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I've been looking into the history of competitive Pokemon to try and understand the evolution of the metagames. I'm particularly looking into how metagames take shape and how changes effect the previous metagames.

However, there's on particular issue. I started playing competitive Pokemon after the release of Emerald. I've only see the evolutions of Gen IV and Gen V, and anything before that I can really only look at the end result of the metagame.

One particular piece of information I'm looking into right now is what happened in the transfer from the old RS200 metagame to the FRLG one when the games were introduced. I'm just looking for general information about RS200 and how the metagame shifted from older members. All info that I can get is very much appreciated, but there's one bit of info in particular I'm looking for as well. What was the overall community reaction to Tyranitar? The first perma-weather inducer being introduced to the tier all of the sudden must've been a big change. What opinions did people have about it, and how did the introduction of permanent Sand Stream shift the metagame?

Again, that's just one bit of info I'm very much interested in. If older members that experienced this shift want to contribute anything about that time period, please do.


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tyranitar in early 386 was pretty common. at first it was just dd taunt and boah to break stall. i remember there being a lull in tyranitar usage after a while when people decided that sandstream hurt most of their team members too much. at the time, defensive teams that were mostly vulnerable to sand were really common and not having lefties meant you'd get worn down too quickly by shit like cbmence. eventually boah died out because a lot of the pokemon it was meant to destroy became a lot less common (starmie, donphan, dusclops). cbtar and sub/fp/rock slide/hp bug or grass were used a lot too, but this was after 386 became full advance.

other than that, the only common 200 pokemon that dropped off the face of the earth after frlg came out were zam, grumpig, and zangoose. also notable is everything getting sleep talk eventually. in 200, having to rest was more dangerous.
Wasn't Sand Stream Tyranitar already known to exist when R/S was out? It just couldn't be legally accessed, similar to B/W's early Dream World metagame.

Was there anything similar to a "Dream World" metagame before FR/LG was released? Any proposals for one, at least?
What happened when Colosseum was released?


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Yes, the data for all 386 Pokemon was in the game but no legal way to get them existed. The real "new" stuff came with fr/lg which brought in a shitload of move tutors.