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Project: Concise Rules

Discussion in 'Archives' started by Colonel M, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. Colonel M

    Colonel M Colonel Memes
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    Aug 5, 2007
    Credits to Flashstorm for doing this.

    Also read This for some help with being more concise.


    Welcome to the Conciseness section of the Contributions & Correction forum, where the main objective is to make written analyses as short and concise as possible.

    As such, to make the project more effective, we’d like users participating in this project to keep in accordance with the following rules:

    1. The Conciseness forum is NOT for posting new sets or revamping old ones.
    Please make sure that new sets and updates are posted in the Articles and Analyses subforum under the respective tier. This board is strictly used for making already written analyses more consise only. Analyses that have yet to be written are expected to be concise (without necessitating the use of this board) when ready to be uploaded to the site.

    2. Please make sure to read the Conciseness Guidelines thread on this board.
    There is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with threads that clearly did not put an effort in keeping accordance with our set objective. Please note that there is a difference between putting effort into fulfilling the objective as best as possible and completrly disregarding it. The Conciseness Guidelines thread provides instructions on how updated analyses should be written.

    Note that if threads obviously do not follow the established objectives, the user responsible for the thread will be infracted.

    3. Please make sure to proofread analyses before asking for them to be added on-site.
    There is nothing more annoying that having to read through an analysis that has poor spelling and grammar. As such, we ask users to proofread their analyses before submitting them for a moderator's approval. You can either do this yourself or ask another user to assist you.

    4. To reserve an analysis, please check the Concise Project: Analysis Reservation Thread for more information.
    Please do not post asking to reserve an analysis here or you will be infracted. Also, please refrain from reserving anything from other Projects (i.e. those under Updates that are being worked on).


    5. This is a team effort. Please don't feel afraid to participate.

    You have a different set of goals. Aside from grammar checks, if necessary, your job is to either help with the trimming (or simply say that it looks fine) by suggesting that a sentence needs removal. Now, if you think that a vital sentence or two was necessary, then please do something like this:
    This is a team effort folks, so don't feel shy if you think something is necessary.

    6. Above all, please follow all of the Smogon rules.
    Please remember that this board is still a part of the Smogon forums and that you are expected to follow all of the general community rules. This is easily the most important rule, so please make sure to follow it!

    If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact either Colonel_M or Flashstorm1. You may also ask for the clarification of rules or ask another rule to be added in this thread as well.

    Thank you for your cooperation with this project!
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