RBY In-game Tiers

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By Redew

The goal of this is to rank all of the Pokemon from RBY into an In-game tier for others to use as an efficient way of getting the right Pokemon for their run. It could be a scramble challenge, it could be a Nuzelock, or it could even be for a Let's Play. Top-ranked Pokemon go into the highest tier, meaning that these are the Pokemon that you can obtain at the beginning of the game, OHKO other Pokemon with ease, tank hits from hard-hitting Pokemon, and much more. High-ranked Pokemon have awesome stats, but lack something, such as a sooner way to obtain them or not being able to defeat a certain gym leader when it is first obtained. Mid-ranked Pokemon may have good stats, but have a horrible movepool to boot. Low-ranked Pokemon aren't at the bottom because they have a niche. That niche could be availability or the honor of being an HM slaves. Bottom-ranked Pokemon either just have the crappiest stas, movepool, and / or can't be used an an HM slave.

Here's the form that we'll use to rank all of the Pokemon (thanks, TrollFreak):

-Availability: Can you get them early on and are they easy to get?
-Stats: Do they have a usable stat distribution?
-Movepool: Do they have a good movepool that needs little TM support? (By that I mean hard to replace TMs such as ones you get from gyms.)
-Power: Are they strong enough to sweep through enemies without taking too much damage in return?
-Type: Do they have useful STABs and resistances?
-Match-ups: Do they fare well in gym and/or boss battles?

Pokemon RBY In-game Tier List:

Top Tier:

Hight Tier:

Middle Tier:

Low Tier:

Bottom Tier:

Edit:if you want to help out, do so here.

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