. Prioritize areas to clean up

Please make suggestions as to what needs to be reorganized first, then we can assign people to make the paragraph and formatting changes. This will be updated below once we have an idea of where to start and what needs clarification.

2. Report malfeasance

If anyone has been exploiting their position or trying to graft free prizes for quick sub-refs and the like, report it here with a link and it will be investigated. This has become a HUGE Forum where even active battles can be on the third page. One person cannot possibly enforce things like this, even a team of mods can't. This game relies heavily on the honor system, so please honor it.

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This is not about cleaning up, but more of auditing.

The Attack List in the Data Audit Thread needs some work to make everything consistent. For example, Ice Punch costs one less energy than the other Punches, Flash Cannon costs one less energy than the other 8 BP moves, and Leech Life has 6 power for some reason. I'd be willing to help audit this, and probably others too.

Another note, the paragraph for energy penalties used to say something along the lines of "consecutive uses cost two (4) more energy". Is that fixed now?
I'd LOVE to help with this. Tell me what to do and I'll get right on it.

The first thing we need to fix is the CAP Data thread. All the information in it is in the Data Audit thread; it has no reason for existing.

In addition, the Ref thread needs a cleanup. The OP is missing some vital reffing information, and the guide to reffing in the Reg thread should be moved there and expanded upon as well. In addition, nothing has happened with the reffing We should probably get that started soon.


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A few things:

1. The OP in the CAP Specific Info thread can be merged into the Data Audit Thread, so I believe that we can delete what without worry.

2. If the need arises, we can un-sticky the Battle Tower and Prize Claiming thread, as they are always active. This is probably more of an emergency situation, though.

3. Like Engineer said, there are a few errors in the Data Audit thread. I'm not blaming you Deck, since it must have taken an insane amount of time to gather that much data and errors will occur. If possible, I'd like to help out.

4. Anyone up for subtitle prefix tags? I mean, they aren't really nessessary or a big priority, but I think that tags like (On-Going), (Finished), (Dropped) etc. would make threads look neat and cool.

5. An archive for good/funny/surprising matches would be cool. These battles can serve as models for new referees and trainers. (EDIT@ FB: Prizes/awards would also be really cool. We could even have a category for "Best match/ref/trainer" for the 2011 Smog awards!)
Yes, the data auditing thread could use some revision.

Regarding people going against the honor system, I think that all things should require two approvals so that we make sure that things are trustworthy. I also noticided that the approvals need to be a bit more careful. I copy-pasted the info of another pokemon and replaced the info with the info for my poke, but I forgot to change the abilites. It still got approved and so I think that 2 aprrovals would be best.

Arcanite, vm/pm a higher up member, or go on #CAPASB

I also think that together, we should write a CAPASB guide that is clear, consice, and targeted at newcomers. It would include info such as where/how to signup, how battles work, and how
approvals and other stuff work. Reffing details should not be mensioned because they scare
away newcomers by their complex nature. The guide should also be sent to The Smog, to attract newcomers and show tem how to become a member of our community.

Regarding Limewire, I don't really see the need to unsticky the BT thread and the prize claiming thread, there is not much point. But tagging the battles would be a really good idea, and would
keep forum nice and neat. An archive of good battles is also a great idea especially in out dire need of more creativity. This could also be increased to specific orders that are very creative or interetsing. To even go farther with this, we could possible give an award to the most creative/intersting battle that happened between SOtGs. A thread could be set up for nominations, and then once the committee had voted on changes to the system, a vote thread can be put up that would finish by the time the next SOtG is posted.
As an approver myself, I can say that requiring everything to have two approvals is a terrible idea. First, probably 70% of everything that goes through the prize claim thread is simple redeeming of tokens that have absolutely no need for a second approval. Also, all approvers fuck up from time to time. All mistakes will be corrected eventually, there's no need to make approvers' lives that much harder just for rare instances when they screw up.
If anything, I was under the impression that token redemption didn't need to be approved? And yet you do. Free counters for all!

Anyways, one thing i have noticed is killing your own Pokemon to get tokens for a different Pokemon. This can be seen in the battle Darkamber8828 vs. LupusAter which i'm too lazy to find a link for, but basically DA didn't want to give his Poliwhirl tokens but instead his Mantyke, so he killed his own Poliwhirl with his Gengar. This seems extremely un-flavorful and against the spirit of the game IMO.
Welcome trainers to Smogon's CAP Anime Style Battling(ASB) League! Here we strive to make a welcoming, fun, and challenging game for you to enjoy as a spectator or, hopefully, a participant.
Eh, does it really matter so much? I don't think attacking your pokemon detracts from fun, challenge, or...welcome.

It's possible to have a subforum for a subforum, right?

We could move completed battles to their own subforum, get active battles their own subforum, and businesses a third subforum.

Because there are a lot of battles here.

Or something?
also, building off of Limewire's suggestion, some good tags would be:

Data audit thread, state of the game, CAP Specific Information, etc.

(Battle) and (Completed Battle)

Obviously a battle.


Battle tower, Reg tower, Prize Claming thread, and the like. Interactive threads.

(Role Play)

Role Playing shops and stuff.


edit: Darkamber, maybe we can just use tags instead of sub-forums so mods don't have to move stuff
I think adding tags to threads would be a good idea to help keep everything organized. I also think having "Battle Archive" would be a good way to show newcomers how to be creative with your moves (which seems to be lacking), and also to show some great reffing examples.
I'd be willing to help.

Additionally, a second "reffing seminar" would be helpful.

Also, a "battle nomination thread" would help the "battle archive" out a lot.

Players would nominate a battle they thought was good. Once somebody who wasn't a direct participant approves of the battle (even if that person is was the nominator,) it is given to a "QC judge." If the judge also approves, the battle is placed in the "Archive."

Every so often, the QC judges select 5-10 of the best battles since the last judging period and put them up for polling. The winners are put in the "Hall of Fame" to commemorate the fact those battles were so epic.
I've mentioned the Stealth Rock / Spikes thing before... Is it possible we could possibly expand the definition on that to make it usable for other purposes than entry hazards? Just so there's no confusion with refs and stuff.
Limewire said:
4. Anyone up for subtitle prefix tags? I mean, they aren't really nessessary or a big priority, but I think that tags like (On-Going), (Finished), (Dropped) etc. would make threads look neat and cool.
Best suggestion ever. I think the best way to do prefixes is to keep them simple and do it like follows:


We don't need to specify if they end by DQ or by victory, because they ended either way. I only think we need to specify ongoing or completed battled. This would make it a lot easier to find battles that you're looking for since you know what kind of battle you're looking for.

There should also be specialty prefixes for use under specific circumstances:


These two are important to distinguish between shops and the like in the RP section of ASB and also to distinguish notable tournament battles that should get a bit more prestige and focus. I think these four prefixes are all we'd need, since things like "Data" would be stickies anyway and shouldn't even get prefixes (they should always show up). Also, getting these prefixes shouldn't wait; they should be implemented as soon as possible if you ask me.

Great suggestion Limewire.


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Hooray, I actually contributed something for once!

Now, all we need to do is find a way to fix or remove a few these stickied threads.
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