Quality Control for On-site Analyses


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Kinda stealing this from Zeb :3

Basically, our pow-wows are great for running through a bulk of mons at a time, but it's hard to get everyone together at once, so we'll talk over some of the mons here that just need to be edited a bit through the SCMS

I can't really remember where we left off on our pow-wows though, I'm p. sure we completed Honko's list and started getting into the NU mons on Molk's list, so I'll start there.

Basically, I want QC to weigh in on the following to start us off, these entries are from Molk's thread:

- No, nobody ever uses it, and it fails to accomplish anything even when it is used

- RU worthy? No
- Revamp? No

- Got nothing at all
- Outclassed by either sawsbuck or tangrowth for the most part
- Add escavalier to counters, leafeon cant touch it at all
- Still, leafeon's bulk and cleric abilities might be just enough for it to stand out
- writeup looks okay

- RU worthy? Maybe
- Revamp? Maybe, probably no

- SV wrote it so prose is obv good
- Quiver Dance is cool, i never see it but its probably viable
- Escavalier counters even through intimidate afaik
- Intimidate gives it a bit of a niche, plus it sets up on slowking, shouldnt be overlooked
- maybe bulky QD if it proves to be viable?

- RU worthy? Maybe
- Revamp? no, yes if bulky QD is viable

- Only seen this guy once, but it was a pain to my team
- Trick Room is an effective playstyle so i think octillery has its place in RU
- Hydro Pump should be slashed with surf imo, its much more powerful and is great if your under max hp for water spout
- maybe Baton Pass should be its own set? its arguably the best BP recipient in the tier
- Writing is pretty good imo, im not good at gping things though so yeah :P
- Octillery is a strong :3

- RU worthy? Yes
- Revamp? No

I'll make changes to the analyses if there seems to be a consensus on the stuff Molk suggested. This isn't replacing pow-wows btw, just providing a different outlet so that we all don't have to be on at the same time.

I think that Choice Band Gabite deserves a set. It's much faster than Druddigon, resists Stealth Rock, and Outrage / Earthquake getting STAB is pretty good. Plus it checks Nidoqueen which is always good. It can also use Stealth Rock, but really I think that it deserves a revamp and that Choice Band should be the sole set. And he has a cool sprite :3


Physically defensive is usable because it gets Wish and Heal Bell, two really good moves in RU. Swords Dance is decent, should probably be the second set. Lots of things needed to be added/removed, so revamp it imo :)


Should only have one set: Bulky Quiver Pass. Good to pass to things such as Nidoqueen and Cofagrigus. I've used the set, and while it's nothing special, I definitely think that it deserves to be in the analysis and that Masquerain needs a full revamp.


Not sure, probably just need to update it instead of revamp it. I forgot that Octillery existed so I don't really have more input :x