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Rain team, semi stall

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by snowcone, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. snowcone


    Sep 18, 2010
    The original premise for this team was to be rain based toxic stall. This has changed to a semi stall weakening the opponents followed by a final Kingdra sweep, however the majority of battles finish (with victory for myself) without Kingdra ever getting used. I still would like to have a sweeping with a boosting move, to take advantage of sleep from Breloom. This is also the only team I’ve been any good with on Pokemon online, getting me to around 1000/18000 or so which I know is not astronomical but it is the best I’ve done by miles this Gen


    Genosekuto @ choice scarf
    252s.atk / 252speed /4hp

    Ice Beam
    Energy Ball (possible change here? Since I’ve never ever actually used it)

    An Attacking lead is the only thing that has worked for me this gen thus far. The first move is usually to u-turn out to Politoed to get the rain up as soon as possible. Download gives a +1 attack boost against certain notable leads such as Espeon (who can be rather annoying against the whole stall thing) and hit for super effective. Also Geno lures in a lot of fire attacks and leads such as blaziken and the moth will rather attack then start boosting allowing a more or less free switch the politoed. A large number of opponents, from what it appears, never expect toed to be scarfed so leave it in against toed. Speaking of which

    The Rain Maker

    Politoed @ choice scarf
    252s.atk / 252speed / 4hp

    Ice Beam
    Hidden Power Electric
    Focus Blast

    Get the rain up, hit hard with double stab surf and get the hell out of there. Ice beam and Focus Blast can be used to sweep late game although the majority of the time he never last that long. Also with the large number of mischievous heart users and speed boost blaziken there is a chance that no-on notices that he’s scarfed and it’s possible to get a second KO if they switch in the Chandelier (scarfed) hoping to get off a cheeky energy ball. Hidden power electric is hardly ever used, gladly take suggestions on that one. Next up one of my favourite pokemon of all time.

    The favourite

    Vaporeon @ leftovers
    192hp / 252def / 64s.def

    Boil Over
    Ice Beam

    My god I love hydration Vape. The ability to switch into statuses makes it an amazing counter to so much. And after which can fire off either boiling water or toxic, two statuses may seem a bit odd but only carrying one allows a few people to come in and annoy. Also allows the removal of that damn ghost jellyfish. Boiling water is better when a switch is assumed since its most likely going to be a physical attacker, and there’s no pokemon with water absorb (even water absorb vaporeon) that appears to be a match against hydration. The loss of wish is a bit annoying however two members of my team can heal (Vape and Ludi) two are designed to hit and run (the scarfed) and Breloom and Kingdra don’t seem to miss the loss of recovery. Vape attracts a lot of grass and lightning attacks (as one would expect) so the following poke is the perfect partner. Are there more efficient EVs for this gen? I just used the same ones I did for 4th gen.

    The Leech

    Ludicolo @ left overs
    232hp / 60def / 216s.def

    Rain Dish
    Leech Seed
    Boiling water

    The amount of times I’ve though “well this is going badly” they BAM! Ludicolo comes in and I samba to victory. Toxic + Leech Seed allows for some serious passive damage. Leech + rain dish +lefties results in stupid levels of health recovered, parasect who? (although is he a better option here, I’m open to suggestions). Boiling water allows it to beat Skarmory if the wing of knives get’s burnt on the switch. I’d only switch this for a pokemon with similar stalling abilities under the rain, how does parasect do this generation?

    The Assassin

    Breelom @ life orb
    Adamant (might Jolly be better? Although primary function is to scare of T.Tar so mach punch removes this)
    252atk / 252 speed / 4hp

    Mach Punch
    Bullet Seed
    Stone edge

    I figured that Tyranitar and Abomosnow were going to be a problem for this term, nine tales less so since a double switch can fix that normally and then get Drizzletoed back in. Mach punch sees to both of these threats and if I think a switch is coming just let loose that old friend spore. A lot of people bring a ghost expecting a mach punch. Any of these put to sleep are in no means a threat, the majority can be bullet seeded. Also something to smash through those rather annoying subs is always appreciated. Stone edge is for coverage, switching it for sword dance could be an idea but I really need spore and the coverage of fighting and grass isn’t that diverse to warrant the loss of S.edge.

    The last thing you see (ideally)

    Kingdra @ lum berry
    252atk / 252speed / 4hp

    Dragon dance

    I love this thing in the 4th generation. And now I can give it rain whenever I want without entering the big scary world of ubers. Dragon dance first turn, status comes in, lum cures and as this point most people assume it’s rest Kingdra so status again but then I substitute allowing for a second dragon dance and they may have to switch if I’m against a wall (evo stone dusclops for instance.) If I get the switch then it’s simple task of that third D.Dance and then try to sweep. Only really Nattorei can stop this but he can be taken off by breloom earlier on.

    So yeah, what do you think?
  2. kc4444


    Sep 27, 2010
    You have boil over and toxic on the Vaporeon, which seems redundant. Same said on Ludicolo. Giga Drain over Toxic on Ludicolo might be more effective.

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