Project Mystery Dungeon

So, I've bought Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity lately, and I figured that while every mechanic in the main game is known, there's no such thing for the PMD series. I want to change this, and I need your help. I'm gathering all the data I can (all stats, items, move strength) to be able to reverse engineer all the formula, but this would be much easier which your help.

As such, are there other people around here with PMD willing to gather data?
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Much of what you're looking for may be gathered from Serebii and the Bulbapedia, if you want to make statistical information for the Pokemon and the game accessible on Smogon, though I don't think stats take a huge leap from the main series games.
This site (scroll down to "Contents") seems to have a fairly thorough documentation of the PMD mechanics. Doesn't seem to have anything on GTI though.

Some surprising tidbits:
- In PMD2, female Pokemon have twice the critical hit rate of male/genderless Pokemon.
- Stat stages go from -10 to +10, but with very different effects depending on the stat. For example, +10 Attack multiplies Attack by 473/256 (~1.85x), +10 Defense multiplies Defense by 844/256 (~3.30x), +10 Accuracy multiples Accuracy by exactly 2x, and +10 Evasion multiplies Evasion by 256/38 (~6.74x).
- Formulas like stats and damage calculation appear to be entirely, completely different from the main series games.

Overall, the mechanics seem very odd, and are not very close to the main series at all.