Gen 3 Rate My ADV Netbattle Team.


Zapdos @ Leftovers
252 HP 4 Def 124 SpA 128 Spd Modest
Sleep Talk
Hidden Power Ice

My status absorber and The Legendary Bird of Thunder. This spread is so it can take better hits and also Rest off damage or status and the classice BoltBeam.

Dugtrio @ Choice Band
Arena Trap
4 HP 252 Atk 252 Spd Jolly
Aerial Ace
Hidden Power Bug
Rock Slide

Duggy is only here and only here to take down weakend Poke'mon finish them off and get the hell out.

Snorlax @ Leftovers
Thick Fat
56 HP 176 Atk 136 Def 140 SpD Careful
Body Slam
Shadow Ball

CurseLax stop by phazers becomes dedly when it sets up. Also My Special Tank.

Starmie @ Leftovers
Natural Cure
172 HP 216 Spd 120 SpA Timid
Ice Beam
Rapid Spin

My Rapid Spiner

Weezing @ Leftovers
196 HP 60 Atk 252 Def Impish
Pain Spilt
Sludge Bomb

My Physical Wall. Big Smogon is awesome it hazes so it Pokes can't set up.(Watch out for Tauntrados.)

Jirachi @ Leftovers
240 HP 148 Def 116 Spd 4 SpD Bold
Light Screen
Thunder Wave

My support Poke'mon The WISHMKR Jirachi. Here to hell Poke'mon with Wish Passing and little people expect Jirachi to Twave is it should be a nice suprise. Psychic for STAB and Light Screen to aid the team.
can you file -> export to text
its a lot easier
on a side note, skarmbliss almost indefinately walls this team. jirachi can stall bliss out, but itll take a long time


Not much to say here. This is a really good team. Just watch out for pokes like Heracross cuz he can hit super effective on every single poke on your team (besides Duggy and Weezing). Most people run HP Grass on Zapdos, to take out Swampert and the like. I definately think that you don't need all of those Atk Evs for Snorlax. You should take some out and put them into HP. I like to go with Fire Blast or even Flamethrower instead of Sludgebomb on Weezing. He gets STAB with Sludgebomb but it's easier to take out Skarmory with FB/FT. Other than those few things, your team is good.


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Don't let DDTar get more than 1 Dragon Dance. It survives one of Starmie's surfs at full health, and after 2 DDs outruns both starmie and Dugtrio. You might consider a change in movesets with Jirachi, since Thunder Wave kind of conflicts with Will-O-Wisp.