Completed Ragnarokalex vs Mr.L!! 1v1!!

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1v1 Singles
2-day DQ (sorry, with life being spotty for me)
ASB Arena
Items: Counter-producing items only (Amulet Coin, EXP. Share, etc.)
Abilities: All
Switch: forced to bring me a pizza


Plicowatt [Lumino] (Male)
Nature: Modest (+1 Sp.A, -1 Atk)
Type: Electric / Water
Electric: Electric STAB; 50% reduction in paralysis chance from other electrical attacks, perfect accuracy and 30% chance of Protect breaking Thunder during Rain. Superior senses in power plant environments.
Water: Water STAB; Can breathe and have excellent mobility when underwater, are less capable on land unless they are entirely amphibious.

Trace: (Can be Activated) This Pokemon can copy an ability of the opponent and replace Trace for six (6) actions. Wonder Guard cannot be Traced.
Magic Guard: (Innate) This Pokemon is infused with a powerful psycho-electric energy that makes it immune to damage from Hail, Sandstorm, and damage from Leech Seed, Poisoning, and Burn. It can still attack itself in confusion, but will not absorb any damage from it.
Shed Skin (DW LOCKED): (Innate) This Pokemon regularly sheds its skin and any impurities contained in its body. If afflicted with a status condition, this Pokemon has a 33% chance of removing all status conditions at the end of a round.


HP: 80
Atk: Rank1 (-)
Def: Rank 1
SpA: Rank 3 (+)
SpD: Rank 1
Spe: 95
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 1
Base Rank Total: 10

EC: 5/6
MC: 0
DC: 0/5


-Signal Beam
-Me First
-Muddy Water

-Ice Beam

Total Moves: 11

Misdreavus (Amalia) Female
Ghost: STAB; brief intangibility that nullifies Normal and Fighting-type attacks. Can move through walls for a brief period of time but must remain in motion. Superior senses in low light and inside dark buildings. Have no vision reduction in hazes.

Type: Trait
This Pokemon naturally floats above the earth when released or easily takes flight, evading Ground moves like Earthquake, Level Ground, and Magnitude. Other Ground moves can still hit.

HP: 90
Atk: Rank 1 (-)
Def: Rank 2
SpA: Rank 4 (+)
SpD: Rank 3
Spe: 85
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 1
Base Rank Total: 15

EC: 0/6
MC: 5

Attacks: 13 Total
Confuse Ray
Mean Look

Nasty Plot
Destiny Bond


Ragnarokalex said he has amulet coin equipped, and also moves first.
Bleh, i was gonna evolve, but then it'd take longer.

Me First -> Scald -> Thunderbolt
(IF Scald burns A2, then replace A3 with Me First)
The battle begins with Amalia the Misdreavus, with her bling amulet coin, sending out a wispy Confuse Ray to bedazzle her shrimpy foe for two actions. Pilcowatt tried to copy the attack, but the attack failed.

Lumino then tries to go for some offensive water attacks, but is far too amazed by the flashy lights and hits himself in confusion. Amalia capitalizes on this turn of events sending out a ray-y Will-o-wisp to burn her foe. It may hurt the water-type, but the reduced physical prowess doesn't affect him much.

Lumino, now disconfused, calls down a mighty Thunderbolt from the sky to shock his foe. The Misdreavus was startled, but managed to hex and heckle her opponent, aggravating the burn.

HP: 54
EN: 85
Status: Burned
Stats: None

HP: 87
EN: 83
Status: None
Stats: None
Pilcowatt continues his offense with a blast of Scalding water, and Amalia hexes him. Then, Lumino Thunderbolts his foe and Amalia hexes again. On action three, Amalia hexes one last time and Lumino is KO'ed.

Status: Burned
Stats: None

HP: no one cares
EN: screw that
Status: None
Stats: None

Ragnarokalex: 3 TC (amulet coin)
Amalia the Misdreavus: 1 EC, 2 MC, 1 KOC

Mr.L: 2 TC
Lumino the Pilcowatt: 1 EC, 2 MC, 1 DC
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